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Item#: 7805
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Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-7805-1α should be restricted to personnel with Level 4 or higher clearance and entry may only include on-site researchers and Class-D individuals.

Entry into SCP-7805-1ß should only occur during experimentation in a controlled environment.

While no anomalous beings or any passengers unaffiliated with the Foundation have alighted an SCP-7805-ß instance at SCP-7805-1α, agents from Site-549 are to stand guard at all times watching SCP-7805-1α in the case of this occurring.

Updated Procedures (7/3/2016): All personnel using SCP-7805 are to strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Ethics Committee during experimentation:

  • Personnel boarding SCP-7805-1ß must wear specialised suits at all times during research.
  • Personnel are to pay the correct fare for boarding any instance of SCP-7805-ß.
  • Interaction with passengers on SCP-7805-ß are to be limited and to only occur when it would otherwise result in creating hostility with the passenger(s).
  • All experiments on SCP-7805 must be recorded through cameras attached to the suits of boarding personnel.

Excerpt from Addendum #3

Note that all personnel must use the SCP-7805-δ Communication Guide (Addendum #5) when travelling on SCP-7805-ß instances.

Updated Procedures (14/5/2025): All research on SCP-7805 is prohibited due to the immense risk further research may have on the structure of our universe and neighbouring universes (See Addendum #8). Containment procedures still apply.

Description: SCP-7805 is the designation given to three main components which function together to cause anomalous effects, these being SCP-7805-α, SCP-7805-ß and SCP-7805-δ. SCP-7805-1 refers to the initial instance of SCP-7805. Further instances have been labelled in order of chronological appearance, however this system is regarded as heavily redundant due to the seemingly infinite appearances SCP-7805 can take thus referring to the anomaly as a whole is most appropriate and less confusing.

SCP-7805-1α is a run-down dark green shelter located 8km south-east of Site-549 which functions as a bus stop for SCP-7805-1ß. A bench is attached to the inside of the shelter and a simple white bike rack with worn-out paint is placed beside it. Significant markings include: 1) a green sign with text: "Bus Stop" located on the side of the roof, 2) a yellow sign with text: "Signal Driver" located to the right of the green sign, and 3) a four-digit number1 with white lettering located on the outside-wall of the stop.

SCP-7805-1ß is a standard blue bus with a capacity of 58. It has no external markings besides the number twelve written in white lettering placed on the front of the bus underneath the front window. The inside of the bus contains grey walls, 43 grey seats, 15 blue handles for standing passengers, a driver's seat and standard driving components. SCP-7805-1ß appears to be solely controlled by SCP-7805-1δ and it is unknown whether or not this is the only way its anomalous effects can occur. This component's anomalous effects include the ability to evaporate targeted individuals, transportation to different dimensions and/or different locations in this universe and durability against significantly different climates and conditions.

SCP-7805-1δ appears to be a Caucasian, elderly male with balding white hair, hazel eyes and a blue driving uniform with the name: "Robert McZimmerman" sewn on the left lapel. SCP-7805-1δ is the driver of SCP-7805-1ß with no major anomalous abilities, besides the presumed ability to survive in a variety of different physical and atmospheric environments. Whether or not this is attributed to SCP-7805-1δ himself or to the inside of SCP-7805-1ß is unknown.

Descriptions of other instances of SCP-7805 can be read in Addendum #6.

Discovery: SCP-7805 was brought to the Foundation's attention on 10/3/2016, when the lead researcher of SCP-7057: Dr. Romilly (henceforth referred to as Subject 7805-A), was reportedly "acting strange" by their fellow researchers and was hence sent to Site-549's medical infirmary and after 30 minutes of silence finally mentioned their coming into contact with an anomalous bus. Following an interview with Subject 7805-A, the location of SCP-7805-1α was reported and restricted access to SCP-7805-1α was established. As a result of SCP-7805 seemingly targeting Subject 7805-A after certain experimentation on SCP-7057, it has been noted that a connection between SCP-7057 and SCP-7805 may exist. The nature of this connection is still under documentation.

Addendum #1 - Transcript of Interview with Subject 7805-A

Subject 7805-A Interview Information: Interview with Subject 7805-A was conducted on 12/3/2016 by interdimensional researcher Dr. Bradley Matthews at Site-549.

Addendum #2 - Summary of SCP-7805 Experiments 01-05

Experiment No. Description Findings
#01 One Class-D is told to enter SCP-7805-1ß without paying the bus fare The Class-D disappears and is never seen again.
NOTE: Following this experiment, the number located on the outside wall of SCP-7805-1α changed from 2501 to 2502.
#02 One Class-D with a tracking device implanted into the back of his neck is told to enter SCP-7805-1ß and pay the fare. He is also informed to avoid interaction with any passengers on the bus and the driver of the bus and that he is to do the same with any subsequent instance of SCP-7805-ß. The tracking device works for around five (5) minutes until seemingly falling out of range, occurring around 4km away from SCP-7805-1α. Nearly 1 hour passes before the Class-D returns back to SCP-7805-1α, on a pink and yellow bus with a vastly different shape to standard buses (This has now been allocated designation SCP-7805-4ß). Class-D reportedly went on three (3) bus rides in total, with their fares each costing more than the previous one. Descriptions on the locations and other instances of SCP-7805 were documented (See Addendum #6).
#03 Three Class-D are told different instructions. First Subject (D-7805-3) is told to not pay the fare or interact with any passengers or drivers. Second Subject (D-7805-4) is told to pay the fare and not to interact with any passengers or drivers. Third Subject (D-7805-5) is told to pay the fare and to interact with all drivers and as many passengers as appropriate. D-7805-3 does not return. D-7805-4 and D-7805-5 do return after two bus rides, however the latter subject has a wounded left arm and a bruised right eye. According to recounts from both surviving subjects, SCP-7805-1δ pushed a special, blue button on the dashboard after D-7805-3 refused to pay the fare, causing the Subject to seemingly evaporate.2 D-7805-4 mentioned that the fare for the second bus ride was more than the first, however for D-7805-5 the fare was actually lower than the first. Based on this information, it appears interacting with the driver of the bus has an impact on the price of the buses.3 D-7805-5's injuries occurred after he talked to a disgruntled creature with a deformed face. However, interaction with other passengers did result in both valuable conversation regarding the nature of SCP-7805 and D-7805-5's receiving of a decorated box.4 The key point of information that D-7805-5 found from conversing with passengers was that SCP-7805 is a large bus service-network with the ability to transport between different realities.
#04 Two Class-D are given slightly different instructions. Both are told to pay the correct fare and to interact with the bus driver. One is told to only interact with SCP-7805-δs, while the other is told to interact with passengers as well. Neither Subjects return. Reason unknown due to absence of documentation.
NOTE: The number on SCP-7805-1α changed from 2502 to 2504 after this incident.
EDIT: Further knowledge of this incident has been provided through the improved ability to communicate with the driver. Both were perfectly safe during the ride on SCP-7805-1ß. Health problems began when they entered a different reality (Dimension-7805-5) which, according to SCP-7805-1δ's testimony, seems to have had vastly different laws of physics to ours, causing their bodies to implode upon exiting SCP-7805-1ß.
#05 Two Class-D wearing specialised suits5 are given similar instructions. Both are told to pay the correct fare and to interact with only the bus driver. One is told to get off the bus normally (D-7805-8), while the other is told to stay on the bus as long as possible (D-7805-9). D-7805-9, returns to SCP-7805-1α well before D-7805-8. Disciplinary action was underway until the Subject explained that he had figured out how to communicate with SCP-7805-1δ and hence was able to tell him to return to SCP-7805-1α (For more information, see Addendum #5). D-7805-8 returns an hour later with a profusely bleeding right arm. She stated it was caused by a hostile creature residing in the second alternate dimension she was taken to. This Subject reportedly went on four bus rides before returning back, however not much information was gathered on these locations as she soon after dropped dead from immense blood loss, despite the medic's best efforts.

Addendum #3 - Discussion with Ethics Committee regarding use of Class-D personnel in the experimentation of SCP-7805

Addendum #4 - Summary of Experiments 06-11

Experiment No. Description Findings
#06 One Class-D is to follow the Communication Guide (See Addendum #5), to travel to Dimension-7805-2. Standard restrictions as enforced by the Ethics Committee are to be followed. Subject reportedly travels to what is now classified as Dimension-7805-7, which is notably similar in appearance to Dimension-7805-2 however was not the same, possessing a green sky as opposed to a red one. To our knowledge, the subject was using the Communication Guide correctly. More testing of this guide will follow.
#07 Two Class-D are to both travel without the Communication Guide on SCP-7805-1ß and with the Communication Guide on every subsequent bus to return to SCP-7805-1α. Standard restrictions as enforced by the Ethics Committee are to be followed. Only one of the Class-D return, D-7805-12. She is unable to inform how the other Subject disappeared. To her knowledge, the two of them both said the same directions in-line with the Communication Guide. Reason for this complication is unknown.
#08 D-7805-12 and one other Class-D are to use the Communication Guide to travel to Dimension-7805-2, take photos of the sky, ground and bus stop, then return to our dimension. Standard restrictions as enforced by the Ethics Committee are to be followed. D-7805-12 returns with the correct photos of Dimension-7805-2 in 23 minutes. The other subject, D-7805-13, returns with the correct photos in 51 minutes. D-7805-13 informs that they figured out an alternate way to use the Communication Guide, which appears to be linked to each individual (For more information, see Addendum #5).
#09 D-7805-13 and one other Class-D are to use the updated Communication Guide to travel to Dimension-7805-3, take photos of the sky, ground and bus stop, then return to our dimension. Standard restrictions as enforced by the Ethics Committee are to be followed. D-7805-13 returns with the correct photos of Dimension-7805-3 in 19 minutes. D-7805-14 returns back with the correct photos in 30 minutes. Both subjects used the Communication Guide and it appeared to work correctly.
#10╓╫ ERrOr! This log has either been corrupted or removed from the database due to dangerous and/or sensitive information. Contact your RAISA supervisor for more information.
#11 Three Class-D are to attempt to find a book with knowledge of SCP-7805 in the Wanderer's library, take it from the library, then return to our dimension. Standard restrictions as enforced by the Ethics Committee are to be followed. Only one subject returns, D-7805-29. He, quote: "Bolted the fuck away from those terrifying snake lovin' bitches". D-7805-28 was reportedly incapacitated by members of the Serpent's Hand7 when looking for a rose-gold covered book, which D-7805-29 states is what SCP-7805-1δ said the book would look like. D-7805-27 and D-7805-29 were able to retreat to SCP-7805-13ß safely. Unfortunately, two other members of the Serpent's Hand8 were passengers on the bus and recognised the Foundation logo on D-7805-27's suit. They proceeded to stab D-7805-27 a total of 34 times before SCP-7805-13ß arrived at SCP-7805-1α, where D-7805-29 exited the bus as hastily as possible.

~Dir. Bradley - While these experiments did result in a lot of deceased Class-D, it did show that this anomaly could be used to reach anomalous places we haven't been able to before. This could very well be used to save people under the effects of a Nexus…

Addendum #5 - SCP-7805-δ Communication Guide



Addendum #6 - Descriptions of Buses, Drivers, Bus Stops and Locations

The below table includes descriptions of instances of SCP-7805 and locations that it has sent people to.

Addendum #7 - Status on the Classification of SCP-7805

SCP-7805 has now been classified as belonging to Object Class:Aisna as of 26/8/2022 due to its ability to transport anomalous beings to any location they please, in effect producing them. Re-classification to Thaumiel has been denied due to the great risk these anomalies may cause especially if regularly used by Foundation personnel. It is unknown why no anomalous beings have exited the bus at SCP-7805-1a, however the leading theory may be that the majority of SCP-7805-ß riding anomalies have no desire to disrupt our planet.

Addendum #8 - Warning Message from Interdimensional Research Regulation Department (IRRD)

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