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by J Dune

I’m being followed


call me

Can’t, they’re right down the street

who’s following you?? can you take a pic

Tried it. Doesn’t show up. But I can see them

what do you mean

take a cab to my place

No. I’ll keep walking. It won’t kill me in broad daylight in the middle of the city. It’s trying to get me alone

joey wtf did you do??


I need you to look up any and all information in the Foundation’s database on the Segreto crime family above class three security clearances


christ, ok

found one. SCP-7853. hasn’t been updated since 2004. sending screens

Item#: 7853
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-7853, artist's interpretation

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-7853 is presently unfeasible. Until such a method of containment is discovered, specialized Foundation Task Force N-77 (“Whack a Mole”) are to focus their efforts on documenting, researching, and investigating information related to SCP-7853 and the Segreto crime family.

N-77 agents and informants embedded in the American Mafia are to undergo biotechnical augmentation for the purposes of active information monitoring. This process includes the implementation of discrete listening and recording devices, primarily in the ocular region. All agents are to refrain from engaging in active sabotage of criminal activities or other actions that may draw attention to themselves until a holistic understanding of SCP-7853 is achieved.

Information related to SCP-7853 is classified to members of Task Force N-77. If this document is accessible to the Foundation at large [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-7853 is an anomalous method of execution employed by GoI-027, the Segreto crime family, to assassinate individuals that threaten their activities.

Physical evidence of SCP-7853 has yet to be discovered, but known victims have corroborated a universal description of a component of the anomaly: a hulking, humanoid figure clothed in a trenchcoat, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Its facial features are heavily obscured by shadow, save for the presence of red, luminescent eyes. This entity is invisible to all but the individual targeted by SCP-7853.

Victims describe this entity as perpetually moving towards them at a steady pace. They are fully conscious of the figure’s location in relation to theirs at all times. Attempts to impede or slow the entity’s advance are futile, as victims describe the figure phasing through any obstacles placed in its way. Attempts to physically damage SCP-7853 invariably fail, potentially due to its incorporeality. SCP-7853 is reportedly capable of maintaining its own center of gravity, demonstrating this ability by walking on surfaces such as walls or ceilings if its path is obstructed.

Completion of SCP-7853 results in the targeted individual suddenly disappearing, leaving no physical trace of their body, presumably killing them. It is assumed that this occurs when the SCP-7853 entity reaches the victim, but due to the nature of the anomaly, little verifiable evidence exists to confirm this.

How SCP-7853 functions, whether it’s controlled remotely or is a sentient anomaly itself, and how targets are chosen remains unknown. All information regarding SCP-7853 has been obtained through Task Force N-77 agents embedded in organized criminal systems related to the Segreto crime family. All incidents suspected or confirmed to involve SCP-7853 also involved victims who were in conflict with the Segreto crime family.

It is possible that interfacing with information regarding SCP-7853 increases an individual’s likelihood to be targeted by the anomaly. N-77 agents aware of SCP-7853 and involved in the creation of this document have reported seeing a figure consistent with descriptions of the entity, though none have experienced being pursued or followed by it.

As of March, 2004, no Foundation deaths are suspected to have occurred as a result of SCP-7853.


Yeah, that’s helpful

this is what’s following you??


seriously joey what did you do

Put my nose where it shouldn’t have been a hell of a lot less carefully than I could have been


Site-22 has a big fucking problem, and I don’t know how deep it goes

We’re selling X-908 to the Segreto family

Our site’s the hotbed. Mass synthesis of X-908, trucks pulling up at night, Dr. Cooke’s private poker games. You go down one hole, you find two more. Made the mistake of talking to Cooke directly. I didn’t expect the fucking Mob to be involved

hold on

what’s X-908?

Synthetic serum. Made from the same stuff we use to make amnestics, but way more unstable. Gives you antimemetic properties for about an hour. Foundation uses it for undercover operations.

No one’s able to remember you, your face, or any memories they might have had of you. Seriously powerful stuff. Like you never even existed.

and we’re selling this to the mob?

Started putting the pieces together when examining Site workflow and how much of our allotted monthly resources were going into X-908 production.

Think about it. Mob’s been in the public eye for the past few decades. Movies, TV shows, the RICO act. X-908 allows organized crime to remain organized in an age where your shits are data-harvested. Everything they do is a hell of a lot easier to get away with when no one knows you were even there

why would the foundation need the money tho?

Could be a personal operation. If this is something larger then we have to ask ourselves where all that fancy funding comes from

does director ruggiero know?

Don’t know. Dr. Cooke’s spearheading the thing, that’s certain. Some of the lab team too. Hartman, Volinski. But lots of faces I’ve never seen before. People I can’t find on the payroll

I need you to get this information to Ruggiero. I was going to myself but then this fucking thing started following me

what if ruggiero’s involved? won’t i be targeted for helping you?


Getting in a cab. Not going to stop it, but I need to think

there’s an addendum. i’ll send it over now

SCP-7853 was discovered during Task Force N-77’s investigation into GoI-027. An excerpt from the group’s Foundation intelligence dossier has been included below.

GoI-027, also known as the Segreto crime family, is an organized crime group primarily operating in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Unofficially referred to as the “Sixth Family” due to their powerful standing within the American Mafia, the organization has ties to an estimated 30% of known criminal activity in their locus of influence. This includes standard Mob operations, such as gambling, racketeering, trafficking, and theft, among others.

GoI-027 is notable for its knowledge and usage of the anomalous. The use of paratechnology, targeting known Groups of Interest, smuggling anomalous objects, distributing anomalous drugs, and carrying out operations in populated Nexuses are further documented events that have warranted the organization’s GoI status.

It is believed a portion of GoI-027’s members are anomalous themselves. The Segretos have managed to gain access to information confidential to organizations such as the Global Occult Coalition and the Foundation, leading intelligence to believe that the Segretos have exploited information security flaws in both groups. The existence of Segreto informants within the Foundation is presently being investigated.

At the head of GoI-027 is an individual referred to as “The Duke”. The family’s structure and the identities of its members are largely unknown, though its overall origin can most likely be traced back to the folding of GoI-001, The Chicago Spirit, in the late 1940s. The majority of its history is lost, as American Mob culture has largely upheld the tradition of not openly speaking about GoI-027. Certain details regarding the family contradict themselves between sources, and Foundation informants have expressed fear over revealing information about GoI-027, potentially due to attracting the attention of SCP-7853.

A number of Task Force N-77 members have succeeded in embedding themselves in GoI-027 or criminal organizations close to. Further intelligence reports are awaiting declassification.

N-77. You ever hear of these guys?

don’t think so. they probably went deeper if they found out there’s mob activity within the foundation itself. off the books yk

That’s optimistic

I think that thing’s speeding up. I can’t see it, but it’s about five blocks back

If it can move faster I’m starting to think it’s just sadistic. Likes the chase. Probably knows I’m running now

i’m putting all of this in a data packet. the file, the convo, everything. if you come over and log into my terminal, you can send it to the director

Good idea. Absolves you of any excuse, barring the fact that I used your computer

how close are you

Five minutes on foot. Get a drink ready

The following is a sample of known incidents involving SCP-7853.

Date: 1991/11/01

Victim: Rocco “Rocky” Lombardi

Description: High profile Mob disappearance. Lombardi had reportedly had sexual relations with the wife of a Segreto Caporegieme. Lombardi made several telephone calls to his peers panicking that he was being followed by an individual matching SCP-7853’s description. Soldiers stood guard at his compound, but could not see the assailant, even when Lombardi pointed directly to the entity. Lombardi drove off in his car in an attempt to escape, and was officially declared missing a week later. Presumed dead as a result of SCP-7853.

Date: 1995/04/27

Victim: Nicostrato Mazzanti

Description: Mazzanti owned a prominent casino chain on the east coast, and became targeted by the Segretos after a dispute over earnings resulted in the deaths of several GoI-027 associates. Mazzanti reported flying from the United States to Italy in an attempt to flee SCP-7853. SCP-7853’s pursuit occured for over a week, and allegedly involved a crazed Mazzanti acquiescing to Segreto demands before being caught and presumably killed by the entity.

Date: 1998/09/04

Victim: Enzo “Zombie” Rosiello

Description: Details of prior conflict with GoI-027 are unknown. Rosiello was noted to be a highly aggressive individual, and his continued operation was considered a massive risk for the Mob due to his frequent outbursts and sporadic killings. Rosiello believed he was being followed, and attempted to attack the assailant in broad daylight. According to bystanders, Rosiello fired several shots into the air that quickly disappeared. After a struggle, Rosiello disappeared after being dragged into a back alley by an unknown force.

you read these yet

Last one’s interesting. If those bullets really disappeared, the entity must have taken them, right? If it’s not phasing through an object, it can be interacted with physically

Maybe there wasn’t enough time for it to react

PLEASE do not try to fuck with this thing

file’s ready get here asap please


joey are you there

This is Evan Giochno, Captain of Task Force N-77. A task force that no longer exists.

It’s March 13th, 2004. I’ve been on the run for two days. I’ve been investigating the Segreto family for the past decade of my life. And according to my memory, I’ve been doing it alone. But that memory’s wrong. There are names I can’t remember. People whose faces don’t register in my mind. Work I didn’t write that’s sitting in front of my face. It’s a family photo with everyone cut out. Except for me.

The last documents I know I didn’t write were uploaded two weeks ago. In those two weeks, Task Force N-77, a group of 77 Foundation personnel investigating the Segreto crime family, has been whittled down to one. And I can’t tell you a single thing about any of those people I risked my life with. It’s picking us off, and it’s making it seem like we never existed. And my mind believes it. But then I look at the mounds of work sitting in my office that I don’t remember writing, or the equipment that I could never operate, and I know it’s a lie.

It won’t stop until I’m dead. Until the only thing left of this team is a spare room that no one’s entered in years, and a file that no one has the clearance to access.

I’m holed up on-site right now. Guards armed to the teeth. They know what’s happening, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still coming for me. And once I’m gone, they’ll all forget. No one’s going to remember what they were assigned to protect, or that any of us existed. Not like I remember them either.

I declassified the file. Level 4 clearances. If this gets lost in the shuffle, start asking questions. We were all real.

joey please you need to read this


holy fuck are you okay??

I’M finE just hurt

i shot it

you fired off a shot in the middle of nyc? are you fucking stupid

waited until it was clsoe

paced around your building

shot it in the knees and the bullet hit but people still heard obv

guy tackled me fucked up my leg. got away b biting him

did you kill that thing??

no it just took the fucking shot like a tank

joey please read what i just sent

there’s an addendum that was reverted right after it was edited in. from the captain of the task force. last thing added to the page

i’m fucking hurt ill be there in a minute

please. it makes no sense, pls read it

what the Fuck

oh god of course

it’s the fucking compnd

the isomer?

YES. the problem before was that this thing still left evidence behind, just like any other hitman. no body, no proof, but people still remembered

wht if u could make the memories disappear too? X-908 can. mob uses it on themselves to stay underground, but if you use it on other people

but it only lasts for an hour you said?

yeah, and then ur pulled back into reality. everyone else’s brains recheck themselves and the memories come back. if you kill something that’s imperceptible, it’s not going to return. that effect’s going to linger. there’s NOTHing to be brought back

it’s the closest you can get to being erased entirely

god that’s fucking good

fucking hell joey. are you here yet?

in the lobby

227, right?




imj shot

tranq or somethign

im in lobby im dontt

what the fuck

respond to me

not a bullet what the fuck

Who is this?


Hi, who is this?

The dread settles in as Dr. Joseph Wren realizes what he’s been shot with.

The faces in the lobby do not acknowledge him. If they do, they just as quickly forget and move along. SCP-7853 moves closer. Halfway across the lobby now. Still that same, steady walk. Wren knows it’s futile, but he limps to the elevator as fast as he can.

He pushes the button to the third story rapidly. 227. Just need to get to that terminal.

In the corner of his mind’s eye, he knows that SCP-7853 is closing in. It’s walking up the walls. Wren fondles his hip. Pistol’s still there. He contemplates swallowing it. No. Need to get to Sarah’s room. If he does, he can still send the file regardless of whether or not she’ll remember him. Get it to the Director. Get it to everyone on Site-22’s payroll. Pull the rug out on those bastards. He’s not afraid of dying anymore. He’s afraid of failing.

The door opens. Wren runs as fast as he can down the hall. Just a few more seconds. He’s focused. So focused that he’s completely neglected to notice that SCP-7853 has phased through the wall behind him. Wren turns the handle, but it’s too late. He didn’t even get to scream.

The game is over. Dr. Joseph Wren, and every memory of him that’s ever existed in the minds of his friends and family, has been wiped from existence.

The door to Junior Researcher Sarah Capula’s apartment creaks open. She shut down her computer a few minutes ago, confused as to why she was cataloging data on SCP-7853. A grin spreads across her face when she notices something in her peripheral.

Sarah: Come on in, tough guy. I’ve always wanted to see what you look like.

SCP-7853 enters the apartment, phasing through the door. The two stare each other down.

Sarah: Terrifying. I figured you might have had something to do with this when I saw the past hour of text messages I couldn’t remember sending. Colleague of mine?

SCP-7853 does not respond.

Sarah: (Shakes head) I’m never getting used to this. I didn’t realize we were doing this with X-908, now. Very impressive. Horrible way to go out, you know? (Pauses) You probably didn’t even need me to lure him here, but Cooke doesn’t tell me shit.

Silence. Sarah pulls out her cell phone to call Director Ruggerio. After some ringing, the director picks up.

Director Ruggerio: Speak.

Sarah: Director, do you know a Dr. Joseph Wren?

Director Ruggerio: Uh, I don’t think we have a– Oh… (Laughs)

Sarah: Didn’t know they were doing hits with this stuff. Scary, isn’t it?

Director Ruggerio: Always is. These bastards step into some deep shit. Just wish I could remember who they were after the fact. Wonder how deep he got.

Sarah: I want my cut.

Director Ruggerio: Relax. Is our friend there?

Sarah: Dick Tracy? Yeah, I’m looking at him.

Director Ruggerio: Great. Well, give him my regards. The Duke’s getting double on his next shipment. Bailing us out yet again with his royal enforcer.

Sarah: Does he speak? Fucker hasn’t said a word since he walked in.

Director Ruggerio: The fuck would I know? I’ve never seen the guy. You don’t see him unless you’re–

SCP-7853 fires a shot of X-908 at Sarah Capula. The impact of the bullet stuns her. She tries to mouth something, but words don’t come out. She drops the phone to the ground, and falls out of her seat, struggling to crawl away.

SCP-7853 approaches her, and in seconds, she’s gone. Maybe she was a liability. Maybe she wasn’t. The fact remained that she read that document to Wren. She could have lied. She was told to lie. But it’s been taken care of now. This operation can’t afford to leave loose ends.

Elsewhere, a confused Director Julian Ruggerio hangs up his cell phone, realizing that he was talking to nothing at all.

SCP-7853 exits through the window, and makes a descent down the side of the apartment, returning to parts unknown.

The Duke keeps his court well-kept.

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