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Item#: 7670
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Left eye of SCP-7670.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7670 is contained within a secure anomalous animal pen at Site-19. Under no circumstances are any Foundation personnel to interact with SCP-7670 directly - should SCP-7670 need to be transported from its current location, it must be first corralled into a windowless, acoustically insulated containment vessel that remains sealed at all times between its location of origin and its destination. SCP-7670 is to be fed thrice daily, and maintenance of its containment cell must be done either by automated systems (where applicable) or by deafened and blinded D-Class personnel. While video transmission of SCP-7670 is not currently believed to be cognitohazardous, auditory transmission is a certified vector and must be avoided at all costs.

Interaction with SCP-7670 must be limited to test subjects only. Individuals who report disturbing nightmares, visions, and auditory hallucinations in the course of maintaining SCP-7670 are to be remanded into the SCP-7670 research team's custody for evaluation and study.

Description: SCP-7670 is the group designation for a goat (Capra hircus) discovered in the Armenian highlands of eastern Turkey near the village of Kaçmaz, and its single left eye. SCP-7670 has no right eye.

The goat hosting SCP-7670 is functionally immortal - being entirely resistant to destruction - and displays behaviour unusual for its species. It does not need to eat or drink, but ready access to food and water causes SCP-7670 to sleep more frequently, during which time its eye remains closed. The goat is otherwise considered unusually docile and unusually cognizant of when it is being watched. While it is not certain how much of this specific behaviour can be attributed to SCP-7670's left eye, the goat has - on many occasions - been observed staring at the hidden cameras within its containment cell when it is not eating or sleeping.

SCP-7670 displays numerous anomalous characteristics. Individuals who look at the eye directly often times report bizarre and unusual visions, hallucinations, and frightening nightmares. Noted similarities between these include:

  • Visions of bright figures
  • Visions of outstretched hands
  • Visions of intense bleeding
  • Feelings of panic and paranoia
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feelings of being followed
  • Feelings of betrayal
  • Feelings of being judged
  • Feelings of falling
  • Feelings of bright light
  • Feelings of intense heat

There is no currently available means by which to diminish these hallucinations - personnel who have been administered amnestics continue to report seeing and feeling the aforementioned while being unable to remember their origin. This confusion often results in significant increases in subject anxiety, and amnestics are no longer recommended as a response to subject stress.

Subjects also describe hearing auditory hallucinations, both while waking and when asleep. These hallucinations are often described as the more traumatic of the associated phenomena, and subjects often attempt to go to more drastic lengths to ease their suffering. Subjects will typically first try to deafen themselves and, realizing that this does not cause the voices to cease, will often then either attempt to commit suicide by whichever means are available or, in more dramatic cases, will attempt to pull apart their own skull to gain access to the source of the sound inside their heads.

Due to the nature of SCP-7670, accurate documentation of these phenomena is difficult to obtain and the subject of ongoing investigation. The most comprehensive account of SCP-7670's influence on a human comes from the collected writings of Sahag Zadian, a 16th century Armenian monk. Zadian's account is believed to be the first to recognize SCP-7670 as an anomalous entity, though earlier writings from the same area of what is now eastern and southeastern Turkey describe numerous freak instances of unattributed religious mania, much of which is now believed to have been the result of SCP-7670's influence. Zadian's account is largely a collection of descriptions of the paranoia, fear, and hallucinations of falling and burning experienced from those affected by SCP-7670.

Lastly, while SCP-7670 itself is genetically a goat, its left eye is not. Genetic sequencing of material taken from the eye has been inconclusive.

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