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Item#: 7680
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedure: Agents are to be assigned to the edge of SCP-7680’s perimeter to stop any individuals from entering the affected area without proper authorization. Any agents entering the affected zone must be briefed on this document and be aware of SCP-7680-1’s abilities. Agents should not interact with SCP-7680-1 if encountered, as the entity will completely ignore personnel that do not engage with it. Individuals trapped within the affected area during a restructuring event should be considered lost until effective containment measures can be implemented.

Description: SCP-7680 is the designation given to Site-77 and the surrounding 100km of land following SCP-7680-1’s attack on the site. The affected area appears to reset itself to 11:30 am February 9th, 2019 upon SCP-7680-1’s death or discretion. The memories, placement, and state of humans and objects revert to how they were upon a Reset Event.

A secondary effect of SCP-7680 is the slow degradation of reality within the area. Reset Events have begun to make random objects or structures within the site operate in a fashion not consistent with baseline reality. The most common form of this has been the size of objects becoming inconsistent with their appearance. This makes certain walls intangible and specific boxes able to be felt while meters away. Other observed effects include locations experiencing kinetic buildup and barrels displaying anomalous resistance to blunt force, other effects observed have not been listed due to quantity. These anomalous effects seem to increase with each Reset Event and it is unknown if this is intentional.

Discovery: SCP-7680 first came to the Foundation’s attention after Site-77 started sending repeated emails, reports, and breach alerts to neighboring sites. After contacting staff and observing outgoing security footage, it was discovered that time was reverting at seemingly random intervals. Further investigation revealed an intruder breaching the site, now dubbed SCP-7680-1. SCP-7680-1 is suspected to be the cause of SCP-7680, as the effect began when it arrived and the subject appears to retain memories between Reset Events. SCP-7680-1 appears as a baseline human, consistently wearing archetypical “cowboy” attire with the addition of a Nintendo Power Glove1. The subject is a Hispanic male standing around 1.8 meters tall. SCP-7680-1’s outfit is suspected to relate to the anomaly in some way, specifically its glove, which is believed to be the source of SCP-7680.

SCP-7680-1 uses its ability to repeatedly breach the site and terminate the Site Director, Shirley Gillespie. The subject will normally stick to the same route, only ever deviating if a more effective route to terminate Site Director Gillespie is discovered. Gillespie reported that she did not know SCP-7680-1, and is unaware of a potential motive.

Addendum 1 - SCP-7680-1’s Routes: A record of routes taken by SCP-7680-1 has been documented here in order to better understand how to contain SCP-7680. This report has been compiled from both site security cameras and a listening device that MTF Agents managed to plant on SCP-7680-1.


Progress Report From Senior Researcher Regan Morgan:

Progress Report-001

You know, there’s a lot of bad omens and superstitions in the Foundation. Despite being an organization run by scientists, you’d be hard-pressed not to find at least a handful of doctors that believe in old wives' tales. Normally I don’t pay any mind to these but goddamn it, I should have listened when One said, “Don’t fucking go to Italy for vacation.”

Site-77 has had another containment breach and lucky ole me was the nearest person able to head this investigation. I just had to see Venice, huh? Well, now I’m stuck in a tent in the middle of a desert surrounded by a team composed of whoever happened to be nearby at the time. Needless to say, no one wants to be here.

Let’s just get to the anomaly. At first, I thought this was someone with a vendetta against Gillespie as killing her seemed to be his primary objective. Then we put the mic on the guy and my perception of him changed. The first sentence we gathered from him was, “Woah baby, that’s a big dub. Gold splits and +15, this is definitely a new PB for sure, let’s get some dubs and bits in the chat now boys.” So I thought, “Wow, this man is clearly insane and speaking gibberish.”

Little did I know, an assistant in the other room somehow recognized these random phrases and told us to see if there were any signals leaving the site. Sure enough, we found an unrecognized signal leaving the building. We put the IT guys to work finding out what it was and where it was going. This is when we started implementing the countermeasures and I notices his word choices. He said the word “guys” a lot. That, along with a few other phrases tipped me off on what was going on here. I needed to call my twelve-year-old cousin to be sure but I knew what it was.

The signal turned out to be a live stream where at least a hundred viewers watch and comment on SCP-7680-1’s actions. The title of the stream is “Site-77 Any% World Record”.

This person was doing an activity that my assistant described as “speedrunning”.


Progress Report from Senior Researcher Regan Morgan:

Progress Report-002

Before this assignment, my only interaction with video games was when my sister Amelia handed me a controller and disrespected me so viscerally with Pikachu in Smash 64 that I completely ignored them the rest of my life. I never suspected that knowledge of “gaming” and its “culture” would be relevant in my career.

I also didn’t expect my assistant, who had previously only prepared coffee, to be working as my right hand man. His name is Caden and he’s honestly been invaluable to this mission. At first, he acted as my translator as 7680-1 had a habit of saying a string of words like, “Maybe we can pull a BotW wind bomb and that would make a faster Oblivion paintbrush strat.” I would hear this and just think, “Wow, that certainly sounds like it means something.” But Caden knew exactly what these thing meant and was able to walk me through it. I really can’t believe I’m saying these words but… gaming kind of is its own culture with differing subcultures.

The one we’re dealing with is the speedrunning subculture. No matter how many times Caden explains it to me I don’t really understand the appeal. These people spend hours and multiple attempts on the same game in order to play it faster than other people. Some get paid for it but many, like 7680-1, do it for fun. I really don’t get it, there’s no incentive or reward for doing it. It is solely just for fun.

In the beginning I didn’t think this information would change anything. We’d just get the glove off or kill him repeatedly till he gave up. Caden told us that wouldn’t work but we didn’t listen because he’s just an assistant, what does he know? Well what do you know, he was right.

Countermeasures 005-008 were failures as he had planned ahead for people taking the glove, and only seemed more excited to do the run when we were trying to kill him or block his path. So I returned to Caden and asked him what to do.

He said that 7680-1 and all other speedruns do what they do because it’s fun. There are plenty of games and places that these people can choose from but they are specifically dedicating themselves to this one because it’s fun. We need to make it not fun.

Now I thought we were already doing that by taking away things he needed and giving the security guard plenty of guns to kill him 20 times over. Caden thought differently, saying that making something difficult doesn’t make a game less fun as most players and speed runners specifically are masochists. The more difficult you make something, the better they’ll feel when they beat it. He said that I could put an army between him and Gillespie and it would only make 7680-1 want to kill her more. To better explain this, he showed me clips from a game called “Bloodborne”.

I was shown two boss fights (enemies at the end of a level), one was a big horse monster and the other was some dude with a birdcage on his head. He told me that the difference between these two fights is the difference between a game being fun and a game being tedious. The horse is an unforgiving, relentless enemy that punishes the smallest mistakes and the other runs away for 20 minutes before spamming a single attack that will instantly kill you. The main idea of what he’s saying is that it’s not that we need to make a brick wall. It’s that we need to make his route a chore.

So that’s what we did. We let him go through the entire route, over an hour long build up, just to snipe him in the air at the end. If he wanted to re-attempt, he’d have to spend another hour getting to that point only to die again. Caden described it as evil and exactly what we needed. Once again, the kid was right.

SCP-7680-1 is currently rerouting again and I’m confident that if we can continue this strat, we can make him quit within a month or two.

If I can take a moment to get something off my chest? I’ve been feeling very angry recently. I know this is probably irrational but there’s an intense hatred inside me, directed at 7680-1. I’m not sure why. Maybe the endless attempts at containing him only to fail repeated are hitting a little too close to home. I came to Italy in order to forget about 7570 and yet here I am. Feeling the same fucking thing. Reset. After reset. After reset.

Fuck Frankie and fuck [REDACTED].


Progress Report from Senior Researcher Regan Morgan:

Progress Report-003

I won't lie to you. I'm kind of at a loss. We had one plan. Just the one. Make the game so boring that the idiot threw his controller at the screen and fucked off. Yet, that didn't work and I should have known that it wouldn't because I know guys like him. I might be a stranger to the culture but I know him. People like him are petty, they don't accept losing or ever being put in a position that makes it seem as if they're not on top. The chat is an echo chamber, he kills Crane repeatedly for a grudge she doesn't even remember, he fucking emotes when he makes a good time. He's a literal child and this is his temper tantrum.

He's going insane in there. Releasing anomalies, killing staff, and just setting off the various explosives in the building. That's bad enough but it's made even worse by the site collapsing more and more by the day. People are falling into the ground and getting thrown into the stratosphere for stepping on small sections of ground with a slight angle. It won't be long until the entire building becomes a black hole or crater.

We've been pulling all-nighters to keep up. Every full night's sleep is at least 100 resets and 1,000 more "glitches", as Caden calls them. The kid's really been helping out recently. Pointed out a few things we probably would have never noticed, like how 7680-1 likely sees his chat through his glasses. He's even been writing the recent countermeasure reports. As if those are helping us any. I just don't know what else to try.

Well, that's not exactly true. I do have a plan. A plan that has to be executed perfectly if it has any hope of working. You see, there's one thing I have that he doesn't. I have every stream he's ever done. His every action for the past month. I've studied the way he acts, fights, manages resources. I know him better than he probably knows himself and THAT is something I can use. There are encounters, entities, and objects he will go out of his way to avoid and if I can catch him off guard with these, I might be able to beat him. I've run it by Caden and while he agrees that it could work, it's very likely that something would go wrong. And unlike 7680-1, I only get one attempt. Fuck. Might as well.

Caden knows the culture, Frankie's doing it for fun and to beat him we have to make it un-fun. But now we're not dealing with a speedrunner, we're dealing with an asshole suffering from a God complex. Lucky for me, I have experience in that department.

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