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Item #: SCP-7844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No attempts to physically access SCP-7844 instances or to remotely access related control networks are to occur without Overseer Council approval. Any programs collecting material shed from active instances must respect safe operating distances as determined by containment specialists.

Genetic testing to identify the original YIV-510 donor (POI-7844-A) is to continue worldwide under the pretense of disease control. Once identified, POI-7844-A is to be detained until a review of hostile activity is complete; due to safety concerns, both hands should be amputated immediately after capture and placed in cold storage.

Description: SCP-7844 is a constellation of 13 satellites associated with terrestrial anomalous activity, all of which maintain Molniya orbits that maximize coverage of populated landmass. Each satellite is largely identical, consisting of an elongated outer shell (approximately 1.5m x .6m) fitted with adjustable vents and flexible solar arrays, a design likely chosen to control conditions within the central biological cultivation unit. No units have been recovered due to anti-tamper mechanisms.

SCP-7844 was deployed throughout 2035-2038 by Global Occult Coalition black project YIV-510, which has since been shuttered. The constellation was originally operated via a sympathetic reaction network of biomass spread between units. Terminals maintained by YIV-510 and the Office of the GOC Under Secretary-General were destroyed contra Foundation requests following the Pitcairn Island Accord of 2052. No alternative methods of control have been found save for legacy access enjoyed by POI-7844-A, a donor who is presumed to exist but has yet to be identified.1

When activated, SCP-7844 instances exert an attractive force on objects within 1 km of their groundtrack point that does not adhere to known scientific principles. Past targets include single-story structures, vehicles, industrial piping, household appliances, and various flora and fauna.

Specific SCP-7844 capabilities are classified within the METHOD MAYFLY compartment.

Addendum 7844-A (Known Activations):
SCP-7844 has been activated five times, four of which were test fires carried out during constellation deployment.

Incident Number Date / Time Location Effect
15038-3013-A 23 AUG 2035 / 1202-1205 ET N/A N/A. Communications from an SCP-7844 test were captured through SALIENT CROW capabilities, but the location of resultant activity, if any, has yet to be determined.
15046-3023-A 03 FEB 2035 / 1653-1656 PT Boiling Point, CA Several buildings, vehicles, and elements of local infrastructure damaged by levitation and subsequent fall (~3 meters). Effect modulated by size over time, beginning with items under .5 kg. No casualties.
15089-5001-A 13 AUG 2035 / 2134-2140 ET Fernow Experimental Forest, WV Approximately 3.14 km2 of forest partially uprooted, then deposited in place. Appears to have targeted trees weighing between 7000-7500 kg in fine-tuning exercise. No casualties.
15201-7022-A 01 MAR 2036 / 1201-1207 ET Basil, MD Additional demonstration of fine tuning begins with insect life. Various rodents, mustelids, canines, felines, bovines, etc. affected in successive weight classes. Some witnesses report minor effects, with headaches and temporary blindness being the most common. No casualties.

SCP-7844 was additionally employed against Site-33 on May 24, 2046 in what is now understood to be a retaliatory strike following losses of several GOC facilities. It remains unclear whether this was ordered by GOC leadership or carried out by YIV-510 staff with backdoor access to SCP-7844 control systems. See relevant HINDSIGHT analyses for a full summary of this incident.

Although no recordings were made due to anomalies contained on-site, adaptations of SCP-5920 enabled post-mortem extraction of relevant memories. Cleared personnel with sufficient MIR scores may view the resultant media.

Addendum 7844-B (Planned Exfiltration):

Due to GOC stonewalling after passage of the Pitcairn Island Accord, Foundation personnel attempted to access cold-storage logs presumed to reside on SCP-7844 instances to identify parties responsible for Incident 16404-1093-F. This process began with dismantling the carriage using vehicles operated from a manned Foundation satellite. Scaffolding construction followed, and the cultivation unit was first breached approximately two months later.

Although unsuccessful, this effort led to several discoveries about the contents of SCP-7844 that informed containment procedures.

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