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Item #: SCP-776

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The die is to be kept suspended on a plastic pedestal on one of its sides. Researchers are required to wear heat and electrical protected HAZMAT suits when handling 776. D-class personal have been denied access to similar protective wear.

Description: SCP-776 is a six-sided die with a dark grey metallic surface, with several symbols etched into the surface in place of numbers or the same symbols to signify numbers.

The symbols are respectively:

- One lightning bolt in a bright white colour.
- Two snowflakes in light blue.
- Three tear drops in dark blue.
- Four brown ragged circles, possibly symbolising stones.
- Five red ragged tear drops, possibly symbolising fire.
- Six waving lines that are side by side, possibly symbolising wind.

Rolling a one causes an electrical charge to burst out of the die, covering a six foot area. Those not wearing protective gear are exposed to a charge with high voltage, but low amperage; causing little more than an uncomfortable contraction of muscles for those caught.

It should also be noted that the die retains a charge after a one has been rolled, causing the next person to pick it up to be hit with the same sort of charge.

Rolling a two causes water surrounding the die to immediately freeze. The die becomes cold to the touch.

Rolling a three causes a large amount of water to pour from the die, measured at 5 litres per second for 5 minutes. The die seems to treat water as a solid surface and can be rolled on it as if the water were a table or similar. However, after a three has been rolled, the die is prohibited from being rolled after incident 1A.

Rolling a four causes a minute scale earthquake to occur, usually affecting a 6 foot area. Measurements on the Richter scale have ranged from 3.2 to 7.8. Stronger quakes are theorized.

Rolling a five causes five large fireballs to be launched from the face-up sides of the die, in the directions that they are facing. The die becomes incredibly hot after a five has been rolled (measured at 200 degrees centigrade ten minutes after the die has been rolled).

Rolling a six causes a large tornado to emanate from the die. Wind speeds have been clocked at 400 kilometres per hour, and are incredibly destructive. After the first rolling, 776 was moved to an air-tight, protected room.

Incident 1A:

After rolling a three, D-class personnel then rolled a two. Three D-class personnel had to be dug from the ice and have treatment for minor frostbite to their toes and feet. One D-class subject died instantly whilst having his head underwater looking for personal effects dropped.

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