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Item #: SCP-7750

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7750 is to be stored within a bio-hazard polyethylene bag within Containment Locker 207, Site-50.

Revision 7750.253: All access to SCP-7750 is restricted outside of testing, all access applications are to be classed as a level 3 clearance and can only be accepted once the applicant has undergone a background security check and drug test. All access applications from employees with any history of drug addiction are to be automatically denied.

Description: SCP-7750 is a collection of 70 dried flowers originating from an unknown species from the genus Myosotis. Each flower had detached from the stem via bisection of the pedicel.

Each instance of SCP-7750 induces a strong amnestic effect upon ingestion, replacing a chronological year of memory with the memory of walking through a seemingly endless field of Myosotis flowers. SCP-7750 is furthermore impervious to most forms of damage despite its extremely desiccated state.

Addendum 7750.1 Test Log:


One (1) flower ingested by D-5798, age 35.

Year 1998 was forgotten by the subject. Upon being shown photographs of a younger sibling, with whom D-5798 was extremely emotionally connected, the subject became severely distressed. The subject was placed within the Site-50 infirmary until recuperation. Sixty-nine flowers remaining, please make sure to not run out. - Senior Researcher Allaine

One (1) flower ingested by D-8943, age 63.

Year 1999 forgotten by subject, subject claims to remember seeing a figure on the horizon of the Myosotis field. Notably, D-5798 claims to have been imprinted with an identical memory, with said memory being the newest memory at all times. Both subjects were permanently placed within the Site-50 infirmary. N/A

One (1) flower ingested by D-923, age 71.

Immediately upon ingestion subject became severely ill, symptoms present: High-grade fever, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and exudative diarrhea. Subject placed within the Site-50 infirmary, all symptoms stopped upon defecation of the SCP-7750 instance. The instance recovered, and the subject was placed on temporary leave. Upon further testing, all subjects aged over the age of 70 were found to exhibit the same reaction. All further test subjects are to be under 71 years of age. 2 flowers were lost in the process.

Addendum 7750.2 Test Log (cont.):


One (1) flower ingested by D-5732, age 18.

Year 2015 was forgotten by the subject, additionally, all subjects who previously ingested an instance of SCP-7750, with exception of subjects over the age of 71, forgot the year during which said the subject was 11 years of age. We're getting somewhere interesting, the subjects also exhibit the exact same memories, combined with the fact 71-year-olds do not forget anything upon eating an SCP-7750 instance, I think I can comfortably say that these things were made with a purpose. - Senior Researcher Allaine

One (1) flower ingested by D-5732.

Year 2004 forgotten by subject, despite such an early developmental stage being completely forgotten, no changes in personality or ability were observed within any subject. All subjects reported their earliest memory as entering the Myosotis field. It seems to erase only memories, not learned skills. I think it is more probable that SCP-7750 either suppresses the memories or induces some kind of amnesia. - Senior Researcher Allaine

One (1) flower ingested by D-1023, age 68.

Year 2008 forgotten by subject. The subject reported the figure on the horizon to be closer, however, upon being asked to identify it, the subject was unable to do so, claiming that the figure was too far away to identify. N/A

Addendum 7750.3 Test Log (cont.):


One (1) flower was ingested by D-2027, age 67.

Year 2018 was forgotten by the subject. The figure was reported to be closer on the horizon and identified by the subject as a humanoid, however, refused to provide further identification. N/A

One (1) flower ingested by D-1027, age 69.

Year 1954 was forgotten by the subject. No difference in replaced memory. Not the result I was hoping for… Speaking of things I wasn't hoping for, I noticed that the instance count dropped beyond what we tested with and that our subjects forgot a few more years than they should… I hope to God none of you took them. - Senior Researcher Allaine

One (1) flower ingested by D-1027

Year 2015 was forgotten by the subject. The subject claims the figure is much closer, however, the subject refuses to identify it any further, other subjects questioned on the matter also refused to give any form of identification. No matter how interesting the result may be, we lost ten flowers, ten unaccounted-for instances of SCP-7750! We currently have only 50 instances and we used officially only 10! This will not stand. - Senior Researcher Allaine

Addendum 7750.4 Security Breach:


DATE: 26/11/2022

NOTE: Senior Researcher Allaine called for an urgent sitewide meeting in response to an unprecedented situation arising in relation to SCP-7750.


09:23 P.M:
50 personnel members walk into the Site-50 conference room, representing 85% of Site-50 personnel and the largest possible amount off-duty staff without compromising the functioning of Site-50.

Senior Researcher Allaine walks into the conference room and makes his way to an elevated stage with a microphone stand, located at the far end of the room, accompanying him is the Chief of Staff of the Site-50 security contingent and the Site Director.

09:27 P.M:
Senior Researcher Allaine tests the microphone and begins speaking

Senior Researcher Allaine: "Good evening colleagues, you may be wondering why I have called for this meeting, and it is with a heavy heart, that I must be the bearer of these sad news. Until today, our site, despite our relatively small size, enjoyed the reputation of never having suffered a security breach. I'm certain that some colleagues whom transferred here from other sites can attest to what luck we had."

Senior Researcher Allaine glances at Researcher Quincy and then continues to speak.

Senior Researcher Allaine: "Unfortunately, said reputation was broken, and shattered. We had suffered a minor security breach, and however minor it might be, it will forever tarnish our good name. We had today lost 10 instances of SCP-7750, due to the specialization of our site in biohazardous and amnestic substances, I'm certain many of you are realizing the potential gravity of our situation and the threat even a minor breach might pose. I must, unfortunately conclude, that our good situation made us too relaxed."

09:35 P.M:
Senior Researcher Allaine steps away from the microphone, and his place takes the Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff: "I will not speak at the length my colleague did, but, I will echo his statement, we got too relaxed, and as such, we will be tightening our security protocols for the foreseeable future. This will include searches of personal possessions, mandatory security drills, security checks at vital site stations, and other measures."

Several personnel glance at each other nervously, including Researcher Quincy and Technician Graves

09:47 P.M:
Researcher Quincy hunches over and produces something from his pocket, before consuming it, a tear is rolling down his cheek. This behavior however goes unnoticed at the time as all personnel's attention is focused on the Site Director stepping up to the microphone.

Site Director: "Lastly, there is of course the matter of the transgressor, whoever they may be, while punishment is guaranteed, if however, they come forward, a certain degree of clemency may be warranted. As such, while you betrayed our trust, you can still trust us if you confess here, or privately. As for everyone else, the site offers a reward for any information that could be used to track them down and the missing instances of SCP-7750."

09:59 P.M:
At this point, Researcher Quincy begins crying, attracting the hall's attention. Before anyone can do anything, Researcher Quincy collapses from his chair onto the floor.

Researcher Quincy: "I DID IT!"

Researcher Quincy loses consciousness as several personnel members rush towards him, technician Graves meanwhile exits the hall.


Addendum 7750.5 Incident Log:

Interviewed: Researcher Jack Quincy

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Corentin Allaine

Foreword: After the apprehension, Researcher Quincy was placed within the Site-50 infirmary due to poor physical and mental health. Senior Researcher Corentin Allaine volunteered to interview the researcher.

<Begin Log>

Allaine: "Quincy, I'm at a loss for words, why did you do it? Why did you cause this breach, hasn't your wife died in one? And after so many years after you've been cleared by psychological staff for lingering trauma…"

Quincy: "I- I didn't get over anything! I started to take amnestics because I wanted to forget it. Forget the breach, forget her, forget all of it, b-but, it never worked, it came back, and then the forgetting got shorter and shorter."

Allaine: "Why didn't you stay with the psychological staff? Why any of this?"

Quincy: "They, they didn't help, they-" Researcher Quincy stops for a moment. "They didn't take it away, and all I wanted was just for it to stop, just to stop thinking how she must have felt, how she died."

Allaine: "I can't say I understand, but I do empathize. But I must ask, did anyone help you with this?"


Allaine: "Quincy?"

Quincy: "N-no."

Allaine: "Quincy… that, that isn't true, you didn't have clearance, nor training to do that without raising flags."

Quincy: "N-no, no one helped me."

Allaine: "Quincy, that's not… No. Can I have one last question, what exactly caused your confession?"

Quincy: "I- I, I took the flower, and, I saw it."

Allaine: "Saw what?"

Quincy: "The- the fi- the figure. I stood by it-" Researcher Quincy suddenly grasps his head and cries out in pain, all previous SCP-7750 test subjects do the same.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-7750 effect was found to start progressing on its own within the test subjects, which also resulted in highly-painful migraines. After a wide variety of anti-pain medication and treatment options were explored, the only thing that was found to ease the subject's condition was further ingestion of SCP-7750 instances.


DATE: 12/12/2022

NOTE: Despite attempts to limit the use of SCP-7750 as pain relief for affected test subjects, amount of SCP-7750 instances dwindled steadily. The following footage was captured by security camera 24 hours after consumption of the last SCP-7750 instance.


02:20 A.M:
Despite the self-reported intense pain, most SCP-7750 test subjects are asleep. With the exception of D-5732 and Researcher Quincy. D-5732 is laying on his stomach and has his head covered by a pillow, a position which the subject claimed helped with the pain. Researcher Quincy is curled up and sobbing.

Sudden rise in activity is registered, all subjects previously asleep wake-up. D-5798 attempts to stand up but collapses on the floor. After a few minutes of confusion, all subjects begin to convulse in pain. Unexplained bulges are visible under their skin.

02:44 A.M:
The easily heard commotion within the infirmary attracts the attention of night-shift staff located throughout Site-50. The first to make it onto the scene is Technician Graves.

Technician Graves stares in disbelief as the subjects continue convulsing, which allows for several medics to pass by him and attempt to help the subjects. Researcher Quincy begins screaming.

Researcher Quincy: "I was there! With it at the edge of the pit! It called me a seed and planted me there! It gave me a spade to bury myself!"

Researcher Quincy is joined in screaming by most other subjects.

03:12 A.M:
A green stalk bursts through D-5732's back, and begins to rapidly expand towards the center of the room, said stalk is followed by several more which burst from various points of D-5732's body, from underneath D-5732 a similarly quickly expanding mass of roots can be seen.

After a few seconds, similar stems and roots burst from the bodies of other subjects, and the mass of stems begins entangling on itself in the center of the room. At this point, medics stop any attempts at rendering help but continue monitoring the subject's vitals. Most subjects by this point stopped screaming, having torn their vocal cords to shreds.

03:20 A.M:
Technician Graves rushes towards Researcher Quincy, whose body is mostly covered up by plant matter by this point.

Technician Graves: "Oh God, oh God, what have I done."

Technician Graves attempts to unsuccessfully remove the plant matter from Researcher Quincy's body, Researcher Quincy does not appear to notice said action. At this point Senior Researcher Allaine enters the infirmary, having been recently woken up, and walks over to Technician Graves.

Senior Researcher Allaine: "Don't, there's no saving anyone after something like this"

Technician Graves turns towards Senior Researcher Allaine and collapses to his knees.

Technician Graves: "This, this was my fault, this has been all my fault."

03:25 A.M:
The plant mass in the middle of the room stops growing and begins to sprout flowers characteristic of those from the Myosotis genus. Researcher Quincy turns his head, as much as the plant mass wrapping around it allows, towards Senior Researcher Allaine.

Researcher Quincy: "I- I finally understand."

All subject's vital signs begin deteriorating, the plant mass begins to rapidly dry out.

Researcher Quincy: "I didn't want to forget her. I just wanted to remember her without the pain."

All subjects expire, and approximately 70 SCP-7750 instances detach from the entangled stalks.


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