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Item #: SCP-7791

Object Class: Euclid Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7791 is to be contained within Conceptual Containment Unit-34, located at Site-77. The nature of SCP-7791 is to only be made known to senior staff of the Ethics Committee and personnel with situational 5/7791 clearance. Containment of SCP-7791 is the primary directive of the Ethics Committee. Should SCP-7791's current status change, the Ethics Committee is to enact Procedure-333-WOZNY.

Procedure-333-WOZNY: Procedure-333-WOZNY consists of a team of essophysicists and memeticists temporarily destabilizing SCP-7791's nature into Foundation-safe fragments. In this state, certain events and actions can be added to its embodied memeplex, altering its essence into a non-hostile one. Following this, SCP-7791 will revert to its prior state, and the event causing its activity will no longer need to be contained. For more information on Procedure-333-WOZNY, read Supplemental Document WOZNY.

Description: SCP-7791 refers to an essophysical entity, or the embodiment of a concept that exists within almost all sapient cultures. Although the exact nature of SCP-7791 is unknown, containment of it has historically been of much importance to Foundation administration. The earliest mention of SCP-7791 was from a document written in ████, in which the Ethics Committee is formed explicitly to contain SCP-7791.

The closest known description of SCP-7791's embodied concept is that it is a property which certain actions have and others do not.

Behavior: Periods of increased activity have been documented to occur during highly dangerous environments. Actions taken by the Foundation such as genocide, torture, brainwashing, and abuse of sapient beings have historically been most effective in provoking SCP-7791 to action. Such events are antithetical to the continued existence of the Foundation and must be contained by the enactment of Procedure-333-WOZNY.

Addendum 7791.01: Appendix of Attempted Activations of Procedure-333-WOZNY

The following is a truncated list of attempted activations of Procedure-333-WOZNY.

Date Cause of Activation Status Additional Notes
[UNKNOWN] Establishment of Procedure-333-WOZNY. Successful This use of the procedure was enacted by Foundation Administrator Joseph Ainsworth prior to the formation of the Ethics Committee.
██/██/████ Terminating all witnesses (3,480 in total) to SCP-████ as the only way to maintain the integrity of the Veil. Successful This event occurred before the discovery of modern amnestics. Termination of witnesses is now unnecessary.
6/6/1906 Establishing permanent containment of the first discovered humanoid anomaly. Successful N/A
5/8/1942 Foundation actions taken against prisoners within Japanese internment camps, particularly the use of incarcerated citizens in testing dangerous anomalies. Successful Later integrated into the D-Class system.
██/██/████ Establishment of Procedure 110-MONTAUK. Successful Containment of SCP-231 is a necessary evil.
10/14/1979 Terminating all individuals that identify as the anomalous gender of ████████. Successful This activation correlated with a spike in violence against non gender-conforming individuals. No action was taken to prevent this.
██/██/1980 Engaging in genocide against the homo nixus population. Unsuccessful SCP-7791, through use of its anomalous properties, caused Foundation staff to refuse to perform Procedure-333-WOZNY.
██/██/1980 Engaging in genocide against the homo nixus population. Successful Prior to the activation of Procedure-333-WOZNY, the metaphoric concept of SCP-7791's "hands", “eyes”, and “tongue” were removed. No medical aid was given.
6/9/1985 Continuing to utilize Procedure-333-WOZNY despite data suggesting that it has many harmful side effects on global human behavior, primarily the increase in psychopathy and violent behavior. Successful SCP-7791 is now to be allowed medical aid, in light of damage to its structural integrity.
6/9/1985 Continuing to utilize Procedure-333-WOZNY despite the inefficacy of repairing SCP-7791 and the damage done to it via prior uses of the procedure. Successful The Fire Suppression Department is to be given emergency powers to deal with the ongoing defection crisis.
6/12/1985 Continuing to utilize Procedure-333-WOZNY in light of recent events within Givelton, Maine. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Unsuccessful SCP-7791's conceptual status is now highly unstable, which prevented proper utilization of Procedure-333-WOZNY. All contact with Site-77 has been lost.

Addendum 7791.02: Neutralization of SCP-7791

On 6/15/1985, in light of the insufficiency of current SCP-7791 containment procedures, the Ethics Committee decided to terminate SCP-7791, as it was the only way to allow the continued existence of the Foundation. Dr. Harkness has received the Foundation Star for ideaecide.1 In light of these events, the Ethics Committee has been dissolved. Dr. Parsons, the last Chairman of the Ethics Committee, left the following note within his vacated office:

I'd say it was a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean anything anymore. Does it?

Object was later reclassified as Decommissioned.

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