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ITEM #: SCP-7674


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: The wing where SCP-7674 is located has been shut down under the guise of a criminal investigation. The location of SCP-7674 is to be purged from provincial memory, hidden from observable perception from people with a CRV below Foundation Staff range1. Further rumours about SCP-7674 are to be dismissed under the guise of a school haunting.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7674 is a classroom within Calintaan Comprehensive Science High School, containing various objects labelled SCP-7674-A to -J. The objects are placed around the classroom on wooden tables, resembling a museum. On the ceiling, various seemingly new balloons and streamers are hung about, with a greater concentration of them around the SCP-7674 instances. Desks and chairs are seen haphazardly scattered around the perimeter of the classroom. In front of the SCP-7674 instances is a window that displays the courtyard, which contains a basketball court and a statue of an unidentified person. The sky is always at sunrise.

Attempts to move the SCP-7674 instances out of the classroom leads to the objects reappearing back at their positions. On each SCP-7674 instance table, there is an unperceivable name tag taped on the side. Cryptographic comparison reveals it to be the same name. Going within the presence of an SCP-7674 instance leads to the affected subject to be transported in a 1 meter sphere that displays a scene. The subject can observe the scene, but cannot interact with it. Stepping beyond the borders of the sphere leads the user to return to the space.

Throughout pseudo-random intervals, rooster crows are heard inside SCP-7674. Cicada chirps are also played at a low decibel level within SCP-7674. The scent of grilled meat is present within SCP-7674, including but not limited to isaw, barbeque, and chicharon. Occasionally, a spilled cup of black gulaman is present at one of the desks near the wall.

Technology created after 2013 stops functioning within SCP-7674. Temporal analysis reveals all objects to have been created during 2010.


SCP-7674-A Apple Earbuds attached to a unidentifiable MP3 player The subject is transported to a plain communal bedroom. The bed is stained with tears. Another instance of SCP-7674-A is present on the bed. Browsing the player reveals songs from various artists — however the songs are attributed to the same artist. Of note is that most of the song titles are after 2013. A body is lying on the bed, sleeping. Despite the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack, the earbuds are not detacheable from the player.
SCP-7674-B A 2mg estradiol valerate pill package. The dosage can last for 6 months The subject is transported to another bedroom different from SCP-7674-A. A COVID testing kit is placed on the desk besides the bed. On the computer to the left of the bed, a booking for Planned Parenthood is displayed. Besides the synthesizer keyboard is a video stream of a man. On the bed is a copy of SCP-7674-E. Temporal analysis reveals that this SCP-7674-E was created during 2020. DNA analysis reveals the bedroom to have hosted the presence of the body in SCP-7674-A, heretofore referred to as SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-C A poster of Taylor Swift's Reputation The subject is transported into a ballroom. Multiple figures are dancing on the floor, among which is SCP-7674-AH. Various 2000s pop songs are playing in the background. At the center of the ballroom are two humanoids dancing. If the subject waits for 3 minutes and 12 seconds, the figures in the middle stop dancing, and one kneels to open up an engagement ring. DNA analysis reveals that the person being offered the engagement ring is SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-D A Glock 19 The subject is transported in another bedroom, different from -A. The floor is heavily blurred from the subject's vision. There are splatters of blood on the wall. The calendar beside the blood splatters show the date to be 2016. The clock on the wall shows the time to be 2300. Stepping on the floor in SCP-7674-D produces wet sounds. Memetic decryption and DNA analysis reveal the body to belong to SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-E A BLÅHAJ from IKEA The subject is transported to another bedroom different from SCP-7674-A. There is a calendar that displays the year to be 2019. Vodka and beer bottles litter the bed, while red Solo cups are placed on top of the table. The bed has two figures, both humanoid, lying on top of it. On the desk in front of the bed, a Netflix movie is running. It is currently paused. One of the figures is currently embracing the other. The air conditioner is set at around 19 degrees Celsius, and the various fast food on the floor is getting cold. The figure will occasionally twist a bit, rubbing its head on the space in front of it. Attempts to clean the BLÅHAJ result in the same stains appearing. BAC analysis reveals its levels to be 1.5 BACs. DNA analysis reveals it to be SCP-7674-AH
SCP-7674-F An M1A1 Abrams Tank scale model. The subject is transported into a speakeasy. Checking the calendar on the left side of the entrance shows that the current participants are in "board gaem [sic] night", while checking the information about the speakeasy reveals that the building is a 24/7 establishment, not unlike the internet cafes in Korea. Warm LEDs are located on the ceiling. One of the orange LEDs is flickering. Below it are four people playing a game of Settlers of Catan. House alcohol litters the table — three figures are flushed red. The fourth figure is passed out on the floor. All of them are smiling. Around the four people, there are various blankets and pillows around and on them. Periodically, one person will go up, place a blanket on the passed out person, and sit back down, only for the blanket to fall off after a short while. Checking the clock right behind them will reveal the time to be around 0300. DNA analysis revealed the passed out person to be SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-G An IV bag. The subject is transported in a clinic. The LGBTQ+ pride flag is placed in front of the medical bed. On the back wall is a picture of two women, smiling and holding hands with each other. The monitor on the right shows a flatline, with a droning noise in the background. The window is in a perpetual sunset. The desk on the left of the bed has a bouquet of lavenders, along with a tablet that displays the weather broadcast and moon phase. According to the tablet, it is going to be a light drizzle, with a full moon. On the bouquet is a card written in an unidentifiable dialect of English. The monitor is hooked up to a body lying on the bed. Beside it is a wheelchair, with deformation analysis revealing that there is someone currently sitting on it. This unknown person is holding hands with the body, based on the way the body's hands are held. Periodic tears will drop on the hands of the body. At random intervals, knocks will be heard in the room. Checking the desk drawer besides the bed reveals a watch revealing the date to be 2102. DNA analysis of the body reveals it to be SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-H A 200mg/ml testosterone cypionate vial. The dosage can last for 6 months The subject is transported to another bedroom different from SCP-7674-A and -B. A testing kit for an unidentified disease is placed on the desk beside the bed. On the computer to the left of the bed, a booking for a clinic is displayed. The sky outside the window is purple. Besides the synthesizer keyboard is a video stream of a woman. The date on the computer is displayed in an unidentifiable ISO format. DNA analysis of the various tissues around SCP-7674-H reveal the presence of SCP-7674-AH, but with major genes unexpressed.
SCP-7674-I A green San Miguel Pale Pilsen and brown Tsingtao bottle. Contrary to other SCP-7674 instances, the user must first take a sip of both drinks before being transported. The user is then transported in front of the Manila Cathedral. White flowers are placed on the sides of the entrance along with a red carpet on the aisle, leading the subject to be in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. LGBTQ+ flags are placed along the church pews, with various people, both old and young, wearing suits and dresses. Most of them have tears in their eyes, most of them are laughing, hooting, and hollering. At the end of the aisle, in front of the Virgin Mary, two people are kissing each other, one noticeably smaller than the other. The person being kissed has a transgender pride flag. Sounds of laughter and applause are periodically heard in the cathedral among background music. Of note is that the music is identical to the music found in SCP-7674-A. Checking the brochure in the front pocket of the subject being controlled reveals the program to be led by a "Sinedoke LLC ''. DNA analysis of the person being kissed reveals it to be SCP-7674-AH.
SCP-7674-J A brown San Miguel Pale Pilsen and green Tsingtao bottle Contrary to other SCP-7674 instances, the user must first take a sip of both drinks before being transported. In addition, the view is in a first-person perspective, and the subject can move the body around the scene. The subject is in a concert hall, with unidentifiable dubstep playing. The hall is currently dark, with various disco lights blaring on and around the subject — when they first enter the scene, they will find themselves holding a rum and coke. Besides them is a Filipino person, while behind them are various people of various ethnicities, but majority are Filipino and Chinese. On the farthest right of the ballroom is a small bar that currently has a crowd gathered around two people, while on the lower-right of the ballroom are various people vaping or smoking marijuana. The band in the front resembles December Avenue, however their faces are distorted. Checking the front pocket of the body reveals a brochure of the concert, with all songs attributed to band called "Sinedoke". The current song being played is "Ang Huling El Bimbo", misattributed to Sinedoke. Checking the pockets of each person in the concert reveals various pride flags. DNA analysis of the body reveal to be SCP-7674-AH.
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