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Item #: SCP-7833

Object Class: Keter


SCP-7833 manifesting for Carnival Ponceño.

Special Containment Procedures: Manifestations of SCP-7833 are to be monitored by Mobile Task Force Iota-83 ("Aguafiestas"). Members of Iota-83 are to be equipped with a two-way earpiece and a 12-pack of one-milligram benzodiazepine tablets. All members of the task force should consume no more than one milligram of an Anxiolytic based medication before attempting to come into contact with SCP-7833. Although SCP-7833 has not yet manifested or demanifested directly in view of civilians, Iota-83 members are to carry Class-A aerosol amnestics on their person in the event of this possibility.

Efforts to contain SCP-7833 are currently ongoing in a joint effort between Facility-20 of the Latin-American Containment Council and Site-81 of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-7833 is a humanoid costumed like a traditional Puerto Rican Vejigante.1 SCP-7833 typically appears to wear bright greens, yellows, and reds alongside a mask with long, protruding, horn-like features. SCP-7833 induces auditory, visual, olfactory, and gustatory hallucinations in human subjects within a 500-meter radius of its presence. These hallucinations include a brighter perception of colors, improved taste and smell of food, and heightened musical appreciation. These effects can be negated upon the ingestion of at least one milligram of an Anxiolytic or anti-anxiety-based medication.

The Manifestation of SCP-7833 only occurs during the Carnival2 celebrations in the Puerto Rican municipality of Ponce, when people costumed like Vejigantes are present. SCP-7833 manifests at the start of any large carnival celebrations in the designated municipality, where it reveals itself by walking out of moving crowds of costumed Vejigantes. The anomaly has been observed to remain present until observance of carnival has concluded, where it then crumbles to non-anomalous ash.

SCP-7833 has been shown to possess some degree of sapience, to a level that allows for social interaction with humans. While the entity has mostly avoided interaction with Foundation personnel, it has been observed speaking with civilians under its effects in multiple different languages, including Spanish, English, and Classic Taíno. It often displays a friendly personality, and observed conversations typically end in laughter or dancing between the anomaly and those who speak to it. Despite this, auditory documentation of the anomaly has been unsuccessful, as devices that attempt to record the voice of SCP-7833 cease to function after any attempt at recording.

Addendum 7833.1: The following is an abridged log of SCP-7833 manifestations and its interactions with civilians.

Year Observation
1992 SCP-7833 approached a female civilian and briefly spoke with her. Prior to engaging SCP-7833 in conversation, the civilian was observed to be standing away from the celebrations on her street and avoiding eye contact with passersbys. SCP-7833 and the civilian spoke for two minutes, after which the civilian was observed to join the celebration and begin to dance with SCP-7833.
1998 SCP-7833 manifested outside Hogar San Miguel, an orphanage in Ponce, with a large plastic container and remained in the edifice until approximately 11:30 PM. Due to the unreliable testimony of children and MTF Iota-83's inability to enter, the details of this manifestation are largely unknown, but most testimonies indicate SCP-7833 shared Dulce de Lechoza3 with the children.
2000 SCP-7833 approached a visibly destitute man sitting in an alleyway and handed him an alcapurria.4 The man stood up and briefly danced with SCP-7833 before joining the passing parade.
2006 SCP-7833 approached a Carnival parade float that had suffered a flat. SCP-7833 left the scene and entered a tire shop a few blocks away, purchased a new tire,5 and carried it back to the driver. SCP-7833 then helped the driver replace the flat with the new tire and proceeded to stand atop the parade float after the vehicle was fixed.
2009 SCP-7833 manifested near a protest demanding increased financial assistance from the American government in the face of the 2008 depression and joined it. SCP-7833 persisted among the protestors for five hours before joining a Carnival parade passing nearby.
2015 SCP-7833 approached a group of civil engineers. It spoke to them for five minutes, with the men smiling throughout the duration of the conversation. A member of MTF Iota-83 recognized the men as being responsible for restoring potable drinking water to Ponce following Hurricane Cristobal.

Addendum 7833.2: During 2018's SCP-7833 manifestation, MTF Iota-83 member Juan Valdes was stopped by a civilian while following SCP-7833 in a crowd. This caused Valdes to lose track of SCP-7833, at which point the unidentified civilian (henceforth identified as PoI-1221) engaged Valdes in conversation. Logs of their conversation are attached below.


Valdes: What the hell, cabrón?

PoI-1221: What's the rush, friend?

Valdes: Damn it! I was following someone and you made me lose them!

PoI-1221: That Vejigante? I'm sure there's another one around here somewhere for you to follow.

Valdes: You don't understand. I need to follow them.

PoI-1221: And why is that?

Valdes: You wouldn't understand.

PoI-1221: Try me, Agent.

Valdes: How did you-

[Valdes attempts to reach the rest of the team on his earpiece.]

Valdes: This is Valdes. I lost visual on the target and I've been made by one of its colleag- [Static is audible from Valdes' earpiece. It appears to be malfunctioning.] aah, damn it.

[There is the sound of slight rustling.]

Valdes: Alright, you clearly have something to tell me. So out with it.

PoI-1221: These people have been through much.

Valdes: Who exactly?

[There is silence between the two. Music and people celebrating can be heard in the background.]

PoI-1221: Look at the walls. You can still see the damage from the receding waters.

[Again there is silence between the two. The continued sounds of music and others celebrating are audible.]

PoI-1221: So let them celebrate. Let them find joy in life. That's all my friend asks of you and yours.

Valdes: I can't just let him go.

PoI-1221: Let him do his thing. He hasn't hurt anyone yet, and he won't. Anyway, I ought to get going.

Valdes: Wait! Who are you?

PoI-1221: Just someone who cares.

[PoI-1221 slips through the crowd and disappears.]


Note: Due to SCP-7833's relatively low threat to the veil and overall benign anomalous properties, the Latin American Council has put forward the motion to lower its containment class from Keter to Euclid. The Latin American Council has additionally proposed the shifting in attempts at containment to direct observation instead. This is pending review from the O5 Council.

Efforts to locate PoI-1221 are ongoing.

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