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Item#: 7713
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

At this time, SCP-7713 has not shown the capability to move from its orbital position in the outer solar system. As such, all containment efforts are to be solely focused on suppression of information regarding SCP-7713's existence and monitoring all proposed and active space exploration efforts focused on the outer solar system. Any said efforts that take place must have equipment embedded with the necessary Binary_Star.aic files and have all evidence of SCP-7713 scrubbed from the hardware involved.

Should SCP-7713 show any deviation from its expected orbit, a threat analysis must be undertaken and both Containment Class and Disruption Class escalated accordingly along with all relevant containment procedures.


SCP-7713 is a small planetoid measuring approximately 700 kilometres in diameter. The object is located within the heliopause, approximately 123 astronomical units1 from the Sun. SCP-7713's gravity is far stronger than expected for its given size, at around 0.8 Earth Masses. SCP-7713 possesses a thick, green-coloured atmosphere consisting primarily of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and chlorine gas. SCP-7713's upper atmosphere contains large storm systems and clouds that appear to have slight luminescent properties, resulting in SCP-7713 emitting a dull glow across its entire surface. The topography of SCP-7713 varies from large stretches of plains to mountain ranges, with one large inland sea composed of an unknown deep green liquid.

SCP-7713's surface is covered in a thick, sinewy form of biomatter that has formed into the shapes of vast forests, jungles, and plains. SCP-7713's surface also features many towns, cities, and other forms of civilisation that are all seemingly crude replicas of those found on Earth2 formed from the aforementioned material. This material covers the entirety of SCP-7713 and is currently thought to compose the majority of SCP-7713's mass. Beyond the organic material, SCP-7713 appears to be completely devoid of life.

SCP-7713 was discovered during Beholder-25's initial exit from the Solar System while cataloguing cosmic bodies within the Heliopause. SCP-7713's unusually high temperature atmosphere given its location3 and slight luminescent properties logged it as a body of potential interest to the Foundation, before Beholder-25 continued to leave the Solar System.

Orbital Mission: PLA-421

Following the establishment of the automated extraplanetary observation site, Site-EOS-5, on Haumea4, plans for an exploratory mission to SCP-7713 had been proposed.

Utilising one of Site-EOS-5's Automated Exploration Satellites (AES) outfitted with several probes with derivative AI under the command of core AIC 'Cor-1' or 'Osiris', an exploratory mission was launched to investigate SCP-7713 and, if required, establish containment protocols.

Addendum 7713-A: Orbital Insertion Log

On 11/12/2015, AES-5-Alpha reactivated as scheduled as it began to approach SCP-7713. Several diagnostic and data collecting processes were performed to ensure optimal conditions for insertion.

Surface Exploration Logs: SCP-7713

Following the deployment of all surviving probes, explorative missions were enacted simultaneously. Due to the distance of the various landing sites, all communication was relayed via Cor-1 and Orb-1.

Note: All exploration logs occur simultaneously, and are organised for accessible research purposes.

Emergency Log 7713-A

At the end of the previous exchange, the signal from Rov-3 was boosted to over 5000% of what was possible given the hardware aboard. This signal was directed toward Orb-1 and contained a heavily corrupted .aic file which acted like a virus, beginning to infect Orb-1's systems and propagate itself, in an attempt to take control.

A state of emergency was immediately enacted by Cor-1.

Following the previous incident, SCP-7713 has been under close observation by long range telescopic satellites. It has so far shown no ability to deviate from its current orbit. No further missions to SCP-7713 have been planned.

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