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Item Number: SCP-7765

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7765 is to be stored at Site-403 within three separate standard cryogenic containment cells. Monitoring of the anomaly is to be conducted on a bi-weekly basis for the purpose of maintaining cryostasis and ensuring that no life signs or growth has occurred within SCP-7765. The cross sections created during the splitting of SCP-7765 are to be examined for possible changes.

In the event that any growth is found within or upon SCP-7765, lockdown procedures should be initiated immediately along with the interior incinerator. Site Command will be notified when the lockdown is put into place.

No biological samples are to be taken from SCP-7765 without express permission from Site Command.

Description: SCP-7765 is the remains of a large anomalous entity that has been separated into three sections (designated A, B and C) for ease of containment.

Section A has been cataloged with a mass of 58.3 tons, Section B at 27.5 tons, and Section C at 18.21 tons.

Analysis of bone structures within the remains has shown SCP-7765's resemblance to members of the dinosauria clade. The following features have been identified:

Species Resemblance Anatomical Feature Number Average Level of Functionality (based on formation)
Atrociraptor marshalli Lower legs, claws 7, 10 35%
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Lower jaw, scattered facial elongations 3, 5 11%
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus Thagomizers present on several limbs, tail esque extremity extending from Section C 12 52%
Unknown member of Ankylosauridae family Armor plating covers large portion of Section B’s external flesh, damaged in places. Indeterminate 47%
Ekrixinatosaurus novasi Teeth structures present on Section A 68 5%
Skorpiovenator bustingorryi Hind legs, nodules on sections of flesh across Sections B, C 4, Indeterminate 31%
Unknown theropod Main skull on Section A, lower jaws, front limbs 1, 4, 6 86%

Despite this, DNA analysis has shown that the genetic material of SCP-7765 matches no known sequences within Foundation databases.

After SCP-7765's initial discovery, an autopsy on the remains revealed that the entity seemed to have died from comorbid issues- suffering from pneumothorax in all lungs, advanced muscle atrophy, burst gastrointestinal systems, and severe damage to a multitude of internal structures by way of leaked stomach acids.

Discovery: The following sets of logs contain data collected during the process of SCP-7765's discovery and the events prior to its neutralization.

Discovery Log 7765.1: Initial Discovery


The recovered photograph

SCP-7765's initial discovery occurred when the following image was found in an issue of the Baring, Washington local newspaper on 1/4/2023, with a connecting excerpt:

'Dinosaur’ in Baring? Further proof?
A man from Baring snapped this terrifying photo late at night on December 6th, and submitted it to us here. These photographs are some of the first physical evidence to back up a string of monster sightings around our town! Though residents are skeptical. Is it just some hoax? Or is there perhaps some truth to these photos?

Discovery Log 7765.2: Conducted Interviews

For brevity, a majority of the Foundation conducted interviews within Baring, Washington, have been compressed and summarized in the following table:

Interviewee Date of Interview Date of Sighting Interview Summary
Ted Land 1/6/2023 11/28/2022 Recalled witnessing a strange figure within the woods while on a walk, the size of a deer but lizard-like in nature, but being “shaped wrong”. He stated that it was scratching itself against the side of a tree “really aggressively” and adds on: "I could see blood on the bark and some weird shit falling off onto the ground, it was scratching itself until it was bleeding and until there wasn’t any bark left.” The interviewee then fled the scene when the entity began to reportedly stumble away from the tree.
Caleb Davidson 1/6/2023 12/6/2022 Interviewee reported hearing loud noises coming from the woods. Upon going to investigate, he claims to have found a wounded bear. “It was covered in claw marks, at first I thought it was from a fight with another bear till I caught a glimpse of what was running away from it,” The interviewee described what he saw as “a large, long thing. Couldn’t exactly figure out its color, it was too dark.” And that it was “trailing blood behind it. Guess the bear fought it off.”
Isabelle Murphy 1/6/2023 12/14/2022 Spotted by the interviewee from the front window of her home late at night, standing over the carcass of an adult doe that had been hit and killed by a truck. She described that "It was… like- tearing it apart with its teeth?” and how “it looked bumpy and rocky (from the porch light), like it had some sort of armor.” Another note made by the interviewee is that it had supposedly limped into her yard, but upon finishing consuming the deer, it had run off into the woods.
Avery Allen 1/7/2023 12/19/2022 Interviewee complained of having lost several animals from her ranch over the course of three days, later finding footprints and sign of scuffle near her barn. The footprints were described as "long and scraping" like "something sharp was dragged across the ground". No photographs were taken of these prints.
Eli Campbell 1/7/2023 12/27/2022 Most recent sighting. Interviewee described the entity they saw as “bigger than anything” they’d ever seen. They claim to have spotted it on their drive home from work, seeing a massive shape moving between the trees. According to the interviewee, it had “more legs than any animal should”, and moved with an uneven gait. Interviewee stated they felt frightened by the entity, and did not exit their vehicle to investigate nor stop to try and get a better look. “I floored it and didn’t look back, I’ve seen enough movies to know how this shit goes.”

Due to discontinuity between interviews, it is presently unclear the nature of the anomaly (or anomalies) present within the area.

The following interview has been transcribed in full due to relevant information:

Interviewed: Quinn Muldoon

Interviewer: Dr. Maeral Wysdan

Date: 1/7/2023

Foreword: One of few individuals to claim to have had a sighting of one of the unknown entities within the woods around Baring, Washington. Quinn Muldoon was interviewed about her sighting in the town’s bar under the guise of a news report.

<Begin Log>

The faint sound of chatter from the bar is present in the recording.

Dr. Wysdan: Ahem- Hello! Are you Ms. Muldoon?

Muldoon: Eh? Oh shit- hello. Ya need somethin', ah-

Dr. Wysdan: Mx. Wysdan.

Muldoon: Pleasure to make ya acquaintance, ya seem to already know who I am. So what's it ya needin'?

Dr. Wysdan: I'm with local news, caught wind you were one of the people who had a sighting of one of the-

Muldoon: [She cuts fir off] Oh Christ's sake- if you news folks fancy yaselves monster hunters, then I ain’t saying a peep.

Dr. Wysdan: I beg your pardon?

Muldoon: Goin’ after tha’ thing, ya shouldn’t. Too many folks in this town are talkin’ bout tryin’ to track it down for some sorta glory. Don’t fuck with it, don’t-

Dr. Wysdan: [Fi interrupts] Word has it was you that shot the creature you saw, Ms. Muldoon.

Both are silent for a moment.

Muldoon: An… accident, mostly. Thought the thing was a large buck till I hit it. Deers don’t make the noises tha’ thing did.

Dr. Wysdan: My intentions aren’t to go after anything, I just want information, is that ok, ma’am?

Muldoon: …Fine.

Dr. Wysdan: Thank you. Can you tell me about your encounter?

There’s the clinking of a glass against the bar.

Muldoon: Aight… sure, yeah. It was… ah fuck- 6th of December? So a month ago. Ish. Yeah. Was out lookin’ for deer, had my rifle with me. Went North from town, ‘n jus’ went ‘long the Skykomish- the river. Prolly got ’bout half a mile from Baring when I saw it. Thought it was a deer at first cause it was crouched down, had these branchin’ horns at the head. Looked like antlers from a distance but they were… wrong. Tha’ thing wasn't right. Knew it the moment it started haulin’ ass cross the river.

A momentary pause.

Dr. Wysdan: …it did what across the river?

Muldoon: [She sighs] When I shot it- hit the side- it burst from the foliage ‘n went runnin’ for the river.

Dr. Wysdan: Oh! Oh, yes. Aight, got it. What happened from there?

Muldoon: I ducked down behind some rocks to get outta it’s line of sight, was already downwind. Thing was fast, but it had struggled a bit with the water.

Dr. Wysdan: Was the entity quadrupedal or bipedal?

Muldoon: Is there a word for both ‘a em?

Dr. Wysdan: Ah… hm- yes, there is. I think it’s facultative bipedalism?

Muldoon: I’ll take yer word for it. Cause it was both- ran through the river ‘n dragged itself onshore on all fours before standin’ up like some fuckin’… well, so far you folks at the paper like callin’ it a dinosaur.

Dr. Wysdan: Can you describe it to me?

Muldoon: Yeah, sure. Hon’stly, it sounds ridiculous to say but the closest place to start I think is somethin’ like a dinosaur. Stood almos’ like one a’ those fucks from Jurassic Park- the raptors? Was sorta shaped like one but it just… it was wrong, I dunno how else to put it. Limbs weren’t right, didn’t move right.

Dr. Wysdan: What was wrong with the animal? Could you tell?

Muldoon: I’ve seen sick animals before- chronic wasting does some fucked up shit to deer- so I can say without a shadow of a doubt that thing was sick, Mx. It wasn’t actin’ right. It didn’ look right. It didn’t lick its wounds or nothin’ after gettin’ shot. It stumbled around the shore, bleedin’, and started makin’ these loud mewling sounds. Somethin’ tha’ big shouldn’ be cryin’ out like that. Tha’s the kinda noise ya hear from a young animal callin’ out to mama. But this thing looked mature. Tha’ there beastie was sick, sick and scared.

Dr. Wysdan: Oh… what… What did it do after that? Did anything come to those cries? The sightings have varied, it’s a possibility there’s more than one of those creatures out there.

Muldoon: If there are others, they didn’ hear this one. Thing was cryin’ for several minutes before it jus’ laid down on the rocks whimperin’. Had half’a mind to put it outta its misery, but it was too far away for a clear shot- and the last thing I want is a scared animal finally seein’ what hurt it. When something like tha’ is sick it’s a coinflip on whether it’s gonna run or if it’s gonna maim ya, y’know?

Dr. Wysdan: I see. [Muttering] Poor thing.
How long was it before this animal left?

Muldoon: Dunno. Jus’ laid on the shore for a while- eventually, its head shot up like it heard somethin’. For a moment I thought it mighta heard me, but then it stumbles up to its feet and jus’… bolted North.

Dr. Wysdan: Did you hear anything?

Muldoon: Nothin’. Maybe it smelled somethin’, I dunno. Tha’ thing was odd, don’t think I’ve ever seen anythin’ like it. I hope, frankly, I never do.

Dr. Wysdan: Can’t say I blame you. But thank you, for this information ma’am. Is that everything?

Muldoon: Yeah, tha’s it. Thing burst off, haven’t seen it since. I left and jus’ went home after it happened.

There’s a rustling, likely Dr. Wysdan nodding

Dr. Wysdan: Then I’ll get outta your hair, ey? Enjoy your drink ma’am, thanks again.

Muldoon: Sure, yeah. Have a good day.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Due to the nature of the situation in Baring, and the town's isolated location, amnestics have only been utilized to cover up the existence of the photographs taken. The newspapers containing the image were confiscated.

Discovery Log 7765.3: Tracking Log

Foreword: This is the record of tracking SCP-7765. Record starts at 47°46'53.9"N 121°30'01.9"W. Due to the complexity of the task, only major events are included in this report. For a more complete record, please send a request to your site RAISA liaison.

MTF Mu-145 ("Don't Troodon Me") E Squad
Morales, Isidro - Team lead, field-analyst/strategist
Lavigne, Jean-Marc - Field medic, combat specialist
Edouard, Noah - Hunter, animal behavior specialist
Whittaker, Lesley - Combat specialist
Graves, Najeem - Hunter, tracker, lookout
Fraser, Graham - Combat trainee

<Begin Log>

E Squad, Mu-145 approaches the designated location, just Northwest of Baring, Washington - walking alongside the South Fork Skykomish River. Morales spins on their heels and turns to face the squad, walking backwards for a moment as they talk.

Morales: Alright, quick head count - everyone has what they need, yes?

There are various sounds of agreement or nods from the team as Morales scans them over.

Graves: Got the DNA tracker, you have the second- right Morales?

Morales: [They nod] That I do.

Fraser: How do those things- ah- work again? Maybe I should’ve asked this earlier but- [He descends into mumbling.]

Morales: [They take out a device, it has a screen akin to a handheld radar] It’s fairly new tech, but it'll help us find this thing. Take a small piece, load it into here, send the rest back to site to be examined and presto! We're in business! We only got two though, the tech person who handed ‘em to me was very ornery about even getting us two. New, expensive, so let’s not drop them in the woods.

Graves chuckles and gives a thumbs up.

Morales: Oh! Speaking of preparation- Whittaker? I want tasers on full charge.

Whittaker: [She sighs] Do you have to make that joke every time?

Morales: Yes, yes I do.

Fraser snickers faintly as Whittaker rolls her eyes. There's a click and a low buzzing of her activating the electrical prod.

Whittaker: We’re not even the Clever Girls!

Graves: You’re right, we’re an arguably better pun!

Whittaker groans quietly, as does Edouard.

Morales: That's the spirit, Graves! Now look alive, folks, there’s work to do. Graves, I want you to lead the second team. Take Edouard and Fraser with you, head Northward. Whittaker, Lavigne? You ladies are with me. We'll be heading West.

Graves: Got it, boss.

Lavigne nods silently.

Whittaker: Sounds good to me. We'll just have to be more careful to watch our backs, with being split up.

Morales: Of course, of course. Let's get a move on, the only thing we have to lose is daylight.

There are various sounds of agreement from Mu-145, before the two teams split off and head in their designated directions. Morales alerts Command of the split.
It should be noted that several members of MTF Mu-65 ("The Clever Girls") are overseeing as command.

Team 1- Morales, Lavigne and Whittaker- walk through the woods in relative silence, scanning the trees and bushes. Lavigne raises her head and abruptly stops.

Lavigne: You smell that?

Morales: Huh?

Lavigne: Blood. I smell blood.

Morales: Well that's a statement and a half but- [they pause] yeah, yeah now I do too.

Whittaker raises her gaze and sniffs the air, before slipping a flashlight from her belt and turning it on- starting to use the beam of light to sweep the foliage. Morales looks over.

Morales: See anything?

Whittaker: Gimme a second, [she takes a few steps forward, squints, sighs, then looks to Lavigne] where?

Lavigne: Gimme that- [Whittaker hands her the flashlight, and Lavigne starts to walk] it's close, I can tell that one. Wind keeps shifting so it's a pain in the dick-

Lavigne stops.

Lavigne: Found… something- [She crouches down, and slips on a glove from her bag to pick up an object.]

Whittaker: The hell's that?

Morales tilts their head as Lavigne comes over- in her hand is a torn off piece of flesh. There are a few pieces of scales sticking out, one flakes off.

Lavigne: Morales, this look like it's from anything in this area?

Morales: That's more a question for Edouard, but that… doesn't look right. Hold on, lemme get out the tracker.

Lavigne nods.
Morales takes out the DNA Tracker. They then use a pair of tweezers to tear off a small piece of the flesh and insert it into a slide on the side of the device. It begins to make a small whirling sound.

Morales: [They are reading the text on the screen] Calibrating, please wait.

Lavigne shifts on her feet, Whittaker moves to look over Morales' shoulder as the device scans and analyzes the sample. It begins to make a very faint, but steady beeping sound. Morales squints.

Morales: Huh… only pinging the sample.

Whittaker: Weird- can this thing zoom out?

Morales: Yeah, lemme- [They adjust a dial on the side, spinning it clockwise a few times.] …Huh.

Lavigne: What?

Morales: Nothing for 50 miles. And even that range feels overkill.

Lavigne: This… sample looks nearly fresh- the blood's coagulated but not dried. No way in hell an animal got that far in so little time.

Whittaker: Then looks like we might've found a piece of what we're looking for.

Morales: But why wouldn't it ping the tracker?

Lavigne: [She huffs] Did they hand us a piece of broken tech?

Morales: No. The sample in your hand is setting off the tracker but… nothing else is.

Whittaker: That thing keep track of the DNA sequence?

Morales nods.

Whittaker: Can we send it to command? If we can find any biological close matches it may help us in dealing with this thing when we do find it.

Morales: Good idea, I'll get on that. Lavigne- bag that sample while we're at it. We can have them pick it up, probably. Might be better than just the sequences.

Lavigne: On it.

Graves is walking alongside Fraser, Edouard is a couple meters ahead of them- but still in sight.

Fraser: Do we know how big this thing is?

Graves: Nope. None a' the reports were anywhere near consistent. That's why we're thinkin' there may be several entities.

Fraser: Oh- huh. Ok- [He glances around the trees.]

Up ahead, Edouard suddenly stops. Graves squints and picks up his pace to catch up.

Graves: What's going on-?

Edouard: Ssh- stop.

Graves closes his mouth, tilts his head. Fraser halts mid approach with a confused expression.

Graves: [In a whisper] What is it?

Edouard: Movement. I hear something. Follow me- quietly.

Graves ducks his head, and signals to Fraser to come along. The three of them quietly move forward, following Edouard's lead. As they move, faint sounds can be heard.
The distant cracking of branches or trees, growing slightly louder.

Fraser: [Whispering] Oh it's big, isn't it…

Edouard squints, and keeps moving. Roughly 200 meters from the team, movement can be seen. No clear form, but the movement of something is disturbing trees. A low series of rumbles pierces through the air.
From this point, the present members lower their voices to whispers.

Edouard: [He freezes, signaling with a hand for the others to do the same.] Stop-

Graves: Fuckin' hell- could feel that in my chest.

Fraser: What do we do?

Edouard: Get down, get low.

Graves: Let's see if it moves in a way that we can see what this thing is before we get in closer. We don't know what we're dealing with.

Edouard nods, and the three crouch low in the foliage- watching the continued movement.
After approximately two minutes, there's a sudden and louder snapping- and the sounds increase in frequency, a more high pitched noise is heard- before suddenly beginning to grow far fainter.

Edouard: [In a whisper, seemingly to himself] Why are you going so fast..? What scared you?

Graves: Shit. It's moving away-

Fraser: Would it leave tracks? Maybe we can find those?

Edouard nods, he pushes himself up to his feet with a grunt. He offers a hand to Graves to help him up, he takes it with a nod. Fraser stumbles up on his own.
The team begins to move, heading towards the location where the noises and disturbance had been heard from.

Fraser: There! I see something in the dirt-

Graves: Good eye kid-

They pick up speed, approaching the markings that Fraser had spotted.
There are fallen twigs and leaves, as well by large marks in the soil. They partially resemble tracks of some clawed animal, accompanied by long and deep grooves- as though something was dragged.

Fraser: What the- are these tracks..?

Edouard: [He crouches down] Something's off with them.

Graves: Almost looks like more than one set- were they dragging something?

Edouard: Possibly.

Fraser: Freaky- maybe it was something they hunted? Like as a pack?

Edouard nods, and stands back up.

Graves: Let's follow these, perhaps we can catch up to the things.

Edouard: Good plan.

Preliminary Field Analysis Report

Collected by Jean-Marc Lavigne at approximately 47°47'02.5"N 121°31'04.6"W on 1/8/2023
Samples Collected:
Organic Material:
A singular sample of flesh found within the woods North of Barring, Washington.

Biomass: 0.22 kg of organic material from an unidentified anomalous entity harvested from the woods surrounding Barring, Washington.

Sample was subjected to DNA sequencing and analysis by staff at Site-403. It was discovered, after undergoing several tests, that the recovered sample matches no known animal or organism that has been placed in the Foundation's genealogical archives nor general records of genetic material.
Possibility of the sample being contaminated is unknown, further tests are pending.


Edouard: There's something on the ground ahead.

Fraser looks up from the tracks the group is following, Graves squints.

Graves: Looks like- skin?

Fraser: Eugh-

Graves and Edouard both approach the piece. It's grey, reasonably fresh looking. It lays at the outskirts of a clearing in the woods, some of the trees are broken or damaged.
Edouard bats away a fly with his hand as he slips on a glove to pick it up.

Edouard: [He turns to Graves] Load it into the tracker. Could be helpful.

Fraser: It's smack dab in the middle of these tracks…

Graves: Alright, I'll load a piece in- can you get the motion detector up and running while I'm at it?

Edouard: On it.

Graves loads a small piece of he sample into the tracker, and calibrates the device as Edouard activates a different device. The DNA tracker begins to make a faint beeping sound as it scans.

Graves: We got a ping but… somethin's up. It's faint, but the radar is indicating it's right in the clearing…

Fraser: That doesn't sound right.

Graves: No, it doesn't.

Graves begins to walk into the small clearing, Edouard and Fraser follow behind. Graves glances around, then down at the device- trying to find the source.

Fraser: If it's pinging the tracker- shouldn't it… be here?

Edouard: It's quiet.

Fraser: Can animals not be quiet?

Edouard makes a noise, almost uncomfortable- he places down the motion detector and glances around. He makes a barely audible mutter:

Edouard: This place smells nasty.

Graves: I don't get it- why ain't this thing working..?

The steady beeping from the DNA tracker grows louder as Graves turns a few dials- trying to work it better- and the motion detector starts to ping.

Fraser: What's that?

Edouard: Something's moving.

The motion detector screams to life, and the audio grows louder abruptly as the clearing erupts with movement and the sounds of countless wings.

Morales' radio activates.

Command: Morales, this is command, do you read?

Whittaker and Lavigne look over.

Morales: Yup, what's going on? Something wrong?

Command: We've been scanning the area over on the satellite for the past hour or so, and found something that may be of importance.

Morales: Oh?

Command: Roughly two or three clicks North of the town we've spotted an unidentified building. Ran it past webcrawlers and found nothing on it- no zoning, no license- no online evidence that it even should be there. Let alone what it is. Due to its proximity to the town, it's something that's caught our attention as possibly important.

Whittaker: [She approaches Morales to be audibly heard by Command] Do you want us to investigate?

Lavigne: I hope so. That's probably be a better lead then stumbling around the woods blind for another hour…

Command: Yes. Regroup with the rest of the team, and head to that location as soon as you can. We'll be sending the coordinates post-haste.

Morales: On it, thank you. I'll contact Team 2 and tell 'em the sitch'.

The source of the commotion is sighted to have been a flock of birds, judging by coloration and size from body cameras, they are either ravens or crows.
Fraser had ducked down, he now raises his head as the others speak.

Edouard: Just birds, jesus christ-

Graves: Fuckin' hell, full a' birds and smellin' like shit. [He shakes out his head.]

Edouard: …cause they were eating something.

Fraser: Huh?

Edouard: Scavengers. Whole place smells of death- [Edouard clicks on his flashlight, he raises it up to the trees] -and no wonder.

Graves and Fraser both look up, clicking on their own lights.
Many branches of above trees are broken or snapped, while others appear to have greyish, pale flesh caught on them. Some pieces half eaten by birds, but decently fresh. The bark of some trees drip with blood from these torn off fragments.

Graves: So tha's why the tracker was freakin' out… but why the hell wasn't it pinging all of these?

Fraser: Is it broken?

Graves: Can't be, I tested it before arrival. Something isn't right with these samples. [He looks down at the DNA tracker, squinting.] Lemme try and get a sample from one of these other chunks.

Edouard slips out a combat knife and approaches one of the trees, scraping a chunk of grey-ish flesh from the bark. Graves walks over so that he can load that sample into the tracker.
The tracker's screen lights up, similar to earlier, the pinging is muffled and faint- as though the tracker is experiencing a glitch or bug. The only clear ping is the rest of the scrap on Edouard's knife.

Graves: It's pingin' the sample, and a lil bit of another piece or two up that tree but… nothin' else here.

Fraser: But that doesn't make sense! Why would the DNA be so different?

Edouard: …what if it's changing.

Fraser: Huh?

Edouard: There's… only been one entity spotted at a time, but each time it looks different. These samples aren't fully working with the tracker. It's like a trail that's fading off.

Graves: Are you suggesting this thing is like… mutating?

Edouard: Rapidly.

Fraser: That sounds bad-

Edouard: It may be, if something like that evolves around anything thrown at it, it could become incredibly dangerous.

Graves: Then we gotta find a way to track this damn thing down-

Graves' radio sputters to life, he picks it up.

Graves: This is Graves, over.

Morales: Yo- there's been a change of plans. We just got word from command that there's an unidentified structure due North, they want us to check it out. It may have some connection to this thing. Make your way back to the river, we'll meet you there. Over.

Fraser: [To Graves, quietly] Well ask and ye shall receive…

Graves: Got it, captain. I'll fill ya in on our findings when we rendezvous. Over. [He returns the radio to his hip] Alright, let's get back to the river, c'mon-

Fraser follows Graves as he quickly turns on his heel and begins to head back. Edouard lingers briefly.
Edouard's eyes trail to the large tracks on the forest floor, he raises his compass and watches the needle.
It should be noted that the tracks are heading North.
<End Log>

Exploration Log 7765.1

Foreword: This is a document detailing the investigation conducted within a previously unidentified building about 1.24 miles North of the town of Baring, Washington. The recording starts at 47°48'36.7"N 121°29'12.9"W, roughly two minutes before entry.

MTF Mu-145 ("Don't Troodon Me") E Squad
Morales, Isidro - Team lead, field-analyst/strategist
Lavigne, Jean-Marc - Field medic, combat specialist
Edouard, Noah - Hunter, animal behavior specialist
Whittaker, Lesley - Combat specialist
Graves, Najeem - Hunter, tracker, lookout
Fraser, Graham - Combat trainee

<Begin Log>

MTF Mu-145 is approaching the designated location, the group speaking quietly with one another as they do so.

Fraser: How come- how come they're sending us to check this out? I mean I'm not complaining it's better than the woods but like… why?

Graves: Close enough to everythin' that's been happenin' to be suspicious, probably.

Morales: I'd been thinking about that too while we were walking, honestly. I'm half expecting to just find something rundown, I dunno.

Edouard: This is all very strange.

Lavigne: Oh gee I wonder why. [She rolls her eyes] Not like we're doing normal work here.

Edouard: [He huffs] I don't mean like that. Not general- something about all this it's… mm.

Graves: It's what?

Whittaker: Spit it out.

Graves: Don't be rude.

Edouard is quiet for a few moments longer, before raising his head.

Edouard: I looked over the other documents relating to the anomaly before we left. Noticed something.

Whittaker: And that is?

Edouard: Weird consistencies. The sightings were all the Northside of town, it's always night, and the sightings seem to always be once a week- which is honestly the strangest.

Fraser: Wait really? Once a week?

Lavigne: But there were several sightings on the 6th. The image aside, two other people spotted it then. Doesn't that break the pattern?

Edouard: Not necessarily.

Morales: Were the depictions all consistent? If not, then maybe that breaks the pattern- but if it's the same thing than… than that's just odd.

Edouard: [He shakes his head] I don't think they were consistent.

Graves: It's odd in general, hon'stly. Edouard's right, this is strange.

Lavigne: What, do you think this is something deliberate?

Edouard: Don't know. Maybe it's just a creature of habit, maybe there's something else happening.

Morales: So maybe a mysterious building in the middle of nowhere has some connection.

Edouard: The tracks were in this direction.

Morales: Well that bodes well. [They glance down at a device at their wrist] We're approaching the location, keep an eye out gang.

Lavigne: I smell smoke.

Morales: Oh well that's the first good sign.

Whittaker: I smell it too- not burning trees, either.

Fraser: Uh oh-

Morales' furrows their brow, they signal to the team- MTF Mu-145 begins to move quicker, crossing through the trees and into a small clearing, the building is now in sight.

It's large, concrete walls- half constructed into the side of a hill. The entire front of the building is collapsed and damaged, some smoke billows from a larger hole, and a few scattered gaps in the rubble.

Lavigne: Well I'll be damned.

Graves: Think it's safe enough to try 'n get in through one of those gaps? There's smoke.

Morales: Let's find out.

Morales approaches closer to the rubble- a sidewall slightly more intact than the front- and crouches down to stare through one of the lower gaps.

Morales: Place is torn to hell and back, but I see space through there- smoke's only at the top, fire ain't at this spot just yet. We'll be safe to head through, but get out your respirators I don't want anyone passing out on me.

The members of MTF Mu-145 all equipt given respirators, before one-by-one entering the building through the gap in the rubble.

They emerge into the remains of a hallway, the smoke from a current unseen fire has stained the walls black. The ceiling is heavily torn and damaged- tile ripped out of place, lights shattered and wires dangling down.

Whittaker: Oi! Mind the wires, some of them might be live.

The others nod, crouching down. Fraser makes a worried noise, glancing up above him.

Morales: Let's head down this hall, be on the lookout for fire.

They signal for the team to follow. It's quiet in the building aside from the crunching of rubble underfoot, and a faint crackling sound. When the team emerges into a larger room. It has three other hallways branching from it; one of which has been collapsed. It's on the opposite side of the room as the MTF, and the surrounding area is heavily damaged. The walls torn, ceiling damaged. The source of the fire is found here too. It burns against the remains of what might have been furniture and a carpet- tucked between two of the hallways in a corner. The linoleum of the rest of the room's floors, and the brick of the wall, seemed to have prevented it from spreading further. The smoke has stained large portions of the room.

Fraser: [He coughs, shakes out his head] Well- least it isn't a big fire.

Whittaker: Fuckin' hell it almost looks like someone firebombed this place.

Morales: Well, something certainly tore through here.

Graves: Ya think it might've been the anomalies? Or anomaly-?

Morales: Got nothing else to blame, currently. So it's most likely.

Edouard glances between the two intact hallways, scans the walls briefly. He pauses and approaches the hallway on the right, brushing some soot away from a plaque on the wall. Graves looks over and tilts his head.

Graves: What's that, Edouard?

Edouard: Hall labels. 'Research and Development', 'Testing', 'Department Head' and 'Containment'.

Fraser: Containment? This isn't a Foundation site.

Lavigne: Foundation didn't invent the word, honey.

Whittaker: Still worrying, regardless. If they've got shit contained here.

Edouard: May want to switch that to past tense.

Whittaker: Ehh, tomayto-tomahto.

Graves: So we've either found a whole new problem, or somethin' even more concernin'- because frankly I don't like the implications- if the anomaly we've been looking for is something that was held here. The fuck were they doing, considering it kept on getting out?

Whittaker: [She looks around] Dunno if it's a good thing or a bad thing that this place is totaled…

Morales: Not sure Graves, but maybe we can find out if that part of this place isn't totalled.

Edouard: Are we gonna head down this way?

Morales: What's the other hall?

Whittaker slips over to the other side of the room, checking the plaque.

Whittaker: Looks like offices, bathroom, cafeteria. Basic staff shit- everything we're looking for is probably down the other way.

Morales nods.

Morales: Then let's make haste. If these people have information on the anomaly, it could be indispensable to figuring out what's going on.

MTF Mu-145 moves down the hallway, these part of the building is not as damaged as the previous room- though cracks are present along the walls, along with damage along the ceiling. The ceiling begins to rise, and the team approaches a door labeled with "Containment". The door is unlocked when Morales turns the handle, and pushes it open.

The team enters the room, it's small and contains a table. There is observational equipment, and a electronic pad resting on a table Within this room is a large glass window, stretching along the side of the wall. Past the window is a concrete room- it is mostly featureless, aside from another window higher up on the opposite side, and a gate on the side. The concrete floor and walls have scratches and marks on the inside. A far corner corner has a thin, messy pile of pressed-down straw.

Edouard: Claw marks on the concrete.

Whittaker: Well, there definitely was something in here. Looks like your standard containment unit.

Fraser: Doesn't look too big. That bodes well, right?

Graves: Maybe, least it means that it maybe only held one animal. Looks like a nest in the corner there.

Lavigne approaches the table, examining it's contents. She glances up at the containment unit.

Lavigne: Seems they were keeping a close eye on this, I see cameras in every top corner.

Graves: What's on the pad?

Lavigne picks it up, scans it over. Luckily, there is no password and she is able to access its contents.

Lavigne: These are test logs. Kinda shoddily written but it's mostly dates. All look recent.

Morales: What kind of tests?

Lavigne: Listed as "Exposure Tests", this page here looks like some sort of schedule.

Edouard moves over, he peaks over Lavigne's shoulder.

Edouard: Wait… I recognize those dates.

Whittaker: Heh?

Edouard: Look- December 14th, 19th, 27th - are the same dates people sighted the anomaly.

Lavigne: They were letting it out.

Edouard: That's why there was consistency.

Fraser: Why were they testing it?

Whittaker: [She shrugs] Not sure, maybe same reason Foundation does? To learn? Though the Foundation doesn't let shit run amok in the woods the way these people have.

Lavigne: As I said. Shoddy.

Morales looks to a drawer on the desk, they open it up and shift through.

Morales: More papers, these are older- seems the first dated one here is… mid last year by the looks of things? [Morales picks up a paper, begins to read from it] "Subject growth has begun, and progressing at a steady rate. She's lasted longer than past attempts, we've got our fingers crossed she'll make it through gestation."

Whittaker: They grew it in a test tube? Fuck me.

Fraser: Does it say why?

Whittaker: What are the other papers, Morales?

Morales: Notes, written down observations mostly. Behaviors, mostly. They'd give it things and write down what it did. Looks like they kept on trying to push specific reactions out of it. Sometimes through violence, sometimes general stimulation.

Edouard's face twists as Morales continues, but he says nothing.

Morales: One note here mentions using taser prods and noting behavior till they stopped having an effect on it. Though some of the tests were more tame- so it's a bit odd. Like this one: [They are reading from a paper] "The subject was provided with a rubber ball, rolled into the containment through the gate. Subject was initially startled, before began to nudge it around for roughly 3 minutes, before bringing it back to her nest and began to chew on it. Marks from the teeth are to be measured to monitor growth and strength. It seems she may be developing a hunting drive." there's an afterword about providing it with more things to chew on to encourage jaw strength and growth.

Fraser: That's a weird way to say 'it played with a ball'.

Lavigne: Eh, guess they wanted to make it sound scientific.

Fraser: Still weird. Why go from giving it toys to shocking it? What do they want? Or is this just standard for 'fucked up science'?

Whittaker: Maybe. Anything else on this thing?

Morales: Seems they kept it in this containment unit while it matured. [They pause, picks up a paper and begins to read from it with a quizzical look] "Greater changes to her physiology have been observed- more than the last few days. Her body is starting to quickly change. She is truly a spectacle to behold in movement, watching the growths take hold."

Graves: Changing? Wait, shit- Edouard, remember what you-

Edouard: Yeah. Looks like that's confirmation.

Graves ducks his head in a nod.

Morales: Wonder if the exposure tests were to try and prompt more growth. Only so much a thing can change to adapt to a concrete box and isolated elements thrown in its face.

Lavigne: Would make sense. Judging by all the sightings it worked. Never looked really the same between the times people were seein' it.

Morales: [They dig through the papers, before holding one up] The most recent note is from roughly the 27th of December, they had to move it to a bigger container. So there's another unit in here somewhere.

Whittaker: Maybe we can find it.

Morales: There were some halls own the way from here, we can check them out.

Moving away from the containment unit, the team comes to a new cross-section of halls. One to the left, one to the right. After a few moments of debate, the team heads down the right hallway.

Morales: [Reading the label upon the wall] Department head- that door down that way might be to the office of whoever was in charge of this place.

Whittaker: Let's check it out then.

Morales nods, and the team moves down the hallway. The door appears jammed, when Morales first tries it- but the combined effort of them and Graves manages to force it open.

If not for the labelings within the hall and upon the door, the heavy damage to the room would've made it difficult to determine the room as an office. The glass window that appears to overlook the previously seen mid-sized containment room is shattered, a fallen steel beam splits the room- having crushed the desk and destroyed large swaths of the wall. Papers are scattered across the floor, torn, damaged, dirty.
Morales kneels down and begins to sift through the paper.

Morales: If there's information about what the hell this thing is, or why they made it, it's here.

Whittaker: [She moves to join them in searching] If it hasn't been totalled like the rest of this place.

After approximately a minute of the two sorting through and looking over the papers towards the rooms entrance, Lavigne enters the room- leaving Graves, Edouard and Fraser outside keeping watch. She paces an open portion of it near the destroyed remains of the desk, staring down and scanning the papers. Roughly a few seconds later, she pauses, squints, and crouches down.

Whittaker looks up.

Whittaker: Find something, Lav?

Lavigne: Maybe. And what did I tell you 'bout calling me that?

Whittaker snickers. Lavigne gives a tired chuckle before her expression shifts, eyes scanning across the paper she's since picked up. Morales and Whittaker both note the change.

Morales: What is it?

Lavigne: Somethin' fucking labeled with an MC&D stamp. [She flicks a corner of the paper with a disdainful look].

Whittaker: Eugh.

Morales: That may be something- is it a funding thing? Wouldn't be surprised if they were backing a place like this.

Lavigne: No, it ain't funding. This is a work order. I think we've found why they made our little beastie.

Morales: They commissioned it?

Lavigne nods.

Lavigne: [She continues to scan it over] Whole lotta money went into that thing, I'll tell you that. Technology here all seemed experimental, or just straight up utilizing anomalous means. Mu-200 is gonna have one hell of a time combing through here for all the shit. And-

There's a pause, Lavigne squints at the page.

Lavigne: Oh fuck me.

Whittaker: Why.

Morales tilts their head.

Lavigne: [She is reading from the paper] "The following order is to issue the creation, raising, and training of a biologically engineered fauna for militaristic and combat scenarios". It's a goddamn bioweapon. No wonder those testing logs were tracking its capabilities so closely.

Morales sucks in a breath.

Whittaker: Well ain't that fucking peachy!

Her exclamation gets the attention of the three remaining team members outside, who now stand by the doorway and listen. Graves frowns, Edouard seems to bare his teeth with a brief flash of anger. Fraser shifts nervously and watches.

Morales: So that's why they kept on letting it out too, kept pushing it. They wanted to turn it to a weapon.

Graves: Push it hard enough and eventually it'll turn violent. Or into somethin' deadly enough for their purposes.

Morales: Exactly.

Edouard: Poor thing…

Whittaker: We gotta find this thing, now. If this thing is still here we gotta get to it before it gets back out and raises hell.

Edouard: Then let's keep following the ruins. By the looks if it, she tore through here. She may still be here.

Whittaker: If she is, she's damn quiet!

Lavigne: That's a good trait in a weapon.

Fraser: And a fucking terrifying statement!

Morales: All the more reason to be careful, [They push themselves up to their feet] perhaps the best way to try and find the anomaly is to just follow the damage it left.

Graves: Portions are collapsed, but it may be possible.

Morales: Then let's get to it.

The team leaves the office, and retraces back towards the hallway connecting to the containment unit- this time electing to taking the left hallway, heading down alongside the unit until reaching a turn.

This turn enters them into a far larger hall then the others- with higher ceilings and wider walls. There's a large collection of collapsed rubble to the left, but to the right the hallway continues; partially torn open- appearing to have sustained less damage aside from the floor and ceiling showing deep gouges. A large metal gate, closed, is to the right.

Whittaker: There's the containment gate, I think.

Fraser: Huh- guess they were using this hall to like… move it?

Whittaker nods.

Whittaker: Probably isn't as damaged because the thing could fit through here.

Morales: Let's keep down this hall then, maybe it kept the anomaly going in a path of least resistance instead of tearing holes in the walls.

The team begins to move down the hallway, it begins to show more damage. The claw marks growing more frequent, pieces of fallen off flesh begin to be seen, bits of flaked off dark scales stick to some of them. It's all accompanied by blood, drawn across the ground in a continuous, large trail.

Whittaker: Forget I said it isn't as damaged. God damn, our little friend definitely was the one that tore through here.

Lavigne: Little?

Fraser: Oh what the hell-

Morales: Why does this thing keep falling apart like this..?

Graves: Well- it was designed to rapidly evolve, right? Maybe it… I dunno sheds unneeded stuff?

Edouard stares silently down at the blood as they continue.

Lavigne: That would make sense- though those testing logs back from that containment unit never mentioned anything about it shedding.

Whittaker: Recent development?

Graves: Considerin' this thing? Wouldn't be surprised…

Lavigne also glances down at the blood.

Lavigne: These are drag marks, might've hurt itself tearing through here. Or that's a side effect from the 'shedding'. Freshness of this all bodes quite well.

Morales: Sarcasm or..?

Lavigne: Depends on how gung-ho you are about finding this anomaly. These marks dictate it might've started to slow down, look ahead- there's a larger staining before the drag marks continue. It was taking breaks.

Morales: Let's see if we can catch up, then.

Graves furrows his brow, he glances at Edourd for a moment.
At one of the pieces of fallen off flesh, Graves pauses and stares at it, seeming to think before crouching down. It prompts Edouard to stop and look over, followed by a few of the others.

Graves loads a sample of what can now be presumed is SCP-7765 into the DNA tracker, and begins to calibrate the device.

Whittaker: Graves, what are you doing? This thing hasn't worked with our trackers, I doubt it'll work now-

The DNA tracker begins to make a steady, louder than before, pinging sound. There's a pause of silence from the team, Whittaker tenses and stares at Graves as he raises his head.

Graves: Well… somethin' changed.

Morales darts over to Graves' side, peering at the device. The radar screen displays a large collection of pings at it's northern edge.

Fraser: We- we're sure they made one of these things, right? Just the one?

Lavigne: One can hope.

Fraser: Ah-

Morales is silent for a few moments, staring at the radar. He then raises his head and silently signals the team to start moving again.

Graves: There's a piece up ahead, away from the large concentration.

Lavigne: Yeah, I think I see it.

At a bend in the hall, a storage closet's walls had been torn away. Several large white canisters of an unidentified substance are scattered along the floor. Majority are broken open, the floor is covered by frost. Laying amongst the canisters is a large, frozen piece of flesh. A limb, with three clawed fingers, juts from it.

Edouard: I think that's the biggest piece yet.

Fraser: That-that's an arm.

Lavigne: Great observation, kid. [She approaches it, scans it over] Liquid nitrogen, must've cracked these open and lost the limb to 'em.

Whittaker: Huh- thing tears this whole lab without much injury- least at the beginning, but some liquid nitrogen sheers off its flesh?

Morales stares at it for a few moments, then grabs one of the intact canisters and hoists it over their shoulder.

Whittaker: What are you gonna do with that? Throw it at the thing?

Morales: Maybe! Seemed to have done something to it. A slim chance of it working again is still a chance.

Whittaker: Mm.

Graves: Got a point with that, I suppose.

Lavigne: How close are we, Graves?

Graves: Very, I think the hallway ends just beyond this turn, large room maybe? There's… a lot of pings. Big circle.

Lavigne: Oh boy.

Morales: Any of them moving?

Graves: No. They all seem still.

Morales blinks. Edouard again glances down at the blood upon the floor as they walk, taking the turn of the hallway.

Whittaker: Ohhhh… that's a bigass doorway-

The team enters a room through the remains of two massive metal gates, which have since been torn off their hinges and lay on the inside of the room. Like the hall, the concrete floor is gouged by deep grooves- marred by blood and pieces of fallen off flesh. The room itself is large, circular. Estimations from footage place its diameter at roughly 30 meters. The concrete has sustained damage, but not as much as the halls leading to here.

The claw marks here look older.

Laying collapsed in the center of this room is a mass of tangled flesh, limbs, and bone. It spans nearly the entirety of the ground, sprawled out haphazardly. Blood and viscera splatters the floor and walls, stains gashes in the flesh carved by ribs and teeth.
It is motionless.

This is SCP-7765.

Morales: Is it… dead..?

Whittaker: I don't know weather to be damn grateful, or be mad I was getting tense over a corpse.

Lavigne narrows her eyes, scanning over the anomalys mass.

Lavigne: Fuckin' hell, it's huge.

Edouard approaches SCP-7765, watching it carefully. He steps over a tail-like structure, avoiding the sharp spurs jutting from it. An eye embedded in the flesh is glassy.

Graves: Edouard, be careful-

Edouard: I am…

Carefully, Edouard places a gloved hand against a section of undamaged, black scales. There's silence, for a moment.

Edouard: Not breathing, not moving. I think it is dead.

Whittaker: I feel like I can see why just by looking at it. It's all torn open, you'd think a Sarkic sunk its claws into this thing with all these growths.

Edouard pauses, his eyes widen briefly and he looks up to the anomaly again.

Edouard: Rapid evolution…

Whittaker: Heh?

Morales: Fuck. The reports. This thing was built to change, and fast. Guess there was no… no genetic off-switch for when it "peaked", so to speak. So it just kept going and going and going.

Edouard: 'till she couldn't go any further.

Graves: So it basically turned cancerous? For all intents and purposes? Trying to regrow things it already had?

Graves gestures towards the top of SCP-7765, where the bones from at least two entangled spinal cords are visible and jutting from the flesh.

Morales: Yeah. No natural animal can be this big. Its own weight must've crushed it.

Lavigne: God damn. Thing probably suffocated. Or just… fell apart completely. I can't even tell if half this shit is even connected to it anymore.

Whittaker walks alongside SCP-7765's body, scanning it up and down.

Whittaker Wonder why it broke back into this place, why not book it and stay in the woods?

Graves: It's almost like it came here to die… y'know, like how elephants have graveyards?

Edouard: This lab is probably all she ever knew, only place of consistent food and shelter. All the damage is frantic. Perhaps she knew she was dying.

Graves: …and came to the only place i-she associated with safety?

Edouard nods.

Edouard: Possibly.

Fraser: Well that's… huh. That's kinda sad.

Morales frowns.

Edouard: At the end of the day, she was just an animal. Guess the people here didn't account for that when they tried to make a weapon.

Lavigne: Whelp, seems they paid for it. This place is in ruins- wouldn't be surprised if the Foundation knocks it down fully once we're done here.

Whittaker has moved to the other side of the room, scanning along the length of SCP-7765. She has come to stop near a head-like structure, with several split open lower jaws extending from it. The eyes here too, are glassy and lifeless.

Whittaker: We should call command, tell 'em it's dead- send in the cleanup and containment equipment to get this thing.

Morales nods, reaching for his communications.
Graves deactivates the DNA tracker.

Graves: Guess when she was gettin' so close to death, things didn't change as much. Set off the tracker enough.

Fraser: Do you think it could- like- come back? Can you evolve around being dead?

Graves: That's what calling containment is for, this is in Mu-200's hands now. LAVIGNE! How fresh is the body?

Lavigne looks over from her position, now standing with Whittaker. She has to raise her voice due to the distance.

Lavigne: Fresh! Livor mortis hasn't set in, nothings colgulated.

Graves: All the more reason to call containment.

Fraser: So it could come back?

Graves: Dunno, but jus' cause it's braindead don't mean all it's cells have died. So it could, if we ain't careful.

Graves glances at the liquid nitrogen container Morales had brought, and since rested upon the floor.

Graves: Suppose we at least know something may work in keeping the remains.

Fraser ducks his head in a nod, glancing over at the remains of SCP-7765. Morales finishes communications with command, and looks to the team.

Morales: Two-hundred's on their way, they'll be here shortly. Command's given the OK to head on out.

Graves: Sounds good, capt'n.

Fraser: Oh thank god.

Morales signals for Whittaker and Lavigne to come back over. Graves moves and puts a hand on Edouard's shoulder, who'd been quietly staring at SCP-7765 with a somber look. Edouard sighs lightly and looks up at him, before both of them begin to move as Morales calls for the team to start to make their leave.

<End Log>

Afterword: MTF Mu-200 "Leave No Trace" would successfully arrive at location within the hour. SCP-7765's remains would be cut into three sections in order to remove it from the building, and for ease of containment. The building has been set for demolition under the guise of being abandoned.
Investigations revolving around the individual responsible for SCP-7765's creation, known only as "Lockwood", are undergoing.

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