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NOTICE: You are viewing the iteration of this document prior to Incident-7702-Black. The current iteration is restricted to the involved detachment of Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" until the threat posed by SCP-7702-D is stabilized.


A map of SCP-7702. SCP-7702-A is visible in the center.

Item: SCP-7702

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its capabilities, permanent containment of SCP-7702 is not possible. In lieu of this, the Buyan Protocol has been developed at Site-59 to minimize civilian exposure to SCP-7702.

Project Buyan consists of the following tools:

  • Buyan-1 is a computer cluster designed to co-opt civilian and military satellite mapping systems to track all SCP-7702 appearances. As such, it can triangulate SCP-7702's new location in a minimum of five minutes after a relocation event.
  • Buyan-2 is an automated webcrawler that locates and suppresses any discussions on the internet about SCP-7702.
  • Buyan-3 is a heavily armored remote-controlled drone driven by propellers. Through the usage of its experimental Buyan-3A module1, it can instantaneously relocate two kilometers above any whole-number latitude/longitude input on Earth.

Once a new location is identified and mapped by Buyan-1, Project Buyan staff will examine the surrounding area and determine whether to implement Response Buyan-A or -B.

  • Buyan-A: If SCP-7702 is in an area with a low population density, Foundation Agents will be stationed in the surrounding area to discretely bar civilians from entry.
    • This is to be done with discretion, so as to delay another relocation event for as long as possible.
  • Buyan-B: If SCP-7702 is in an area where a higher population density increases the likelihood of civilian encounters, Buyan-3 is to be deployed to SCP-7702's location and infiltrate the perimeter.
    • The infiltration must be done as noisily and obviously as possible. If this fails to instantly force a relocation event, the drone operator is to take the following actions until relocation is obtained:
      • Vandalism of SCP-7702-A with the onboard paint gun.
      • Flying obnoxiously close to SCP-7702-B.
      • Usage of the onboard speakers to cheerfully inform SCP-7702-B that the area is under SCP Foundation control. Should this fail, the conversation will continue in an increasingly irritating manner.

All instances of SCP-7702-C are to be cordoned off from the public under the cover of private land development.

Description: SCP-7702 refers to an area of forested wetlands comprising one square kilometer.
The interior of SCP-7702 consists of a circular pond surrounded by a thick border of mangroves. The trees have an anomalous repulsive effect on matter trying to pass between them.

SCP-7702 is capable of teleportation through unknown means. The range of its teleportation is unknown, but all reported sightings have been in temperate, humid biomes, with most recorded appearances occurring in the Southeastern United States, Africa, and South Asia.

Access to SCP-7702 is only possible through an opening on the southern border. the opening leads to a wooden pontoon bridge across the pond to SCP-7702-A.

SCP-7702-A refers to a 200 meter x 200 meter x 10 meter barn built on a wooden pier on the center of the pond. The barn has no doors; the only known way to intentionally enter the barn is through a small corrugated-metal shack attached to the southern wall.

SCP-7702-B is a humanoid entity of variable appearance. In Buyan-1 surveillance footage, SCP-7702-B is most often seen on a lawn chair next to the shack's entrance. SCP-7702-B changes its appearance and spoken language to suit the community's majority mental image of a hospitable, eccentric, and harmless bartender.

When provoked, SCP-7702-B can trigger a relocation event by clapping. These are most often provoked by what SCP-7702-B perceives to be anyone who, in its own words, "came for something other than a drink."

The only other known anomalous capability of SCP-7702-B is that its urine has a pH of 0.5. (See addendum)

Areas previously occupied by SCP-7702 become instances of SCP-7702-C: a one-square-kilometer patch of thin, black slime primarily consisting of genetic material that does not correspond to any mundane organism. Making physical contact with the slime causes a human subject to experience an intense feeling of paranoia, which ends once the slime is removed.

It's unknown what happens to anything within SCP-7702's new location before it materializes, but nothing has been recovered.

Behavior: SCP-7702-B uses SCP-7702 to lure humans into SCP-7702-A. Through unknown means, the appearance of SCP-7702 triggers rumors in the surrounding community of a secret bar where "the best drink in the Universe" is served. The name and type of the purported beverage is inconsistent, usually aligning with the community's preference.

Once a human subject arrives, SCP-7702-B welcomes them inside the shack for a sample of the beverage. While SCP-7702-B will allow a subject to refuse the offer and leave, no subject who has accepted the offer has ever been recovered.

Exploration: On 1/12/22, Undercover Foundation researchers in the extradimensional space known as The Wanderer's Library reported consistencies between SCP-7702 and a predatory entity in Corbenic known as [DATA EXPUNGED]. To properly assess this relationship, an undercover exploration of SCP-7702 was ordered for 2/5/22. In addition to a hidden body camera, the agent involved would be implanted with SCP-2922 in order to explain, if needed, the post-mortem effects of SCP-7702.

Though this was meant to be done with a D-class staff member, Dr. Amelia Salas, a researcher at Site-59, expressed great interest and volunteered for the mission.

From: Lisle Naismith [pcs.noitadnuof|htimsianl#pcs.noitadnuof|htimsianl]
To: Overseer Council
Subject: Personnel Change Request

Relevant Employee Information:

Personal Details

Name: Dr. Amelia Victoria Salas Maldonado
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Japanese
Specialty: Anomalies involving electronics, computers, and radio waves
Additional Skills: Attained a fifth-dan ranking in kendo as a civilian; often called in for testing with sword anomalies

Professional Details

Position: Class-C Researcher at Site-59
Security Clearance: Level 4
Currently Assigned Item: SCP-2527
Previously Assigned Items: (abridged list — more information available in her SCiPnet listing.)

  • SCP-7373
  • SCP-3162
  • SCP-3137
  • SCP-2845
  • SCP-3034Note: Used experimental radio-wave hacking technology to identify the entity responsible for the transmissions. Due to the resulting intense psychological trauma, amnestics were issued.
  • SCP-2803Note: Longest assignment. Developed a pacifying rapport with SCP-2803-A. Upon leaving, Dr. Salas was named "honeraryee TotleighSoft SHAR HLODER off teh MUNF!" (sp) by SCP-2803-A.
  • SCP-231Note: Due to staff shortages and logistical issues, Dr. Salas was called in on 4/19/21 to oversee Procedure 110-Montauk. Amnestics were issued immediately thereafter.


I've been looking into the history of the volunteer you've allowed to participate in the upcoming 2922-assisted exploration of SCP-7702. I'd be the last to deny that she has - at one point - been a valuable asset here at Site-59. The aspect of sending her on a potential suicide mission sobers me.

But that's not why I'm making this request. Site-59's internal mental health department has brought an important variable to my attention.

There have been reports of Dr. Salas remembering things she shouldn't have. Nothing illicit, but seemingly mundane information, such as what her breakfast was on the morning before she was amnesticized.

There is a nonzero chance that Dr. Salas is immune to amnestics.

This is only hypothetical, of course. I'm doubtful that the cause is anomalous; more likely, the product of genetics and incompatible brain chemistry.

But if true, this would be the first recorded case of this condition, which the research team and I have since named Myosotis2. I suppose if you extrapolated this problem, we would need to screen all employees for potential Myosotis.

On a more relevant note, if Dr. Salas does indeed have Myosotis, then that would mean she remembers having assisted with some of the most mentally scarring assignments we have to offer — including Procedure 110-Montauk, the containment procedures for SCP-2845, and [5/████ CLEARANCE REQUIRED].

In all likelihood, she puts up a front of ignorance to avoid termination, while internally processing an inordinate amount of psychological trauma when alone.

The behavioral citations may also have something to do with this. Over the course of her five years of service, I've personally seen her grow more bitter, aggressive, and melancholy by the day. The only times she shows any positive emotions anymore are when she's destroying our morale with tasteless wisecracks. Her poor attitude has alienated her colleagues save for a handful of friends in the IT department, and even they have to walk on eggshells to keep her from cursing someone out.

This has also negatively affected her performance. She only really shines when she's working with TotleighSoft anomalies. Word of mouth among staff is that she finds something in the blind naivete of "P. Hudson Gock" that makes her feel nostalgia for when she was still dreaming of joining the Foundation one day, rather than actually participating.

(When she first joined us, her enthusiasm for the science of anomalies was infectious. Truth be told, I find it hard to hold this negativity against her — if even the brightest mind among us were resistant to amnestics, they, too, would be struggling like this.)

The point is, Dr. Salas's mind is in a very bad place right now, so she may not have volunteered in good faith. I believe she's trying to use an anomaly with a near-100% disappearance rate as a means of suicide.

Consider this my request to remand Dr. Salas into observation until an alternative method of amnestics can be implemented.

- Director Naismith

From: Overseer Council
To: Lisle Naismith [pcs.noitadnuof|htimsianl#pcs.noitadnuof|htimsianl]
Subject: Personnel Change Request

Request denied. Send her into SCP-7702 as planned.

"Myosotis" is definitely worth looking into, but it's still only a hypothesis. More research is needed before this condition can be a deciding factor in our operations.

As for Dr. Salas — your concern for your employees' well-being is commendable. But you would do well to remember how common it is for civilians to grow to hate their job without supernatural aid.

SCP-7702 has not yet appeared in Central Park on a hot day. But the fact that this is hypothetically possible means that we can't waste any more time in finding a way to prevent that from happening.

Besides, if she does want to die, then that makes her a more ethical candidate for this investigation than someone who doesn't.

- O5-2

Investigation Log - 2/5/22

(The time is 12:59 EST. Dr. Salas activates the hidden camera on her lapel as she steps on the pontoon bridge.)

(Proceeding down the bridge, Salas swats away a swarm of gnats.)

Salas: Fuck off.

(More gnats surround her as she approaches SCP-7702-A. One lands on the camera lens.)

Salas: (mumbling) It's all coming together. This state has more than enough land assholes. They gotta fill the air with assholes too. That's science.

(She smashes the gnat on the camera, causing severe turbulence in the footage.)

(The sudden movement has startled SCP-7702-B awake from a nap in its chair. SCP-7702-B takes the appearance of a middle-aged Caucasian man with a Cajun accent. He wears a striped outfit with a bowtie typical of turn-of-the-century American bartenders.)

SCP-7702-B: Aw, hell, did I die in my sleep? Cause you got a look about the eyes like you're the grim reaper himself. Rest of you ain't too bad, though! Rawr.

Salas: Thanks for the opinion. Eat a dick.

SCP-7702-B: Speakin' of which, I assume you're here 'bout L'Orgasmaise?

Salas: The what, now?

(SCP-7702-B gasps with delight. He stands up.)

SCP-7702-B: My sister in Christ, you don't know about L'Orgasmaise?!

Salas: I'm too thirsty to know or care what that is. Do you have something to drink?

SCP-7702-B: Ain't that a coincidence. L'Orgasmaise is absolutely something to drink. It is the thing to drink! It's a special kinda moonshine made from a recipe found scrawled on the wall of a dead lunatic's cell in a Baton Rouge asylum. The poor bastard up and went nuts in pursuit of the greatest white lightning on Earth. And he died for it — but the minute he walked past them gates, all the purdiest angels in Heaven lined up two-by-two just to yank up their skirts and twiddle his pickle, 'cause hot DAMN did he ever succeed in what he set out to do!

(Salas audibly tries to force a more pleasant tone of voice.)

Salas: You know something? I genuinely hate you. Get me your drink and fuck off.

SCP-7702-B: That's the spirit, cher! Less talkie, more drinkie. Come on in and drink you some. First one's free!

(Salas follows SCP-7702-B into the shack. They sit down at opposite ends of a circular patio table lit by a single kerosene lamp. There's a damp wooden door in the back. A streak of dried blood on the rug leads to the bottom of the door.)

(SCP-7702-B pulls out a blurry glass bottle and two shot glasses from a nearby cabinet.)

Salas: How can I be sure this isn't just cyanide?

SCP-7702-B: Alors pas, darlin' — I'm havin' a shot, too. What's wrong? Have I given you any reason not to trust me? What lies have them Foundation eggheads been tellin' ya?

Salas: What "Foundation?"

(SCP-7702-B snickers. He leans down and addresses her hidden camera directly.)

SCP-7702-B: Check out your girl, all "wHaT fOuNdAtIoN?"

(Judging from the sound and SCP-7702-B's reaction, Salas reaches for her gun.)

SCP-7702-B: Awww, ain't no need for that, sugarplum!

Salas: Give me one reason why not.

SCP-7702-B: Just one? Aim higher! I could give ya twelve.

Salas: Enough with the bullshit.

SCP-7702-B: D'accord, d'accord…

(SCP-7702-B's voice completely changes. It drops the accent and addresses Salas with a somber but sympathetic tone.)

SCP-7702-B: So long as we're both dropping the act, let's start over. Good afternoon, Dr. Amelia Salas.

(Salas's heart rate in the corner of the camera feed spikes.)

SCP-7702-B: I've heard a great deal about you from my master. He knows what the Foundation has made you go through. I've seen the memories you've been trying to purge for five years.

Salas: How much does your "master" know?

(SCP-7702-B glances at the camera, then back to Salas.)

SCP-7702-B: Enough to know that you deserve better. So here's my question to you: we both know what the Foundation wants here, but what do you want?

Salas: To get this bullshit investigation over with.

SCP-7702-B: But after that?

(Salas places her elbows on the table and holds her forehead in her hands.)

Salas: …I want it to stop.

SCP-7702-B: And "it" is…

Salas: Everything! Fucking everything, all right?! I wanna go back to ten years ago when I didn't know anything about the Foundation. It's… look, I wanna get it off my chest, but there's not a lot I can ethically justify explaining to an enemy.

SCP-7702-B: Who says you have to be literal about it? Just look at Aesop. He knew that his morals wouldn't have had such lasting power unless he used talking animals.

Salas: I guess. I've done things for the safety of the world that require me to… tear out my "I'm still a good person" gland and throw it away. Then immediately afterwards, they give me a prosthetic gland as compensation. But they never have the prosthetic in my size — and if I let them know that, I'm dead.

SCP-7702-B: I'm sorry, but that's objectively the shittiest metaphor I've ever heard.

Salas: Fuck off.

SCP-7702-B: But let's work with it anyway. When you have to tear it out again, do you just tear out something else inside you to keep up the illusion — until you're empty?

Salas: …pretty much, yeah.

(SCP-7702-B nods, then pours out two shots of the substance in the bottle — a greenish-brown liquid similar in consistency to olive oil.)

SCP-7702-B: My master has spoken. He says he'll give you the peace you seek. There are two ways we could go about giving it to you. The first…

(SCP-7702-B waves its free hand. Seventeen rusty pipes with sharpened tips fly up from the floor. They float in the air around Salas. She looks around to see what's going on. The camera moves with her enough to display that the bladed end of the pipe is pressing against her femoral artery.)

(Her heart rate doubles in the corner of the screen.)

SCP-7702-B: ..that's the easy option. But any reward you get out of it will be over before it can be enjoyed.

Salas: And what's the other option?

(SCP-7702-B grabs one of the full shot glasses and motions for Salas to do the same. She does, causing the pipes to fall against the floor all at once.)

SCP-7702-B: It's this. You've probably inferred by now that it isn't whiskey.

Salas: Then what is it?

SCP-7702-B: I can't truly explain it in any way that makes sense to a human. So here's the short answer: it's the only path to the true serenity that self-important traitors like JALAKÅRA have denied your race. The only way to truly exist.

(Seven seconds of silence. The glass quivers in Salas's hand.)

Salas: What does it taste like?

SCP-7702-B: Orange Faygo.

Salas: Fuck it, sold.

(They toast. Salas drinks it quickly.)

(The heart rate suddenly shifts to zero, where it remains. She falls backwards in her chair.)

(SCP-7702-B looms over her. It grins menacingly at the hidden camera. It indicates the full glass of liquid in its hand before shattering it against the wall.)

(Over the next minute, SCP-7702-B drags Salas's body into SCP-7702-A. Only bits and pieces of the ceiling can be seen through the camera. Hundreds of flies appear in every sunbeam peeking through the cracked roof.)

(The labored breathing of an enormous, unidentified animal can be heard on the other side of the barn.)

(Salas falls approximately three meters down a pit in the floor. The sound of her landing is soft and wet. It's too dark to see. More flies are heard.)

(SCP-7702-B falls into the pit feet-first. It turns over Salas's body and removes the camera from her blazer. In the process of moving the camera, it's shown that Salas has been placed on top of an unidentifiable amount of decomposing human bodies.)

(After climbing up a ladder back to the floor of SCP-7702-A, SCP-7702-B places the camera on the floor. The accent from the initial meeting returns.)

SCP-7702-B: Alors, before I pack my bags again, I got a present for y'all. This here's a performance art piece I like to call "La seule chose que je dis à la Fondation", and it goes a little somethin' like this…

(SCP-7702-B disrobes and starts angrily urinating on the camera. The feed cuts off seven seconds later.)

(Note: The camera's remains were recovered in the resulting instance of SCP-7702-C, along with a small puddle of the caustic substance that destroyed it.)

Update: Immediately following Dr. Salas's death in the investigation, the phone at Site-59 assigned to her SCP-2922 implant received 2,384 voicemail messages over the course of five seconds. (It is unknown how SCP-2922 was able to circumvent the phone's data storage limits.)

Efforts to transcribe the messages and to contact Dr. Salas are ongoing via Project Thökk…






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