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Item#: 7753
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7753 has been reclassified as Neutralized following Incident 7753.1.

Description: SCP-7753 was a stylistic similarity seen in a number of poems ideated in close geographical proximity. Poems ideated during manifestation events were often descriptive in nature, and when subsequent manifestations were confirmed, were seen to describe the location of the manifestation immediately prior.

SCP-7753 manifestations were recorded anywhere from minutes to days after one another and were incredibly short, meaning subjects were regularly incapable of processing the projected poem in full. Due to this, a majority of subjects processed SCP-7753 manifestations as brief mental images, collections of phrases, or forgot them entirely.

International Foundation personnel employed the use of mild mnestics.Agents that recover memories. to monitor SCP-7753 manifestations for irregular contents. Poems uncovered from this process can be found in Addendum 7753.1..Poems collected internationally were translated to English, original interpretations are available upon request.

Addendum 7753.1: Abridged Manifestation Log

Note: Manifestation 7753/11 marks the first successful use of mnestics to recover SCP-7753 poems.

Manifestation 7753/11

Area of Effect: Kenilworth, Illinois, USA

Date: 26JUL2022

Sprigs that reach into the open sky
and vines that whorl round to a choke
between them in the underbrush
a bird.

Riding on unsettled air
around the beasts that drive
a road breaking through
the woods.

Scent thick because they're always here
but never quite the same
for each has set a mark somewhere far
to reach.

On a path with no end
feel artificial winds awaken
where another bird catches tailwind
and soars.

Note: 81 Manifestations omitted.

Manifestation 7753/93

Area of Effect: Thüringen, Austria


A hall of many faces
often shed and built anew
one more chance to start
the beating heart
of patrons passing through.

Upon sheets of grey linoleum
under lights that never fade
what strange discovery
hid within
a solemn treasure of an age.

Note: 164 Manifestations omitted.

Manifestation 7753/258

Area of Effect: Heyfield, Victoria, Australia

Date: 26MAR2023

There is no pool deeper
than the reach of the sky
where the stars lay drowning above.

There is no night blacker
than the deepest of depths
where all mysteries freely reside.

But still the fronts meet
a paradoxical feat
An achievement just on the horizon.

Bond formed in a ring
just further than all things
where all fades in awe of blue.

Note: SCP-7753 manifestations halted for approximately 3 months following Manifestation 7753/258. Investigations are ongoing.

Addendum 7753.2: Incident 7753.1

On the 27th of May 2023, Site-357 experienced a series of back to back SCP-7753 manifestations starting with Manifestation 7753/259 at 0636. The timeline is as follows.

Manifestation 7753/259

Time: 0636

Note: Manifestation 7753/259 was apparently "empty". Staff conscious at the time of manifestation became unresponsive, while remaining in the positions they were in before the manifestation event, for upwards of 3 hours.

As Site personnel recovered from the initial manifestation, emergency protocols were put into place to mitigate a comprehensive breach potentiality.

Manifestation 7753/260

Time: 0724

Winding halls and splitting paths
web woven just below
to veil the hidden treasures
found within
with cause and none.

The stale air brushes gentle words
inscribed upon the walls
long sinking through the bricks
and lost within
with cause and none.

SCP-7753 followed its regular content pattern for the next hour in Manifestations 7753/260-263..Example above, others omitted for brevity.

Manifestation 7753/264

Time: 0843

AND….Shortened for legibility.

Site staff began to experience difficulty exercising their duties due to the sudden frequency and intensity of Manifestations 7753/264-327.Example above, others omitted for brevity. which took place over the next hour and a half.

Manifestation 7753/328

Time: 1017

Entombing web
stone prison
sigil wrought to the dirt.

Dampened echo
of a whispered word.

SCP-7753 suddenly shifted to low intensity expressions for Manifestations 7753/328-356.Example above, others omitted for brevity. set apart by approximately 10 minutes over the next 4 hours.

Manifestation 7753/357

Time: 1424

The stale air held its troubled repose
and still the sun rose.

Following Manifestation 7753/357, SCP-7753 halted all activity.


| Welcome, Dross
| Currently viewing: Conversation history with EFlock.

EFlock: Ever since the Incident last week I've been having weird dreams.
EFlock: It's like I'm awake, on site, then I wake up again.
EFlock: It's hellish.
EFlock: Is this normal?
EFlock: Is it another weird thing I have to keep track of?
Dross: no
EFlock: What?
Dross: no dream anomalies
Dross: none that I know of
EFlock: It's getting really annoying Dross.
EFlock: Whenever I get into a flow while working.
EFlock: The concrete starts to superimpose over itself.
EFlock: And the light starts to get too bright.
EFlock: Kinda reminds me of the incident a few days ago?
EFlock: Not really a fan of thinking about that too much.
EFlock: Just going to forget about it.
EFlock: Like I normally do…
EFlock: At least it gets better outside.
Dross: meet me in cafeteria b
Dross: need to test something
EFlock: Ok?
- new
EFlock: Dross what was that all about???
EFlock: Did you figure out the dream thing???

> close

> access 7753
| Processing request…

> submit 7753_new.scp
| Processing request…

| Do you wish to overwrite the current file?
> yes

| Processing request…

| Open updated file?
> yes

Item#: 7753
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7753 is contained within Site-357. Investigations as to why this is the case are ongoing.1

Site-357 personnel may request aids for dampening SCP-7753's effect from on-site HR representatives.

Description: SCP-7753 describes the manifestation of stylistically similar poems describing Site-357 into the minds of Site-357 personnel.

SCP-7753 manifestations occur continuously across the entirety of Site-357, but are presently unable to affect subjects at or above standard brain activity. Site personnel may employ the use of meditation coupled with mild mnestics to receive SCP-7753 ideations. A poem uncovered from this process can be found in Addendum 7753.1.

Addendum 7753.1: Manifestation Example

Excerpt 7753:25JUN2023

As growing from the distant mount
a mounting spectacle of light
reborn anew now fills the sky
in splendor high.

Though rooted long in lonesome peat
a wilting face encounters morn
embracing now the vital view
in silent awe.

Still through the many subtle shifts
of clouds that sprawl from gentle wisps
and whisper tides of change
sol still sole takes its eye.

So as its fleeting arc admits
beneath the far unchanging sky
it hears in honored parting rays

day will return.

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