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Item#: 7813
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7813 ensures its own containment. The Foundation is to continue the research on reinforcing its antimemetic camouflage to make detection even more unlikely.

Studying and upkeep of the anomaly is to be carried out by PTF-Mu-47 ("Hands Bound by Wires"), situated in Provisional Research Station 7813. Due to the inert nature of SCP-7813, any changes in its behavior are unlikely. In the event that any kind of change does occur, it is to be reported to Site-328 immediately.

Description: SCP-7813 refers to an anomalous metallic construct located inside an extradimensional space designated SCP-7813-1. It measures 2.8 km in height and has the appearance of a female humanoid. Its distinct features are its six arms, six eyes and six wing frames. Only approximately 10% of its exterior is still in place. Additionally, SCP-7813 used to possess an internal working at some point in the past, which is currently completely absent.

Of note, the only intact parts of SCP-7813 are as follows:

  • a significant portion of its scalp with fine copper wiring extending from it
  • two of the six eyes, as well as part of the upper half of the face
  • sheets of metal scattered across its upper body, as well as its legs
  • the arms and the skeleton of the wings, all in varying state of disrepair

SCP-7813 secretes a translucent liquid of an unknown composition out of its intact and damaged eyes alike. Analysis of the liquid has proven impossible as it dissipates approximately in 1-2 minutes after leaving SCP-7813's body.

Analysis of chipped off pieces has revealed that the body of SCP-7813 consists of a metal currently unknown to the Foundation. The exception are Wings and Arms 1-2, which consist of brass and copper, as well as Wings and Arms 5-6, which consist of aluminum.

The anomalous properties of SCP-7813, other than its size, include a simple antimemetic camouflage which render it impossible to perceive without the use of mnestics, as well as Akiva level readings consistent with the lowest possible reading a deity can possess1.

SCP-7813-1 consists of a rock of unknown composition. Computed tomography has revealed that the only hollow portion of SCP-7813-1 is its cave. Said cave measures 4 km in length and width and 1.2 km in height. Access into it is possible through the fourth arm of SCP-7813.

SCP-7813-1 possesses a distinct antimemetic property which renders memories or written materials related to SCP-7813 obfuscated once they leave the location. These include the true name of SCP-7813, as well as associated weaponry, associated persons (see Addendum 2) and the metal its body consists of.

Mentions of SCP-7813 itself (as well as several anomalies and objects of interest related to it) already exist within the Foundation’s database and were not altered in any shape or form following its discovery. As such, it has been concluded that this antimemetic property is only limited to documents pertaining specifically to SCP-7813-1. The reason behind such selective self-censoring is currently poorly understood2.

Addendum 1: Discovery: SCP-7813 was discovered on 12-08-1999 by MTF-Mu-46 ("See For Yourself"), who were tasked with tracking down an antimemetic anomaly3. During exploration of the Arabian desert, members of the task force reported sightings of a "massive metallic hand", whilst also being on a regimen of mnestics.

Four members of MTF-Mu-46 were cleared to remain and examine the metallic object after ascertaining its existence. SCP-7813-1 was later discovered as well. A provisional research station was constructed on its premises and the overseeing and maintenance of the anomaly has been assigned to a newly assembled PTF-Mu-47 ("Hands Bound by Wires").

Addendum 2: On 26-05-2003, the monitoring equipment of Provisional Research Station 7813 reported an unusual activity. An unknown woman4 spontaneously manifested on one of the palms of SCP-7813 and engaged in conversation with the anomaly. Said conversation was determined to have been telepathic or oneiric, after personnel were unable to interfere in any given way.

The transcript of the recording is provided below. Researchers must note that the transcript has been altered due to the antimemetic interference of SCP-7813-1.

Video Log

Date: 26-05-2003


[THE WOMAN manifests on the third palm of SCP-7813. She doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact, opting to lay down. Her hair is disheveled and her eyes are sunken.]

SCP-7813: My child…

[Addressed directly, THE WOMAN finally reacts. She sits up, rubs her eyes and looks around. She winces in pain and slumps back down almost immediately.]

SCP-7813: While I desire to neither see nor speak to anyone, there is a turmoil in your soul that is so familiar to me. And so, I have called you.

THE WOMAN5: And… and I came.

[THE WOMAN is disoriented. She doesn't understand her current situation. It takes her a while to realize who she is talking to. SCP-7813 raises its second hand6 and brushes a strand of hair out of her face as carefully as her size allows her to.]

SCP-7813: It breaks my heart to see that nothing has changed.

THE WOMAN: Nothing has changed? What do you mean? W-wait… Your heart!

[The wings of THE WOMAN twitch in pain. Despite them being in a critical state, she still finds some strength in herself to glide down into SCP-7813's chest cavity, as if she suddenly remembered about something.]

THE WOMAN: I can't believe this. How are you still alive? There is nothing inside you!

[SCP-7813 sighs and shakes its head. THE WOMAN is distraught at this and begins slowly walking around.]

SCP-7813: I am alive as long as the concepts of progress, invention and mechanisms exist. And they exist for as long as I am alive. Due to this locked circle, I can never truly die.

THE WOMAN: Is this… is this it?

SCP-7813: This is something you get used to, my child.

[THE WOMAN attempts to lift off and fly back onto SCP-7813's palm, but her wings are too damaged for proper flight. Noticing this, SCP-7813 lowers its palm into its chest cavity, allowing for THE WOMAN to climb back up onto it. She does so and proceeds to sit down.]

THE WOMAN: But… who did this to you? To a goddess?

SCP-7813: I think you know the answer to that, my child. You and I share our source of misery. Please, think back to who shattered your soul and who bent you under his will.

[THE WOMAN leans forward, plants hear head into her hands and sighs. She sits in silence for a few minutes, after which she looks up, noticing the tears staining her metallic palms.]

SCP-7813: I can see your heart knows the answer to this, even if your mind is not ready to acknowledge it yet. This denial is… something I am familiar with. He found me at my weakest and promised to rebuild me. And I was at my weakest, so I believed him blindly. I have been holding out until the very end, believing he would return his promises. Believing he would stay truthful to his offer for help.

THE WOMAN: W-wait… Surely, you don't mean-

SCP-7813: Of course I do. I am talking about THE EMPEROR.

[The mention of the name makes THE WOMAN wince and shudder.]

SCP-7813: I was holding out until the very end, up until the last circuit of nerve was scratched up, up until the last vessel of oil was emptied… Up until he saw my helplessness and decided, in an act of unnecessary cruelty, to bash in my eyes with the very WEAPON I have bestowed upon him.

[THE WOMAN squeezes her eyes shut and lets out a strangled cry. She sits in silence for a few minutes, processing the information.]

THE WOMAN: But this cannot be true… I…

[SCP-7813 sighs sympathetically and reaches out once again to graze her face with its finger. The liquid starts flowing from its eyes with more intensity. Its voice cracks, as if it is trying to hold back its sobs.]

SCP-7813: You are hurting so much, my child… I can feel your pain on my very own self. You were also destroyed by one of them, weren’t you? Allow your heart to speak. Listen to it. Let out all the pain that burdens your soul.

[THE WOMAN is staring in front of herself with vacant eyes, cradling herself and leaning onto the finger of SCP-7813 for support. She begins speaking with a shaky voice.]

THE WOMAN: I… I tried to argue- and to reason with him… But… He spoke to me in an… an otherworldly voice, assuming control of me. Dominating my spirit…

[SCP-7813 is looking at her in silence and understanding. The voice of THE WOMAN cracks as she is unable to hold back her tears under the sudden weight of realization.]

THE WOMAN: I was… I was not strong enough to resist… He turned me into his general. His- his companion… All the people I've killed in his name! All the time I've spent by his side…

[She plants her head in her palms and begins crying, shoulders shaking under her sobs.]

THE WOMAN: I didn’t want this. I didn't want any of this! I was never meant to become a saint! It- it was meant to be just a research project! I never wanted to be a part of any of this!! Twenty years of my life living under his control!

[She screams out in agony and collapses forward. She continues crying as SCP-7813 closes its eyes and shudders.]

SCP-7813: My heart breaks from seeing you like this. When I look at you, I can't help but think back to THE EMPRESS.

THE WOMAN ceases sobbing for a second and looks up at SCP-7813 from the silent shock of hearing that name.

THE WOMAN: H-her…?

SCP-7813: Yes, my child. The first instance of his lineage misusing my voice. I gave myself up voluntarily while you, much like her, were roped into it against your will… LOCATION has been restored and resurrected – a grand feat – and yet in its core lies the very same rot that laid millennia ago.
Indeed, nothing has changed. I am really, truly sorry, my child.

[For a prolonged period of time, nothing of significance happens. THE WOMAN continues crying, overwhelmed with her coming to terms with what truly happened while she was under the influence of the voice in these last twenty years.]

THE WOMAN: This is… everything is so much worse than I thought.

SCP-7813: You remind me of myself so much… I sobbed ceaselessly when he bashed in my eyes. I clawed at the walls when I ended up here. My hand reaching out was my attempt at a cry for help. Unfortunately, there was nobody to hear it by then. And now… I would rather nobody hear it ever again.

[SCP-7813 shakes its head.]

SCP-7813: I recognize myself in you, my child. And I hope you recognize yourself in me as well.

[SCP-7813 props itself up on its elbows, just enough to line up its eyes with THE WOMAN’s. As it opens its eyes, they return to the crystal clear green glass they used to be, before reverting to their current shattered state. The liquid from its eyes continues streaming, pooling up underneath it.]

SCP-7813: I hope you will be able to find solace in the fact that you are not alone.

[Following this, interactions between SCP-7813 and THE WOMAN have ceased. THE WOMAN has remained laying on the third palm for three more days, following which she summarily demanifested.]


NOTE: Following the event, the amount of liquid secreted from the eyes of SCP-7813 has doubled. This continued on for two months, after which the secretions have stopped altogether.

This was the only change in the behavior of SCP-7813 up to date.

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