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Item #: SCP-7779

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7779's object class will not be updated to Neutralized until the Foundation can determine the likelihood of another SCP-7779 event. Research teams tasked with investigating SCP-7779 have not uncovered any conclusive evidence on the nature of the anomaly.


Updated map of Western Europe following SCP-7779. New territories formed following geological events while under UN administration are shown in grey.

Description: SCP-7779 denotes an anomalous event that occurred on August 23, 2009, at 1030 GMT, in which all geographical regions legally recognized as part of the French Republic abruptly dematerialized. The phenomena encompassed a landmass depth of about 2.5 kilometers and all artificial objects within France's borders, such as aircraft and satellites.

France's sudden disappearance generated a massive vacuum, causing air and seawater to rush into the vacant space. The explosion generated in these vacuums led to strong winds blowing across western Europe. Due to the absence of air pressure on the sea, the liquid that came into touch with SCP-7779 had a lower boiling point, resulting in a series of boiling tidal waves that flooded major sections of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. These tidal waves would also impact the coastal regions of South Africa and the Americas over the next 24 hours, causing considerable damage to infrastructure and loss of life.

This was accompanied by a series of earthquakes, caused by the shifting of a portion of the Eurasian plate inwards in the general direction of former France, due to the sudden reduction in mass. Similar earthquakes were recorded worldwide, albeit on a less severe scale. The geological instability caused by the vacuum also led to a collapse of the Pyrenean and Alpine mountain ranges, among other landmasses, which spilled into the French basin to create new land. The UN currently oversees the administration of these territories, despite proponents in countries formerly bordering France calling for their governments to claim and/or annex these territories.

Early estimates revealed a casualty count of approximately 1.2 billion people and a recuperation cost of about 55 trillion US dollars.

Within a week of SCP-7779, the global stock market had crashed. With the sudden removal of France's export market, several countries dependent on France's pharmaceuticals and various foodstuffs were forced to declare a state of emergency, which was further complicated by social unease. Global markets began to experience major supply shortages due to panicked buying and a near-total collapse of supply chains in Europe.

Millions of people have turned to looting and rioting. This was further exacerbated by the interruption of the global shipping network as a result of the ~3.8-meter reduction in the sea level. This sudden reduction was due to seawater pooling in former France, leaving most ports inaccessible and several shipping routes cut off by exposed seabed, particularly those in the Bosporus Strait and the Strait of Malacca.

The full extent of SCP-7779's influence on marine life is unclear, however, it is believed that numerous populations have been devastated, if not fully rendered extinct. Hundreds of large marine mammals and millions of fish were beached, and prominent reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef, Sha'b Abu Nuhas, and the Darwin Mounds have been decimated. It is believed that these populations will naturally recover after a grace period of at least 200 years.


President Barack Obama and the remaining Council of 108 members in the United States Situation Room.

As most of the Council of 108 failed to survive SCP-7779, the Global Occult Coalition (GOC) was compelled to announce a Class-∆ "Full Disbandment" scenario. Furthermore, competent command of existing assets was impracticable since central headquarters and all legal actions required to carry out GOC activities were crippled. The SCP Foundation received all surviving GOC resources and staff.

The British Occult Service (MI666) was similarly affected, and they possessed a policy stating that if they were unable to maintain self-governance or failed in their primary goal, their control would be assigned to the GOC, which would then be entrusted to the Foundation.

By gaining these resources, expenditures associated with losing the Foundation -FR branch and damage inflicted on facilities elsewhere were considerably reduced. However, the loss of classified and critical anomalous objects and entities and O5-8, several O4 Council members alongside other highly-valued assets, had a significant but manageable impact on Foundation operations.

The Foundation has elected to commit itself to predominantly altruistic pursuits. Due to the wholesale disruption to the Veil caused by SCP-7779, most of the human population became semi-aware of the anomalous, allowing the Foundation to provide mundane but helpful anomalies to those affected by SCP-7779. Bolstered with new personnel, the Foundation could allocate personnel to locations that would otherwise be understaffed or ignored.

With several ectoentropic anomalies, the Foundation produced over seven hundred million Field Units, a Foundation standard package, each providing a quality kit of medical supplies, temporary shelter, advanced meal rations, survival tools, and a radio. Morale events in North America help supplement Field Units with miscellaneous items, such as makeup and extra clothing.

After a series of lengthy discussions, the Foundation was able to recruit the help of various religious organizations, primarily in transporting anomalous members to SCP-7779-affected areas. These individuals provide supplementary support to Foundation efforts, such as the replacement of lost limbs with functioning appendages, distributing Field Units in hard-to-reach areas, enabling peacekeeping forces, and imparting spiritual advice.

SCP-7779 also possesses a psychological component affecting individuals born in or previously residents of France. The state often manifests within the subconscious, especially in dreams that are always received negatively. It appears to be especially traumatizing, inspiring paranoia, nihilism, apocalyptomania, athazagoraphobia, sociopathic self-preservation, obsessive resettlement, survivor's guilt, and repentant self-blame.

Patients report SCP-7779-1 as another SCP-7779 event preceded by elaborate and disturbing events, such as people "sinking into solid ground and decomposed by worms," the temperature dropping to such a degree that "their uvula would freeze and break off," as well as an unknown location in which the demanifested landmasses were taken to, of which is described as "so horrific as to defy reason."

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