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Item#: 7728
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-7728 are to be allowed to carry out their duties at Site-50 without interference. Upon encountering an entity, personnel are to demonstrate a proper degree of deference and respect. An instance should be assumed to have seniority unless indicated otherwise.

Description: SCP-7728 is a broad designation for the yūrei (幽霊).Spirits of those who have died but have returned for a specific purpose. of Site-50 personnel who have chosen to remain in employment after their death. Instances’ appearances will closely resemble those of their living selves save for a few differences:

  • Signs of injuries/illnesses associated with cause of death
  • Slightly translucent skin
  • Lack of visible lower legs and feet
  • Presence of accompanying hitodama (人魂).Small spiritual entities. Although not all of the sources of hitodama manifestations are known, some instances of SCP-7728 have identified them as stemming from threats they have personally eliminated.
  • Pure white clothing.Appears to be unable to stain.

Entities are still able to interact with the physical world. Doing so often requires a period of acclimation, however, due to a reported numbness in their hands. The cause of this sensation is unknown.

SCP-7728 instances are present across departments and designations within Site-50. Currently, the largest entity to staff ratio is in the Security Department (1:3).

Discovery: Mentions of yūrei in the employment of the IJAMEA date back to 1924. Records of such entities appear incomplete, however. It is believed that during the incorporation of IJAMEA records into the Global Foundation Database, miscommunication may have resulted in the loss or misfiling of SCP-7728 instance records.

The earliest confirmed record of a SCP-7728 instance dates back to 1954, shortly after the death of Agent Watanabe Maro. Although available files contained heavy redactions, History Department personnel were able to recover the following excerpts:

His face was scarred from where the thing had sliced him, brow to jaw. When I first asked if it was him, he only grunted in response. Then he went off to the assigned duties of the day.

We were confused but were commanded to proceed as normal. Watanabe-sama was fast as ever in dealing with the creatures as they came. Maybe faster for not having to run towards them. It was as if he simply appeared before them and did what he had to.

I knew he had been a fighter in the war. All of us had survived years of bloodshed, had resisted the calls of death. Yet he had been struck down before any of us could intervene.

I don't think he's ready to stop fighting.

NOTE: Expedition records do not mention Agent Watanabe beyond November 1972, suggesting he ended his service around that time.


This entry would not have been possible without the contributions and archival work of Takemura Keiko (竹村慶子).

Site-50 is honored to have been graced by her assistance one final time.

— Mamiya Coco (間宮ココ), History Department Head (歴史部門主席)

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