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Item#: 7697
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Entrance to the staircase leading to the anomaly during discovery. 7th Regional Office's backyard.

Special Containment Procedures: Undercover Foundation personnel must maintain key positions within the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) to secure the necessary certifications and ensure the continuity of the KFDA 7th Regional Office's activities. Any attempts to restructure the KFDA through political means that could impede the work of the 7th Office are to be actively discouraged.

Researchers assigned to the 7th Office are required to replicate uniforms, furnishings, and procedures consistent with those of an actual KFDA office to maintain public perception. Unauthorized individuals discovered within the office premises are to be apprehended and handed over to local law enforcement under the guise of terrorism against a government facility.

Update 7697-003: Effective August 1st, 1999, unauthorized individuals found in the vicinity of SCP-7697 are to be held in indefinite quarantine; a false accidental death report must be prepared within 24 hours to minimize local police involvement. For more information, see update 7697-002.

Description: SCP-7697 is a spatial anomaly situated in Daegigeun, South Korea, which is apparently connected to a different planet, denominated SCP-7697-2. The portal is connected to the ruins of a large structure called the Center for Enhanced Wellbeing, also referred to as the CORNWELL Lab, and designated as SCP-7697-1. A modest concrete structure located at the back of the warehouse, today disguised as the 7th Regional Police Station, guards access to a narrow staircase that leads to the spatial anomaly. At the time of discovery, the concrete structure was covered in vegetation, graffiti and faded identification marks. The door was also secured with a padlock of unknown origin.

Access to the anomaly occurs by crossing a fire door found at the bottom end of the staircase. A small sign reading "Emergency Exit" is affixed to both sides of the fire door. The dilapidated lobby area in the other side of the door is already located on SCP-7697-2. The lobby area is filled with sand and rotting furniture and contains two doors. One, which leads to a decontamination room, believed to be the only means of further progressing into SCP-7697-1, and another which leads to the outside, SCP-7697-2, a barren landscape devoid of any signs of life or structures.

Analysis of the night sky above SCP-7697-1 reveals the presence of a distant moon that, although resembling Earth's moon, is adorned with city-like illumination. Furthermore, constellations visible do not correspond to any known stellar formations in the Foundation databanks. Astronomical spectroscopy results are pending1.

Attempts to explore the external surroundings of SCP-7697-1 have been impeded by frequent sandstorms. To date, no team has successfully ventured more than 10 miles into the outskirts of the CORNWELL ruins. Likewise, attempts to delve deeper into SCP-7697-1 have been unsuccessful, as the decontamination chamber appears to be automated, and no humans have managed to survive the sanitization process.

Update 7697-002: Based on acquired data from the last expedition, all future explorations attempts are to be put on hold due to Biohazards concerns, until the decontamination process of the SCP-7697-1 can be fully understood. Risk Class has been updated from Notice to Warning, and all researchers who crossed SCP-7697 must submit to medical and psychological examination upon return. All researchers who crossed into SCP-7697-1 are to be placed under quarantine until further notice.

The following update has been attached to SCP-7697's file as part of ongoing Archivist Investigation.

Update 7697-001: Previously unidentified clothing was confirmed to be Foundation-issued Class 2 Environmental Suit bearing the markings of at least three different Sites. However, these iterations of suits have been retired for over 60 years and Site Directors have reported that units have been discarded, with the exception of two found stored in the museum at Site 19. An investigation was ordered into the two museum pieces, and an inquiry was started on the last unidentified suit showed on video. The latter did not match any current database records. Due to the quality of the footage, it was not possible to further study the remaining [REDACTED] non-Foundation garments.

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