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SCP-7809 upon resurfacing.

Item #: SCP-7809

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A remote surveillance system monitors SCP-7809's containment cell. Observations must use SCP-7809's original support barge, currently moored in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Dockyard.

Turning on the lights while inside the vessel is forbidden.

Description: SCP-7809 is a spherical submersible, with the word "BENTHOSPHERE" written on its side. The submersible possesses two entrance hatches, ten viewports, a depth gauge, a barometer, and a set of quartz iodide lights for exterior illumination. Upon Foundation discovery, the vessel also contained a dented tin of Utz potato chips, several marine biology reference books, a snapped pencil, and a piece of paper inscribed with the English alphabet.

Upon reaching a depth of 200 meters in water, individuals inside SCP-7809 report unidentified flora, fauna, and geologic formations in the surrounding area through the viewports, misaligning with the vessel's actual surroundings. Those who leave SCP-7809 through the bottom hatch find no observed anomalies outside the vessel.

Foundation personnel recovered SCP-7809 from the Tangier Sound in Maryland and Virginia, attached to the winch of an abandoned support barge ("The Bouquet"). At the time of containment, SCP-7809 was submerged. Maintenance staff repaired a locking deficiency on SCP-7809's bottom hatch for testing purposes.

Addendum 7809.1: Observation Log

Log Number
Event 7809.2
An unseen light source faintly illuminates a viewport. An organism resembling a Regalecus glesne (giant oarfish) floats slowly by, bearing a ribbon-like shape and an orange dorsal fin. The fish continues gliding in front of the viewport, measuring 20 meters in length. The organism's tailfin forks into two ends, which then fork themselves in two, and so on, until the body terminates with a sixty-four-pronged tail, with a small flame burning on each end.
Event 7809.5
A small anchor starts faintly glowing in the distance, lying on the seafloor and illuminating several fish surrounding the object. A mammalian organism resembling a Platanista gangetica (Ganges river dolphin), bearing an abnormal hook-shaped dorsal fin, approaches the object and swims circles around it, occasionally bumping into it. After ten circles around, the dolphin darts towards the anchor and swallows it whole. The anchor deforms the dolphin's body from the inside, tearing its skin and glowing from within. While the dolphin chokes and struggles with the object in its stomach, the anchor stops glowing.
Event 7809.26
A leafless tree stands on the seafloor, its roots twisting in the sand. A small fire burns in its hollow. After ten minutes, an equine organism suddenly jumps from the flame, followed by two identical others. The horses bear leaf-like protrusions resembling those of Phycodurus eques (leafy seadragon), their coats green and slick. They prance around the tree, jumping and dancing, while the fire grows. Over twenty minutes, the flame escapes the hollow and consumes the tree. Ashes rise from the branches as the horses dance around the inferno, growing wilder in movement. At thirty minutes, all horses take a sharp turn, aim for the tree, and jump straight into the fire. The fire roars a final time and extinguishes itself.
Event 7809.17
A match strikes, the unseen holder swirling the flame around a small wooden table holding a cake. They wear white gloves. The holder delicately lights a candle on the cake with the match, before taking the candle to their face. The flame reveals a figure in circus clown make-up, breathing in through a hookah air device. They put a finger to their lips before blowing out the candle.
Event 7809.11
The fog lights of a sunken iron ship flicker in the distance. Giant crustacean organisms resembling Macrocheira kaempferi (Japanese spider crab) swarm and feast on the ruins; the ship seemingly consists of a fleshy, slightly pulsating material. An organic structure resembling a whale's heart tumbles from the decayed hull. A metallic grinding sound emanates from the ship before the fog lights go out.
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