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Number? Seventy-eight. Thirty-two.

Classification? Euclid. Tricky.

Containment? Brevity. Conservative.
Actions? Words. Three.
Singular. Mandatory. Enforced.
Fully. Expressive. Concepts.
Written. Typed. Spoken.
Recorded. Shared. Approved.
Everyone. Everywhere. Foundation.
Document. Easiest. Comprehends.
Speech. Difficult. Caution.
Language? Any. Indiscriminate.
Anomaly? Visit. Cell.
Daily. Hourly. Anyone.
Security. Clearance? Medium.
Violate? Complexity. Disaster.
Breach? Ritual. Personnel.
Recital. Simultaneous. Orchestrated.
Just. Three. Words.
Repeated. Measured. Clear.


Construction. Example. Recent.

Description? Entity. Amalgamation.
Origin? Unknown. Reticent.
Species? Singular. Theory.
Intelligent. Impatient. Dissatisfied.
Restless. Constructive. Ceaseless.
Complexity. More. Always.
Additions. Everything. Everywhere.
Knotted. Twisted. Suffocation.
Dangerous. Overgrowth. Calamity.
Hostile? No. Counterproductive.
Weakness? Discovered. Minimalism.
Enforced. Results? Positive!
Activities? Reduced. Manageable.

Addendums? Tests. Few.
Words. Quantity? Experiment.
None? Failure. Escaped.
One? Cruelty. Avoid.
Two? Insufficient. Suffers.
Four? Excessive. Breach.
Three? Balanced. Perfect.
Reliable. Secure. Conclusive.

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