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Does the Black Moon howl?



Welcome, O5-7.

The following document is in the process of deletion, pending a vote by the O5 Council. No further edits may be made until the vote is resolved.

ADDENDUM 7771.1: Emergency Overseer Conference



  • Overseer Council

FOREWORD: On January 1-2, 2005, a series of extremely unlikely structural and technical failures within Sites-19 and -77 resulted in cascading containment breaches in both Sites, a combined total of over 100 casualties and fatalities, and the narrow prevention of a K-class scenario resulting from the breaches. In the aftermath of these events, an emergency Overseer meeting was called to discuss possible methods of preventing similarly improbable and unfortunate events in the future.


<The thirteen council members are seated in Site-01’s main meeting room.>

O5-1: As I’m sure you have all read up on the events of the last 72 hours, today’s meeting has one purpose: to decide on a course of action to prevent disasters of this scale from happening again.

O5-9: But, the disasters were averted?

O5-3: The problem is that they almost happened, Nine, and we only barely avoided a Broken Masquerade in the aftermath, or worse. In any case, most of the problems, and similar problems we've experienced over the last year, weren’t caused by human error, just natural factors we have little to no control over. We can’t control the weather, for example.

O5-10: We could, just not practically.

O5-9: How are we supposed to mitigate that risk further than we already have? We funnel as many resources as we can into training and containment technology, and a simple policy change can’t account for random chance.

O5-5: I have a proposition.

<There is a pause in discussion.>

O5-1: Well, spit it out, Five.

O5-5: The very nature of our organization’s work is to contain the uncontainable. To hide away the most dangerous objects this universe has to offer.

O5-7: Your point being?

O5-5: Our work is, by definition, unlucky. The more Keter-class anomalies we cram into a site, the more likely they’ll eventually break out.

<The O5s murmur in agreement.>

O5-3: We already have fail-safes and backups, Five. Nuclear warheads and highly trained security personnel, AICs and emergency response systems.

O5-5: Exactly my point. As Ten said, we could control the odds, just not practically. So, we’ll need some help.

O5-1: What exactly are you proposing, Five?

O5-5: We have already bent the natural laws of this universe to our whim for the purposes of our organization. I propose we commandeer another cosmic force.

O5-12: …You’re not saying–

O5-5: I see my dear Twelve has already figured it out. We have bent Death to our will, why stop there? If we could somehow manipulate the odds outside of a few policy changes and equipment upgrades, we could make Site-19 invincible no matter how many Keters we stuff in it.

O5-1: Five, you’re proposing we contain–

O5-5: Lady Luck herself, precisely, One. If we can’t control the amount of times we roll the dice, then we have to get the odds on our side. The house always wins.

<The O5s discuss.>

O5-13: This is absurd, Five! We absolutely cannot alter a non-anomalous law of the universe.

O5-9: And, if this little project goes haywire? What then?

O5-12: We have Exclusionary Sites for a reason, Nine.

<The O5s discuss louder.>

O5-1: Silence! Five, assemble a research team and have them draft a proposal. We will not vote on it until you have something more concrete than “change the odds.”

O5-5: Fair enough.


AFTERWORD: Potential means of achieving this goal were devised and compiled in Project Proposal: Loaded Dice, detailed below.

ADDENDUM 7771.2: Project Proposal


PURPOSE: To develop a method of reliable artificial probability manipulation to the benefit for the Foundation.

ABSTRACT: Foundation policy has historically focused on preventing and mitigating accidents and disasters through redundancy, failsafes, and personnel protocol rather than altering the fundamental probability of unfavorable events. Certain contained anomalies are capable of such probability manipulation, proving it to be possible and capable of directly affecting Foundation operations.

METHOD: The primary focus of Project Loaded Dice is the study, utilization, and replication of anomalies capable of altering probability or luck. Research Area-8 is to be established within 250 kilometers of Site-01. The research and experimentation involved in Project Loaded Dice are to take place exclusively at this area. Temporary housing and containment facilities are to be built for all personnel, humanoid anomalies, and objects used in the project. A substantial budget is to be at the project’s disposal until its success or failure as deemed by the O5 Council. Any anomalies required for the project are to be approved for transfer from other Foundation facilities.

O5 Council Vote


PROPOSAL: Approve Project Loaded Dice, as submitted by O5-5.




RESULT: Proposal approved.

ADDENDUM 7771.3: Containment Attempts

Attempt #1

METHOD: SCP-503.A human possessing an anomalous tendency towards short-term fortune and survival but long-term misfortune.

OBSERVATIONS: Attempts to study and replicate SCP-503's effects have been made throughout the span of its containment. SCP-503 is to be immediately transported to Foundation sites believed to be under imminent threat of mass containment breach or destruction.

RESULT: No attempts to reverse-engineer or replicate SCP-503's effects have been successful. Usage of SCP-503 as a means of affecting luck of endangered sites halted after Site-47's emergency failsafes experience unexpected failure during a containment breach, allowing SCP-503 to survive but allowing multiple aggressive entities to escape the site entirely.

Attempt #2

METHOD: SCP-738.A desk that, when a person sits in front of it, manifests an invisible entity that offers to make a deal with the person seated in front of the desk. This deal is almost always at great personal cost to the person making it.

OBSERVATIONS: SCP-738 was asked "What would you want in exchange for the safety of all Foundation sites and personnel, and the prevention of all scenarios that directly endanger them, without altering normalcy or consensus reality?"

RESULT: Price stated to be "The human capacity for self-determination." Price deemed unacceptable.

Attempt #3

METHOD: SCP-2719.Objects and concepts acted upon by SCP-2719 will either go or become inside. This allows direct interactions of abstract concepts.


Pointer Outcome
Good Luck Became inside.
SCP Foundation Became inside.
Good Luck Became inside.
SCP Foundation Became inside.
Good Luck Became inside.
SCP Foundation Became inside.
Good Luck Became inside.
SCP Foundation Became inside.


Good Luck Outside.

Attempt #4

METHOD: SCP-5655.A reality-bending humanoid that attempts to grant any wishes given to it, although often only in a loose sense.

OBSERVATIONS: SCP-5655-1 was given the request "I wish for a method of increasing the SCP Foundation's luck and protection from misfortune."

RESULT: SCP-5655-1 produced a four-leaf clover.

Attempt #5

METHOD: Hypothetical "Probability Manipulator" device

OBSERVATIONS: Project Fortune's Favor, an existing attempt to create a device capable of manipulating probability and functioning in a similar manner to a Scranton Reality Anchor or Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink, was given additional funding and staff.

RESULT: No force, interaction, or particle has been discovered that is related to or directly affects probability. Research ongoing.

Attempt #6

METHOD: SCP-2305.A sheaf of papers describing hypothetical anomaly neutralization attempts carried out by the Foundation, always ending in failure with a "moral of the story."


Item #: SCP-7771

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Manipulation of SCP-001-SWANN.Pataphysical entities capable of determining the "narrative" of our universe. entities is executed via a combination of amnestics and non-lethal memetic agents.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: SCP-001-SWANN entities are compelled to create events with an absolute certainty to happen/not happen to the benefit of the Foundation. However, due to suddenly having to deal in universal absolutes, SCP-001-SWANN entities are overwhelmed in having to manage other minor events (such as nuclear fission) rather than continuing human consciousness. This causes an EK-Class End of Human Consciousness Scenario which eventually develops into a ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario.

"The moral of the story:" Writer's block sucks. Please take breaks.

RESULT: Neutralization method not attempted.



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