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Preferred iteration of SCP-7774

Item #: SCP-7774

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery is to be inspected for upkeep every first Sunday of a new month. Janitorial personnel are to be dispatched on site for landscaping purposes.

Once per year, the cemetery is to be closed to the public seventy-two hours leading to the date of June 12th under the guise of maintenance purposes. Twenty-four hours preceding June 12th, the area surrounding SCP-7774 will be blocked from public access via MTF unit Kappa-16 (Groundskeepers).

Description: SCP-7774 is a yearly phenomenon affecting the area of Fredericksburg, Texas. On June 12th, uniquely at 6:30 AM (CST) precisely, SCP-7774 will animate as a humanoid structure, typically a sculpture, within the surrounding area. From discovery, SCP-7774 has indicated a preference for using the form of an angel statue within Saint Mary's Cemetery.

Upon animation, the often preferred1 angel statue of SCP-7774 has been displayed to step from its pedestal, manifesting lithe control over the statue's stone limbs. Passive, non-verbal acknowledgement of Foundation personnel has been previously observed.

Often following a brief stroll of the cemetery, SCP-7774 will spend the remainder of the phenomenon in close proximity to a faded, marble cross grave. Observed behavior of SCP-7774 has previously revealed the anomaly:

  • Kneeling, bowing, or praying over the grave-site
  • Gently caressing the ground
  • Weaving nearby flowers into bouquets (sunflowers, bluebonnets, pink evening primrose, etc.)

In the evening, commonly after 7:00 PM, SCP-7774 will stand up from the grave after making a final gesture and will return to the statue's initial location, reverting to a non-anomalous state.

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