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Item#: 7852
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Lead Assigned Task Force
Site 312 Anna Dubois (Interim) Gijs van Oosterbeek N/A

Special Containment Procedures: The doors accessing SCP-7852 are locked using a numeric code. Only personnel cleared by either Lead Researcher Gijs van Oosterbeek or Interim Site Director Anna Dubois are allowed entrance to SCP-7852 for containment locker retrieval.


The entrance to SCP-7852 after initial clean-out of debris was completed.

Personnel entering SCP-7852 are to wear the specialised containment suit to cover all non-anomalous clothing and accessories. Only anomalous items are allowed on the premises of SCP-7852 outside the suit. Containment lockers are not to leave office space designated for testing, and are to be returned upon completion of test.

Description: SCP-7852 is the former office of Field Agent Jan Claessen, located in Site 312 in Nieuwegein. From 2002 to 2018, this office was used by Agent Claessen for assignments in the Netherlands.

SCP-7852 contains a near-complete vacuum, capable of draining all batteries and power sources of electric energy on the premises. All non-anomalous items left in SCP-7852 are ejected into the hallway. SCP-7852 is currently used as a storage unit for containment lockers 1 to 10 due to its inherent dampening abilities.

Discovery: Over the course of 2017 and early 2018, several reports were made by Site 312 personnel about maintenance issues at the site's office space.

Period Summary of events Follow-up SCP-7852-a's effect
2017-OCT/NOV Temperature fluctuations were noticed by on-site personnel in the hallway, coming from SCP-7852. Mr. Gijs van Oosterbeek requested inspection of the heating and venting systems. Not recorded.
2017-DEC Dir. Anna Dubois noticed a strong draft going into SCP-7852. Dir. Dubois implemented a policy to check for closure of windows and vents. Not recorded.
2018-JAN Cluttering in the hallway outside SCP-7852. Dr. Ayse Demir volunteered to help Agent Claessen reorganise. First known ejection event.
2018-FEB Mx. Harrit Swanepoel heard “soft whining” coming from the office. Pest control audit found an infestation of mice.1 Mx. Swanepoel expressed concern about Agent Claessen's wellbeing to Mr. Van Oosterbeek.

Note: Alongside these events, a change in Agent Claessen’s personality was noted by Site 312 personnel, including emotional responses and a “snappy” demeanour. Agent Claessen complained about a lack of trust in his capabilities when offered help.

The existence of SCP-7852-a was proposed by Dr. Demir to explain a correlation between these reports and Agent Claessen when building inspections couldn’t determine an underlying cause. Going forward, the effects of SCP-7852-a on Agent Claessen's wellbeing are recorded alongside the relevant SCP-7852 activity.

Period Summary of events SCP-7852-a's effect
2018 Week 10-12 Harrit Swanepoel noticed water damage on the floor and wall on several occasions. A leaking radiator was later discovered and replaced. Emotional outbursts.
2018 Week 13 Gijs van Oosterbeek reported flickering lights in the hallway. Several lightbulbs were replaced and the fusebox was serviced. Irritable behaviour and increased time spent writing reports.
2018 Week 14 Harrit Swanepoel reported a return of the water damage. A newly broken radiator pipe was discovered. Emotional outbursts.

Note: Lead Researcher Gijs van Oosterbeek attempted to engage Agent Claessen in conversation concerning their mental workload several times, but was rebuffed with concerns about clearance restrictions.2

Despite this, Van Oosterbeek introduced several alterations in work flow that indirectly decreased workload pressure for Agent Claessen. In reports to Director Dubois, Agent Claessen noted relief and "being able to better prioritise" as a result.

Mx. Swanepoel spent several hours working on the technical infrastructure in SCP-7852, while engaging Agent Claessen in discussions about his family and Flemish culture. These unplanned tech updates were later reported to correlate with a decrease in activity in SCP-7852.

Date Reporter Summary of events SCP-7852-a's effect Follow-up
2018-04-10 and -12 Gijs van Oosterbeek Heat coming from SCP-7852 Angry outbursts, “temperamental”. Deescalated outbursts with humour.
2018-04-16 Anna Dubois “Strong Draft” going in and out of office Late at meetings, tired. Dir. Dubois implemented a flexible schedule for meetings.
2018-04-18, -20, -23 and -26 Harrit Swanepoel Flooding coming from under the door leading to SCP-7852 Emotional.3 Mx. Swanepoel took several long walks through Nieuwegein with Agent Claessen.
2018-04-25 Ayse Demir Electronics plugged into electrical socket do not charge, but remain functioning with the same energy level. Increase of overtime worked. Several of Agent Claessen’s containment tasks were taken up by Dr. Demir.
2018-05-02 Harrit Swanepoel Informal complaint of “air pressure” or “thin air”. SCP-7852-1 N/A

Note: A meeting was requested by Gijs van Oosterbeek in April to discuss the matter with Anna Dubois, Interim Director for Site 312, during her next monthly visit to the site. This meeting never happened due to the SCP-7852-1 event.

On 2018-05-02, a fire broke out within Agent Claessen's office. Non-anomalous fire suppression measures were ineffective in subduing the fire. After initial shock subsided, it was noted that the fire did not cross the boundaries of the office space.

During the fire, hereafter referred to as SCP-7852-1, all furniture and generic office equipment were destroyed. Foundation documentation and anomalous artefacts stored in containment locker 74 remained unaffected. Further inquiry established that the contents of containment locker 7 played no role in the SCP-7852-1 event.5

The specific trigger for SCP-7852-1 is unknown. No SCP-7852-1 event has taken place since, and building maintenance issues have subsided. Only items related to anomalous or Foundation efforts are allowed entrance to SCP-7852 as a precaution.

To date, there is no indication as to the exact nature of SCP-7852-a’s origin, or how it latched onto Agent Claessen. An interconnection between anomalous and non-anomalous circumstances has been proposed, but due to ceased activity in SCP-7852, no further actions were taken.

After the SCP-7852-1 event, Agent Claessen used a flex office for on-site work for the remainder of his tenure.

Update 2019-07-01: Classification updated from ‘Safe’ to ‘Thaumiel’ as SCP-7852 has been repurposed as an on-site anomalous containment storage.

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Exerpt from Foundation Personnel Archive


DATE: 2018-05-02

NOTE: This file was translated from Flemish to English for archival purposes. Original language file available upon request.

MEETING SUBJECT: Evaluation of Agent Jan Claessen

Anna Dubois, Interim Director of Site 312 and Director of Site 583
Jan Claessen, Containment Specialist and Field Agent for Site 312 and Site 583


Agent Claessen enters Dir. Dubois’s office at Site 312. He looks tired, with a pale complexion and bags under his eyes.

Dir. Dubois points to the chair in front of her desk.

DUBOIS: Take a seat.

Agent Claessen sits down.

DUBOIS: How are you, Jan?

CLAESSEN: Good, good. I’ve almost finished outlining the new Field Agent training manual for Site 583, and I’m on track for this quarter’s containment reviews. I’ve also considered your proposal for redistribution of anomalous item containment at Site 312, but haven’t worked out the details yet. All in all, I’m on schedule for this year’s goals.

DUBOIS: Glad to hear it. Is that why you requested this meeting?

Agent Claessen is silent for a moment.

DUBOIS: How are you, Jan?

CLAESSEN: I’m fine. Could use a vacation, I guess. But don’t we all?

DUBOIS: You don't need to go through me to request vacation time. But I’ve had some reports –

CLAESSEN: [Defensively] Is there a problem with my work?

DUBOIS: There isn’t a problem with the quality of your work, but I am worried about the toll it takes on you.


Agent Claessen looks away.

DUBOIS: I’ve noticed you’re a bit tense lately. Not just with me, but also with colleagues. Including a vocal altercation with Gijs earlier this month.


DUBOIS: I know he can be a little rough around the edges, but you don't usually let him get to you like that.

Agent Claessen is visibly struggling to get his words out. He looks down to the floor.

DUBOIS: We’re all just a little bit worried about you. I’m a bit worried about you. Is everything alright?

CLAESSEN: I – I’m fine. I am fine.


CLAESSEN: I have it all under control.

DUBOIS: I never doubted that.

CLAESSEN: It’s just Site 312. No Keters, no big treats. We don’t even have D-Classes to monitor.


CLAESSEN: I can handle that. I can handle it!

DUBOIS: Jan, I know. It’s okay.

CLAESSEN: It shouldn’t be an issue. It’s goddamned Site 312, it’s not dangerous. It’s barely a joke. What’s the worst that can happen? A stoner getting a scare over an unscheduled coffee shop refill?


CLAESSEN: It shouldn’t be an issue.

DUBOIS: But it’s just a lot right now, isn’t it?

Agent Claessen gasps for air, and starts to sob.

CLAESSEN: It feels like I can’t breathe sometimes.

Agent Claessen sobs in silence for several seconds.

CLAESSEN: I can’t fail.

Agent Claessen starts to cry uncontrollably at this moment.

DUBOIS: You're not failing.

He grabs a tissue Dir. Dubois handed him.

DUBOIS: You’ve done decades of amazing work for the Foundation. Stressful work, often while underfunded, and you’ve done amazing things. I don’t know where I would have been without you. Now does that sounds like failing to you?

CLAESSEN: [Quietly] I know..

He wipes the tears from his face.

DUBOIS: Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time off? A nice vacation with Jacqueline. Spend some time with the grandkids.

Agent Claessen nods while staring at the floor.

DUBOIS: Let’s do that. And in a couple of weeks, you and I are going to see what else you need.

CLAESSEN: [Quietly] I don’t want to give up.

DUBOIS: You’re not. You’ve given so much to the Foundation, it’s time we gave something back. Doesn’t that sound fair?

Agent Claessen nods again.

DUBOIS: Site 312 can survive for a while. You’ve made sure of that. Why don’t you go home early today?

CLAESSEN: There is stuff I need to finish! I need –

DUBOIS: Write them down. Make a list. I’ll make sure they get done, by me or the rest of the team.

Dir. Dubois sits down next to him as they compose a short list of tasks. Agent Claessen visibly calms down during this interaction.

DUBOIS: Are you feeling a bit better?

She places a hand on his upper arm. Agent Claessen smiles weakly and nods.

CLAESSEN: Can I – can I wait a moment in here? I don’t want them to see me like this.

DUBOIS: As long as you need.


Following this evaluation, Jan Claessen accepted 4 weeks of paid administrative leave, after which he started partial retirement. His current responsibilities cover auditing containment protocols of SCPs he contained during his tenure, and training new Field Agents.

Although already qualifying for the Foundation retirement plan, Agent Jan Claessen requested to enter full retirement in mid-2019, stating a desire to oversee a full transfer of his responsibilities himself. Foundation Arbo arts6 and therapist Sterre de Veer agreed that this course of action would be beneficial to Agent Claessen’s mental wellbeing.

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