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Information about SCP-7787 and SCP-7787-1 is limited, as the only information known about said anomalies is through the diary entries and video recordings taken by Foundation employee Dr. Tatsuki Masuda.

Item #: SCP-7787

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Webcrawler Delta-7043 (“STAY LOST”) is to continuously monitor the web for any references to SCP-7787. Upon discovery, said mentions are to be removed from the internet. Misinformation is to be released claiming that SCP-7787 is a hoax. SCP-7787’s page on the Lost Media Wiki is to be edited with information “confirming” its status as non-existent.

Due to the lack of knowledge on SCP-7787-1 and related anomalies, along with the near confirmed danger of it remanifesting, further testing is prohibited. SCP-7787 is not to be opened by anyone of any clearance level for any reason.


The poster image for SCP-7787.

Description: SCP-7787 refers to a Japanese visual novel known as "A Chance Meeting With Yukiya" (ゆきやとの邂逅). Prior to containment, SCP-7787 had a minor presence in the lost media community, as its existence was unconfirmed. SCP-7787 was discovered by Foundation researcher Dr. Tatsuki Masuda using anomalous archival technology. Playing an unknown amount of SCP-7787 will initiate SCP-7787’s primary affect, the manifestation of SCP-7787-1.

SCP-7787-1 refers to Yukiya Sasaki, the love interest of SCP-7787. Approximately a week after SCP-7787 is opened, SCP-7787-1 will manifest in reality.

SCP-7787-1 will embed itself in the life of the player. During SCP-7787’s activation, an antimemetic effect is present, preventing anyone but the player from knowing about the existence of SCP-7787 or learning that SCP-7787-1 is a video game character. This effect includes removal of all online references to SCP-7787, and an inability to perceive any representation of SCP-7787-1 in visual documentation, such as screenshots.

All knowledge on the inner workings of SCP-7787 and SCP-7787-1 are based on the initial activation by Dr. Masuda. No new playthrough has been started since.

Opening Macintosh HD > Users > MTatsuki > Personal Notes

ACMWY To do list:

  • Play game
  • Summarize game
  • Translate game
  • Post translation in a Google doc on Twitter
  • Update LMW page to found

Cause I haven’t actually played it yet lmao
I wanna surprise everyone with the full game and translation

Say I found it on like the 200th page of Google on a sketchy site yeah that’ll do

LMW Page outline:

Update the story and gameplay, add a recovery section

ACMWY game summary:

A Chance Meeting With Yukiya (Japanese: ゆきやとの邂逅) was a freeware Japanese visual novel developed by ChillDaze. Details about its release are limited.

Story and Gameplay:

The game was a horror visual novel masquerading as a game in which the protagonist romances a man named Yukiya Sasaki. It played like a typical visual novel, with options that elicited different responses out of other characters, despite only having one ending.


The game starts with the player meeting Yukiya at the store, striking up a conversation with him, and discovering the two of them have a lot in common. The two continue to meet on accident, giving the player the chance to get closer with him. The player is warned by their three closest friends that Yuikya is dangerous, but they ignore this advice until their friends start being mysteriously killed by an unknown perpetrator. It is revealed at the end that the killer is Yukiya, who believed them to be in the way between him and the player. The game ends with the main character turning the light on in their bedroom to reveal Yukiya, who embraces them and promises to never leave them.


The game was uploaded by ChillDaze to download and play for free on Windows, Mac OS and Linux online sometime between 2007 and 2011. ChillDaze only uploaded one game before their website went defunct in 2012. Their website is still available to view on the internet archive, including the page about A Chance Meeting With Yukiya.


The files for the game were discovered by Lost Media Wiki user SapphireFantasy on June 12th, 2022. SapphireFantasy has stated that they discovered the OS files for the game on the 202nd page of Google on an unsecured website. SapphireFantasy played the game using an emulator, fully translating and uploading the gameplay to their YouTube account of the same name.

The main image I’ll upload for the article

ChillDaze's logo

Okay cool, I’ll gather some screenshots and stuff for the LMW page and I’ll be golden

My review of the game: (that I'll probably post on twitter or smth)

I feel its a really fun game. Yukiya is delightfully chilling as a villain. While he parades himself as a kind and caring individual, it doesn't take long for one to see he's rather manipulative, cold, and cunning. He does what he wants, and gets away with it using anime logic lol, he's a charming villain though. The mc coming to the suspicion that her friends may actually be right is very good and sad when she realizes too late, and the last death takes place. the final scene had chills running down my spine fr. I'm glad I could help find it!

cool before I upload the game I just wanna make sure I have everything in order

Item #: idk lets go with 7787

Lets cut to the chase WHAT THE FUCK he has to be anomalous
The game has to be anomalous I dont even fuckjng know anymore yukiya sasaki is nOT A 5 YEAR ANOMALOUS TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST HES A FUCKING ANIME CHARACTER
I tried to show Juniper a picture of him but she said it was static and when I asked her about it later she didnt remember what is happening
It seems that the game is coming to life. Damnit.

this is so scary.

I need to talk to him.

He called after me, but quickly gave up. He seems to care about my well being. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

This has so many implications.

God. What is going on? I feel like I'm going insane. I feel sick. He can’t really be real, can he?

He's like, just here now. As a real person, like me or any other human. His hair is dyed blonde, but everything else translated from 2D to real perfectly. It's so weird. It's not that cold, doesn't he get hot with that large ass scarf?

I’ve just got so much on my mind. This game is anomalous. Who wouldve fucking though that the game I'm most interested in finding is a damn anomaly.

Well I guess I have to regroup now. I tried showing to my colleagues that yukiya is from a game, but it didnt work. So maybe if I can make him talk to me? About the game. I can make him slip up. I just have to record my interactions with him

I’ve decided to meticulously record everything about this I want to write an SCP file, but I can’t. I'm pretty sure no one would be able to see it anyway.

Plus I dont have enough information. All I know is that he came to life. That’s not enough for a file. But maybe I can compile enough information, eventually.

Its been ten days since Yukiya appeared. Maybe he really doesn’t know he’s from a game? He hasn’t slipped up at all. In that case, I feel really bad for being so rude. But I don’t know, he could just be totally lying like Yukiya does in the game.

Jeez, this is complicated. There are endless possibilities. Maybe he just appeared in reality and thats it? That’s all the game does is make the love interest come to life? He could really believe he’s a foundation doctor, who knows?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but its kinda nice to see my thoughts. I'm not really sure where to start with everything. Interacting with actual people is strange.

I posted on twitter if anyone remembered the game, and no one remembered it! I know its obscure but im not the only one who knew. It had a page on LMW but its not there anymore!

I used the recovery programs I used to find the game and see if I could find the LMW page, but it’s just completely gone, like it never existed!

It's like no one remembers its existence but me. I guess thats what happens when someone starts the game. It makes me wonder what happens if I finish the game

But I still dont have conclusive evidence that the game has even started in real life. Its been a month and yukiya is still acting clueless.

I'm going to write a list of the people closest to me that I should keep an eye on. if he is being a lying bastard like he is in the game, then he could target anyone. My foundation and out of foundation friends.

  • Oscar Clements - Fellow anomalous technology specialist, has been my best foundation friend for three years
  • Mark Kane - Second best friend and crush (he doesn’t know that part, though) works with our site when we’ve got physical counterparts to our anomalies
  • Juniper Lyons - My foundation sister, we’ve been through thick and thin, I love her
  • Maddie Case - Comes with mark from his site, she totally knows I have a crush on him and teases me about it lol
  • Penny Winters - Site leader and sweetheart, She's stern, but a really kind boss.
  • Yasu Yamaguchi - Best friend from before I transferred to an American site, still in touch with him
  • Asahi Masuda - Brother; he thinks I work with some popular tech companies; I havent talked to him in a bit though
  • Osamu Masuda - My dad, haven't talked to him in a bit, but I'm still on good terms with him
  • Kaori Masada - Mom, also on good terms with her!
  • Mia Masada - my niece, love her to pieces if Yukiya killed her he’d be a monster shes like 6
  • Kazuyuki Ikeda - best friend from back home, havent talked in years, but he's still my best friend, whenever we talk it's like no time has passed

I’ve decided to apologize to Yukiya for being rude, just incase.

Well, if he’s being truthful, he didnt remember. He was super nice to me, told me not to worry about it even though he doesnt remember cause we're friends. I dont consider him my friend

But I dont know if I can trust him. It took less than a month for him in the game to get to the killing. I have a bad feeling about this. He’s maybe just trying to lure me into a false sense of security. If that’s the case, it’s not gonna work. Im gonna make sure that I dont fall for his fake charm for a second.

Tatsuki apologized. That was very kind of them. But strange. I didn't think they would. Are they actually sorry? This is probably a good thing. They might be willing to work with me. Maybe they'd understand.

He’s been trying to talk with me more. He’s so nice, it’s hard to believe how evil he is. We get along well, though he’s picked up on my nerves when I talk to him. He says he’s known me ever since I transferred to this site. He seems to have (or is faking) these fake memories of when we first met. Other people believe him! I asked Maddie and she says she’s met him several times.

People are starting to worry that I keep asking things that they think I should already know. This is just all so weird.

I should try to more concretely write an SCP file. But there’s a lot about this I still don’t know. The game is the anomaly, and Yukiya is 7787-1. That’s the number that I’ll use. But I’m still unsure how a lot of this shit works

It's been like, a month and a half since he appeared.

Let’s try this anyway

Item #: SCP-7787

Object Class: Idk

Special Containment Procedures: Do not fucking play this game like at all costs don’t fuckin play it

Description: SCP-7787 refers to a Japanese visual novel known as “A Chance Meeting with Yukiya”. Any person that plays SCP-7787 (unknown amount, presumably any) will initiate SCP-7787’s primary effect, the manifestation of SCP-7787-1. SCP-7787-1 refers to the game's main love interest, Yukiya Sasaki who will manifest in reality approximately a week after the game is played. After the manifestation of SCP-7787-1, the events of the game will begin to take place in reality. It is unknown how aware SCP-7787-1 is that it is a video game character.

uuuugh. there's so much I dont know. but we are not gonna test this thing again. if I even get past it that is

Incase this all ends and I can show these notes to someone, I feel I should note the in game deaths

Haruka Nakaya - Found dead in her home, fell down the stairs, thought to be an accident
Etsuko Aikawa - Subject of a brutal hit and run
Aoi Kutsuki - Found gutted in the protags room with a missing heart, given to them by Yukiya when he appears

I need to compare who he could possibly kill in these ways. I'm thinking that Haruka will be Maddie, as they're both friends that I/mc met through another person
Etsuko is probably gonna be Juniper, as they're both close friends that I/mc have known for years
Aoi is gonna be Mark, probs, as the mc acts a bit flirty with Aoi at some point.

I just need to make sure. I need to religiously watch these guys to make sure he doesnt attack.

I didn't expect to take this long. But I've really just enjoyed being a person. I have all the time in the world, I think. I'm not actually sure. But I'm sure the stupid rules will allow me some time to enjoy myself. But Tatsuki is getting suspicious. They don't appear to enjoy my company. I fear I'm going to have to remain secretive.

I'm doing my best to keep an eye on everyone. But it's kinda hard to be everywhere at once. But, I have noticed Yukiya being a bit more nosey around Maddie and Mark whenever they come around. He's been talking with her more. I've got my eye on him.

Tomorrow is the last day that Maddie will be at our site for the next month. Either, he's gonna wait the month, or he's gonna kill her tomorrow. I've been pestering her so much, she keeps asking if im okay

I’m just really worried. I don’t want anyone to die

Like he could just be a normal guy, but I really doubt it

I was wrong about who. But not when.
Juniper. My almost sister. She died the same way Haruka did. Sort of. They found that it seemed her neck was manually broken to ensure she died. Like, whoever did it made sure she died as soon as possible.

I feel sick. My head hurts. When I was mapping all this out it almost didn’t feel real. But now that shes gone, it does. I want to throw up

I wish that I was dreaming. can this please just be a bad dream?


I fucking


It hurt to see how upset they were. I tried to ensure Juniper didn't suffer. But this is going to be worth it, I know it is. I've had so much fun just. well, being alive! I went to the animal shelter the other day to look at animals. I couldn't adopt, as I can't guarantee I'll stay around, but maybe after my victory is guaranteed. I feel terrible thinking about how excited I'll be once I win. Maybe once I win, I could do something to make up for causing Tatsuki pain. But, I wouldn't accept an apology from me, either.

None of this even feels real anymore

I just want it to stop

It almost felt like I was actually playing the game. until actual consequences


why does this have to happen to me?

NOTHING I SAY will fucking MAKE HIM BREAK hes an amazing actor but I fucking KNOW I kNOW THAT HES BEHIND THIS

I will never fucking love him, ill fight against him till the day I die I wont let this MOTHERFUCKER WIN


maybe just maybe if I win.. if I win. if I win, everything will reverse, right?

He doesn't seem to even be trying to romance me. He just seems to be trying to be friends with me. he's noticed that I've been hard headed and just asked if he did anything to upset me. like DUUUUHHH but every time I bring up game shit he plays oblivious and asks me if im okay.

He also just— does his job? Like I mean obviously he’s gonna do his job but I’d expect since he has no experience he just wouldn’t or would do as little as possible. But he’s actually really good at it?

In the game, his charm starts to fade a bit. like the facade starts to fade once the first killing happens, but only by a little. hes been just as friendly and nice to me as always.

The stress of this is affecting my work. My coworkers are getting concerned. but most of them assume its junipers death. But she died before my stressed behavior started.

Yukiya invited me and a few other coworkers to get some dinner after work

I don't really know why, the others were all on board, and kinda looked at me when I refused. He said he'd pay

Where did he get money from? there so much about this anomaly I dont really know anything about.

He said after Juni's death, things were tense and he wanted to help the atmosphere. weird.

I'm not sure why he keeps trying to interact with me. Especially after he killed Juni, he should know that I want fucking nothing to do with him

ugh. I'm… I'm trying to have hope. Hope that I actually had a good idea for once.

I have to regroup again. I was right about the how and when, but not who. Maybe all I have to know is when. I know he’s following the deaths of the game, sorta. He snapped Juni’s neck for some reason. Which made the death fast. Why would he want the deaths to be fast? In game he doesn’t give a rats ass about the pain he puts people in. he’s been going with his own schedule. He at least tried to follow the game deaths it just seems he have his own twist on things. To make it less painful, I guess.

I've been so exhausted wondering whats gonna happen next. Just wondering when I might lose someone else. Just… hang on, Tatsuki. You've got this.

It's been like, two weeks since the last killing. this is weird. I don't know why he hasn't killed anyone else. but its not like im sad that hes not killing my loved ones.

I have noticed that he's been trying to get closer to me. like, talk to me more as if we were friends or something. he doesnt even bring up the time I yelled at him for killing juniper. I record most of our interactions. but nothing interesting has really happened.

I really don't want to kill anyone else. I'm hoping that there is a way around this. I may not really have a choice. Even if the memories are fake, everyone here really likes me. I've never had friends before. I like having friends. I can't be soft when the stakes are this high. It's me, or just a few people I don't know very well. And I chose me. It's strange. Are killing these people the way I'm going to win?

My coworkers have started whispering about me. About the fact that I've been looking so dead. And acting dead.

Yukiya is such an anomaly. and I don't mean in the "he came from a video game" thing. He's weird. He doesn't act like his in-game counter part. He told me he was gonna go feed ducks after work. What???? that doesnt make sense to me. that's something I feel like most people did as kids with their parents

Though I suppose he didn't go through that sorta experience

He also is super eager to do things for other people, take the garbage out, go to the break room and grab snacks for the others. That sorta stuff. I don't know who enjoys that sorta stuff.

Weird new development. Yukiya’s been coming to me for advice. I asked why me and he says cause we’ve known each other for a while and he doesn’t feel close enough to anyone else

He probably said that cause I’m the only one that knows his true nature

He asked me if I thought that the “cruel for the greater good” model of containment ever got exhausting to enforce

I don’t know what his goal is. I said yeah, that it did

He asked if I ever wished we did things differently, if we could

I said like yeah, duh but there isn’t another choice a lot of the time. He nodded and thanked me for my time

Like wtf

Does this have to do with why he hasn’t killed anyone else?

Not much has really happened. It's now been a month and a week since Juni died. Yukiya hasn't showed any signs of going after someone else.

Yukiya didnt come to work today. he called in sick. like, does he even have a house or does he just disappear when hes not at the foundation? I suppose the only place he has to go is the game

was he conscious in the game? or did he just come to knowing what he had to do?

I wonder if anyone has actually played this game before. if so, what happened? did they win or lose? I just assume that this plays like an actual game. Im really just praying that it does, and the damage will reverse

But how do I win exactly

I really havent thought of it. I guess he wins by eliminating all three of his targets. but if so why has he been so damn slow? id think he'd want to win as soon as possible

I suppose I win by preventing the deaths. but its kinda hard to do that when he's not killing

so I suppose we're at a state of limbo

I just want this to be over with. this is exhausting. I want juniper back. I want my life back.

I think I see what I have to do.

Esame berry was found dead in her office

bullet straight to the head
instant deaht

I dont understand. idont fuckignw gett it. I didtnknow her
I didnt know her at all

they checked thesecurtiy footage and its was static
anomalous interference is expected at least finally something he does stuck. something that the others can latch onto to fucking get him ihope that they get him I
im so shaken
why esame? I dont knowher at all were not friends. what? I dont know what to expect. im fuciking

can ask around maybe
im gonna record it nmy typings too shaky

He panicked. she showed that she knew something was up and he panicked. that's why he killed her. his motive. what the fuckis his motive. hes definitely different than game. I dont know how to win anymore.

He's guessed. God, this is getting hard. Fuck… they're smart. This is an issue. It can't be the only choice.

He's slipping up…
his attitude hes showing cracks.

He didnt show up again
to work
whats his aim
im never going to win

The hell? The hell did he want?

Did he just

want to talk to me?


at least… he seemed to admit in some way that hes behind things. hes acting so weird.

Yukiya hasnt showed at work for like 4 days. im getting a really bad feeling.

Just delaying the inevitable.

Maddie 💖

hes here please send help

to house

tatsuki whats going on?

Upon SCP-7787-1’s manifestation, all relevant persons present in the players life that have the potential to interact with SCP-7787-1 will have false memories, claiming to have known it for any amount of time deemed reasonable.

Analysis of Dr. Masuda's recordings suggests that SCP-7787-1 is capable of independent action, and choose to follow the script of SCP-7787 of its own accord. The murders of Dr. Juniper Lyons and Dr. Esame Berry, albeit caused by an anomalous entity, were in accordance with normalcy.

After the demanifesation of SCP-7787-1, Dr. Juniper Lyons and Dr. Esame Berry were found alive within their places of death, albeit with injuries corresponding to their deaths. Dr. Lyons sustained a cervical fracture and spinal damage, while Dr. Berry sustained a bullet wound to the head with reported headaches and memory loss. Further complications to be observed. Symptoms of brain deoxygenation and other complications expected after death and revival have not manifested as expected. Dr. Juniper Lyons and Dr. Esame Berry are to be interviewed as soon as they are deemed fit.

In the case that SCP-7787-1 remanifests, it was discussed to offer assistance to it, but its use of violence was considered a detriment.

Addendum: SCP-7787-1 Incident

On 11/07/2022 at 7:42pm Dr. Madison Case reported an urgent message sent to her by Dr. Masuda, requesting assistance to their home. After Dr. Masuda failed to reply following the messages, MTF Delta-12 ("We Do House Calls") was deployed to their home.

Dr. Tatsuki Masuda was immediately escorted to the hospital. They survived with damage to their intestines. Dr. Masuda will be interviewed regarding SCP-7787 and SCP-7787-1 after their recovery.

MTF agents present at the scene described SCP-7787-1 "disappearing in front of them" as they entered. On Dr. Masuda's cellphone, the words "You Win" were displayed on the screen in green letters.

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