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Clearance Level 2: Clearance
Containment Class: keter
Secondary Class: uncontained
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/danger


Photograph captured by victims of Rozhdeniya Event-132. The photograph was enhanced by software engineers.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7690 is currently uncontainable by the Foundation (View Addendum-1). Containment efforts are focused on preventing and mitigating the effects of Rozhdeniya Events.

All females within Slavic countries between the ages of 16 and 40 are to be monitored for signs of a Rozhdeniya Event for one week following spontaneous abortion or stillbirth. These signs include lethargy, night terrors, fatigue, and hallucinations. Suspected subjects will be further monitored by Foundation Field Agents. In the event of an individual affected by a Rozhdeniya Event (designated SCP-7690-A), the subject is to be immediately transported to a secure location for observation.

Foundation agents are to be placed on standby in the vicinity of SCP-7690-A's location during the active phase of a Rozhdeniya Event. Intervention is prohibited during SCP-7690 manifestation. Any SCP-7690-1 instances produced during a Rozhdeniya Event are to be immediately taken into Foundation custody for study and medical treatment.

Slavic governments are to suppress media coverage of any Rozhdeniya Events not discovered by the Foundation. Individuals who come into contact with SCP-7690 or SCP-7690-1 instances are to be amnesticized from the event. This condition may vary between SCP-7690-A subjects, depending on the circumstances.

Research into the origins and capabilities of SCP-7690 is ongoing, with the objective of developing a method of containing and studying the entity.


SCP-7690 is an entity that appears as a female cranium attached to a spine, pelvis, and ribs, lacking limbs, a mandible, or a sternum. The body repeats itself an unknown number of times from the C1 vertebrae to the coccyx. Each repetition is disjointed and disproportionate in size and placement. SCP-7690 is covered in Lilium candidum, which grows through anomalous means. SCP-7690 moves through autonomous lateral undulation, ignoring gravity and mass, and produces a scraping sound due to the absence of organic ligaments and muscles.

SCP-7690 is capable of producing SCP-7690-1 instances through unknown means, referred to as Rozhdeniya Events. These events occur when a woman living in a Slavic country between the ages of 16 and 40 experiences a spontaneous abortion or stillbirth. The rate of Rozhdeniya Events varies annually, averaging 0.000024% per year.

A Rozhdeniya Event is comprised of two phases. The first phase occurs within a range of 1 - 2 weeks from the initial activation. SCP-7690-A subjects will experience frequent lethargy and fatigue and will report experiencing night terrors and minor visual and auditory hallucinations of SCP-7690's body. The second phase, known as the active phase, occurs after the first phase and once the SCP-7690-A subject is isolated between 00:00 to 06:00 local time. During this phase, SCP-7690 manifests within the SCP-7690-A's location and produces an SCP-7690-1 instance corresponding to the subject's miscarriage before departing.

SCP-7690-1 instances are genetically and physiologically human, with severe physical and mental birth defects and are identical to the original fetuses in terms of DNA. They typically pass away shortly after discovery. SCP-7690-1 instances are found post-Rozhdeniya Events covered in vernix caseosa in various placements and circumstances.
It is currently unknown the full extent of SCP-7690's anomalous abilities, but based on witness accounts, it appears to have the ability to become intangible, teleport nearly instantaneously, and induce exhaustion.

Note from Site-187 Director:

Attention all staff,

The recent containment attempt Lambda III ended in tragic loss for the MTF unit involved. It is imperative that all personnel understand the dangers posed by SCP-7690 during its active phase. Any unauthorized intrusion during this time will result in retaliation from the entity. As of the current date, physical containment of SCP-7690 is not feasible. Under no circumstances should the active phase be interrupted unless explicitly authorized by a higher clearance level. Let us all keep the safety of our personnel and the success of our containment efforts at the forefront of our actions.

Addendum-1 - 'SCP-7690 Containment Attempt - Lambda III'




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