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Item #: SCP-784

Object Class: Euclid Presumed Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-784 is the remains of Agent A████████ A██████. Officially killed in action by [DATA EXPUNGED] during recovery operations at Prometheus Labs ████, Agent A██████ actually survived his injuries and was approved to undergo enhancement by SCP-212. Unusually enough, SCP-212 chose not to repair A██████'s extensive injuries (including traumatic amputation of all four limbs) or to remove a shard of [DATA EXPUNGED] that had become lodged in Agent A██████'s cerebrum. Instead, SCP-212 integrated the shard of circuitry more completely into Agent A██████'s brain and performed a standard organ maintenance.

Said shard of circuitry immediately began to repair itself and replace Agent A██████'s glial cells, leaving the neurons intact. Upon replacing the entirety of Agent A██████'s neuroglia, said circuitry bored several holes through the back of his skull, then removed the entirety of the parietal and occipital bones and replaced them with reinforced metal plating. Agent A██████ was then declared KIA and reclassified as SCP-784.

SCP-784 consists of two components: the biological portion consists of the Agent A██████'s neurons, spinal cord, and portions of his cranium and vertebra: the remainder of his body became necrotic over time and was debrided to prevent infection from spreading.

The second component is made up of a nanomachine colony and takes the form of a network of steel and silicon tendrils emerging from the back of Agent A██████'s skull and spine. The mechanical portion of SCP-784 has shown itself capable of reforming into a variety of different forms, including but not limited to: cutting tools, prehensile tendrils, interfaces for electronic devices, and molecular assemblers. SCP-784 is capable of breaking down and incorporating any silicon or metal object into its nanomachine network, and has shown a capacity for integrating electronic devices as well. Nonmetallic or silicon-based items can be broken down, but are not easily integrated.

Addendum ██-██-████:

Following the events of ██-██-████, the remaining .5 liters of nanomaterial recovered from the late Director Valentine are all that remain.

The nanomachine colony shows two weaknesses: first, individual nanomachines cannot function without a physical connection to the biological portion. Secondly, exposure to heat (above 100 degrees C) or certain solvents will cause the nanomachines to denature in a manner similar to proteins: a 100% acetone solution has shown to be both effective and easy to obtain in large quantities, and has been selected as the containment medium.

Despite its nature, SCP-784 is normally not hostile to life, except as a means of nourishing its biological component. The only casualties inflicted by SCP-784 were caused before a means of communication could be established, and the need for a nutrient bath were known. In that incident, SCP-784 attacked and entangled a Class-D personnel inspecting its containment cell, and proceeded to liquify a portion of its flesh, converting it into a nutrient solution which it then administered to its biological component.

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