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Item#: 7709
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Symbol used to represent SCP-7709.

Special Containment Procedures: A daily ritual involving the creation of aqua regia1 is to be performed by a trained Alchemist with oversight from the Department of Theology. A small amount of pure gold is to be dissolved in the solution. The product is then to be used during standard operations as needed.

Description: SCP-7709 is an omnipotent entity representing the domain of acids. Although currently classified as an Occam-class deity,2 the influence of SCP-7709 on the Baseline Reality has been exponentially increasing since the popularisation of industrial processes involving acids, and it is suspected that reclassification may be needed in the future.

It must be noted that SCP-7709 specifically represents the domain of acids as described by the Brønsted–Lowry acid-base theory3 as opposed to broader concepts such as corrosion, disintegration, or chemical volatility. This is unusual when compared to the domains of other documented deities which typically aim to be more basic and wide-ranging.

When assuming a metaphysical form, SCP-7709 commonly presents itself as a 15th-century European Alchemist. Although the reported appearance varies, the general consensus between the subjects is that SCP-7709 is a human male dressed in robes with arms and legs formed from — or encased in — lead. The only consistent feature noted between manifestations is the symbol found on the figure’s forehead. It corresponds to that used to represent aqua regia and has been described as letting off a faint white glow.

The worship of SCP-7709 is uncommon outside of small scientific and occult circles; centralised churches for the study of the deity are not present. Similarly, there are no central tenets of faith or philosophy to which all the different religious sects adhere. The ideology of individual cells ranges from worshipping the cleansing nature of acids to seeing SCP-7709 as a force opposing the concept of monarchy. At this time, no counter-ritualistic action against such groups is necessary.

Pseudohistorical Department

Historia est vitae magistra.

Foreword: The Pseudohistorical Department has compiled a catalogue of SCP-7709-related artefacts and documents. The items are arranged by the date of recovery.

Recovery: 1867, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Description: "The Thirteenth Key of Alchemy," a 16th-century alchemical book written under the pseudonym of Basil Valentine. Although mostly scientific in nature, the book aims to embellish the role of SCP-7709 in alchemy.

Writing from a yet-to-be-identified individual is found scribbled on several pages, with it consisting of critique towards the way in which the book is structured around SCP-7709 rather than empirical alchemical processes.


Medical difficulties have recently become more prevalent among the staff of Site-16.

If you are feeling unwell, please contact your supervisor immediately.

Do not self-medicate unless explicitly permitted to do so.

I need to be updated on the situation ASAP.

We did some scans on the last person you sent down here, and his stomach was filled with water — pure water. I want to meet with someone from the Department of Alchemy to discuss the issue, not whoever the people from Theology keep sending over.

Their one and only solution seems to be continuously tuning the infirmary's Prayer Engines. Those things are already loud and obnoxious enough as it is, and I don’t want to stress out my patients with any more noise.

-Dr. Tariel

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