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Item #: SCP-7760

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All remaining 40 instances of SCP-7760 are currently stored within high-security anomalous document containers within Site-19. All personnel accessing any SCP-7760 instance must have completed Level 4 tactile cognitohazard training, and be equipped with standard-issue anti-tactile cognitohazard equipment. Use and/or testing of any SCP-7760 instance requires direct approval of both the Site Director and the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-7760 consists of a set of 46 40 playing cards. The cards are printed on a typical cardstock of the mid-19th century using an otherwise non-anomalous combination of inks. No manufacturer label or mark is printed on any SCP-7760 instance.

SCP-7760's effects occur when an individual makes direct skin contact with any instance of SCP-7760. Upon contact, causality and probability are altered through an unknown mechanism1, causing the individual to experience increased negative life events. These events include but are not limited to:

  • Occurrence of traumatic/accidental injuries.
  • Onset of chronic/terminal disease.
  • Significant personal monetary loss and other financial hardships.
  • Dissolution of stable social connections and relationship loss.
  • Occurrence of natural disasters in areas of residence.
  • Death.

The magnitude of this effect is directly proportional to the duration of contact with SCP-7760 and the value of the SCP-7760 instance contacted. Instances of SCP-7760 traditionally holding higher value in western card games (ie, Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, etc) have been noted to cause more severe effects2. No difference in effect has been noted between SCP-7760's different suits. Additionally, SCP-7760's effects appear to be cumulative. Individuals exposed to SCP-7760 multiple times, or multiple individuals exposed to SCP-7760 simultaneously, have been observed to receive more severe effects.

Testing has revealed that anomalies that similarly alter causality are capable of negating SCP-7760's effect. Anomalies tested include:

Likewise, testing has revealed that the effects of an SCP-7760 instance are transferred to any document in which at least 20 micrograms of an instance of SCP-7760 is embedded, with this effect terminating upon removal of the instance fragment. Proposals to create additional instances of SCP-7760 for testing purposes are currently approved on a case-by-case basis.

Addendum 7760-A: Discovery

SCP-7760 was first brought into Foundation containment in 1990, following a series of defections of Pentagram6 operatives. Recovered documentation from Pentagram records indicates SCP-7760 was originally discovered in Deadwood, South Dakota by ASCI7 agents in 1879 following the town's destruction. It is unknown to what extent the ASCI utilized SCP-7760 during the period that followed, as such records were lost during the assimilation of multiple ASCI assets by the Pentagram.

SCP-7760 was utilized extensively by Pentagram operatives throughout the Cold War, where it was deployed as a cognitohazard against US targets both domestically and abroad. The extent of this utilization resulted in the full consumption of six SCP-7760 instances during this time8, with only 46 SCP-7760 instances surviving upon Foundation acquisition.

Attempts to determine which, if any, historical events are potentially due to the United States government's utilization of SCP-7760 are ongoing. Records suggest the highest utilization of SCP-7760 within the Soviet Union and its allies occurred between February 1960 - October 1962 as well as December 1980 - April 1986. Successful containment of several SCP-7760 fragments located throughout the former Soviet Union shortly after the Foundation's acquisition of SCP-7760 lends credence to these reports. Pentagram records also suggest high domestic use upon political targets within the United States between March 1963 - November 1963, as well as June 1979 - May 1981, though these accounts remain unverified.

Addendum 7760-B: Object Class Update

As of March 3rd, 2010, following successful utilization of SCP-7760 instances by MTFs Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers"), Delta-5 ("Front Runners"), Iota-10 ("Damn Feds"), Lambda-14 ("One Star Reviewers"), Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders"), and Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") within field operations, SCP-7760's object class has been updated to Thaumiel.

Field utilization has included, but has not been limited to:

  • Inclusion of SCP-7760 particles within letters and other correspondence.
  • Embedding SCP-7760 particles into business cards offered via front companies.
  • Embedding SCP-7760 particles into clothing tags of PoIs.
  • Deployment of SCP-7760 particulate into GoI building filtration systems9.

Due to the increased MTF operative turnover since 1995, training in the tactical use of SCP-7760 is offered on an as-needed basis.

Addendum 7760-C: Incident SCP-7760-16

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