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Item #: SCP-7774

Object Class: Keter


SCP-7774-H instances materializing at a baseball game.

Special Containment Procedures: Manifestations of SCP-7774 events are to be suppressed as swiftly as possible, and non-Foundation-associated persons that experience close-hand contact with them must be administered Amnestics.

Regarding SCP-7774-H instances, informally named "the horde", Foundation riot control countermeasures are to be put into fruition to combat SCP-7774-H instances and solely use brute force to neutralize their presence in the area in question. Traditional firearms are not recommended.

Description: SCP-7774 is a hazardous, spontaneous anomalous event in which copious entities manifest in a common area, steadily grouping into larger numbers until exceeding around 50-100 entities, hereby referred to as SCP-7774-H instances.

The entities themselves are generally uniform in appearance; large, lidless human Bublbus oculi1 with dressed, humanoid legs underneath them, serving as a mode of manual transport. Pupil colors can vary between green, blue, or crimson red as conveniently pictured above.

Their physical endurance differs from the expected attributes one may apply to a human eyeball, such as sensitivity and moistness. SCP-7774-H instances are exceedingly immune to all forms of physical harm, with the exception of hand-to-hand combat and melee weapons, which serve as a risky yet reliable countermeasure.2 This endurance-related phenomenon applies to all known forms of non-contact weaponry.3


Aftermath of an SCP-7774-H attacked house.

SCP-7774-H instances engage in disruptive and destructive behavior to the area around them and the individuals that may currently be in it. Behaviors range from exclaiming in high-pitched indiscernible noises, harassing and attacking civilians, and causing severe damage to property for as long as possible until de-materializing or becoming neutralized.4 SCP-7774-H instances' motivations for these actions are unknown.

When an SCP-7774-H instance is neutralized, it will spontaneously combust into a mass of bright green, slimy liquid. This liquid upon closer inspection consists of the same materials found in a bar of soap.

SCP-7774-H instances have thus far materialized in the United States, with only one country outside of the US recorded.5 Conditions for an increased chance of an SCP-7774 event and SCP-7774-H materialization are as listed but may not be limited to:

  • Politically motivated rioting
  • Public disturbances concentrated in a singular area
  • Sports rioting
  • Prison rioting
  • School rioting
  • Any other form of hooliganism

Because of this, SCP-7774 has occurred in relatively small capacities at significant and destructive moments of civil unrest, such as playing a relatively small role in some of the destruction in the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

Despite these specific requirements, SCP-7774 notably exhibits high rates of materialization in the city of Chugwater, Wyoming, in close proximity to Site-78. The cause of this exception is poorly understood. Chugwater has been coined a hotspot for SCP-7774-H manifestations.

Addendum: Discovery

On January 7th, 2023, the aforementioned exception effect was discovered by Site-78 field agents, who reported a significant rise in local rabbles at sports bars, grocery store parking lots, convenience stores, and parks. Over forty gallons of Foundation amnestics were used on numerous civilians to cover up the existence of SCP-7774 to the general population of the town, which resulted in an amnestic shortage at Site-78. Site-78 Director Leah Richter would formally request the use of other tactics to suppress the anomaly at the time. It would be three months after these observations that SCP-7774 was documented outside of Chugwater.

MTF-Omega-45, Site-78's de-jure task force for its various operations, have and continue to be deployed in Chugwater to suppress and physically neutralize SCP-7774-H instances that materialize via professional hand-to-hand combat. This course of action has so far shown to be successful.

Addendum: Site-78 Incident

On January 23rd, an incident took place at Site-78 involving SCP-7774. This occurred before the existence of SCP-7774 was widely known. The following log details the experiences of head researchers Maria Johnston and Gregory Chudley, who experienced the effects of SCP-7774 firsthand during work hours.

Site-78 Incident

[Researcher Gregory Chudley is waiting at a photocopy machine currently printing out copies of SCP-7975's document. The photocopy machine appears to experience an error.]

Chudley: Piece of crap. [He bangs the side of the photocopier. Researcher Johnston enters.]

Johnston: Are those copies of SCP-7975 ready yet?

Chudley: Sorry, the photocopier's being a pain right now.

Johnston: Do you know what's wrong with it?

Chudley: No, but maybe if I tinkered around with it a bit I could get it running again.

Johnston: You'll probably just break it more.

Chudley: C'mon. You know, I was somewhat of a engineering whiz back in highschool-

[The Site's intercom activates.]

Intercom: Attention to all personnel, a site-wide lockdown has been initiated. Please stay in your current positions until on-site security can investigate and extinguish the threat. Thank you.

Chudley: What does that mean?

Johnston: Seems like we're going on lockdown.

Chudley: For what?

Johnston: I don't know, but we should probably stay here. It's not worth it to go out there and investigate for ourselves.

Chudley: If we don't know what it is, then how are we going to stay safe?

Johnston: That's not how it works. You can't just-

[Another researcher, Dr. Reginald "Reggie" Whitlock speed-walks into the room. He appears to be in a state of worry.]

Johnston: Oh, hey there. Are you okay?

Dr. Whitlock: Did you hear? We're on lockdown. None of us know why. Definitely not a drill.

Chudley: Hey Reginald, wanna help me out here with this hunk of junk?

Reggie: That's "Reggie" to you.

Chudley: Oh right, sorry about that-

Johnston: I think we're doing fine right here. Just turn off the lights and lay low. There's no time for running around during an emergency.

Chudley: How are you so calm? You've been through something like this before?

Johnston: Kind of, but that's not important. Keep your voice down.

Reggie: I was upstairs when I heard the announcement.

Johnston: Did you turn off the lights?

Reggie: Yeah. But when I looked out the window to see what was happening, I just got even more confused.

Johnston: What do you mean?

Reggie: There's some weird things going on- anomalous activity, I mean. It has to be.

Chudley: What's happening?

Reggie: We could go upstairs and you can see it for yourself.

Johnston: No, it's better we stay here.

Reggie: Upstairs is just around the corner. It's not like we're going outside or anything-

Johnston: We're not leaving, and that's final.

Chudley: She's already forced me to stay here, sorry.

Reggie: Really? Because I really think that-

Chudley: I mean, whatever's going on out there couldn't be worse than this photocopier, right?

[At this time, Site-78's security forces were given permission to engage the threat outside. A mix of muffled gunfire and shouting is barely audible from where the three are currently at.]

Chudley: That doesn't sound good.

Johnston: This will be over soon. Just stay calm and wait it out. It's none of our business what's happening out there.

[After this statement, the commotion sounds louder than before, with a mixture of screams added to it.]

Chudley: That really doesn't sound good.

Reggie: That's it, I'm figuring out what the problem is out there.

Johnston: Not on my watch. You're staying here.

Chudley: Unfortunately, I'm starting to get curious too. I have to see what the hell's going on before this gets any worse.

Reggie: You're coming with me?

Chudley: Yeah. Take me upstairs so I can get a better look.

Reggie: Sure thing.

Johnston: What are you doing?! Stop!

[Chudley and Whitlock exit the room. They cautiously peer around both corridors opposite to them and make their way upstairs. Johnston hesitates for a moment before leaving the room to follow them likewise.]

[The three carefully make their way upstairs and enter the office wards, where Johnston instinctively turns off the lights.

Chudley: Could you stop that? I can't see anything.

Johnston: Safety measure. During a lockdown, it's best to keep the lights off.

Chudley: You're seriously going along with the cookie-cutter PR solutions that everybody is told to do when they're first hired? A Foundation connoisseur like me knows a better way.

Johnston: This isn't a game, Greg.

Chudley: Who said anything about that? I just think that those "normie" tips aren't going to do us a whole lot in a real emergency-

Reggie: Here's where I saw it happening. Take a look for yourself. [He opens the blinds to a nearby office window. Chudley and Johnston approach and look through it.]

[A large crowd of SCP-7774-H instances are currently roaming the parking lot, with smaller groups of them nearing the front entrance of Site-78. They collectively break the vehicles in the parking lot by tearing off doors and breaking glass. One instance is observed to tear off half of a car's frame. All instances are babbling and shouting indiscernible high-pitched noises.]

Johnston: What the hell is this?!

Reggie: How do you expect me to know? I'm just as confused!

Chudley: My car- one of those things is ruining my car! [He points to a specific SCP-7774-H instance, stomping on his personal vehicle.]

Johnston: Joke's on you, I parked mine around back.

Chudley: What about me?!

Reggie: That piece of shit you call your Subaru isn't important right now. What is important is staying indoors until security gets out there, just like Johnston said.

Chudley: They better! I expect my insurance to cover this!

Johnston: How? You can't just tell them that a… whatever those things are that wrecked it.

Chudley: You expect me to walk to work?! Who walks anywhere nowadays?! When was the last time you physically walked to a location outside of your house-

[Chudley is interrupted by the Site's intercom.]

Intercom: Attention all personnel, intruders have broken through the rear exit. Site-wide lockdown will continue. Note to additional security backup: intruders in question exhibit intense resistance to firearms. It is of utmost importance to defend contained SCP objects of importance until additional non-stationed backup can arrive to counter these anomalous effects. Non-combat personnel are advised to seek safety in any available safe area.

Johnston: That seals the deal. Somebody turn off that light over there and block the door with something. That shelf looks like it'll do the trick.

Reggie: On it. [Whitlock drags a shelf over to the office ward's entrance and pushes it in front of the door. Johnston turns off the last light.]

[Site-78 security can be seen through the window opening fire on SCP-7774-H instances in the parking lot, who are unaffected by the bullets and continue to cause a riot or throw objects at the security teams, overwhelming them in numbers.]

Reggie: Door's been blocked. All we got to do now is wait this out and hope to God we don't get hurt. Or killed…

Johnston: Good, I think we're safe now.

Chudley: [At the window] But my car! I can't just let them ruin it like that! I paid good money for it! [Chudley looks at the window in an obvious display of grief.]

Johnston: Chudley, get over here!

Chudley: This isn't right… I should stick up for myself one of these days… I can't just let dumb crap like this mess with me without some kind of- What the hell is that?! [Chudley points to the entrance of the office.]

Johnston: Huh?!

[An SCP-7774-H instance can be seen staring at them through a crack in the door. It remains still and silent.]

Reggie: [Whisper] One of them got upstairs!

Chudley: [Whisper] W-what do we do?

Johnston: [Whisper] Just… move slowly… get behind a desk or something.

[Johnston crouches underneath an office desk. Reggie and Chudley do the same.]

Chudley: [Whisper] What now?

Johnston: [Whisper] Shh. Just wait for it to leave.

[The SCP-7774-H instance can now be heard babbling in high-pitched tones and attempting to push through the barricaded door.]

Reggie: [Whisper] It's trying to get in.

Chudley: [Whisper] We're screwed!

Johnston: [Whisper] Keep your voice down…

[More SCP-7774-H instances can be heard attempting to push through the barricaded door. After a few moments of deliberation, the barricaded door can be heard being pushed open by the instances, who flick the lights back on and begin to loot the room by overturning tables and throwing objects at walls. Johnston, Whitlock, and Chudley seek cover behind the desks they are currently hiding behind.]

Chudley: They're in! We have to make a run for it!

Reggie: Where?!

Chudley: We need to go-

[An SCP-7774-H instance lodges a computer at their desks, breaking it and revealing them to the instances. Chudley instinctively runs out of the room.]

Johnston: Chudley! What the hell are you doing?!

[SCP-7774-H instances cease their occupation on destroying the room and instead focus on kicking Johnston and Whitlock.]

Reggie: Agh! That hurt!

Johnston: Come on, we can't just let him run off like that- Shit! My back!

[Johnston grabs Whitlock amid the beatings and sprints out of the room with him and back into the hallway, where Johnston occasionally looks around the hall or looks into rooms as she and Whitlock make their way back downstairs.]

Reggie: What you did was dangerous as all hell! One of those things just tried to throw a computer at me!-

Johnston: -Did you see Chudley back there?!

Reggie: No, I don't think so.

Johnston: Great. Now we have to find him.

Reggie: Why don't we just hide somewhere else?!

Johnston: What if he gets hurt?! We can't just let him run off!

Reggie: If we're going to find him, could we not run out in the open? Stay on the sidelines. It seems like they're more inclined to break shit.

Johnston: We could try. But we'll have to keep it down.

[The two slow themselves down and cautiously exit the stairway back onto ground level.]

[The scene around them unfolds chaotically as SCP-7774-H instances preoccupy themselves with overturning desks, breaking objects, and physically harassing researchers and guards via kicking and ramming them. The area around them is close to dilapidation. Chudley is nowhere to be seen.]

Reggie: Holy crap, how much do you reckon that'll cost to fix?

Johnston: That doesn't matter, follow me. Stay on the sidelines, don't attract attention…

[The two keep a sizeable distance away from the instances. They look around messy hallways and peer into ransacked rooms in an attempt to find researcher Chudley. Security can be heard attempting to pacify SCP-7774-H instances in different sections of the site.]

Reggie: Let's hope security doesn't see us. We might accidentally get shot-

Johnston: Finding security would help us tremendously. They could help all of us get to safety and maybe find Chudley.

[They carefully search and parse all ground-level rooms and hallways while keeping their distance from SCP-7774-H instances, and even re-investigate the office wards upstairs but are still unable to find Chudley.]

Johnston: Where the hell is he?! He couldn't have gotten far…

Reggie: We should check the sub-levels. Maybe he made his way down there?

Johnston: Worth a shot, I guess.

[The two sneak their way back to the stairs. Johnston uses her level four keycard to open the entrance to the descending stairway leading to the sub-levels of Site-78 and closes the door behind them. They cautiously descend the stairs to a hallway branching out to different sectors of containment cells and terminal rooms. SCP-7774-H instance can be seen ransacking or breaking everything in sight, with some spray-painting the walls with indiscernible scribbling and stick figures.]

Reggie: How'd they make it down here?

Johnston: Damn it… be quiet.

Reggie: I have been.

[The two traverse the hallway. A group of incapacitated guards can be seen lying on the ground. One of them is in a state of panic near the corner with his weapon laying beside him.]

Reggie: H-hey, security! Help!

Guard: [Panting] Stop! Don't go any further! They're everywhere!

Johnston: Could you keep it down?

Reggie: Could you help us?! We're looking for somebody who-

Guard: You gotta save me, man! I can't do it anymore… They're unstoppable or something…

Johnston: Who? Do you mean those things?

Guard: Yeah, them…

Johnston: Why are you sitting here like a coward and not fighting them?! You have a gun right there!

Guard: They're unfazed…tThey just rush through it and hit us. My squad's been knocked out cold!

Johnston: Wait, they didn't kill you?

Guard: N-no but… t-they pack a punch or- well they- they kept throwing things and yelling and we got overwhelmed a-and…

[The guard buries his face into his hands.]

Reggie: They really do just want to be a nuisance, huh?

Johnston: Do you happen to know who researcher Gregory Chudley is? Have you seen him? He ran off somewhere and we're looking or him.

Guard: No…

Johnston: [Sigh] Nevermind, then.

Reggie: The rest of your squad's been "knocked out" you said?

Guard: Yeah but… I think a couple of them are still around. Defenently retreated by now. I don't know if it was Eagle One or Fox Two- or maybe it was the sarge, I don't know man…

Reggie: That's good to hear. We have to find them too.

Johnston: They could help us.

Reggie: Don't get carried away. We should find Chudley first as we planned. I'm sure the rest of security upstairs has the situation up there handled at least.

[Multiple SCP-7774-H instances can be seen sprinting down the hall toward Johnston and Whitlock.]

Guard: They're coming!

Reggie: Let's get out of here! You follow us too!

[Johnston and Whitlock flee the scene in contrast to the guard, who lies on the floor covering his face.]

[The two rush past corners and have close encounters with SCP-7774-H instances, who throw chairs and computers at them while shouting, missing.]

[As they reach the end of another hallway, Chudley can be seen amateurishly hiding in a potted plant. The two notice him from the corner of their vision and drag him out.]

Chudley: They found me! Somebody help!

Johnston: Chudley, it's us!

Chudley: Oh! Man, am I glad to see you guys-

Johnston: What the hell were you thinking running off like that?!

Reggie: You literally abandoned us!

Chudly: I wasn't planning on dying back there. Barricading ourselves into one spot was an awful idea to begin with!

Johnston: You could have been hurt! You could have been killed!

Chudley: I'm alive, aren't I?

Reggie: Some more of those guys are coming, c'mon!

Johnston: We can talk about this later! Get up!

[Johnston drags Chudley back up as the three sprint away from the incoming crowd of SCP-7774-H instances. They traverse across the next hallway and past the terminal rooms, exiting the instances' line of sight. On the floor in front of them, the remaining squadron members that the guard mentioned can be seen. All members are currently on the floor, alive but incapacitated and beaten.]

Reggie: Doesn't seem like they made it.

Johnston: Now what? They might have been the only security force down here. I don't know if security upstairs will get done here to help us in time. It still sounds pretty bad up there.

Chudley: Let's go upstairs, then. You took the staircase down, right We'll just use it to get back up.

Johnston: I don't know if we should go out the same way we came in.

Reggie: Screw it, honestly. It's either that or getting beat. People can die that way, right? Let's not risk it.

Johnston: Fine then. Keep your voice down.

[The three turn the corner three times before finding the stairway again and Johnston unlocks it. However, as they begin to ascend the stairs, they fall back upon seeing multiple SCP-7774-H instances sprinting down the steps toward them.]

Reggie: They found us!

Johnston: Other way!

[Additional SCP-7774-H instances can be seen coming from both ends of the hallway, aggressively waddling toward them while exclaiming their high-pitched noises.]

Chudley: We're cornered! What do we do?!

Johnston: Hold on!

[Johnston looks around before seeing another incapacitated guard lying on the ground as their sidearm pokes out of their holster. Johnston notices this and quickly approaches the guard to pick up their sidearm.]

Chudley: Do something! They look pissed and I don't know why!

[Johnston aims at an instance currently charging towards them and empties the weapon's remaining rounds at it. The bullets have no effect on it.]

Reggie: What are you thinking?! They're indestructible, remember?!

Johnston: Damn it! It's dry!

[Johnston in a final attempt throws the weapon at the SCP-7774-H instance, causing it to explode into a mass of green slime, covering the nearby floor and walls.

Johnston: Huh?!

Reggie: It's gone! It literally exploded!

Chudley: And it smells like… shower soap?

Reggie: There's more! Do it again!

Johnston: I don't know how!

[As the rest of the instances draw closer, Chudly puts down the locked box and quickly takes off his shoe before lodging it at the same SCP-7774-H instance. The larger crowd of instances finally approach them, but suddenly stop to see the shoe hit one of them, causing it to explode likewise.]

Chudley: Hey, that worked!

Reggie: Find some other stuff to throw!

[The instances stop deliberating and begin to harm the three. However, Johnston, Chudley, and Whitlock fight back with their bare hands or spare objects nearby, which proves to be efficacious.]

[Johnston punches multiple instances, sending them toward the ground and incapacitating them, allowing her to stomp on them so they subsequentially explode. Chudley enacts exaggerated fighting maneuvers that fail. Reggie throws nearby objects to pop them instantly.]

[Soon, remaining SCP-7774-H instances have retreated, leaving the three alone now covered in the aforementioned green substance.]

Reggie: [Panting] They're gone? I-I don't have to throw anything anymore?

Chudley: Did one of those things just bite my leg back there? How is that even possible? They don't have mouths, right?!

Johnston: I'm fine. That was a good workout.

Reggie: What is all this nasty crap? It smells… pretty nice, actually…

Johnston: That doesn't matter. We know what works against these things so we can defend ourselves.

[The intercom comes back on.]

Intercom: Mobile Task Force Omega-45, designated "Street Samurai", has entered the facility. Please remain in your current locations as Omega-45 eradicates the threat to the site and re-contains loose or escaped SCP objects.

Reggie: That's good to hear. They'll take them out, right?

Chudley: This looks really bad; us standing next to these guys laying on the floor and all.

Johnston: I'm sure they'll understand. We'll just stay here until they find us, and I'll make sure that you don't run off again either.

Chudley: C'mon, it's not like these things killed anybody right? They just made a mess and beat some of our folks up. That's it.

Johnston: But what if they did kill people, Chudley? What if you ran out there and died?

Chudley: I didn't die though. Sheesh, sometimes you have to take risks in life. It's like that one guy on TV said-

Johnston: Just be quiet. I'm pissed off right now.

Chudley: Okay… er, sorry.

[Some of the incapacitated guards that were on the floor are now beginning to regain their consciousness.]

Reggie: Glad this is technically over. A regular day at the Foundation I guess? [An awkward chuckle. Johnston does not find the statement amusing.] But seriously, this green stuff smells like Old Spice or something. I'd unironically use it.

Johnston: This isn't a spa, Reggie. We don't need to- Chudley! What the hell are you doing?!

[Chudley is currently placing the substance in his armpits.]

Chudley: What? It smells really good! Just trying to maintain my hygiene! I wonder if this could be good shampoo, too?

Johnston: CHUDLEY!-

[They wait in their current location before MTF Omega-45 recovers them and administers medical aid to the security forces.]


After Action Report

Upon MTF Omega 45's deployment to the site, SCP-7774-H instances were swiftly eradicated via professional hand-to-hand combat, and loose or escaped SCP objects including the Set of Nine were recovered and placed back into their respective containment wards. Injured personnel were tended to and a singular SCP-7774-H instance was manually contained for a planned interrogation one day later, as displayed below. Around 50,000 dollars in damages had been done to the ground level of Site-78.

Addendum: Attempted SCP-7774-H Instance Interrogation

The attack on Site-78 was unprecedented, and it was unknown what the intentions of the anomalies were. Extended documentation on SCP-7774 would be accomplished a month later in the rest of the general Foundation and provided limited answers to SCP-7774's motivations and their reason for increased materialization in specifically in Chugwater, Wyoming.6

SCP-7774-H Instance Interrogation.

Researcher Maria Johnston, Gregory Chudley, Doctor Reginald "Reggie" Whitlock, Site Director Leah Richter.


[Armed guards bring in a captured SCP-7774-H instance, which flails around and screeches incoherently as it is forcefully moved into an interrogation room. Chudley and Johnston enter, where Dr. Whitlock waits for them.]

Reggie: It's in there already. They're getting the restraints ready.

Chudley: Restraints?

Reggie: It won't stop screaming and wiggling around, so we have to subdue it somehow.

Johnston: Is it hurt?

Reggie: We think it's just confused.

Chudley: I don't even know why we have to have an interrogation with it. It speaks gibberish, right? How are we going to understand it? How is it going to understand us?

Reggie: There have been moments in the past where an entity couldn't contact us but we could contact them. We're trying to get any scrap of information we can out of all this-

Chudley: All of this is just a waste of time is what I think-

[Site-78 Director Leah Richter enters.]

Chudley: [Heightened tone] …what I think never, becuase I love working here and this interrogation is very important.

Richter: Good to see your enthusiasm. Are you two going to enact this interrogation today?

Johnston: Yeah, right now as a matter of fact.

Richter: Good. [Sighs, and adjusts her glasses] This whole situation has been a bunch of unexplained goofy tomfoolery that was frankly a waste of our time. I've already expressed my disappointment in the Site's security forces. Omega handled it well in stark contrast.

Johnston: Sorry about this whole situation. We're just as irritated and confused.

Ricter: Do you know how much it'll cost to clean this up? The Foundation isn't made of money, you know.

Chudley: It could have been a lot worse, right? It's not like they killed anyone. Just a big mess.

Richter: I'm aware. That doesn't change the fact that the site's a mess and numerous people have been hurt. Not to mention that one of those things spray-painted my office with a bunch of scribbles.

Johnston: Once again, I'm deeply sorry for that.

Richter: It's okay. I'm not irritated… not at all…

Chudley: Are you sure? You sound kind of irritated about it-

Richter: No. Really. I'm fine. I love it when the fiberglass in my office walls get ripped out. I really do.

[She sighs and looks at the copious amount of janitors cleaning up the green substances and general mess around them.]

Richter: The only good thing to come out of this situation is this green liquid. I don't know what it is but I might just use it for myself if it's non-toxic.

Reggie: I was thinking about putting it in some sensies around the site to make it smell a little nicer.

Richter: Let's not get too carried away. Let's just finish this interrogation first.

[Two armed guards re-enter out of the interrogation room.]

Guard: It's all set up in there for you. Just waiting on the interrogators.

Johnston: That's our cue, c'mon.

[Johnston and Chudley enter the room and sit across from the SCP-7774-H instance, which stares at them blankly.]

Chudley: Alright… uh… hello there?

[The instance is silent.]

Chudley: Okay… uh, Johnston, what am I supposed to ask it again?

[Johnston groans and hands him a folder filled with pre-planned questions. Chudley parses the paper before speaking again.]

Chudley: Alright. Okay. [Clears thoat] Do you understand us? If so, what is your name?

[It is silent. It slightly turns its body to look around the room.]

Chudley: Do you… have a name?

[The instance begins to squirm around in its chair, unable to leave due to the restraints.]

Chudley: Hey! Don't move!

[Chudley reaches for the instance to keep it still. This causes it to scream incoherently and flail again.]

Johnston: Real smooth.

Chudley: Shit, uh-okay! Next question!

[The instance continues to scream.]

Chudley: Okay, er- how did you come to be?

[The instance does not respond. The screaming continues.]

Chudley: Crap… uh, blink once if you know, blink twice if you don't know!


Johnston: Great, now it won't stop freaking out.

Chudley: Hold on, hold on… er-damn it… uh…

[The screaming does not stop. Johnston begins to cover her ears once it reaches a higher volume.]

Chudley: Why are you rioting?!

[The instance stops screaming and stares at him. Johnston carefully unplugs her ears.]

Chudley: Why are you rioting? That's my question…

[The instance begins to speak in indiscernible babbling.]

Chudley: What?

[The instance babbles inquirously, and thoughtfully while it gesticulates for an extended period of time. Chudley and Johnston cordially listen to it as it continues to formally elaborate before falling silent.]

Chudley: Wow… that was actually… just a bunch of fucking gibberish I can't understand. What did I expect?

[The instance immediately resumes screaming.]

Johnston: Well, is that it?

Chudley: I think so. Do you really expect me to sit here and listen to that for another half an hour?

Johnston: As much as I disagree with you Chudley, I think I'm done here too.

Chudley: [Looks to the instance] Any closing statement you would like to get in before this interrogation is over?

[The instance stops screaming again and babbles formally for a moment before subsequentially resuming its tantrum.]


Closing Statement

The contained SCP-7774-H instance is currently placed in an average humanoid containment cell, where it is given crayons and drawing paper for recreational purposes. SCP-7774-H instances' motivations are still undergoing limited investigations before the case becomes officially closed at the time of documentation.

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