Item #: SCP-7707

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures are no longer necessary.

Description: SCP-7707 was a humanoid, visually female entity. SCP-7707 notably had a ring of wood positioned inside its waist, severing it in half. SCP-7707's survival depended on its blood consistently quantum tunneling through the wood, despite the statistical impossibility of this happening once, much less billions of times throughout its life. SCP-7707's given address, name and job do not match any in the Foundation's global database.

SCP-7707 was capable of replying verbally in any language spoken to it, including languages such as Latin, Yahgan, Biblical Hebrew and Cockney English. The entity was described by researchers as 'amiable' and displayed general cooperation with the Foundation.

SCP-7707's presence increased the chance of statistically improbable or even impossible events. This manifested in outcomes that notably never injured SCP-7707, and it is theorized SCP-7707 had a degree of control over this ability. In a defiance of odds, most notably, the entity caused accidents involving domestic pigs and high-speed machinery, truly-random number generation to output identical results, as well as the hospitalization of Doctor Murphy.

Addendum 7707.1: Discovery

SCP-7707 was initially documented after spontaneously manifesting in the office of Doctor Lowe.1 Security cameras inside of the researcher's room were undergoing a restart, and as such, the testimony of the doctor was the only source available.


[Doctor Lowe was interviewed the day after SCP-7707's discovery.]
[The researcher had not mentioned SCP-7707 up until this moment.]

Lowe: She appeared on my desk.
Actually, I think 'on' is a bit of a strong word, she more so just… appeared inside it, or with half the desk splitting her, but without harming her. It actually- it split her in two. Still remember it perfectly. It was… she had a gold and white cloak, similarly colored leggings…and heterochromia. One iris amber, the other green. It had been an eventful day even beforehand with my promotion and whatnot, from studying the effects of Y-class amnesics on the human mind to directing a group of people to, ah, do it for me, I had been moving boxes all day, shaking hands, and nodding along. I was sitting there, thinking about some thought experiment… the Boltzmann brain, I believe it was… and she just appeared. Papers scattered across the room. They drifted to the ground, fluttering as she stared directly into my eyes. The AC turned on, I remember- they drifted right back onto the desk, perfectly organized. We stared at each other for a few seconds before she finally spoke. And… there was, well, a lot to take in. She had two different colored eyes, and one was pure gold- and her voice! She sounded… otherworldly. She stood there, looking right into my eyes. Was I supposed to shake her hand? Was this my death? I was aware of the risks, but I was almost willing to take them anyway. She reached her hand out, and I extended mine as a reflex, grabbing hers. She asked me where she was, and I didn't know what to tell her. It was a shift change, so… it took a moment for Jacob to find us.


Interviewer: Marcius didn't report anything until 20:23. You mean to say nobody saw this entity in your office for 23 minutes?

Lowe: I don't think it- it wasn't that long. He came in and asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She waved, he walked off…

Interviewer: …and then reported it to the Zone Manager. Thank you, Lowe. Have a pleasant day.

Upon discovery, SCP-7707 was secured inside a standard Humanoid Containment Cell under supervision. 13 minutes later, SCP-7707 unlocked the door and left the cell. She walked out of Site-47 without being stopped. 5 minutes later, she returned along with Doctor Lowe. The following was recovered from Doctor Lowe's therapeutic journal, discovered during examination of possessions.


…She was staring up at the sky. It was pouring with rain, and I had an umbrella in one hand. I walked up to her.
She had a hand out. Her hair flowed behind her. She was smiling, she was [UNREADABLE] she looked incredible. Staring at the sky. Eyes wide open. Almost wanted [to] ask her if she'd never seen rain before but i… …I walked over to her and offered her my umbrella. She was completely d[r]y. She smiled at me placed her hand [on] my shoulder. It was wet [UNREADABLE] same hand she'd bee[n] testing the waters with. She stood under the umbrella and I remember asking her if she needed it. She said no, it wasn't [needed] since she wasn't wet. I held her hand and reminded her that it was actually wet which made her actually laugh, and it was beautiful…

…we stood there for a minute or two, and she said something i don't quite remember the details of. Said she was a midnight driver… worked late night for a delivery company. I searched [it] later and found nothing…

…We walked back inside after around 20 min. Apparently the time was 1300…

…I worry I feel for her too much.

After the initial breach, SCP-7707 was secured in a Class IV Humanoid Containment Cell. 4 minutes later, the mechanical interlock experienced a dramatic failure, and the reporting system for the failure experienced its own failure. SCP-7707 then simply walked out of the cell, as recorded by CCTV footage of the incident. The entity was surrounded by members of MTF Psi-19 "Supermarine".

The following interaction has been transcribed from CCTV footage of the incident.

Lowe: …don't you want to come back outside?

SCP-7707: I don't know what I did. I don't… I don't know what I did, Louis, why are they so… scared?

Lowe: Not-

SCP-7707: Of- as if I was about to do something horrible. They're… they're all… Louis, I… what did I do?

Lowe: SC-listen. Listen. I… haven't you noticed? The… when we were outside.


Lowe: When we were outside. You… you know it's not normal to have every single raindrop miss you? To be able to walk out of… rooms with locked doors, just like that? You have a gift, and… they want to know more about it. I want… no. No, I… I don't. I want to know you, and I don't think our goals are mutually… exclusive.

Pause. SCP-7707 looks at its feet.

SCP-7707: …can't they stop?

[Doctor Lowe motions to the MTF team to lower their weapons. They do so, and SCP-7707 follows Lowe into a Humanoid Containment Cell willingly, escorted by MTF personnel.]

SCP-7707 agreed to remain within its cell after discussion with Lowe and the acting Zone Manager. Attempts have been made to move SCP-7707 to a more secure location, however, every attempt thus far has been thwarted by happenstance.

Addendum 7707.2: Tests

Test 7707-0601
Name: Doctor Ridley
Date: 1/8/2008

SCP-7707 was introduced to an 8-ball.
Subject was recommended to shake the ball.
Subject was confused by the ball's continued result of 'outcome unclear', no matter what method it used to produce a different answer.
Subject was permitted to keep the ball.

Test 7707-0607
Name: Doctor Ridley
Date: 1/8/2008

SCP-7707 was asked to name a random number and replied with 13. The subject was asked to provide a random number greater than 100 and replied with 314. The subject was asked to provide a random number below 100 and replied with 69. Results inconclusive.

Test 7707-0609
Name: Doctor Ridley
Date: 1/8/2008

SCP-7707 flipped a standard U.S. penny (minted 2006) 5 times and received 5 'heads.' Subject was asked to flip the coin 5 more times and received 5 'tails.' Subject flipped the coin 25 more times of its own volition and received 25 'heads.' Subject was not requested to return the coin. Results inconclusive.

Test 7707-0927
Name: Doctor Jasper
Date: 15/8/2008

SCP 7707 was presented with several different bowls of 100 candies, each with a different proportion of candies spiked with a non-lethal nerve agent. Subject picked normal candies in bowls with a proportion of 1 to 99, 25 to 75 and 50 to 50 poisoned to normal candies. Subject became suspicious by the third bowl. After the fifth bowl (80/20) the Subject became increasingly distressed and requested the presence of Dr. Lowe several times. When explained he was away for other testing, Subject exhibited signs of intense sadness and refused any communication for several hours.

When presented with a bowl of entirely poisoned candy and persuaded to pick, the Subject finally picked a poisoned sweet. No side effects were monitored: when examined it was revealed the last batch of nerve agent candy in the bowl was entirely stale, and as a result redundant.

Note: Subject picked without fail a green candy every time. She seems to enjoy lime.

Dr. Lowe objected to this more dangerous testing and argued for less stressful tests: permission granted for more benign testing environments.

Test 7707-1921
Name: Doctor Rowe
Date: 23/8/2008

Entity introduced into Foundation's Monkey Typewriter Project. Subject exited room with legible copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet covered in primate hair. The Foundation Monkey Typewriter Project was cancelled.

Test 7707-2910
Name: Doctor Alex
Date: 1/7/2009

SCP subject asked to guess password of Dr. Yuri. SCP subject guessed incorrectly. Password given by SCP contained every character of Dr. Yuri's password in the wrong order.

Note: Asking SCP-7707 to guess confidential information is strictly prohibited. -Doctor Yuri

Test 7707-3281
Name: Doctor Ridley
Date: 2/7/2009

SCP-7707 was placed into a Class IV Containment Cell. The cell was equipped with 2 keycard-controlled doors and 10 inch thick concrete walls. The interior of the cell contained 1 fluorescent light, providing sufficient illumination. Subject had consulted with Dr. Lowe prior to experiment. Subject expressed desire to leave. 2 minutes later, a lightning strike in daylight rendered the cell's power systems disabled. Subject found in front of Security Office when power restored. Both cell doors were closed and intact.

Note: We had 2 armed guards at the second door and both claim they saw nothing.

Addendum 7707.3: Related Media

SCP-7707 did not respond to most psychological evaluations and did not reveal personal information lightly, although the entity was described as 'amiable' by most who interacted with it. The most detailed information on SCP-7707's personality comes from the late Doctor Lowe's notes and journal entries. All of these entries come from said journal, at different times:


…we met up shortly aft[e]r the candy[l] test.2 [A]pparently she just walked the [REDACTED] out of the room after some termites [a]te the mechanism. She was crying. i don't rem[e]mber how long it was…

I held her hand. we stood there for a good what 10? 15 min[utes]? I eventually asked her what was wrong and she simply said 'none if it'. asking her what she meant. and s[he] told me that it was all fake. all her memories. she wasn't ever a mother, and she wasn't ever a driver. she wasn't ever lover, and she wasn't ever a liar. None of what she knew was… actually something t[h]at happen[e]d. She hugged me and… I did not know wh[at] to do. I didn't. she was so distraught, I never… never expected actually, being able…

…later on I realized she blamed me for letting it happen. we didn't speak for a while, but she was so… she was so torn up about it. I [b]lame myself for not checking beforehand what they were about to [put] her through. Thought my career was going to get [REDACTED] screwed over…

Doctor Lowe's reports demonstrate SCP-7707's irregular psychology. Due to how little is known about SCP-7707's personal life, it is impossible to form a complete picture of its identity, and more importantly, the source of its anomalous properties. It is not known if SCP-7707 was aware of its own abilities. These reports have been cross-compared with CCTV footage to confirm their accuracy.


…it was the first time we'd hugged in weeks. She was extremely cheerful beforehand. The medical examination was routine but they wanted to take a closer look at her waist thing3 since it might be a problem. i was later told it's actual[l]y not hollow so how Lucy didn't bleed out or anything is beyond me. and apparently beyond the medical team as well, who didn't really get it either…

…she came out later a little shaken, a little of[f]. i asked her why and she didn't reply to me at first, but she just hugged me. why? why. i don't know. but she let go and skipped away happily. and i didn't see her for the rest of the day because I had work…

…was thinking about how I first met her. how she sparkled in the soulless florescent light, giving me a small smile as I reached down to place a hand on the wood that so cleanly split her in half…

Doctor Lowe's relationship with SCP-7707 is a source of debate. Evidence suggests SCP-7707 considered the researcher a close friend. Due to his role in ensuring SCP-7707 remained containable and predictable while an alternative source of containment was researched, it is believed many breaches in regulation were overlooked by on-site personnel.


…we'd even gotten Lucy some gifts. Yes, i am aware i'm not supposed to give the skips anything without going through the paperwork needed, but apparently the Site manager got fi[r]ed that day so it was kind of a mess at the moment. some Christma[s] gift, right?..

…we even had Mary carve a piece of wood for us. little statue of 7707, it turned out perfectly. and i lat[er] found out that she'd put L.L. on the bottom for us. she was so excited to show me it, it was like nobody had ev[e]r gotten her a gift before! even if she di[d]n't recognize any of the carols, she sung along anyway. guessed every single word right. If it were anyone else, i suppose that would be amusing…

…all in all, I don't think I need this journal anymore. the therapist may be concerned, but i don't think i need a therapist anymore, either…

Doctor Lowe's actions regarding SCP-7707 are deemed as needed at the time in order to placate the entity. Due to the positive effect SCP-7707 had on staff morale and survival rates (Staff productivity rates post-interaction with SCP-7707 were recorded at values of up to 500%, and claims of 'stand behind 7707 in a breach' have been noted), it is believed that some precautions were disregarded, and some procedures left unfollowed. Staff who allowed such behavior have been given a thorough explanation of the risks involved with such dangerous and unprecedented activities.

Addendum 7707.4: Reclassifications

1/1/2010: SCP-7707 left the Site's New Year's party with Doctor Lowe. From CCTV footage, in the connecting corridor from the office to the light containment cells SCP-7707 was recorded kissing Doctor Lowe. During this display, SCP-7707 and Doctor Lowe disappeared.
A 3-day search was enacted and the Site was placed on full lockdown. Neither SCP-7707 nor Doctor Lowe were ever found. Air monitoring equipment in the area recorded an unusually high concentration of bio-organic particles in the vicinity. Experts in stataphysics, using this evidence and the unusual formation of SCP-7707, concluded that a Level 5 Spontaneous Formation had occurred to allow SCP-7707's appearance, an event predicted to occur every 1010(500) years. A similar event caused the disintegration of both Doctor Lowe and SCP-7707.

SCP-7707 has been reclassified to neutralized.

"Much like how the universe conspired to make them come together, it took them from us. We'll miss Lowe and Lucy. Her kindness and his passion touched us all. To L.L., the best power couple this damn Site ever had." -Site-47 Team4

Addendum 7707.5: NOTICE

"The treatment and subsequent disappearance of SCP-7707 alerted the Foundation to potentially catastrophic failures in Site procedures. The misfortune required for such collective mismanagement of Site workers, doctors, administrators and guards in allowing an active relationship to be fostered between a researcher and their subject falls nothing short of a miracle; immediate corrective action at Site-47 is recommended to prevent any such failures in the future."

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