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The following is the first recorded exploration regarding the SCP-783 casefile. Please refer to the primary documentation for further information.

Field Log 1:


D-2172 is chosen to perform preliminary observation of the subterranean Temby anomaly: a large circular pit acting as a mass grave for the twisted and elongated corpses of past SCP-783 victims, all facing downward. D-2172 is suited in MOPP Level 4 gear, and fitted with a retractable harness. Communication and video recording devices were hard-lined through the tether.

They were provided with a hand-held photoionization detector, a Geiger counter, and other environmental testing apparatuses. They were allotted a basic survival kit, as well as a Ruger LC9 and ample ammunition.

Expedition was scheduled to commence 08:00 local time, but does not begin until 08:35. This is due to a minor issue regarding D-2172's personal protective garments. Despite being of proper size for their frame, D-2172 proved incapable of fitting them on, even with the assistance of personnel. Larger gear had to be supplied.

Transmission begins as D-2172 is being lowered via crane over the pit of SCP-783 victims. They prod their foot into a fold between the coiled torsos of two corpses, which part. They look up and signal for the technician to continue.

Visual feed reduces in clarity intermittently as limbs and bodies pass close to the lenses. Twelve meters of tether are expended before daylight is completely obscured; D-2172's headlamp activates. Nothing of note can be seen from their position within the knot of corpses.

Descent is put on hold when D-2172 begins to thrash. D-2172 becomes insistent that Command resume the descent, and at a faster rate. They claim to have felt a hand caressing their back.

At eighteen meters, D-2172 reports a sense of vertigo, and expresses confusion regarding the direction of travel. After a brief discussion with Command it is determined that D-2172 had experienced an inversion of gravity. D-2172 manages to reorient themselves, and proceeds to climb upwards from their perspective in order to continue descent. Ambient light levels begin to increase as twenty meters of tether are expended. Daylight can be seen shortly thereafter.

An overcast sky is captured as D-2172 breaks the surface. The surrounding area is partially obscured, however, due to countless elongated arms extending upwards from the mass of corpses. D-2172 utilizes two of these appendages as leverage in order to fully extricate themselves. They slowly navigate towards solid ground.

The area is seen to perfectly replicate the town of Temby as it exists in baseline reality. D-2172 is standing in a field on the outskirts of town. To the north is a small stone cottage belonging to a Mr. John Myers, and, beyond that, the main road into town. D-2172 turns for a panorama shot; sparsely-wooded areas and fields border D-2172's location in every other direction, confirming that this replication is absolute for as far as can be seen.

Thermal and atmospheric readings match those in baseline. D-2172 disengages their harness, with audiovisual feed converting to a wireless stream via a relay device. D-2172 is then instructed to use their photoionization detector to take a head sample of the soil.

While D-2172 is testing the sample, Researcher Queste notices an oddity regarding the soil surrounding the mass grave on D-2172's end. Upon playback of the footage, dozens of marks can be seen in the soft earth. The pattern of these markings suggest that they had been created by fingers being drawn through the ground. This is noted by Command; D-2172 is not informed of this development.



D-2172 reports that no contaminants have been detected. Command instructs them next to proceed to the Myers’ cottage, and to remain vigilant for any sign of Researcher Singer.

D-2172 arrives at the cottage, and knocks thrice on the door. They pause, awaiting an answer, and then proceed to enter.

The cottage appears to be uninhabited. D-2172 rummages through the first room, finding nothing of note, and walks into the bedroom. On the wall over the bed is a rough sketch done in charcoal. It depicts the upper body of a reclined humanoid figure holding a rod or staff. Its free hand is outstretched above the headrest.

D-2172 is instructed to approach and inspect the drawing. D-2172 is hesitant, professing to feel a great sense of unease while in the drawing's presence. They advance slowly. With each step in its direction comes a decrease in the quality of the video feed, which begins to break up. By the time the drawing is within arm's reach, the video feed is obscured by heavy amounts of static. The audio is drowned out by a shrill whistling noise. Before D-2172 can touch the drawing, Command orders them to withdraw.

They acquiesce, and back away. Interference is reduced to nominal levels. D-2172 is permitted to exit the premises and explore the village proper.

D-2172 walks in silence for a few minutes before the road sign for Temby becomes visible. They travel down a bend in the road, where on the ground they find a single work-boot. Picking it up and turning it over in their hands, it becomes clear that it matches those belonging to Researcher Singer. D-2172 intuits the direction Singer could have been travelling, and points out a nearby home.

It is a two-story dwelling with a sizable front lawn housing a wych elm. The tree is noticeably dead; the ground around it is littered with broken limbs.

The front door of the abode is wide open. D-2172 heads towards it.

Director Kim, at the time acting as Command and overseeing the excursion, requests to be relieved of duty, citing the onset of a debilitating migraine. They are escorted to their quarters by Agent Collins.

Researcher Bond steps in for Director Kim.

D-2172 crosses the foyer and enters the living room. There are signs of previous struggle—the couch is overturned, as is a small end-table. There is a hole in the wall in the bottom of the floor. D-2172 steps over the shattered remains of a tabletop lamp and into the adjoining kitchen.

This room is in a similar state of disarray. Dishes, foodstuffs, and appliances that would have been on the shelves or counter top litter the floor leading back to the living room. Most of these items have incurred damage suggesting they had been stuck or thrown with considerable force.

As D-2172 nears the sink, a small pool of blood can be seen on the floor. There is a clear pattern of cast-off spatter on the walls and counter, with long strokes indicating that an assailant delivered several successive blows with a bladed weapon. D-2172 kneels to take a sample of the blood, and upon standing, a butcher's block can be seen laying on its side next to the sink. All of the slots are filled save for the one intended for a meat cleaver. D-2172 notes this fact.

A series of passive blood stains leads from D-2172's location and towards a door on the far end of the room. The door is heavily pockmarked and scratched, indicating assault. It is found to be locked from the other side. D-2172 attempts to kick the door in, but only manages to splinter some wood along the doorframe before becoming winded after three attempts. They walk back towards the other end of the kitchen, take a deep breath, and charge at the door.

D-2172 shoulders the door at full speed, breaching it successfully. Their momentum carries them over the door's threshold, where they panic, and brace the wall for support in order to stop themselves from falling down a flight of stairs leading to the basement.

D-2172 gains their bearings, and is chided for their reckless behavior. Command instructs them to enter the basement. After trying the light-switch, which fails to produce a result, they have a brief discussion with Command on the merits of documenting the contents of the basement, and place heavy emphasis on the value of their own life. They are eventually persuaded to continue on threat of being cast adrift.

D-2172 activates their head-lamp. They draw their firearm, disengage the safety, and carefully descend in a low-ready stance, hugging the wall opposite the railing.

The basement is largely empty. D-2172 sweeps the area, and something on the ground in the far corner of the room glints under the light of their head-lamp. D-2172 approaches and finds the missing meat cleaver, wet with blood. They kneel to inspect the cleaver, and upon standing they notice a quarter-meter wide hole in the concrete wall—an exhaust vent leading above-ground. A piece of fabric is hanging from inside it.

Closer inspection reveals it to be a pant leg. D-2172 pulls at the article, which is found to be a tattered pair of tan slacks previously worn by Researcher Singer. A rustling is heard from within the vent. D-2172 leans in closer to inspect, and something fleshy can be seen which quickly moves up a bend in the pipe and out of sight.

D-2172 promptly withdraws from the premises.

Due to the discoveries within the domicile, Researcher Singer is presumed to have been killed in action. D-2172 is instructed to travel out of town in order to further document the nature of the area itself, and determine its actual boundaries, if any. Little of note occurs for the next forty minutes, as D-2172 travels north and out of town down Temby's main street.

D-2172 is now outside Temby's town limits, continuing on the main road which now winds through a densely-wooded grove of silver birches. This geography remains consistent with that of baseline for the following two kilometers, at which point, forest gives way to fields. It is not until a small cottage is spotted ahead that D-2172 expresses concern. They stop and survey the surrounding area, revealing that they had somehow emerged back on the south side of Temby.

D-2172 conveys to Command that they cannot see the limbs of SCP-783 victims, which should have been visible extending out of the body pit. They diverge from the path, and run towards the expected location of the victims. Upon reaching it, there is a large circular area of overturned soil, and a distinct lack of corpses. There are no signs of D-2172's presence here either—a previously-discarded sample bag, along with the relay device and accompanying tethered harness, are absent. D-2172 begins to panic, and is instructed to hold their position while Command decides upon a course of action.

Researcher Bond confers with the on-hand technician to confirm the status of D-2172's harness. It is relayed that it had not been retracted prematurely, nor had any length of tether been expended since D-2172 set aside their harness. After some deliberation, it is determined that D-2172 has possibly entered an iterative spacial zone situated adjacent from their original area of entry. It is then decided that exploration beyond this point would best be handled by personnel experienced with excursions of this nature.

D-2172 is instructed to follow the road back towards the entry point.

D-2172 is travelling down the road through the silver-birch forest at a brisk pace, idly conversing with Command. It is as they remark on the absence of any form of life that a rustle of leaves can be heard. D-2172 turns towards the source of the noise to find the naked body of an elongated SCP-783 victim. It is sprawled across the road, unmoving, a few dozen meters away. D-2172 swears loudly, and then turns to continue on the path.

Another SCP-783 victim is stretched along the road before him, some distance away, also unmoving. D-2172 withdraws their firearm and takes a step towards it. A rustling and snapping sound can then be heard behind D-2172, who again turns to face the victim behind them.

Although the body's position remains unchanged, it is clear that the trunk and arms had grown and elongated, twisting and breaking, placing them closer to D-2172's position. More snapping can be heard once again from behind D-2172. They rapidly turn and fire at the SCP-783 victim barring their path—whose neck had elongated and bent such that it placed their head roughly a meter away from D-2172, at eye-level. Though several rounds are discharged directly into its face, it elicits no reaction. Snapping can be heard once again from the unobserved victim behind D-2172, who absconds from between the entities by running off the road and into the woods.

D-2172 runs for several minutes eastward, ignoring Command's advice to keep the road within view. They eventually stop to catch their breath and recuperate, coming to rest momentarily on a large rock. There is no sign of pursuit from the SCP-783 victims. D-2172 uses this opportunity to reload their firearm. Upon holstering it, they take some time to consume an MRE. They consult with Command on their relative position, and determine the proper direction of travel. A moment is taken to alleviate themselves, and they set off.



The trek is largely uneventful over the next fourteen minutes, before D-2172 stops. They claim to feel minute vibrations in the ground, coming in short, punctuated bursts. Though they are assured that the sensation may be attributable to the unstable region of spacetime in which they are in, something that should not be concerning, they insist on remaining still, listening. They inform Command of a muted thumping noise coinciding with the vibrations—this is not picked up on audio.

They advance carefully, again readying their firearm. Off in the far distance, the camera captures a single silver birch tree being lifted vertically out of sight above the treeline. D-2172 does not seem to have witnessed it. As Command attempts to communicate this to D-2172, it comes back down through the treetops, much closer to D-2172, and impacts the ground with enough force to shake the ground.

It can now be seen that despite its thickness and mottled-white coloration, that it is not in fact a birch tree. From D-2172's vantage point, it can not be seen to have any branches, and it extends to a point somewhere above the canopy. D-2172 is instructed to approach and physically inspect it. Before they can act upon this, another such object comes down directly next to D-2172, knocking them to the ground.

Once on their feet, they approach the second object. They pause once they see the faint impression of ridges and grooves running along the object's side, and opposite of it, a flattish, horny nail-plate. D-2172 fires at the object, and draws blood. It quickly withdraws. A deep, protracted scream emanates from above D-2172, who breaks into a run.

D-2172 runs through the forest, swearing incessantly and begging for some form of assistance or support from Command. As they run, more objects crash down around them, seemingly trying to hit D-2172 directly.

They break from the forest; they are now on the northern outskirts of Temby. As D-2172 hurries to close the the distance to town, another of the unidentified objects collides with D-2172, knocking them on their back. The object comes to rest beside D-2172, taking up the majority of the visual feed. D-2172's gaze follows the object, tracing up its length. Without the obstruction of the canopy, it can be seen to bend and twist, terminating several hundred meters in the air. D-2172 screams when they discover its source.

The nude form of Researcher Singer is suspended high in the air, balanced on elongated and grossly enlarged fingers.

Researcher Bond stands from her position at the control console, doubles over, and proceeds to vomit profusely. A member of medical staff rushes to her side in time to catch her as she falls unconscious. Doctor Peterson elects to take her place at the command console.

Agent Collins arrives to help carry Researcher Bond to the medical bay where she is to receive corrective treatment.

The Singer creature screams a hollow sound, lifting one finger from somewhere deep within the silver birch grove, felling several trees as they drag it towards D-2172. D-2172 rolls to their left and out of its path. They withdraw their weapon and fire at Singer, failing to hit their mark.

The Singer creature can then be seen to lift its left hand, slowly drawing its digits together to grab D-2172. D-2172 swiftly comes to a stand, and runs in the opposite direction. The digits can be heard colliding with one another behind them.

They safely reach the main road, and do not slow their pace as they follow it south through town. Loud thumping can be heard as the Singer creature ambulates on their digits in pursuit. D-2172 narrowly avoids a finger as it sweeps past them to the right, crashing through a chain-link fence surrounding one of the houses. Another finger plummets through the roof of an abode ahead of D-2172.

D-2172 swears repeatedly as they come around the bend where they found Researcher Singer's boot. They pass the road sign, nearly falling as they trip over their own feet. D-2172's pace begins to slow as they are clearly becoming winded. The Myers’ cottage comes into view, and shortly thereafter, arms can be seen extending out from the body pit. Command encourages D-2172, urging them to reach the pit and assuring them that the technician standing by is prepared to reel them back in.

The Singer creature screeches. D-2172 is knocked aside with great force, tumbling into the field. Visual feed is lost due to incurred damage. D-2172 can be heard screaming and cussing, with ambient volume suggesting that they are getting farther and farther away from the recorder. The thumping of the Singer creature's fingers can be heard becoming more and more distant as well. Silence is recorded for the final half hour.

Doctor Peterson orders the termination of the audio feed, and declares D-2172 as lost. It is decided that D-2172's harness may be recalled for future use.

Agent Collins arrives in the control room and discusses the matter with Doctor Peterson. Collins asserts that there is no evidence that D-2172 was captured or had expired. Citing an Ethics Committee mandate on the exploration of non-incursive extradimensional locales, they persuade Doctor Peterson to leave available D-2172's harness.

Several personnel remain on-hand over the next several hours. At 02:13 local time, the presiding technician reports that they witnessed the tether moving. After a moment of stillness, they are able to observe it becoming briefly taut, as the line is tugged on twice—D-2172's signal for extraction.

Medical personnel are notified, as it is anticipated that D-2172 will need to be tended to. After a minute, D-2172's empty body harness breaks the surface. It appears that none of the straps had been properly secured prior to being recalled. The harness seems to be caught on something within the pit. The tether continues to retract, revealing the hand of D-2172 grasping to the harness, which slips out of their grip. D-2172's hand can be seen to move animatedly, attempting to grab hold of something to keep it from slowly sinking back into the mass of corpses.

D-209 rushes towards the pit, grabbing hold of D-2172's hand moments before it falls out of sight. They begin to sink into the knot of bodies as well. D-774, Doctor Lafayette, and Private Awde quickly come to assist D-209, forming a human chain, and with their combined strength begin to pull the pair of D-Class from the pit.

D-209 is successfully extricated. His arms are outstretched, hands still grasping that of D-2172, whose hand comes back into view. As the four men pull, approximately three meters of D-2172's forearm are dislodged from the body pit. It begins to bend and snap at several new points of articulation.

D-209 lets go. D-2172 is reclaimed by the pit.

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