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SCP-7708. (Label obscured)

Item #: SCP-7708

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7708 is stored at Site-██. Access requires Level 2 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-7708 is a wooden graphite pencil with a hexagonal shape. An engraving in small, green print near the bottom of the object reads "M. I. Armstrong". Fixed to the base of the pencil is a metal ferrule, though it lacks an attached eraser.

The pencil's casing is partially scuffed, bearing numerous dents and scratches. Under closer observation, SCP-7708 appears to otherwise be unnaturally durable; No graphite expenditure or further degradation of the object has been observed after repeated use and damage.

When SCP-7708 is placed near a sheet of paper, it will exhibit autonomous motion, levitating upwards and onto the page. During this process, SCP-7708 can form an intangible "grip" on the paper to stabilize it and facilitate the production of legible and coherent English texts.1 This writing is performed between brief periods of hesitation, during which SCP-7708 may either remain airborne or fall back down.

Due to its lack of an eraser, SCP-7708 will occasionally denote a portion of writing as "incorrect" by striking through it. The anomaly usually remains active until the page is filled or they are manually separated, though rarely it may deem a work complete that spans only a part of the page.

Writings by SCP-7708 are fictional in nature, and vary between first and third person. The stories are generally unconnected to one another.2

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