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The following document is outdated, and does not fully reflect the Foundation's knowledge on the object. Please be advised some information is inaccurate or false. For an updated and accurate file, please see "SCP-7772, Version 3.0".

Item #: SCP-7772

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7772 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. SCP-7772 is prohibited from obtaining or viewing any material depicting deceased celebrity Fred "Mr. Rogers" Rogers unless authorized for testing purposes.

Should a test require SCP-7772's anomalous effects to occur, it is to be within a heat-resistant and blast-resistant testing chamber, capable of withstanding beyond the highest temperature SCP-7772 has been recorded to reach.

Should SCP-7772's anomalous effects occur inadvertently and result in a containment breach, SCP-7772 is to be allowed to destroy the Mr. Rogers-related material which triggered its anomalous effects until its anomalous effects cease. Should they persist after the material is destroyed, on-site security personnel equipped with heat-resistant gear are to attempt to restrain and sedate SCP-7772. SCP-7772 will then be monitored for any residual anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-7772 is a 32-year-old female human, standing 163 cm tall and weighing 61kg. Prior to SCP-7772’s containment, it was a local news reporter for 10 years. Aside from when its anomalous effects occur, it is physically identical to a standard, non-anomalous human.

SCP-7772's anomalous effects occur when exposed to any material1 that depicts the deceased celebrity Fred "Mr. Rogers" Rogers. Upon viewing, SCP-7772's body temperature raises to approximately 1500 degrees Celsius, and gains increased physical strength and durability. SCP-7772's emotional state alters into a single-minded rage towards the material, and will not cease until the material is destroyed.

Upon the destruction of the material which triggered SCP-7772's anomalous effects, SCP-7772 will, over the course of several minutes, return to its non-anomalous form. It will retain memories of its anomalous effect occurring, and does not show any signs of harm or damage.

Addendum 7772-01 Below is an interview with SCP-7772 conducted by Head Researcher Jackson, in an attempt to discern a reason behind SCP-7772's anomalous abilities.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Jackson sits down across from SCP-7772, who is restrained by its ankles. He sets down a collection of documents, a clipboard, and a pen.

Researcher Jackson: If you could please state your legal name for the record, SCP-7772?

SCP-7772: Samantha Blevvins.

Researcher Jackson: Thank you. Now, according to our records, your anomalous effects occur…

Researcher Jackson opens a file and begins to skim through it.

Researcher Jackson: Ah, am I reading this right?

SCP-7772: Why are you asking me? I can't read it from here.

Researcher Jackson rolls his eyes. SCP-7772 chuckles.

Researcher Jackson: If this is correct, you are capable of achieving superhuman feats when exposed to… material involving Mr. Rogers?

SCP-7772: That's right! Good job, I had a feeling you could read!

Researcher Jackson sighs and looks down at the table.

Researcher Jackson: [Quietly] Okay…

Researcher Jackson looks back up to face SCP-7772.

Researcher Jackson: Do you have any recollection of when this first started?

SCP-7772: My powers or my hatred of that loser in a sweater?

Researcher Jackson: Your powers, please.

SCP-7772: Well, I always kinda felt like I could kill him if given the chance, you know? If I ever saw the guy, that I'd be able to just…

SCP-7772 punches the air.

SCP-7772: Wham! You know? He'd fall down like a sack of bricks, and then I'd beat up the bricks until they were nothing but a pile of blood and gore.

Researcher Jackson: Right, but when did you first notice your a-

SCP-7772: I'm getting to it, don't you worry.

Researcher Jackson: Ah- hm.

SCP-7772: What? Got something you wanna say? I'm not thin-skinned, come on!

Researcher Jackson: I'd rather not get into this during an interrogation. It's clear to me that you're not enjoying this process. Trust me, I would also like to finish this as soon as possible for my own sake.

SCP-7772: Wow, what a blow to my ego.

Researcher Jackson: I'm not here to console you, I'm here to figure out what is going on so we can work on regulating your anomaly properly.

SCP-7772: Don't show me any pictures of Mr. Rogers. Boom, done. Where's my Nobel Prize?

Researcher Jackson audibly sighs once again.

SCP-7772: Ooooh, hitting me with the parental sigh of disappointment. That'll teach me, huh?

Researcher Jackson: I believe it would benefit us both to cut the snide comments and to instead just answer the questions as quickly and straightforward as possible. That way, we won't have to be in each other's presence anymore.

SCP-7772: What, you think I'm not having fun?

Researcher Jackson: Is there another reason why you're purposefully dragging this out longer than it should be?

SCP-7772 briefly shrugs.

SCP-7772: Suppose I just like making things interesting. It was my job, after all. Taking something plain and making it a spectacle. Like you for example.

SCP-7772 smirks. Researcher Jackson grimaces.

Researcher Jackson: Is this how you spoke to your subjects while you were interviewing them?

SCP-7772: No. They actually had something worthwhile that I wanted to listen to. You're so boring that I've literally started counting the wrinkles on your face.

Researcher Jackson: Then answering my questions will be a reprieve from your boredom, no? Surely that's a good reason to stop goofing around?

SCP-7772 chuckles.

SCP-7772: Fine, fine. You wanted to know when my powers first started showing up, yeah?

Researcher Jackson sighs in relief.

Researcher Jackson: Yes. Thank you.

SCP-7772: Well, as far as I can remember, it was during an interview at that one children's center. You know, that one with the Mr. Rogers statue in front of it? Or…

SCP-7772 snorts.

SCP-7772: I guess had the Mr. Rogers statue now.

Researcher Jackson: Do you remember anything that happened that day that caused your abilities? Any sort of trigger?

SCP-7772: Trigger? Well, I guess that was just the first time I'd seen anything up close that looked like that sweater-wearing dweeb. The moment I saw him, I got enough power to kill him.

Researcher Jackson: You know that wasn't the real Mr. Rogers, right? He died several years ago.

SCP-7772: Psh, of course I do! I guess that was just the next closest thing, you know? I saw Mr. Rogers, I thought 'Huh, I should punch that until it's a smear on the ground', and so I did.

Researcher Jackson: So you explanation of your powers are… they just happened?

SCP-7772 crosses its arms.

SCP-7772: If you want to call years upon years of hatred building up to my one big moment just happening, sure, that's a good description. Edgy kids want to kill Barney the Dinosaur, or Justin Bieber, or whatever. They just haven't had the opportunity to do so. I got my opportunity.

Researcher Jackson: That's… that's not at all how this works.

SCP-7772: You got a better explanation? Personally, I'm sticking with my 'the power was inside you all along' theory until you bring up some science-y whatever that'll change my mind.

Researcher Jackson puts his head in his hands.

Researcher Jackson: Sure. That sounds like a great idea.

SCP-7772: Everything okay, pal? You seem kind of out of it now. It's okay, a bruised ego scars over the more people beat you down. The more you talk to me, the more we can work together to get that stick out of your ass!

Researcher Jackson looks up to SCP-7772.

Researcher Jackson: I would sooner eat my clipboard than reduce myself to talk to you any further. I've been a loyal, reliable researcher for this organization for fifty years, and now I'm stuck dealing with the dregs.

SCP-7772: Seems like a you problem if you've sunk this low.

Researcher Jackson raises his hand in a fist, then opens his mouth as if to speak. He then relaxes and exhales loudly.

Researcher Jackson: Terminate the interview. We're done here. Guards, take SCP-7772 back to its cell.

SCP-7772: See you next time, doc!

<End Log>

Addendum 7772-02 On February 27th, 2020, SCP-7772 was requested by the Department of Humanoid Containment to be transferred to Site-19's Department of Other. Below is a copy of the memo sent to Dr. Gerald, Head of the Department of Other, as well as his reply.

Anomaly Custody Transfer Request

From the Desk of Charlotte Constanza, Humanoid Containment

Anomaly In Question: SCP-7772

Reason For Request: Due to the workload the Department of Humanoid Containment is given, considering the sheer amount of humanoid anomalies the Foundation contains, the O5 Council has given approval to transfer some of our less important anomalies onto you, including SCP-7772. We are aware that the Department of Other is in need of more things to do these days, and so consider this a sign of good will from us.

Furthermore, Head Researcher Jackson called working with the anomaly "demeaning of his station", citing several disputes between himself and SCP-7772, as well as deeming the actual process of testing the anomaly too absurd. Several of his co-workers have also cited his attitude has worsened towards them as well since his induction on the project. We know that the Department of Other does well as far as absurdity goes, so hopefully that won't be a problem for you.

Regards, Dr. Constanza.

Anomaly Custody Transfer Response

From the Desk of Dr. Gerald, Department of Other

Request Response: Accepted.

Terms: SCP-7772 is to be transferred to the Department of Other on March 12th, 2020. Until its total integration within the Department of Other, the Department of Humanoid Containment will offer guidance regarding its containment and testing protocols to ensure the safety of SCP-7772’s new Head Researchers. Furthermore, SCP-7772 is to be renamed SCP-3:33-J in all official documentation.

The Department of Other appreciates the Department of Humanoid Containment's act of kindness, and assures them that they will take good care of the anomaly as long as it is under their custody.

Note: I will say, I do find it a little ridiculous that a researcher would stake their career on an anomaly like this. Any number of our researchers would be more than happy to take care of SCP-7772, and honestly, it may be better for the anomaly to not be under the care of a curmudgeon like Researcher Jackson as well.

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