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Dr. Roberts.

Item #: SCP-7727

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Dr. Roberts' office has been relocated to containment chamber 34A-C, where he is to continue his work remotely. The chamber is not ventilated and is temperature controlled to 2° C. Dr. Roberts is not permitted to leave his containment chamber under any circumstances. No meals are to be supplied.

Description: SCP-7727 refers to an anomalous scent produced by Dr. Jackson Roberts. SCP-7727 possesses a low odor detection threshold and high concentration, making it extremely potent and overpowering. The scent has been compared to Cadaverine1 and Putrescine2 by Foundation biochemists.

To date, Dr. Roberts is the only individual not affected by SCP-7727.

Discovery: SCP-7727 first came to Foundation attention following various Human Resources complaints regarding Dr. Roberts. At first thought to be a personal problem, Dr. Roberts was ordered to take steps to improve his hygiene by HR personnel. After 16 further complaints were filed within a span of 3 days, Dr. Roberts was forcibly taken from his office during work hours and thoroughly bathed by two D-Class personnel supplied with gas masks.

Following the conclusion of this bath, Dr. Roberts still exuded SCP-7727 and was taken to Site-55's Intake Department for processing. While present, two personnel fainted from the smell and the remaining five refused to process Dr. Roberts until they were similarly supplied with gas masks.

Addendum 7727.1: The following attached document is a recorded conversation between Dr. Roberts and Researcher Chun, an Intake Department member assisting in Dr. Robert's processing.

Note: Chun had previously commanded Roberts to remove his clothing as part of the standard humanoid intake assessment procedure.


Roberts: This is so humiliating.

Chun: It could be worse.

Roberts: It can't be that bad, can it? I mean, come on. I shower just like everyone else! I put on deodorant and cologne!

Chun: Sit still a moment, I'm trying to take your blood pressure.

Roberts: Sorry.

[There is a ten-second silence.]

Chun: Stupid sphygmomanometer. It's probably broken. I can't seem to get a read on your blood pressure. Hold on. Let me grab a pulse oximeter.

[There is a five-second silence.]

Roberts: Is that one of those that goes on the finger?

Chun: Yup.

[There is a five-second silence, followed by a beeping.]

Chun: Huh. What are the odds of my sphygmomanometer and oximeter being broken at the same time?

[Chun removes the oximeter from Roberts' finger, but half of his index finger comes along with the oximeter. Roberts recoils.]

Roberts: My finger! Aaaah!

Chun: Don't be such a baby. We can grow it back.

Roberts: You psychopath, you broke off my finger! What's the matter with you?!

Chun: Dr. Roberts, please calm down. We can't process you if you keep yelling.

Roberts: Fine.

[Chun reaches for his stethoscope.]

Chun: One last try. Let's see what's going on with you.

[There is an eight-second silence.]

Chun: Nothing.

Roberts: What do you mean nothing?

Chun: Exactly that. I got nothing.

Roberts: Well… I feel fine. I guess nothing ain't so bad.

Chun: Except for the fact that you stink.

Roberts: Oh come on, it really can't be that bad if I can't even smell it!


End-Note: Dr. Roberts continued to argue with Chun over the smell of SCP-7727 for approximately fifteen minutes before being escorted to his new containment chamber. On the way, Dr. Roberts stubbed his toe against a wall and complained about it coming unattached but was quickly stopped from complaining by guard personnel. Dr. Roberts' next of kin were informed as per family disclosure protocol and direct containment of SCP-7727 began.

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