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Item #: SCP-777

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Even though SCP-777 can NOT be contained, he has decided to stay at the Foundation so he can complete his mission. He is to be supplied with any and all things that he asks for. He is to stay in a room resembling a Japanese dojo with a tank of sharks, except the tank is in the floor.

Description: SCP-777 or Darkblade (Blade for short), as he chooses to be called, is a white male of about 17 years old. He has flowing white hair with green highlights and crystal blue eyes that reflect a dark past. He is clad in ebony armor that he made himself. His effect on female personnel (which may not even be a supernatural effect) is very powerful. He is described as a “smooth pimp” and is totally irresistible. He has chosen Iris as his bride though to wed when his mission is over. His element is water, which he has full control of, and he has a pet dragon, who must be referred to as "Set". Blade's power of water, as well as his supernatural skill with a Katana, protects him from all harm. When he is attacked in any way, water shields will appear around him and deflect the attack back to the attackers.

Interviewed: SCP-777 "Darkblade"

Interviewer: Dr. █████████

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████████: Hello 777, I trust you are enjoying your new accommodations?

SCP-777: I am… But you must call me Darkblade… Your SCP name is not the one that was given to me…

Dr. █████████ : Of course, Darkblade. Now, why are you staying at the foundation?

Darkblade: Because doctor, my mission tells me I must…

Dr. █████████ : What mission is that.

*Darkblade looks to the ceiling*

Darkblade: I can't tell you… But it will save the known world…

Dr. █████████ : Then I am glad we found you…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It seems SCP-777 will be a very important asset to the foundation.

I know he's our savior, but we don't need fansites to him. Come on people! -Dr. █████████  

Addendum 777-1

Darkblade has recently taken up the guitar and, being a fast learner, has mastered the skill.

Addendum 777-2 A mild security breach was reported on ██/█/████. Darkblade has neither confirmed nor denied any part in the event, but instead grinned slyly.

Establishment of Darkblade's Sentinels

Clef: You are the one whom I have been waiting for?

Darkblade: I am…

Clef: Then I am ready.

Darkblade: Take up your true weapon and tell me your true name…

Clef: I am Death Metal, the Son of Satan, Wielder of the Guitar of Weeping Souls, Half-Saiyan heir to Son Goku.

Darkblade: Then together, let us ride and cleanse the world!


Yoric: You wanted to speak with me, sir?

Darkblade: I did.

Yoric: What must I do?

Darkblade: You are the dark heart KURUNANSENSU. You are half vampire, half werewolf, and half ninja, from an ancient clan. Take up your guntana and come with me.

Yoric: Yes, my master…

Researcher Crack: Hello, SCP-777.

Darkblade: Please, call me Darkblade…

Researcher Crack: You wanted to see me, yes?

Darkblade: Indeed. You, thou homely succubus, will become my concubine. Is that objectionable?

Researcher Crack: No, of course not.

Darkblade: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Researcher Crack: Kinky.

Dr. Bright: Ooh! Ooh! What do I get to be?

Darkblade: You, my friend, are Bobo; my stalwart companion/comic relief sidekick. You get to fetch coffee, keep my weapons polished, and generally make the rest of us look awesome by comparison.

Dr. Bright: That doesn't sound very glamorous…

Darkblade: You also get to wear this cool viking helmet.

Bobo: Do you want decaf or regular?

Dr. Klein: Good morning, SCP-777.

Darkblade: It's Darkblade, sorry.

Dr. Klein: Ah, yes, of course. My apologies. How are you, Darkblade?

Darkblade: Just fine, thank you.

Dr. Klein: Well, that's great. Is there, um, is there anything I could do for you?

Darkblade: No, nothing that I can think of, although I appreciate your asking.

Dr. Klein: I see. I'll… I'll be on my way out then. Goodbye.

Darkblade: Goodbye.

The video opens with Darkblade deep in meditation, his sword across his knees. Darkblade sits in blissful peace for several moments, before he speaks, apparently to the shadowed door.

Darkblade: I know you're there, Scion of the MAChine.

Gears: I'm not ready for this, lord.

Darkblade: You were built ready, MAChine. You just need the right words.

Gears: But no, I cannot, it is too-

Darkblade: Xyzzy, iddqd, god, quicken!

Gears: ARGH!
Dr. Gears drops to his knees, screaming, as his mechanical implants tear through his skin, every available surface glistening with gun barrels.

Darkblade: Rise, Scion of the MAChine, so you may show them!

Scion of the MAChine: We shall bestow the path of the destrucity upon them!

Dr. Edison: Here's the reports on SCP-682 that you asked for, Mr. Darkblade.

Darkblade: Thank you, Edison… or should I say; "Space Detective Kamen Mask X"!

Dr. Edison: Heh. You're perceptive as ever, Darkblade. Here I was, thinking you forgot about your old rival.

*Puff of smoke. Edison appears a split second later wearing a spandex outfit with a visored helmet.*

Kamen Mask X: You'll pay for the horrible things you did to me all those years ago!

Darkblade: I've moved on, Edison. I've turned away from the darkness, to embrace the light. Someday you'll understand. Someday I'll even atone for the vague sins I committed upon you during my dark and troubled past that led to your decision to join the Galaxy Federation to spy on the Foundation in hopes that you could someday kill me.

Kamen Mask X: So… *Pulls out laser sword* Shall we dance?

Darkblade: Indeed.  *Pulls out katana*

Dr. Trebuchet: 777, is it?

Darkblade: Call me Darkblade.

Dr. Trebuchet: … "Blarkdade"?

Darkblade uses a Phoenix Down on Dr. Trebuchet, who is immediately brought back to life.

Darkblade: Come with me, Epiphany, and we shall destroy the Mako generators that are draining life energy from the planet!

Dr. Trebuchet: Saving the world through eco-terrorism and corporate sabotage? Count me in!

Darkblade picks Epiphany up like a dufflebag by the strap on her lab coat, and jumps over the edge of a bridge onto a passing train below. They vanish off into the horizon.

Darkblade is sitting on a bed of roses, wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt he purchased from Hot Topic. Research Assistant Corbette bursts in with purple highlighted hair and white foundation on.

Research Assistant Corbette: So… you came back, Blade.

Darkblade: Yes, I came back. For you.

Research Assistant Corbette: (Leaning in) Never leave again, Blade. (Crying)

Darkblade: (Grabs Research Assistant Corbette's chin and looks him in the eye) I never will, Salman. (Embraces Research Assistant Corbette, [DATA EXPUNGED])

Salamandra Black'ness Anastasia Falcon Corbette: Oh, Blade.

Dr. ██████████: (Filming) You guys are so hot.

Darkblade is shown in his room, meditating over the shark enclosure. Delivery Agent Roadrunner enters the room, looking somewhat perturbed.

Roadrunner: …I was called?

Darkblade: Indeed you were. I have need of your vehicle.

Roadrunner: Oh? What for?

Darkblade: I will be participating in a race. The prizes are artifacts that allow the user to ascend to godhood. My extremely stereotypical rival is entering, and I must see to it that his desire for power remains unfulfilled.

Roadrunner: You can have it… over my dead body.

Darkblade: *slowly stands, and enters a fighting stance* Then you leave me no choice.

Roadrunner: *tears his handgun out of its holster, and levels it at Darkblade* EAT 230 GRAIN JACKETED HOLLOWPOINTS, ASSHOLE!

Darkblade proceeded to deflect all ten .45 caliber rounds away from himself using his unreal reactions and his katana. The last deflected round struck Roadrunner in the head, killing him. The security feed cuts off here, and resumes half an hour later. Any traces of violence at the scene are gone, as well as the corpse. On the far wall, Roadrunner's CZ-97B is seen, mounted along with the many other trophies that Darkblade has taken from his fallen foes. Roadrunner's vehicle was immediately bequeathed to Darkblade.

For further information please view Experiment Log 777 A.

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