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SPECIALIZED CONTAINMENT PROTOCOL: As of 7 April 2006, all data and research regarding SCP-7719 has been relegated to Site-57 for analysis.

All television broadcasts originating from and received by North America are to be consistently monitored by a combination of Foundation .aics and appointed surveyors. These positions are to also analyze reports regarding SCP-7719 instances online, with .aics recording and cataloging descriptions to be overviewed by researchers in order to attest to their validity as anomalous incidents. When confirmed, Disinformation Campaign 7719 is to be enacted in order to convince witnesses that they were privy to a form of mass media alternate reality game. If DC-7719 is not sufficient enough to stifle interest into or conversations regarding SCP-7719, individual locations are to be tagged for administration of Class C amnestics within the week. If a Foundation employee witnesses an instance of SCP-7719, they are to immediately report it through the proper channels in order to report its contents.

Analysis of SCP-7719-1 instances and their capabilities is to be relegated to top priority in regards to research towards SCP-7719.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7719 is the net classification for a series of interconnected anomalous television broadcasts airing in North America.

Instances of SCP-7719 are sporadic signal interruptions that temporarily hijack and replace a station's original broadcast. Such instances typically begin with random bursts of analog tape static despite most modern standard television broadcasts consisting of digital transmissions. This discrepancy is not currently understood. It also appears that SCP-7719 instances air on television only when a viewer is present - there are currently no records or reports stating that SCP-7719 broadcast incidents occur without an individual there to watch the broadcast.

SCP-7719s' primary anomalous effect is their inability to be recorded using any technologically visual medium.1 Any and all methods of direct recording, either analog or digital, have proven to be unsuccessful. All attempts to record an SCP-7719 broadcast results in standard, unaltered stills and recordings of the television station's actual programming.

SCP-7719s' secondary anomalous effect is the ubiquitous presence of inhuman, though humanoid, creatures in all broadcasts (hereafter referred to as SCP-7719-1 within this document).

ADDENDUM 7719.1: SCP-7719 Instances' Recovered Descriptions (Abridged)

It was late. Really, really late. I'm talking, like, "it's-four-in-the-morning-and-your-shift-starts-at-seven-thirty" kind of late.

At that point, I'd been sitting on my couch rotting for what felt like forever. I was exhausted from my last shift but apparently, I wasn't exhausted enough to actually black out. The TV was on - I think it was Adult Swim, though I can't really be sure - I'd stopped actually paying attention to it long past.

I think the drudgery was enough, at that rate. I was starting to get bogged down by the actual deep exhaustion that was quickly catching up. I closed my eyes, started feeling the tug of sleep, when suddenly, they were open again. And there was noise. Loud, loud noise. I think it was static? But then again, it was so loud it felt like it was boring straight through my head.

My TV was showing a long, dark hallway. The only light was ambient, the camera struggling to pull in any light whatsoever to show the scene. At the end of the hallway, about thirty feet away, was an open doorway, completely pitch-black past the threshold. I couldn't help but watch, the screen crackling and warping gently, reminding me of the VHS tapes we used to watch as kids.

After a while, there was a soft snuffling noise. And then something dashed across the doorway, quickly, as though it didn't want to be seen.

I don't remember how it looked.

Just that it had antlers.

Michael Leene, 38, civilian.
28 October 2014

Oh, so it wasn't really me that watched it. It was actually my son. Loren and I thought it would be a good idea to let Cooper stay home since the poor boy could barely keep his food down. I made sure to tell him that his stay was going to be nothing but rest, soup, and blankets, but you know how kids are. The little TV in his room was on for the entire morning, but I didn't make a fuss since I already, honestly, felt so bad for him. Let him enjoy his cartoons and sitcoms; hopefully they'd help dissolve that miserable expression he'd been holding since the moment he woke up.

I'd been making Cooper a small bowl of tomato soup when for some reason, I tuned back into the sounds of the kitchen. A few doors down the hall, I could hear Cooper's TV, but the noises it was making caught me a little off-guard.

It sounded like one of those… emergency alert broadcasts. The ones with the short, blaring sirens that tell you if a hurricane is coming. There were voices, too. They weren't robotic, and they were speaking frantically. I stopped what I was doing to go check on Cooper, mainly to touch base and see if he was maybe watching something a bit too out-of-range for his age.

When I walked up to the doorway, I saw my son, fists tightly clenching the edge of his covers, pulled up to his neck. I asked him if he was ok, turning to see the TV on his dresser.

It was a bit upsetting actually. It was the last few seconds, but what I was seeing was what looked like a newsroom, with a "man" in a suit nervously signing off the segment. Except it wasn't really a man, not a human one at first. I can list it for you - head of a golden retriever, eyes of a snake, antelope antlers. Past the neck, the fur gave way to these slimy scales? I can't tell if they're more fishy or if they're more lizard-y. Its hands were sharp and ended in talons, those of a hawk's.

The last words I caught were something along the lines of, "…be aware," or, "stay alert" - something telling the viewer to watch and to be wary. The screen then flickered and popped, the thing's face suddenly human - a man with a brunette combover and thick-rimmed glasses - before switching back to the creature, and then immediately replaced with a title card that read, "THIS CONCLUDES OUR PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT," in all capital letters. Then, it was gone. Instantly switched to the middle of an episode of The Suite Life.

I did end up getting sick that week myself and had to take a bit off work, but I didn't and still don't give a shit about that. Cooper needed - still needs - someone around so he could fall asleep, and I don't blame him for asking.

Irene Cordova, 27, civilian.
3 March 2007

7719 instance

Room 209 Best Western Masonet IA 220 Stratham Rd

Appears as sitcom, five people standing and talking in kitchen, three kids two parents. Mother and two of children are 7719-1 instances. Mother has octopoid head. One child resembles cross between Komodo dragon and domestic chicken. Other resembles badger with praying mantis mandibles. Mother chastising her children (Komodo dragon and human daughter) for breaking vase in living room. Badger starts scooting out of scene, father shakes head and walks child back center set. Studio laughter. Mom chastises all children. Studio audience ooooohs in apprehension. Pause. Mom repeats line, looks off-screen. Motions w hands, mouths something (illegible — sentence ends w "running"), points directly at camera.

Badger child stops paying attention. Turns and looks directly at camera as Mom continues motioning to something offscreen. Child places hands on face, looks down at own hands. Child then looks around set. Quick bursts of tape static - sitcom intro showing a family sitting on couch, all facing camera with big smiles. All individuals are human. More static. Child begins screaming as clip distorts and pitches his voice increasingly higher. All voices human. More static, text buried in.

"STAY ALERT AND HI(illegibleillegibleillegible) SURVIVAL/REVIVAL(?)"

Clip ends.

Leland Rhodes, 35, Foundation Agent.
18 August 2010

So, the nightmare.

In it, I was watching TV, but I couldn't move. I just stared at the screen with my quilt bunched up around my mouth. I didn't do anything, could only watch.

Nothing interesting was on. I'd put on the History Channel to fall asleep to, but the show that was playing didn't look like it was from the History Channel. It looked like it was this hunting show - the kinds where they search for Bigfoot and giant scary lake monsters.

Handheld camera, shaky movements, people breathing heavy.

There was this moment.

They were watching a patch of the forest with night vision on, except instead of green it all burned red. The rig gently rose and fell with the cameraman's breathing.

It was calm. There was just breathing and the crickets.

Then a twig snapped behind everyone.

The camera whirls around and you see it.

Something standing behind them.

Large eyes that popped out of its head, skin like a bloated corpse. Gills and clawed fingers. Vestigial arms that were barely long enough to function.

It reaches out towards the cameraman and takes a few steps forward.

Sirens. Sirens. Sirens. Like the tornado warning that I heard throughout my childhood. Like the storm was bearing down on me at that very minute. Its eyes are swiveling loose and lazy in its head. So help me god, they can see me. They can see me. They can see me.

I wake up screaming. The TV is playing the History Channel, and it is nearly 6 AM.

Mertyl Schaffer, 70, civilian.
26 May 2003

We usually let them watch a half hour of cartoons in-between the two lessons. I don't know why I didn't just turn it off when it started - I guess I assumed it could be a good teaching moment for the kids, y'know. Let them watch a communion ceremony from another sect and then compare and contrast the differences that make all of us special in God's eyes.

I don't know why I didn't question it, is the thing.

It just… shifted. First it's the angel coming to Mary to tell her she's carrying the Lord's son, then it fades into a home movie of a first communion. It was from a high point, probably second floor seating near the back of the chapel. A girl walked down the aisle, wearing a pretty, white dress. She wore a crown of white flowers as well as she hesitantly took each step up to where the priest stood. The camera zoomed, and I could see the back of her head, partially obscured by a white veil.

She eventually made it, and held her hands out to the priest. He fed her the communion, and she turned around to face the congregation. One of my kids gasped, and I turned to him to ask what was wrong. In that moment, more and more children began to react, and I quickly glanced at the screen to see what it was before realizing.

The girl had collapsed to the ground, motionless. Her veil had fallen off in the process, revealing her head to be that of a jackal's. It looked like there were tears in her eyes, but the lines ran thick and dark against her fur. I don't think they were tears.

The priest stood over her, triumphantly, and as he took a deep breath and opened his mouth to bellow, the congregation began to scream. The person holding the camera drops it. The screaming grows louder.

By then, I'd been able to get my hands on the remote to turn off the TV.

Some of them were inconsolable. I worry about those ones the most.

Christina Painter, 26, civilian.
14 November 1998

ADDENDUM 7719.2: Despite the properties of all SCP-7719 broadcasts, Foundation scientist Karolina Wojciechowski was able to trace back an instance to a specific location as she witnessed the screening. The origin of the broadcast appeared to be a local television station labeled LMGC, positioned within Pelon, PA, USA. Three days post-discovery, on 29 June, 2005, a small group of Foundation agents (accompanied by several MTF agents) approached the building only to find it empty and seemingly abandoned.

While still in working condition with unobstructed plumbing and functioning electricity, the station appeared to not be in use despite its visible broadcasts. There were no current signs of management or employee presence with accompanying signs that no individual had been present within the facility for some time.2 Analysis of various records found in meeting rooms and offices suggest that the station did have a full team prior to c. 1997-2000, though significant dates on records found within the building do not progress past 2003.

The following notice was found within LMGC's main meeting room, multiple copies scattered across the central table and the floor.

Specifically regarding the suppression and censorship of the following in all programming aired by LMGC:

  • Profanity
    • (Also pertaining to the Lord's name.)
  • Nudity
  • Sexual perversion
  • Intimacy and affection between illegitimate couples
  • Criticism/ridicule of the clergy
  • Criticism/ridicule of the government and the Constitution
  • Imagery pertaining to Richard G. Harrison's guideline set (partially summarized below):
    • Panicked tones and demeanors
    • Unprompted emergency announcements
      • (Also pertaining to nonstandard emergency alerts.)
    • Cross-signal interference
    • Extravagant biologies

All procedures and techniques for media management are to be submitted to Mr. Hampton for finalization and production. If unclear when disclosing and distributing information to the proper channels and persons, please refer to Grey Guide Chapters 3-7 regarding identification tactics and undetectable discernment techniques.

Consistent references to "Richard Harrison" and the "Grey Guide" are found throughout documentation and reports circulated within LMGC. Further investigation has been temporarily reassigned to various research departments as well as RAISA.

ADDENDUM 7719.3: On 2 July 2015, multiple television sets located within Site-57 began simultaneously broadcasting differing instances of SCP-7719. This also coincided with a mass failure of the Site's Alert Protocol, causing alarm systems to activate in various locations across the area. Following the breach, a portion of Foundation staff requested leave or reassignment due to the stress caused by the incident. None of these submissions were granted.

The following are some of the broadcasted phrases, recorded through staff interviews. All were seen interspersed over footage of a silent instance of SCP-7719-1 sitting alone in a dark room.













Further investigative procedures are currently pending O5 approval.

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