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Item #: SCP-7675

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7675 is to be held in storage away from any anomalous consumables. Outside of testing, foodstuffs and other consumables should not come in contact with SCP-7675.

Description: SCP-7675 is a metal spoon 15 cm in length, with no manufacturer's markings or identifying indentations. Spectrographic analysis has shown it to be composed of iron, chromium, nickel, and carbon, typical for cutlery of its make.

If SCP-7675 is used by a human subject to launch edible matter as a projectile, in a manner typically seen in “food fights”, impacted inanimate objects will be partially or completely transformed1 into matter identical to the impacting foodstuffs launched by SCP-7675. Living organic matter is not affected, although jewelry, clothing, or other accessories will be converted upon impact. Microscopic single-cell organisms, such as bacteria, have been observed to spontaneously alter their shape to resemble the foodstuff impacting them, without actually changing their physical composition.

If subjects in proximity to SCP-7675 begin engaging in an activity recognized by all participants as a “food fight” instigated by the user of SCP-7675, then all edible matter utilized over the course of the altercation will take on the matter-altering effect. Once the interior is fully coated by a layer of edible matter, it will begin to self-transfigure by sculpting new features based on the desires and inclinations of those participating in the "food fight" and as such it is recommended that any future testing be discontinued before this point is reached. Due to the heightened state of agitation induced by participating in a confrontational situation, materials generated within SCP-7675-affected rooms generally serve to escalate the situation and prolonged periods of activation may lead to severe injuries among the participants.

Of note, SCP-7675 manifests no anomalous properties when used properly as an eating utensil.

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