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Item#: 7671
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Esoteric Class "Cernnunos" Definition: The item can be functionally contained, but the Foundation cannot achieve this for logistical and/or ethical reasons.

Special Containment Procedures: All coastal areas of populated coastal cities are to be closed off from the public, citing biohazardous water pollution from large-scale chemical spills in nearby regions. Any observed instances of SCP-7671-1 are to be reported and brought to the closest Foundation-fronted food service installation or temporary post, managed by drafted personnel, to be administered an adequate dosage of Compound-9FE2BF. All drafted personnel are classified as members of Temporary Task Force Sigma-7 "Ocean Churners".

Description: SCP-7671 is a global phenomenon, manifesting in adolescents aged 7 and below: Affected individuals are hereby classified as instances of SCP-7671-1. SCP-7671 manifests as an unceasing, compulsive urge to consume sea foam in large quantities, only abating when the instance is physically unable to continue consumption. Instances of SCP-7671-1 are shown to express significant anger, distress and potentially violent behavior when denied consumption of sea foam; it is currently undetermined if these are anomalously-induced symptoms of SCP-7671 or mundane reactions to being denied access to an object of desire. Additionally, instances of SCP-7671-1 will dismiss self-preservation instincts in pursuit of sea foam: Due to the physical deficiencies of SCP-7671-1 instances compared to fully grown adults, youth casualties of drowning as a result of close proximity to coastlines and oceans have seen a dramatic increase.

Following consumption, instances of SCP-7671-1 will experience mundane symptoms of sea foam consumption: While sea foam is generally safe for human ingestion, contaminants from the ocean pose a significant risk of poisoning, viral infection from transmitted diseases, nausea, vomiting etc. when consumed in large quantities. The effects of SCP-7671 are triggered sporadically and randomly: There is no known criteria, beyond the stipulated age range, for the manifestation of SCP-7671 in an individual. Additionally, the effects of SCP-7671 are particularly unapparent in younger instances of SCP-7671-1, who lack the ability to meaningfully communicate the effects of SCP-7671 to others. As such, it is logistically impossible to identify every instance of SCP-7671-1 at any given moment and completely contain SCP-7671, hence its esoteric classification.

Discovery: SCP-7671 was first discovered on 3/8/2023, following an uptick of reports made to medical care facilities and poison control centers. Individual cases of children consuming large quantities of sea foam from coastlines were found to be increasing at significant rates, prompting investigation into potential anomalous activity. Upon determining that this activity was present on a global scale, the phenomenon was officially classified as SCP-7671. As of now, no definite cause behind SCP-7671 has been discovered.

Amnestic treatment has proven ineffective in diminishing the effects of SCP-7671, and possesses potential side-effects that may cause excessive harm to younger individuals. As such, Foundation biologists and chemists have synthesized Compound-9FE2BF to counteract the compulsive effects of SCP-7671, to be provided in large quantities to members of TTF-Sigma 7 "Ocean Churners" tasked with the containment of SCP-7671. Instances of SCP-7671-1 are less inclined to recognize Compound-9FE2BF as "genuine" sea foam: Thus, Foundation Personnel are authorized to use minimal force in order to enforce consumption of Compound-9FE2BF.

Personnel stationed in Foundation Sites located near civilian settlements have been mobilized to assist with the containment of SCP-7671 through oral administration and distribution of Compound-9FE2BF. Personnel assigned to low-priority tasks have also been relocated to temporary Foundation Posts to support containment efforts.

As of 23/08/2023, approximately 300,000 460,000 968,000 confirmed cases of SCP-7671 have been discovered.

If you're reading this, welcome to TTF-Sigma 7: Ocean Churners.

Chances are, you were assigned here because your superiors thought you had nothing better to do with your time. If you've been briefed, you know it's not the finest work. None of us are getting awards for this. But it's work that we all need to play a part in: It's no easy task fighting an anomaly acting on a global scale.

Whether you believe it or not, every member of this task force is essential to the containment of 7671. Your role on an individual scale is miniscule and mundane, but in cohesion, you form a veil that shields the people you love from the dangers of the anomalous world. Think of bees in a hive defending their homes in groups, working in tandem: you are now part of the hive.

Under conditional approval, you may grant access to personnel that you deem suitable or interested in participation. If they are willing to take on the responsibilities of containing 7671, contact your site administrator to indicate their interest in joining the cause. Right now, we need all hands on deck.

Kenneth Lang, Administrative Staff
Team Lead


Date: 23/08/2023
Location: Foundation Post 7671-582 (Turner's Beach, Yamba, New South Wales, Australia)
Stationed TTF S-7 Personnel: Junior Researcher Alex Harrington, Security Personnel Michael Serkov


Ambient background noise indicative of mundane activity from nearby coastline and wildlife. Harrington is heard mumbling, too inaudibly to make out any clear speech. Serkov is heard humming along to music from a portable radio.

Harrington: How long do we have to stay? It's hot as shit out here.

Serkov: Until children stop running here to shove ocean froth into their mouths. Pass the water.

A dull thud is heard, the sound of metal on hard plastic. An audible "tsk" is heard from Serkov.

Serkov: Would it kill you to relax? This job is low stress, low risk. What's not to like?

Harrington: There's nothing to like. "Administration and distribution of Compound-9FE2BF to abate the effects of SCP-7671." Makes it sound all impressive and whatnot. All we do is hand out buckets of cleaned sea foam to screaming children. "Manufactured by our finest chemists" my ass.

Serkov: Compound-9FE2BF is wha-

Harrington: I feel like the goddamn ice cream man, and the outfit doesn't help.

Serkov: I guess someone really doesn't like kids.

Harrington: What gave it away? The fact that I've been complaining for the past two weeks?

Serkov is heard muttering "two weeks and three days." Harrington does not respond to this remark.

Serkov: Oh, so you know you're sulking. You know and you're still doing it?

Harrington: Oh, shut up. You're not the one who had to keep three of them from plunging headfirst into the coastline while scooping up seafoam from a giant vat. Have you ever had a child bite you on the nose?

Serkov: How did a kid manage to climb up your body and reach your face?

Harrington: Not the point. I have a Master's Degree! In Biochemistry! Why am I here on a beach in Spider Island doing volunteer service?! How do kids keep getting here, anyway? Do these parents not lock their doors when they leave the house? I swear I saw a literal baby crawling towards the coastline three days ago. How the hell does that happen?

Serkov: Maybe that baby's an anomaly. Bag him and tag him, I'll get it on video for you.

Harrington: As if you'd know anything about anomalies, you glorified second-rate mall cop-

The sound of heavy, quick footsteps is heard in the background, gradually increasing in volume.

Serkov: What is tha- ahh, shit.

Harrington: Are those school uniforms?

Serkov: Yep. It's, what, half past 3? There's a school nearby, it's past dismissal time. Get the buckets.

Harrington: They're running in step. Jesus Christ.

Serkov: If you mind doing your job? I can't hold them back them forever.

Harrington: I'm getting to it! God, I should have started that company.

Serkov is heard instructing arriving instances of SCP-7671-1 to wait for provisions of Compound 9FE2BF, corralling them away from the coastline. Protests in the form of screaming and crying can be heard from several SCP-7671-1 instances.

Harrington: Tell them to shut up or no one gets their foam!

Serkov: If you would mind speeding it up? These things are getting antsy. One of them is trying to break my ankles. Surprising jaw strength.

Harrington: I thought you loved kids?

Serkov: Normal kids. Like mine. These things are demons.

Harrington: Well, it's going to take a while. There's a ton of them here.

Serkov: Fine, just hurry u-AGHH, FUCK! MY EYES!

Several instances of SCP-7671-1 are heard cheering and hollering. Quick footsteps are heard, fading with distance: Serkov exclaims multiple times as he is presumably trampled in the aftermath. Noticing this, Harrington's movements become more urgently paced.

As Harrington continues preparing the required quantity of Compound-9FE2BF, an instance of SCP-7671-1 can be heard asphyxiating, presumably caused by an excess of sea foam buildup impeding respiratory organ function.

Harrington: shit shit shit shit shit shit shi-

Harrington's vocalizations gradually decrease in volume, as he is heard physically herding SCP-7671-1 instances away from the coastline towards the provided supply vat of Compound-9FE2BF. Harrington is successful in providing all instances with Compound-9FE2BF. Serkov is faintly heard groaning in the background, interspersed with multiple expletives. Heavy breathing is heard from Harrington: The present SCP-7671-1 instances are heard ravenously ingesting the provided compound. Otherwise, the next five minutes are absent of any dialogue.

Harrington: You can still make the report, right?


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