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Image on SCP-7810's Cover. Approved by our grace and savior Doland.

Item #: SCP-7810

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Additional copies of SCP-7810 are to be confiscated and contents photographed upon discovery. Personnel handling SCP-7810 are prohibited from reading its contents, except with testing pre-approval. Entities E-7810-01 through -174 are to be contained in habitats containing sufficient terrestial and aquatic ecosystems appropriate for their species. During testing, SCP-7810's 175th chapter is forbidden from being read. Should HK-E-7810-14 be realized, she must be praised immediately. Individuals who summoned HK-E-7810-14 must be relocated to the nearest body of water.

Description: As of March 15th, 2028, SCP-7810 is a 175 chapter non-fiction book, published in 1800 CE titled "Ducks. Ducks? Geese? GEESE! SWANS!?!?" subtitled "A Guide to the Featherly Host and How to Survive". SCP-7810 is credited to Drake M. Gosling1 and published by Mallard Books, a supposed subsidiary of Penguin Books.2 Seventy copies of SCP-7810 have been discovered by the Department of Acquisition and Liquidation as of March 15th 2028 in 58 different major and regional languages and dialects.

174 of SCP-7810's chapters are dedicated to the documentation of all 174 extant species of the bird family Anatidae, referred to frequently as members of 'The Holy Fowl', 'The Featherly Host', and 'The Celestial Feathered Ones'. Descriptions of each species matches baseline physical characteristics, with the exception of height and weight. Behavior, environmental, and psychological descriptions of each species are anomalous. Upon reading a chapter of SCP-7810, the species described within will manifest into baseline reality. These entities are thus labeled as E-7810-01 through 174, with the second number indicating which chapter of SCP-7810 triggered their manifestation.3 Each recovered instance of SCP-7810 has slight variations to its chapters, theorized to be a result of cultural drift, local folklore, and anomalous circumstances. Additionally, each chapter is written with a different voice and style than the chapter that preceded it.

Partial transcriptions of SCP-7810 do not retain their anomalous properties.

The final chapter of SCP-7810 contains a passage that ends with a seemingly random number that has decreased since the anomaly was first discovered. In 1958 when first identified, this number was at 42. As of 04/02/2028 it is at 25.

As of 04/08/2028 SCP-7810 exhibits a low level memetic effect on associated documentation over time, primarily affecting ancillary documentation and image captions. The reasons for this are unknown.4

Addendum HK-E-014

Chapter 175 of SCP-7810 deviates substantially from the rest of the book, and is dedicated to an HK class entity27, designated HK-E-014, known as Doland. HK-E-014's baseline description is given in the excerpt below:

For lo she is a grandiose queen, with green feathery hair, possesses the voice, wings, and ferocity of a swan, and the aggressiveness of a goose. She is Mother goose, Queen of the Mallards, Baroness of the pond. Our Savior, our Goddess, Doland be praised! May Doland ever approve us!

Upon reading Chapter 175 of SCP-7810 mentally or aloud, HK-E-014 will manifest in reality. Any individual within visual line of sight who fails to praise HK-E-014 in a substantial way are slowly transformed into a random member of the Anatidae family over the course of 5-7 days.28 The individual responsible for bringing HK-E-014 into reality will be immediately immobilized, unable to move from their current location, and subsequently embraced in HK-E-014's wings. Upon release, the target individual will have been transformed into a new E-7810-XXX and an additional chapter added to SCP-7810.

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