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Item#: 7797
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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An instance of SCP-7797 appearing in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Special Containment Procedures

Following Incidents 7797-A and 7797-B, all known civilians and personnel that are confirmed to have been previously affected by SCP-7797 are to have their names and current residence listed in an encrypted document, and should only be accessible by personnel with Level 5 Security Clearance.

Applied Task Force Chi-43 (Four Eyes) has been assigned as a permanent task force to SCP-7797 to handle the location and containment of SCP-7797 instances. ATF-Chi-43's surveillance division is to monitor for any potential evidence of an instance of SCP-7797 appearing, and establish the approximate time and place of the appearance. Once an instance has been confirmed and located, Protocol 7797-HORUS is to be immediately enacted.


SCP-7797 is a Cerulean-Syracuse Class cognitohazard that takes the form of an illustrated design resembling a stylized eye, with the design itself not appearing to reference any known hieroglyphics or historical designs. SCP-7797 is capable of manifesting in multiple forms of visual creation, such as graffiti, paper drawing, or painting, and with a variety of materials, including acrylic/industrial paint, pen, colored pencil, and bodily fluids, with all known instances being various shades of red.

SCP-7797 is self-replicating, and can create instances of itself globally. Current understanding of SCP-7797 indicates that it replicates by subconsciously influencing individuals into creating an instance, while rendering the individual unaware of the memetic effect. Research into details of the replication is still undergoing. Foundation attempts to recreate an instance of SCP-7797 have ended in failure, with the artificial design not possessing any of the anomalous characteristics SCP-7797 normally creates.

SCP-7797's primary anomalous effects arise when an instance is directly viewed by a human. Once observed, the viewer will experience a short sensation of vertigo before subsiding, and will subsequently be "infected" by SCP-7797. Humans affected by SCP-7797 will begin to suffer a series of anomalous symptoms and effects, with the length of these symptoms lasting from a few days to multiple weeks. The symptomology of those affected by SCP-7797 vary between individuals, with no discernable way to predict or prevent the potential effects. Additional research has shown that victims who were previously affected by SCP-7797 cannot be infected again when viewing SCP-7797. No known medication or treatment is able to diminish the effects of SCP-7797.


SCP-7797 Exposure Logs:

The following are a series of individuals who were affected by SCP-7797 and were utilized for testing purposes. Shortly after confirming exposure, the subjects were transported to the nearest accessible site and placed in a standard containment cell for monitoring until they no longer displayed symptoms.

SCP-7797 Incident Logs:

The following are a collection of documents recording events that are related to SCP-7797, which have been classified as Incident 7797-A and Incident 7797-B respectively.

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