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Item #: SCP-7755

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7755 is stored within Locker-713 in the Non-Volatile Anomalous Object storage room of Site-48. Testing requires approval from two Level 4 researchers.

Subjects who own or regularly interact with rabbits are barred from exposure to the anomaly.

Description: SCP-7755 is a severed rabbit's foot. When in the physical possession of a person, SCP-7755 creates probabilistically unlikely occurrences that benefit the individual in question. SCP-7755 exhibits a secondary anomalous property in which all species of rabbit will acquire a hostile disposition towards the individual when in their presence.

Initial Testing: SCP-7755's probability manipulation properties were thoroughly tested and determined to be identical to numerous other anomalies within Foundation custody.1 As such, the focus of this file is to document the object's secondary properties. Subject D-7331 was given SCP-7755 and exposed to various rabbits in order to determine any difference in reactions between species.

Test 1
Species European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Result The rabbit displayed body language typical of hostility: folding its ears back, raising its tail, and spraying urine on the subject. The animal additionally scratched and bit at the subject before being removed from the testing chamber.

Test 2
Species Eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)
Result The rabbit continuously circled around the subject, biting at his heels. The animal continued this behavior until removed from the chamber.

Test 3
Species Marsh rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris)
Result Identical to test 2.

Test 4
Species Forest cottontail (Sylvilagus brasiliensis)
Result Identical to test 1.

Test 5
Species Central African rabbit (Poelagus marjorita)
Result Identical to test 1.

24 tests omitted.

Test 29
Species Swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus)
Result Identical to test 1. D-7331 requested a temporary cessation of testing in order to take a shower. Request was denied.

5 tests omitted.

Test 34
Species Florida White rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus)
Result First notable deviation. In addition to typical hostile body language, the rabbit loudly rubbed its teeth together before screaming and charging the subject. While unable to harm the subject, it specifically focused its biting on his Achilles heel. The rabbit continued to exhibit hostile behavior for three hours following removal from D-7331's presence, though with less aggression.

Test 35
Species Florida White rabbit; a different specimen from the one in Test 34
Result Identical to test 1.

A physical and behavioral examination of the rabbit from Test 34 revealed no abnormalities. The specimen was determined to originate from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. As SCP-7755 was what revealed the abnormal behavior in the animal, it was decided a small team would be sent to Cape Canaveral to investigate potential anomalies,2 utilizing the object (in the possession of D-7331) in order to do so.

The night prior to the team's leave from the site, a blackout within the dormitory wing occurred. D-7331 reportedly experienced a dream wherein he was woken up by a bright light emanating from his window (which his dorm does not have). An additional light shone from under his door, behind which an unintelligible voice could be heard knocking. The door unlocked, and right as it was about to open, D-7331 awoke in reality, power having been restored to the wing.

Further abnormalities occurred at that time: personnel collectively experienced dreams pertaining to outer space; a large, indistinct mass was witnessed hovering above the site; and the sound of rabbit whimpering could be heard emanating from speakers. The rabbit from Test 34 was later discovered to be missing.

Based on the above events, along with the fact spaceflights are frequently conducted at Cape Canaveral, it was hypothesized that URA-4627 is extraterrestrial in nature.

Investigation of URA-4627:

Personnel assigned to the investigation:

  • Agent Mary Itō
  • Agent Quinn Clancy
  • Dr. Catherine Gordon
  • D-7331

Preamble: Agents Itō and Clancy were assigned to look into records of current and past anomalies within the region. Dr. Gordon was responsible for studying any anomalous occurrences centered around D-7331 and trace their source. A local motel was used as a base of operations for the team.

Summary of Initial Findings:

Investigation of potential extraterrestrial anomalies had been largely unsuccessful, as the majority of occurrences were civilian sightings of SCP-994, SCP-████3 events, and one instance of SCP-5180. However, four possible leads were discovered:

  • An evangelical sect of the Galactic Federation4 that was active within the area in early 1981. They were repelled from the region after a month, due to conflicts with Mortimer's Paw.5
  • The previously mentioned Mortimer's Paw, who possess knowledge of extraterrestrial anomalies discovered in the state of Florida. Due to the amiable relationship the Foundation has with the GoI, they would be contacted regarding the history of anomalies present in Cape Canaveral.
  • A report of an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was sighted and shot down by PENTAGRAM6 on September 22nd, 1953.
  • An individual, by the name of Aaron Jackson, claimed to have been abducted by an extraterrestrial in 1999, and again by a separate entity that same year. As Jackson's story was inconsistent with typical false leads, it was decided to be worth pursuing.

Along with this, D-7331 observed multiple specimens of White Florida rabbit throughout the day; each encounter involved the rabbit staring at D-7331, before proceeding to scream at him and retreat from the general area. Additionally, small chondrite meteorites occasionally impacted the ground near D-7331, with a distance of 10-15ft from his person.

Investigation Update 1:

Records show there has been no evidence of Galactic Federation activity within Cape Canaveral since 1981. Additionally, members of the GoI have stated strong reluctance and outright refusal to reenter the area, due to "the lingering presence of the Simian Overmind's psychic visage."7

Communications were established with the leadership of Mortimer's Paw, who agreed to assist the Foundation in its investigation. When asked regarding abnormal behavior from Cape Canaveral rabbits, a cursory look into their records revealed infrequent sightings of glowing figures in the sky and open fields, followed by rabbits staring at witnesses from a distance. The team was granted permission to interview members living in Cape Canaveral, while the group itself searches through their historical records.

Information regarding the 1953 Encounter was requested of the FBI Unusual Incidents Unit. The UIU agreed, on the condition the Foundation would provide them records [REDACTED]8 in return. This line of investigation would be temporarily paused while relevant personnel deliberated on how to proceed.

Agents Itō and Clancy were permitted to use any cover story they deemed necessary to persuade Aaron Jackson to meet with them. The agents contacted Jackson, informing him they were members of a secret organization dedicated to researching paranormal phenomena, and desired to interview him regarding his encounter. Jackson agreed to meet the agents on Tuesday, two days time from the writing of this update.

D-7331 reported a decrease in the amount of rabbit encounters but an increase in the frequency of meteorite impacts, in comparison to the previous day. Additionally, Foundation satellites observed an abnormal amount of meteorites traveling in the direction of Florida, the majority of which were destroyed by impacts with other passing meteorites.

Investigation Update 2:

Multiple member's of Mortimer's Paw were interviewed regarding unusual occurrences in Cape Canaveral. A common element of the stories provided were hallucinations of an astrological nature: such as a sunrise visible in the west, and an unknown constellation being the sole source of light in the night sky.

While the previously recorded phenomena of rabbits and meteorites ceased to occur, D-7331 was subjected to an anomalous encounter while walking alone at night. His recounting of this event has been transcribed below:

Alright, so. Uh… So, I had been feeling… a bit cooped up today. Well, given my job I hardly ever get a chance to catch some fresh air. So, I asked Catherine if it would be okay for me to go on a little walk, stretch my legs a bit. She gave the 'go-ahead', but said it had to be less than 20 minutes. Short-leash as always, but fine, I am the test subject after all. It was a nice night, so all I was gonna do was take a walk in the woods while she stayed here with her… trivia books, or whatever.

I was having a nice little stroll, watching the stars, listening to the wildlife; relaxing. After a bit, I checked my watch and saw I was nearing 18 minutes. I knew Catherine wasn't gonna be anal if I was a couple minutes over. But I'm like, the designated "weird shit happens to" guy, so I didn't want to make her and the other guys worried, make their job harder. So I decided to head back and… I… couldn't remember which way I came.

I hadn't been taking, like, a straight path; I was walking around, exploring, you know. I thought if I tried walking in the opposite direction, I'd see a landmark or a- or a ditch I'd recognize from the hike. But I didn't see anything familiar; I- I didn't recognize anything at all.

So my first thought was, "shit, they're gonna think the rabbits or whatever got me." I mean… you guys have that tracking device chip thing on me, so you would probably just see me stumbling around in the forest and come get me. That calmed the nerves a bit. But I didn't want to just sit around and wait. I mean, what if something did get me…

I- I looked to see if there were any lights in the distance, find my way back to town: there were no lights, pitch black in all directions. My stomach started to churn a bit. Then, I remembered, "well, the stars are out. I can just use the Big Dipper to find my way back." I looked up, and my stomach dropped: there were no stars, the only thing in the sky was this weird, white shape. Not the moon, it wasn't the moon. I couldn't make out what shape it was, but it definitely wasn't round.

I stared at that thing for… probably not that long, I think. Then I saw it move a bit to the left, and my hairs stood on end. There was something in the woods with me.

I was barreling through the forest, looking for… for- for anything! The park, a light, a person, anything. There was nothing, no exit.

I ran. No exit. I ran. No exit. I ran, I could feel it getting closer. No exit. The shape was lower in the sky. No exit. I could feel hot breath all around me. I was too afraid to scream.

Then I tripped over a big rock and heard a "oomp." I got up and looked behind me, and saw the rock fell into this… hole in the ground, lined with teeth. I got closer and noticed sound coming out of it, but it was all muffled. Like listening to someone with a sock stuffed in their mouth. Then I backed away from it, and bumped into another rock which fell into another mouth in the ground. Uh, this repeated 3 more times until I was just surrounded by a bunch of holes making muffled sounds.

Then I saw the light of a streetlamp and, uh, walked out of the woods.

Uh… yeah.

The forest was later searched; no evidence of anomalous entities could be found.

Investigation Update 3:

After careful discussion, the Foundation acceded to the UIU's demands and were provided the requested records in exchange.

Date: September 22nd, 1953

Event: An Unidentified Flying Object appeared in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. The Object was described as low-flying and covered in white fire. Due to the UFO's intrusion on American airspace, along with the potential harm it could cause to civilians, an order was made to ground it using anti-aircraft weaponry.

Aftermath: The Object was successfully shot down and its remains retrieved. Due to the low amount of witnesses, memory suppressants were deemed unnecessary.


DETAILS: An anomalous aircraft of unknown make and manufacture. Retrieved by PENTAGRAM on September 22nd, 1953.
GOAL: Reverse engineer the technology of the Asset for use in the U.S. Air Force.
REASON: Disassembly of the Asset led to catastrophic loss of life, along with destruction of the Asset.
SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS: The anomalous technology is undergoing incineration. The remains of DoD personnel have been immobilized and are awaiting dissection. The Entity has been buried.

The following is a transcript of the interview with Aaron Jackson:

Interviewed: Aaron Jackson

Interviewer(s): Agent Mary Itō, Agent Quinn Clancy

<Begin Log>


Itō: Wait, so… I'm sorry, could you describe the first one again?

Jackson: She's like a doctor, though more… mystical. Like a spiritual surgeon, I think? She was removing "bad energy," or something, while also performing an actual physical examination on me. Checking my bodily systems, making sure everything was in working order. She even got rid of the cold I was having.

Clancy: And you said she was hairy? What else did she look like?

Jackson: Uh, well at first, she looked kinda short. Like a bipedal ape, or a Sasquatch with dwarfism. But then when she started doing the examination, her body extended. She was taller and lankier, and her hair became longer and shaggier. Her glowing eyes are the only part of her face I can see, at that point.

Itō: And the other alien?

Jackson: That one, that one is also a doctor, but he gives off a kinda veterinarian vibe. He also did an examination; I remember him taking this creepy, purple worm out of my body and putting it in a glass ball. I think he also said something about the sodium in my body? He was proportioned like a normal- like an average human. But he looks like a mummy, and instead of cloth wrapping it's some sort of plastic or rubber material.

He never moved his legs, just hovered around with a stiff posture. And his arms moved in very jerky motions. Sometimes a glowing wire would be poking out from his back, other days there would be multiple wires sticking out of his bandage folds-

Clancy: Wait. What do you mean by "other days"?


Jackson: You guys are used to strange stuff, right? Like, you're not gonna-

Clancy: A friend of mine looks after a talking grapefruit with DID that makes speeches about societal change. Nothing's too out of the ordinary for us.

Jackson: …Thank you. So… I wasn't just abducted that night. Those two have been abducting me repeatedly for the past 14 years. I never told anyone else cause I didn't want people to think I was crazier than I already am.

Itō: Any idea why they keep abducting you?

Jackson: It's cause they each keep doing something that the other one doesn't like. I remember, one time the mummy kept putting this tiny metal thing in my body, but then the hairy one would find me, take it out, then put something else in; it looked like a charm or talisman. Then the mummy would find me, take that out, and put his thing back in. They did this for 4 years before giving up, but then they did other things that annoyed each other.

But the thing is, they aren't aware of each other; neither of them know who keeps undoing their work. I think it has something to do with their ships' cloaking devices.

Clancy: Can't you just, tell them what's going on and explain the situation?

Jackson: I- (chuckles) I would if I could, but I'm completely paralyzed whenever they abduct me. All I can do is lay there and listen to them rant about their day or talk about their life, like I'm at a hair salon.

Itō: Hmm. How regular are their visits? Have you noticed any pattern over the years?

Jackson: Well, early on it was pretty frequent, once a week I'd say. But over time it's become less so, I think it's because they have other patients who need attention. Presently, the mummy guy picks me up every 5 months, while the hairy lady's every 4 months. I've been seeing their ships around lately, which means I'm gonna get picked up in a few days.

Itō: Let's see if Quinn and I can hitch a ride to the ol' doctor's office.

<End Log>

The agents proceeded to coordinate a plan with Jackson to allow them access to the spacecrafts during his next abduction.

Investigation Update 4:

The Agents were informed by Jackson that he believed he would be abducted tonight. Anti-somniac preventative measures were placed in and around Jackson's home, to protect Agents from incapacitation by the extraterrestrial.

<11:03 PM>: Bright lights shine through the windows of the house, signifying the arrival of the spacecraft. Agent Clancy secures the nylon rope connected to both his and Jackson's harnesses.

<11:04 PM>: A shaft of light, which appears to incorporealize all non-living matter within it, shines down through the roof and onto Jackson, who is now paralyzed. As Jackson is lifted upwards, Clancy puts on his cognito-suppression helmet and enters the shaft of light. Clancy climbs the rope as Jackson is pulled closer to the aperture of the vehicle. Before Clancy is able to reach Jackson, the latter passes the threshold of the aperture, which closes, leaving the Agent suspended outside.

<11:07 PM>: The vehicle9 begins moving southward. Agent Clancy impacts multiple trees as he is dragged along with it.

<11:09 PM>: The vehicle suddenly stops as red points of light appear on its surface, before resuming movement in an erratic manner.10 The vehicle performs bobbing motions in an attempt to remove Agent Clancy. As these fail, it switches to oscillating motions.

<11:14 PM>: The vehicle travels to a nearby lake and lowers Clancy into the water. It then performs sharp, swinging motions; flinging Clancy in and out of the water.

<11:19 PM>: The vehicle begins moving in single direction at high speeds before stopping suddenly. It repeats this action 6 more times.

<11:23 PM>: The vehicle ceases calculated motions and starts flying around haphazardly. Agent Clancy impacts additional trees during this. At one point the vehicle collides with an unknown glowing object, which explodes into sludge.11

<11:29 PM>: As the vehicle continues its random movements, the mummy-like entity mentioned by Jackson becomes visible, looking through the aperture. The entity turns toward something inside, then back to Clancy, then back inside and back to Clancy again. They vocalize something to the Agent, but it is indecipherable.

<11:30 PM>: The vehicle travels to an open field, lowering itself closer to the ground and decreasing its speed. While it does this, a robotic arm holding a bladed instrument is seen through the aperture. It severs the nylon rope, dropping Clancy 0.5 meters from the ground. The aperture fully closes as the vehicle disappears from view.

<11:32 PM>: Clancy stands up before briefly vomiting onto the ground.

The agent was recovered largely unharmed, suffering only minor bruises and slight nausea. Jackson, who was returned 3 hours later, was unable to recall the above events. He reported the entity made numerous, perplexed remarks regarding "some weirdo who attached himself to me."

Investigation Update 5:

As no useful information pertaining to anomalous occurrences had been gained from Mortimer's Paw, questioning was switched to knowledge regarding notable persons who lived in Cape Canaveral. While the majority of reported individuals were false leads, a figure by the name of Johnny Travers was deemed noteworthy to the investigation.

The audio log pertaining to data gathered on Travers has been included with minor truncation, as the information contained within is relevant to the entire URA-4627 investigation.

Investigation Update: Audio Log 5

Date: 13/06/2013



Itō: Which brings us to Johnny Travers, an oddball compared to the people we just covered. He was described as an occultist with a fixation on astronomy, often talking to others about "cosmic ghosts" and "voices carried on celestial winds," among further ideas. Most people assumed he was just another start-up UFO cult leader, but judging by the things he preached, that wasn't the case. Most UFO religions hold a belief in aliens who will save the Earth through the use of advanced technology, and teach humanity how to better themselves.

Travers never mentioned anything about interstellar races, alien technology, or even saving humanity. The stuff he was focused on involved "attuning to the faint sapience contained within celestial bodies." He was definitely spiritual, but his beliefs were too weird for others, so he became a bit of a social outcast.

Clancy: It's also worth noting that his spiritualism reportedly began when he encountered "a star that fell from the sky," as an 11-year-old. Travers was born in early 1942, so his encounter lines up with the date PENTAGRAM shot down that UFO.

Itō: Though it would be hard to verify that, as he died in a car accident in 1988. The only records of his beliefs that remain are a few notes and writings he made, and the memories of the people who had bothered to listen to him.

Clancy: There are also some folks from Mortimer's Paw that remember a bit of the weird stuff he did-

The door to the room opens and closes abruptly.

D-7331: Hey, uh, guys, I think I'm being affected by, uh, ah- a memetic thing. A memetic thing or something.

Itō: What?

D-7331: It hap- I had just finished throwing out the trash, admiring how the moon looked. But when I looked down, I saw one of the rabbits. I know it's not that weird, like we've seen the rabbits before and they just scream and run away, you know? But this one was just like, in the distance, and then it started walking slowly towards me. I was creeped out, but I wouldn't have known something was up if this lady hadn't asked what the hell I was staring at. I pointed at the rabbit but she couldn't see it. I moved to some other people and asked if they could see it, and they looked at me like I was high and said no. Then a car passed between me and the rabbit, and the rabbit was, like, overlaid over the image of the car. Like I could see it through the car. And then I booked it here.

Clancy: Where's Catherine?

D-7331: She went to the truck to grab something that could help.

Itō: Where is the rabbit now?

D-7331: It's, uh… it's one block away right now. But getting closer.

Clancy: I'll look through SCiPNET, see if it's similar to any skips we know about.

Itō: I'll do the same. You're gonna be fine, George, don't worry.

D-7331: Right. You're right. Yeah…

The door to the room opens and slams shut.

Gordon: I got 'em! Generalized memetic counter-agents. George, which direction is the rabbit?

D-7331: That away.

Gordon: Okay, sit down on the bed facing this way.

Sound of ruffling paper.

Gordon: I'm going to show you pictures, and each time I do, I want you to look at the rabbit and tell me if it's still there. Got it?

D-7331: Got it.

Itō: Does the rabbit look blurry at all?

D-7331: No.

Sound of ruffling paper.

D-7331: I still see it. It's on this block now.

Itō: Uh, do you see anything weird besides the rabbit? Like figures in your peripheral vision?

Sound of ruffling paper.

D-7331: Still see it, and no there's only the rabbit.

Itō: Would appreciate some help here, Quinn!

Clancy: I can't- the fucking- it won't let me connect!

Itō: What do you mean it won't let you connect?

Clancy: Fucking Florida internet, I don't know!

Sound of ruffling paper.

D-7331: Still see it.

Sound of ruffling paper.

D-7331: Still- whoa, oh geez that picture made me dizzy. Still there.

Itō: Does anything happen when you look at it with one eye? What about when you cover your ears?

D-7331: Uh, no, and no it's still the same.

Sound of ruffling paper.

D-7331 sneezes.

D-7331: Wha- ah! Ah, pink goop! Pink goop! What? Why did that come out of me? What? Is that my brain?

Gordon: No, don-

Banging on a desk.

Clancy: Come on!

Itō: Could you not add to the stress, Clancy!

Sound of paper ruffling, then scattering.

Gordon: Damnit.

D-7331: Uh, guys? It's almost at the door, and it's starting to not look like a rabbit anymore!

Sound of papers being collected.

Itō: Does it look like any family members or-

D-7331: It's coming through the door no- WOAH!

Gordon: What! What is it?

D-7331: It… uh. It's… gone.

Clancy: What do you mean, what happened?

D-7331: It… got… aten. Eaten.


Itō: By…?

D-7331: The- the thing… the thing that ate it is still there, chewing it in its mouth. It looks like a Chinese dragon, made out of… paper mâché.

A finger snap.

Gordon: So that's where it went.


The entity that consumed D-7331's hallucination was an infovore produced by the Foundation, as part of a project aimed at creating controllable memetic lifeforms for the purpose of protecting personnel. Dr. Gordon had volunteered to host the entity in order to train it, as the current batch of Foundation-bred infovores were under a trial-run period in order to adjust their behavioral issues, such as transferring themselves to another host without permission.

Investigation Update 6:

Jackson alerted the agents that his next abduction was unexpectedly imminent. The agents arrived to find a disk-shaped spacecraft hovering over Jackson. As they did not have time to put on their harnesses, agent Clancy instead latched onto Jackson's body as he was pulled upwards, bringing them both into the vehicle.


Date: 14/06/2013

Note: Footage was recorded by agent Clancy's helmet-mounted camera.


The camera is momentarily blinded by light as it enters the ship. The camera adjusts to reveal a large, white room. The aperture below closes and a floating, rectangular platform appears from off screen. Jackson, who is either paralyzed or unconscious, is moved by an unknown force to lay down on the platform. This causes Clancy to fall on the floor.

Clancy looks to his right and sees a short, hairy humanoid standing roughly a meter away. The entity's facial expression appears to be one of anger. They being to speak with a feminine voice.

Hairy Entity: (In Spanish) What the fuck. Are you kidding me- are actually fucking kidding me? I have to deal with this shit now?


The entity rubs their face with their hands.

Hairy Entity: There's another patient I need to meet in 2 hours. I have a tank filled with bad karma that needs to be disposed before it congeals. Fucking bird traffic. And now I have to deal with some dickhead friend of Aaron's!

Clancy: (In Spanish) You speak Spanish?

The entity ignores him, continuing to rant in Spanish as their body gradually increases in height.

Hairy Entity: Do you know how much shit I have on my plate right now? Too much! Way too much stuff for one person to handle! I've patients I need to take care of… Emotional psychic energy I need to redistribute… Fucking resonance crystals I need to grow and sell to actually make ends meet.

Aaaaahhhg! The Guild used to be something, you know? We used to help people wherever they lived, cleanse souls from societal corruption. We used to do good until those wealthy humans showed up and started bribing Guild members to focus their talents on the rich. The organization is a joke now: working for the upper-class and selling snake-oil to the poor. Now I have to pick up the slack, all the while being harassed by paranoid governments and those creepy, big-headed assholes!

The entity pants, having run out of breath. A portal suddenly opens and a mummy-like entity floats out, along with agent Itō who steps out.

Clancy: (In English) Oh hey, Mary.

Itō: Yeah they just came down to me, so I directed them here.

The mummy entity speaks with an androgynous voice as they gesticulate with stiff motions.

Mummy Entity: (In Ortothan)12 So you are the one who keeps messing with Aaron Jackson's body!

Hairy Entity: (In Ortothan) Excuse me? I keep pathogens and dark spirits out of his body. Who in the world are you? Wait. You. You're the one who keeps sticking his body full of junk!

Mummy Entity: They are not junk. They prevent various contaminants from entering his body. And you are one to talk; multiple times I have met with Aaron Jackson and discovered a drobalane13 infesting his body.

Hairy Entity: (scoffs) Are you kidding me? Drobalane only hatch in the southern hemisphere of this planet.

Mummy Entity: You are wrong. They only hatch in warm climates, such as where Aaron Jackson lives. You also say you are protecting him from dark spirits, but many times you have removed devices meant to ward off negative-vibration beings.

Hairy Entity: Of course I did! Trying to prevent a negative planar attack is like trying to prevent spontaneous combustion! It's impossible! That's why I put the talismans inside his body, to ward off lower-vibration beings.

Mummy Entity: It is better to have an all-encompassing ward than several specific ones.

Hairy Entity: Those big clunky ones damage a person's aura!

A pause. The mummy entity points at the hairy entity.

Mummy Entity: Don't I know you? Is your name Vixiz?14

Hairy Entity: I don't- wait, 1O7al-P?15

Mummy Entity: Yes!

Hairy Entity: Oh my gosh, haha! It's been so long.

Mummy Entity: It indeed has. How have-

Clancy: (In Spanish) If I could interrupt for just a moment. Since it seems like you two are on friendly terms at the moment, I would like to ask if either of you know anything regarding the rabbit population in this area? Any strange events you believe might originate from them?

The hairy entity relays the question to the other entity in Ortothan, as well as translating their response.

Mummy Entity: I remember an occurrence from 5 years ago. My ship alerted me that an unknown lifeform had somehow come aboard. As I searched for it, I felt a presence down the hall, coming from another room. The weight of this presence was… oppressive. I was too afraid to approach. After a while it left, and when I checked the security system, it pointed to a group of those creatures as the source. They were huddled around, doing something I could not determine.

Hairy Entity: They were probably performing some sort of ritual. They're a spiritual group, and though I don't fully understand their beliefs or practices, I've seen enough to know they are extremely peaceful and timid. Perhaps… they sensed you nearby, and wanted to make contact?

Mummy Entity: If that is the case, then why was their method of communication so intimidating?

Hairy Entity: Well, a person tapping on a glass enclosure may intimidate the creature inside, but that doesn't necessarily mean the person is trying to be.

A pause.

Hairy Entity: You wanna grab something to eat, maybe some time next week?

Mummy Entity: Yes. That sounds lovely.


A local farmer reported to the police an incident that occurred on his land, wherein he was woken up by the screams of his cattle. When he went to investigate, he discovered the mutilated corpses of 3 cows. Each corpse showed signs of an organism having torn itself out of the body. The 3 cows were previously pregnant.

On the same night, an unknown animal broke into the investigation team's motel. The creature was successfully killed after Agent Itō fired multiple gunshots into its head and body, with the agent only suffering moderate lacerations to her left leg. The corpses of two similar animals were discovered elsewhere in Cape Canaveral, one having been run over by a car, the other killed by a condor attack. Each animal possessed canine and arthropodal physical features.

Investigation Update 7:

The following is an excerpt from an interview with local resident Mabel Dailey, regarding knowledge on Johnny Travers:

Dailey: Ask almost anyone who's met him and they'll say somethin' like, "Why, he was a kind young man," "The oddball who's always eager to help," "The school's local rabbit expert." I knew him as the sweet child, who helped me with gardening and loved bunnies. Though certain folks often talked bad 'bout lil Johnny; said he was dangerous, that he'd sacrifice ya to a dark god or some such if he ever got the chance. Most people were smart, didn't listen to that hullaballoo. But that didn't make it any easier for the poor kid.

Dailey: Johnny was a good boy, just… eccentric, and very lonely. He saw the world different from everyone else, and wanted to share that with others. But no matter who he spoke to, people never connected with his ideas. I certainly didn't, though I would let him rattle on about "sky souls," or what have you, whenever he came over to help with my garden. I could only half-listen. I could never find it within me to fully engage with what he told. I think when Johnny realized that, he felt genuinely alone in this world.

Dailey: The only true company he had, in the end, were his rabbits. So he spoke to the rabbits, and the rabbits listened.

It was learned that Travers created a makeshift fort when he was a child, and would utilize this fort throughout his life. The team discovered a concealed rabbit burrow within the fort. A drone was sent into the burrow.


DATE: 15/06/2013


The drone enters the burrow, which proceeds down an incline. As it travels deeper, a soft blue light of indeterminate source begins illuminating the tunnel. The drone observes numerous holes during its descent, but is unable to enter them due to its size.

The dimensions of the tunnel gradually expand to the point where it can comfortably accommodate an adult human. The drone encounters a room containing weathered newspapers and drawings of astrological events.

The drone encounters a room containing crosses, with each cross situated on top of a patch of dirt, and each patch possessing signs of a burial. At a certain point in the room, the crosses become remarkably cruder, with indications of animal activity on the dirt patches.

The drone reaches the end of the tunnel: a room with 14 rabbits, sitting around in a circle. A hole in the ceiling is present, with the moon visible through it. The light of the moon shines down on the inner circle, where a reflection of its image can be seen. A glow appears above the circle, fading in and out before materializing as a grey-skinned figure. The oblong head of the entity is bare, while the body is covered in a mass of either feathers or scraps of cloth. Sharp, thin claws can be seen protruding from this mass.

The rabbits all slowly turn in unison towards the drone. The figure opens its eyes, groaning with the voice of an elderly human. The groaning increases in volume before shifting into wailing.

The wailing shifts into screeching, clipping the audio.

The drone suddenly shuts down.


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