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Item #: SCP-7789-J

Object Class: Business Class

Special Containment Procedures: Any functional carrier aircraft is to be equipped with a standard SRAA module. All aircraft manufacturing companies are to be aware of this procedure and are to utilize it. Any aircraft company which refuses to utilize this procedure is to be shut down immediately. Existence of SRAA modules is to be known only by the Foundation and aircraft manufacturing companies.

In the unlikely event of a SRAA module failing to function, a disinformation campaign (funded by the Foundation) will aim to dissuade airplane passengers from accessing their cellphone if they are not on airplane mode during take-off or landing.

In the unlikely event of the airplane passengers refusing to obey the aforementioned procedure, their cellphone is to be removed and forcefully set to airplane mode.

Any instance of SCP-7789-J-A detected in outer space is to be destroyed immediately through Foundation Airplane Redirect Mission Satellites or FARMS.

Update-7789-J: Following Experiment-7789-J-1, all standard paper is to be replaced with "TeleBill" paper. Any company which refuses to produce "TeleBill" paper is to be immediately shut down.

Description: SCP-7789-J is a phenomenon which can affect all known airplanes not containing a SRAA module. SCP-7789-J is triggered whenever an airplane passenger or nearby individual utilizes an active cellphone or smartphone which is not set on airplane mode during take-off or landing.

Following its activation, SCP-7789-J affects the nearest airplane, usually the aircraft carrying the passenger which activated SCP-7789-J. SCP-7789-J seizes complete control over the aforementioned aircraft. The pilots of the airplane are unable to regain control over the object.

SCP-7789-J begins to abruptly accelerate its chosen aircraft (henceforth named SCP-7789-J-A) to speeds ranging from 1,360 m/s to approximately 2,000,000 m/s in milliseconds without the use of jet engines on SCP-7789-J-A, seemingly generating large amounts of thrust from an unknown source. G forces and wind resistance do not affect SCP-7789-J-A with the exception of its glass windows. After reaching its maximum speed, SCP-7789-J-A slows down abruptly and enters a geo-synchronous orbit around the Earth.

The passengers within SCP-7789-J-A (henceforth named SCP-7789-J-A-1) gain abilities allowing for the complete regeneration of all bodiliy tissue except for bones. These abilities mostly negate the sudden G force experienced by instances of SCP-7789-J-A-1. Despite this, instances of SCP-7789-J-A-1 still experience pain as footage from Experience-7789-J-1 show. Members belonging to SCP-7789-J-A often remark at their suffering and their loss of bones. Instances of SCP-7789-J-A-1 cannot leave SCP-7789-J-A, they are seemingly stuck to their respective seat without the use of a seatbelt.

After orbiting at a geo-synchronous distance from Earth for a long period of time, ranging from three weeks to 74 years, SCP-7789-J-A returns to Earth at an approximate speed of 50,000 m/s, releasing approximately 570,000,000 kilojoules of energy. SCP-7789-J-A and SCP-7789-J-A-1 cease to be anomalous 300 milliseconds before their crash, resulting in the complete destruction of SCP-7789-J-A, the surrounding area, and the deaths of all instances of SCP-7789-J-A-1.

Project "Scamton": On 08/11/2007, the Foundation partnered with the trustworthy Scammy Enterprises lead by Sam Scamton to build the first series of Scamton Reaction and Aviation Anchors or SRAA. SRAA modules have been designed to prevent aircrafts from turning into instances of SCP-7789-J-A through the use of smartphones. The administrative branch of Scammy Enterprises built a department (The Scamton Reaction and Aviation Anchor Administration also known as SRAAA) to ensure the presence of SRAAs in all aviation companies. If such objective is compromised, Scammy Enterprises will initiate the Scamton Reaction and Aviation Anchor Administrative Action also known as SRAAAA which aims for Scammy Enterprises to buy every known aviation company through the Scamton Reaction and Aviation Anchor Administrative Action Activation or SRAAAAA.

This article has been brought to you by Delta Air Lines. Please don't use your fucking phones during take-off or landing.

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