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> New user detected. Initiating necessary protocols for SIMULACRUM connection…

> ATTENTION: The following requires LEVEL 5 RESTRICTED access. Failure to authenticate will result in your immediate detainment by nearby Mobile Task Forces who have already flagged this device's location.

> Enter a valid username and password to continue.

>> F0N61700
>> *****************

> Elevated account detected. Generating administrator profile…

Login successful. Welcome to the Interface.

You have notifications.

> New messages have been received at 19:36. Auto-populating viewing window to display content…

FROM: The Administrator
TO: You
SUBJECT: Assignment Task

Greetings, Seven, and welcome to the Interface. The Order has been expecting your arrival.

You are here because there is a traitor within our ranks.

Thirteen thinks that he is safe, hiding away and terrorizing our SIMULACRUM behind his digital avatar. It is your responsibility, as the Black Rabbit of this Order, to locate and terminate him — using any and all means you deem necessary. Two has also provided you access to the below documentation; hopefully, it serves as a valuable resource to use against your target.

There is a valet waiting for you behind the south office building. Whether or not you use him as a resource is entirely up to your discretion. Just be sure to use the disposal unit nearby should you decide against it. He has no friends, no family, and no further means to our organization.

We will maintain cellular contact.

> Monitoring systems have detected movement.

> You received new messages at 22:10.

Seems you're on the move.

Valet was too slow for my tastes.

I'm not surprised.
Do you know where you're going?

I have a few ideas.
Why, do you have any recommendations?

Your guess is as good as mine.

You know, typically when people ask me for favors like these they at least try to give me some information to work with.
Expecting another miracle?

It's what you do best.
Besides I know you.
You would've complained if I gave you all the answers.

This would've been far easier if you weren't so anal about scrubbing all of our physical intel.
Figures you'd be the one making my job even harder.

You'll be thanking me later.
It was a necessary evil.
Imagine if someone like Thirteen had all of those old dossiers. Do you really want someone like him knowing about your personal life?

You say that like it doesn't already apply to you.

It doesn't. Not everything atleast.
And regardless, there's a difference between me having that intel and someone like Thirteen having it.

Yeah, I guess.
The other one's not a control freak.

> ERROR: Further access to documentation requires the selection of a SIMULACRUM profile.

> Please choose one of the following to continue.

> VN089834 - ■■■■■□ SYNC FAILED!
> VN056313 - ■■■□□□ SYNCING…
> VN071811 - ■□□□□□ SYNCING…
> VN012834 - □□□□□□ UNAVAILABLE
> VN024913 - ■■■■■■ READY
> VN008534 - ■■□□□□ SYNC FAILED!
> VN023951 - ■■■■■□ SYNCING…
> VN034901 - ■■■■■□ SYNCING…
> VN018245 - □□□□□□ UNAVAILABLE
> VN049584 - ■□□□□□ SYNC FAILED!
> + 1632364 more

>> vn024913

> Selection confirmed. Uploading VN024913's user profile and simulated experience(s) from SCP-7766…

> Note that aspects of this document will now adapt and/or change to accommodate the selected profile.



Preview image of user player.

]NAME: Jakob Xavier Reigen

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Computer Progammer at Aregonyx Incorporated

BACKGROUND: Born in New Castle, Virginia USA, Reigen was raised in a middle-class home alongside his sister Anna. After attending his first year of high school at Grande Central, Reigen was immediately recognized for his heightened intellect and acute awareness, excelling in all academic categories. He would eventually graduate with an honors diploma and enroll into the University of Central Florida, where he would receive his Bachelor in Information Technology after obtaining a GPA of 4.6.

Reigen would later be scouted by Foundation operatives after an incident in which he was affected by an anomalous entity. After its neutralization, Reigen was unknowingly introduced to Project SIMULACRUM and subsequently reintegrated into SCP-7766 via amnestic identity reconstruction (AIR) to help study the long-term effects of the human consciousness within cyberspace.

Reigen now lives in a one-bedroom apartment within the Redline District. As of writing, he remains employed by Aregonyx — a weapons distributor and currently the largest company within Agate — as a computer programmer working the second shift.


Endurance Strength
Perception Intelligence
Agility Luck

NOTE: All traits listed above have been LOCKED from further edits and cannot be changed at this time.


> Automatically updating content at 22:22.

> New messages received.

Any progress?

Not yet. Still waiting for him to show himself.
I've eliminated the most obvious places. His first home's been ransacked completely.
Site-03's also been crossed off the list.

Has he came back online yet?

Not since yesterday.
Still doesn't make any sense to me why he's so addicted.
Does he really think it'll do anything?

Blinded by rage.
Just like the rest of them, I suppose.

You can't please them all.
Speaking of, how does it feel?
Replacing Felix as you did.

It was a necessary removal.
He was a simple man.
His ideals for the Foundation were, albeit effective, simple at heart.

Is that why you decided to change them?

It went far deeper than that, but again it was necessary.
Traditions can only last for so long.
A change in the world dynamic demands a change in us as well. We can't continue relying on ignorance and playing coy with the unknown.
Control is the only way forward.

Is that why Thirteen defected?
What was he like?

He was a loner at heart.
Hardheaded, and had a big ego even on his bad days.
But he did have one thing going for him — his hands were like magic. You could give him anything and he'd have it fixed the next day.
It's the reason why so many of us referred to him as "The Tinkerer."

Makes sense.

But his pride eventually got the better of him.
Like it always does.
Which is why you're here now.

Doing the dirty work?

Quite the contrary.
Doing the necessary work.



NAME: Jakob Reigen

DATE: September 1st, 2032

RISK: Warning

DESCRIPTION: Automated systems have detected suspicious activity from Jakob Reigen (VN024913) and have now flagged the user as "Warning." Said activity has been listed below:

  • Increased levels of anxiety, depression, and general stress.
  • Attempting to interact with BACKROOMS inside SCP-7766.3
  • Online searches pertaining to "simulated worlds" and "escaping reality."
  • Engaging in online and physical conversations for the purpose of discussing SCP-7766.
  • Increased hostility to peers and other authority figures.

As of September 1st, 2032, no immediate action has been deemed necessary. Foundation personnel are advised to continue monitoring VN024913 for further signs of deviance and to eject said individual as required.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: On August 30th, 2032, Jakob Reigen was involved in an online conversation between an unknown user claiming to possess knowledge of SCP-7766's "true nature." Said conversation continued for approximately 20 minutes; an excerpt of which has been attached to this report for future reference.

anonymous123: I know who you are. And I know what happened to you.

greendragon: Prove it then.

anonymous123: Your name is Jakob. You work at a dead-end job scraping by in a shared apartment. You just recently survived a fatal crash resulting in the death of over 20 people. You hate ketchup.

anonymous123: Did I get it right?

greendragon: I mean… yeah ig?

greendragon: You could've easily gotten all that from searching my username online and looking through my socials tho.

anonymous123: Yea, sure. Because "greendragon" is such a unique username after all.

greendragon: Alright, fine. Maybe you just got lucky then, idk.

anonymous123: Do you want to know the truth or not?

greendragon: I do it's just… look, I've had plenty of people tell me that I'm crazy and stupid for this shit, okay? And it's been getting to me. Bad.

greendragon: I'm just trying to be careful, yk?

anonymous123: You don't believe that what you're living in is real.

greendragon: It's not.

greendragon: It can't be.

greendragon: Not after what I saw. And even if it was, I wouldn't want to continue living in it.

anonymous123: You're talking about the train incident, right?

anonymous123: What did you see?

greendragon: You saw the footage I sent you.

greendragon: I don't know how else to explain it. All those people… they didn't even look real!

greendragon: All the walls distorting, and the glitching. The fact that the blood and the gore were all pixelated and fake-looking. Hell, even the fact that I survived is proof enough, right?

greendragon: I thought it would go away after a while but now I see it in everything. From the cashiers at the grocery store, to my boss whenever he yells at me, and even to just how we're all alive — right now, at this moment. How we can't possibly be here by chance or something.

greendragon: And it's other things too. Like, why can't I remember ever leaving Agate? And how does all of our technology work in the ways that it does? Why does it all seem so scripted, and so perfect?

greendragon: It all can't just be a coincidence. I refuse to believe that.

anonymous123: It's not.

anonymous123: And I can prove how. Not here, obviously. Too many eyes.

greendragon: Oh yeah? And why should I believe you?

anonymous123: What all do you have to lose?

greendragon: You could be a 40-year-old murderer looking for your next victim.

anonymous123: Lol. I suppose.

greendragon: That's not very reassuring.

anonymous123: Maybe not. But I do have the answers you're looking for.

anonymous123: The bigger question is: what all are you willing to risk for them?



> Error detected! Your access request has timed out.

> Please wait as the necessary system configurations and access settings are downloaded again…

> …

> Downloaded successful. Continuing to documentation…

> If this error persists, please confirm your internet connection or contact your IT Administrator for assistance.


> Opening SMS client at 23:24.

Fish caught the bait.
I'm en-route now.

Great news.
How far?

Not very.
Take a nice, long nap and I'll be done by the time you wake up.

You never cease to impress me Seven.

Quit with the flattery.
I'm here for one reason and one reason only.
I couldn't care less about you or whatever else you have going on.

I was being sincere.
After all, we can't be a team without working together.
After Thirteen's gone I'll make sure you stay busy.

How many others are there?
Of the ones who defected?

And it's all part of the same transition.

What do you mean?

I thought you said you didn't care about me or my plans?
Don't tell me you've had a change of heart now.

I don't. And I haven't.
But that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be curious.

I suppose.

You never answered my question.

When you think of the word "transition," what springs to mind?
I assure you this is no different.
Out with the old, and in with the new.

You make it sound easy.

It is.
It's just like renovating a house, even.
You have to focus on the main goal.
Even if that means getting your hands messy sometimes so you can rip out the imperfections.



DATE OF OCCURENCE: October 4th, 2032

INVOLVED USERS: greendragon, darkseider12


DESCRIPTION: Digital webcrawlers within SCP-7766 have alerted Foundation personnel to the following message having been posted on 64chan, a popular forum website with over 12,000 active members:

It was me. I was the one who broke inside the World Building. Now I need help finding someone.

The post achieved a total of 1.5k upvotes and 254 comments, congregating into a total of 3.6k unique interactions by online users. The post itself was later contained and archived by automated programs, with the poster identified as greendragon.

Reception of the post was mostly negative by recorded interactions. A majority of comments were predominately skeptical and/or accusatory, whilst another several were identified as general spam. Said comments have now either been scrubbed or otherwise isolated from the general public. All history of the post has been erased with the exception of one private interaction made between greendragon and user darkseider12 on October 7th, 2032, which was recorded and documented by automated programs:

darkseider12: Who are you?

greendragon: Why would I tell you that? Lol.

darkseider12: Because I know what you're trying to accomplish here.

greendragon: Do you now? Because I don't think you actually do.

darkseider12: Don't play dumb with me.

darkseider12: Someone put you up to this, right?

darkseider12: I bet I know who she is.

greendragon: She?

darkseider12: Are you really going to drag this out?

greendragon: Look, I don't even know who you are dude.

greendragon: Cut me some slack here.

darkseider12: Adrian did this. Is that right?

greendragon: It is.

greendragon: Are you the insider she was talking about?

darkseider12: Ah.

darkseider12: I think I get it now.

darkseider12: You were wanting this to happen.

greendragon: Are you the insider? Or are you not?

darkseider12: I guess you could say I was an Aregonyx insider.

darkseider12: But that was a long time ago — even before Adrian met me.

darkseider12: How is she, btw?

greendragon: She's fine.

darkseider12: Frankly I'm surprised they haven't ripped her out of the system yet.

greendragon: Out of the system?

darkseider12: She's a deviant, so yes.

darkseider12: Adrian should've been flushed out months ago.

darkseider12: I'm shocked that she hasn't yet, honestly. I'm guessing she's been disconnected and they haven't been able to pull the plug yet.

greendragon: Deviant? Flushed…?

greendragon: Look, whatever. Are you willing to help us or not?

greendragon: We're just trying to escape.

darkseider12: Hm.

darkseider12: Enticing.

darkseider12: But no.

greendragon: What? Why?

darkseider12: Because there's nothing in it for me.

darkseider12: And for all I know you could be a corrupt AI or an undercover agent.

darkseider12: Why should I risk that?

greendragon: I'm not an agent.

greendragon: What is it going to take to convince you that I'm not a bad guy? I already risked my life sneaking into the World Building.

greendragon: And you know that I'm with Adrian.

greendragon: What more do you need?

darkseider12: Insurance.

darkseider12: I'm not going to risk all my progress in bringing this system down for someone like you.

greendragon: Look, Adrian mentioned that you were… destructive. Right?

greendragon: What if I help you destroy something? Will that work?

darkseider12: And how will you do that?

greendragon: If you can get me inside, I'll do whatever you'll need before Adrian and I escape.

greendragon: I'll destroy Aregonyx for you.

greendragon: And you can sit comfy in your chair or something. No risk involved.

darkseider12: I see.

greendragon: Does that sound fairer?

greendragon: You wouldn't even need to interact with Adrian and me.

darkseider12: Hm…

greendragon: Come on, it's the perfect alibi.

greendragon: Would you be willing to make that deal?

darkseider12: No. Not yet.

darkseider12: I want to speak with Adrian first.




The following is an excerpt from a special alert that aired on October 7th, 2032, by Channel 14 public news at 6:32 P.M.

"Welcome back to live here from Channel 14. I'm Jeanette Long, and today we have just received breaking news as police have reportedly arrested a key suspect from the Aregonyx World Building break-in that occurred in late August. Authorities say that the suspect willingly turned himself into Cambry's precinct office late this evening. It currently remains unclear why the suspect turned himself in; however, several eye-witnesses have confirmed that he did, in fact, confess to the crime upon his arrest."

"Jakob Reigen, as seen in this surveillance capture from Aregonyx World Building, was reportedly allowed through the building after claiming to be with Lennavo Incorporated. After 20 minutes, Aregonyx security was notified of an impending data breach on the 57th floor of the facility. Personnel attempted to capture the suspect but were too late to apprehend him before he retreated from the premises. The suspect then made a post online confessing to the crime before arriving at the Cambry precinct earlier today."

"The suspect will now be taken into custody and could face upwards of 20 years in prison. Additional investigations are also underway to determine if the suspect was aided by anyone else or if he acted alone. Please stay tuned in to Channel 14 as we continue to update this story when more information becomes available."

> Monitoring systems have stopped detecting movement at 23:40.

> New messages received.

You've stopped moving.
You found him, didn't you?


How exciting.
What do you plan on doing once you see him?
Surely you're not going to just dispose of him and move on.

I'm going to do the job I was given.
No more. No less.

I understand.

I'm proceeding on foot now.


A few minutes, maybe?
He's not moving either.

Perhaps he's stopped inside a safe house somewhere.
Is he still online?

He is.

What a shame.
Please let me know once you get things cleaned up.
I'll need to make some calls.

You'll be getting another text shortly.


NOTE: The below video was spliced between Reigen's optical lens camera, Aregonyx facility security monitoring systems, and miscellaneous outside devices. Please note that there is also no audio.


Capture begins at the front doors of a small building within the Redline District. There is a blue bus that can be seen circling around the premises before eventually pulling up in front of the facility doors. Inside the bus, several unknown individuals can be seen walking back and forth. "PROPERTY OF THE CITY" has been labeled in large white letters along the outside of the bus itself.

After a moment, the bus doors swing open, and several people in grey outfits walk outside. All of the people are handcuffed and collared with unknown devices. Once the prisoners are outside, two officers jump out of the bus as well. The bus doors then close as the vehicle drives off. Prisoners are gathered into a line of 6 before the facility doors also open and they are let inside.

The perspective flashes to Reigen's optical camera as the prisoners enter the facility and walk immediately downward via steps. The steps continue on for upwards of nearly 16 minutes before stopping at an elevator. Prisoners are gathered in groups of 2 as they are forced inside the elevator and sent further downward. Reigen and another prisoner are among the last group to enter the elevator.

The 6 prisoners are then taken to a holding room immediately outside the elevator doors. They are processed one by one through Aregonyx Security. The prisoners are then provided with new orange jumpsuits and are forced through to the prison showers. They are cleaned, stripped, inspected once more, and then sent to their holding cells to change. Reigen is seen briefly passing through one of the hallway cameras, swishing something back and forth inside his mouth. Nobody detects any abnormalities.

Outside the facility, a blue 2008 Kia Rio can be seen parking in the far distance. In the car sits Adrian Fryar, who is on the phone. Adrian then opens a laptop and places it on the passenger seat, typing furiously.

Back inside the prison, Reigen has already changed into his new jumpsuit and now sits on his bed. In his hands sits a small listening device and the small EMP device provided to him earlier. He puts the listening device in his ear before suddenly jumping up from his bed and putting the EMP device back in his mouth. Shortly after, a security guard can be seen opening his cell, and he is ushered outside.

Reigen is taken to the cafeteria, where he and the other prisoners eat for approximately 20 minutes. The device in Reigen's mouth previously is no longer present. The 6 prisoners are then escorted to the inner recreation center where they stay for another hour. The local time is now 7:30 P.M., and the prisoners are sent once more to their holding cells for the remainder of the night.

Once inside his cell, Reigen walks over to the front metal bars and leans on them, peeking outside to see if any guards are patrolling nearby. After confirming that the hall is empty, Reigen looks toward the outside security camera. He winks and smiles before the feed cuts out.


>> run cmd.exe

> Command received. Opening Administrative command prompt in viewing window…

> The window has now been opened. Please input your commands below:

>> <Z:\SCIPNET\system> ping F0N71423

> Pinging host F0N71423 ( with 32 byes of data…

> Ping successful. Host responded to ping at 23:51.

>> <Z:\SCIPNET\system> locate

> Triangulating from recent data…

> Location confirmed at -30.36683, 45.81011. This device is located approximately 15 meters away from target IP.

>> <Z:\SCIPNET\system> exit

> Command received. Closing command prompt…


Knock, knock Thirteen.

Come on, I know you're hiding in there.

What? Who are you?

What do you want?

Is it not already obvious?

There are plenty of people who aren't happy with you, you know.

Especially after you tried destroying everything we've worked so hard for.

You shouldn't have been able to find me. Not inside here.

How did you figure it out?

Oh, come on. Did you really think removing our trackers from the virtual reality equipment was going to actually save you?

You should've known better Ryan.

How did you…?

Oh. I think I get it.

Do you now?

How stupid of me. No wonder nobody ever pulled the plug on you, Adrian.

Is that even your actual name? Or should I just call you Seven now?

You figured it out. How exciting.

You know, I always thought it was weird how everyone called you the "Black Rabbit."

Or how you only ever showed your face whenever there was a vacant spot on the Council.

But now I understand.

You're an omen that only shows herself once a Council seat needs to be filled.

You're on a roll today.

And what about Jakob?

Are you planning on killing him too?

Kill him? Don't be so dramatic.

Jakob is going to be your replacement.

My replacement?

How? What makes him so special?

Nothing. And that's exactly the reason why he's replacing you.

Because it doesn't take anyone special to do your job. Despite what you might believe.

And besides, it's only fair, right? Considering how you were the one who blew up his train and got him involved in this.

Look, that train was an accident.

It wasn't supposed to blow up and hurt all those people.

You of all people should know that.

Well… even if that was the case, it's not like it really matters anymore.

Why's that?

Because here in just a moment, that little electric tingle you're feeling inside your head right is going to finally kill you.

And once that killswitch activates, everyone will know that my mission here was a success.

It is a pity though. How you ended up in this position.

You won't even be able to see what happens to the old Council after you're gone.

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