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Item #: SCP-7717

Object Class: Ticonderoga1



Special Containment Procedures: All observations of SCP-7717 are to be documented in its respective file and affected files are to be copied before attempting restoration. Permanent containment of SCP-7717 is currently considered plausible but not of upmost priority.

Description: SCP-7717 is an apple of unknown cultivation that appears at random on Foundation-made photographic material and documents. SCP-7717 does not show any signs of change in colour, decay, or loss of condensation on its surface.

SCP-7717 has to date not been observed directly or on non-Foundation records. Because of this it is unclear if SCP-7717 is only memetic, physical, or both as in some scenarios it cannot be discerned.

Discovery: SCP-7717 was discovered on March 4 1973, during digitalization of older files. Over 2000 photographs, video logs, or other material showed an apple with the same pattern in the background. Because of the modernization in technology and the ease of making digital records, SCP-7717 observations have increased exponentially after implementing controls of its presence on Foundation material.

Addendum 7717.1: Observations of SCP-7717

Data omitted for brevity. All 173.693 logs available upon request.2

Date Observation
4 March 1973 Over 2000 observations of SCP-7717 logged upon initial discovery.
11 November 1982 Complete count of SCP-7717 observations completed globally. A significant amount of classified files have been edited to remove the anomaly.

Files where removal was unsuccessful were remade and scanned for the anomaly.
23 August 1985 A document with a memetic hazard was accidentally printed. However, SCP-7717 was printed over it, negating potential danger to personnel.
1 January 1987 SCP-7717 was present in the group photo of Site-47 for New Years.
5 May 1991 The photo taken for Dr. Alpin's ID was photobombed by SCP-7717. Dr. Alpin found it hilarious and gained the codename "The Son of Man".3
7 February 1994 An automatic camera remained stuck in shutter mode when Dr. Kuang left his office for an emergency meeting before leaving on vacation.

The amount of new observations of SCP-7717 crashed the scanning software and server. All remaining photos had to be entered manually afterwards. Dr. Kuang was put on temporary leave after a burn out.
21 September 1997 Several researchers were arrested for forging and selling information to several GoI's. The practices came to light after SCP-7717 was found in confiscated documents on arrested agents of the Chaos Insurgency.
10 October 1998 First known observation of SCP-7717 on video. SCP-7717 appeared on the security footage in the cafeteria of Site-10. Several minutes later Dr. Garat took the anomaly and ate it. In her witness testimony she claimed the apple "to taste all over the place".

As of writing SCP-7717 has not reappeared. Senior researchers are deliberating on the time interval for reclassification to neutralised.

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