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A section of a contained SCP-7669 instance.

Special Containment Procedures:

All instances of SCP-7669 are to be contained in a ventilated, humidity-controlled containment locker at Site-28. Testing of any instances must be approved by the Head Researcher. If not in experimentation, only security officers with at least Class-3 Memetic Resistance training are permitted to handle and transport SCP-7669 instances.

Mobile Task Force Upsilon-23 (“Art Critics”) and Eta-10 (“See No Evil”), as well as agents situated in anomalous communities, are responsible for coordinating routine screenings for new instances of SCP-7669 at galleries, theatres, hotels, and brothels. Due to SCP-7669's anomalous properties, treatment with amnestics is unnecessary unless subjects have experienced any neurological issues following multiple exposures. In this case, subjects are treated with Class C amnestics and emitted to the nearest civilian hospital for any necessary medical care.


SCP-7669 refers to a collection of 12 an unknown number of (See Addendum 7669.2) cognitohazardous paintings of various sizes and mediums. Whilst each of the paintings has differing styles, including cubism, De Stijl, geometric abstraction, suprematism, expressionism, and colour field, all are considered examples of art created during the abstract movement. Outside of their shared theme, all paintings have been signed with the same signature, "With Love, Cally". Below each signature is a "kiss mark", made using dark crimson lipstick. DNA analysis has failed to identify the creator of this mark.

SCP-7669 cognitohazardous properties manifest when subjects come into eye contact with them. Upon observation, subjects experience a strong compulsion to maintain visual contact with the instance. This compulsion, whilst strong, can be resisted if the subject has the appropriate psionic training or if they possess low spatial and interpersonal intelligence. Despite its strength, SCP-7669's compulsion effect is temporary, with the effect subsiding suddenly after a period of time1. Following this period, the subjects will experience a sudden increase in dopamine, melatonin, and oxytocin, resulting in the subjects experiencing feelings of excitement, happiness, melancholy, and arousal. However, a majority of subjects also experience light-headedness, high blood pressure, muscle pain, and headaches.

During the viewing period, as well as the compulsion, the subject will also try to comprehend certain aspects of the instance, identifying patterns, designs, methods, or images. Experimentation has found that no two subjects have managed to come to the same comprehension. This desire to comprehend and understand the contents of SCP-7669 instances increases in intensity the longer the subject remains in visual contact, with the majority of subjects becoming frustrated, aroused, and even aggressive. Many subjects also experience muscle tension and heightened blood pressure during this period. Like with the compulsion effect, this desire will subside after a period of time.

Upon the completion of the observation period, SCP-7669's anti-memetic properties will come into effect. After ceasing observations with SCP-7669, subjects will quickly find they are unable to remember any thoughts, comprehensions, or conclusions they made during their visual contact with SCP-7669, although are able to recall physical sensations and emotions experienced.

Whilst short-term exposure is considered harmless, long-term exposure to SCP-7669 has a severe impact on the nervous system of its subjects. Those who had been exposed multiple times to an SCP-7669 instance developed several neurological issues, including problems with depth and special perception, anterograde amnesia, and various types of agnosia2. Long-term exposure also results in the compulsion period a subject experiences lengthening and the subject developing an addiction to observing SCP-7669.


SCP-7669 was brought to the Foundation's attention on 05/11/2015 by an Agent Han Ngiam working undercover in FP-02 ("Backdoor Soho"). Agent Ngiam first witnessed SCP-7669 during a masquerade gala, organised by GoI-012 ("Marshall, Carter, and Dark"), where numerous Groups of Interest situated in FP-02 provided entertainment, craftsmanship, and cuisine. 12 instances of SCP-7669 had been provided and hung in individual private rooms. Following the gala, Agent Ngiam alerted the Foundation and a raid conducted by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") and MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") on a warehouse in Sunset Park, New York City, which contained many of the items used during the gala. SCP-7669 was one of the many anomalies obtained.

When asked for details about SCP-7669 during the gala, Agent Ngiam claimed that it had been provided by GoI-669 ("Caldeira")3 and all viewings had to be requested by an individual known as "Mx. Gisèle". When asked to describe the individual, Agent Ngiam reported that "Mx. Gisèle" possessed metamorphic capabilities, altering between various genders and sexes through the gala. Due to the strong possibility of their connection with GoI-669, the individual was added to the Person of Interest roster.

Addendum 7669.1: Experiment Log Transcript

Below is an extract from one of the tests initially conducted on SCP-7669. Each experiment was carried out using one D-class personnel, isolated in a Standard Human containment cell with electroencephalogram electrodes secured to their heads and a shock collar to their neck.


Date: 19/11/2015
Researcher: Dr. Lolly Soot
Subject: D-7787
Item: SCP-7669

- Begin Log -

Dr. Soot: D-7787, you can remove the shroud now.

(D-7787 removes the shroud covering the SCP-7669 instance.)

D-7787: Oh - is that it?

Dr. Soot: Yes. Can you give the painting a good look, please?

D-7787: Ok - sure.

(D-7787 looks at SCP-7669. After 30 seconds, they approach the painting examining it more closely.)

D-7787: What's that - is that a leg?

Dr. Soot: What can you see, D-7787?

D-7787: I thought I saw a leg but - but there's something else. There - there's something moving.

Dr. Soot: In the painting?

D-7787: Yeah - like a wave - move - a powerful wave.

(D-7787 begins to breath heavily and branch their fingers slowly.)

Dr. Soot: D-7787, can you tell me what you’re feeling right now?

D-7787: I'm - I'm - we - warm. The paint is so smooth. Smooth. The red is so bright and full. So full. It makes me - me think of - it - hot. Hurt.

Dr. Soot: D-7787, can you please return the shroud to the painting?

(D-7787 comes into contact with SCP-7669, touching a red section of the paintwork. D-7787 begins to stroke the section, breathing heavily.)

Dr. Soot: D-7787, did you hear me? Can you please return the shroud?

D-7787: It's getting warmer - the red - it's like blood - pain. - all red - and - warm - and lumpy - Lumpy. We are lumpy. Warm.

Dr. Soot: D-7787, this is your final warning.

D-7787: This red - it feels so good - and - and ah - ahhhh - so warm and - ahhh - ahhhhh - I like the way it feels - ahhh - oh - oh, it feels we feel -

(D-7787 begins to press their body against SCP-7669. Dr. Soot activates the shock collar. It doesn't affect D-7787. )

D-7787: So much red - ahhhhh - so powerful - so - so - so - make us - oh fuck - hurt us - I - pattern - pattern - pattern - fucking hell!

(D-7787 shudders violently before falling to the floor, breathing heavily. Security officers are called.)

- End Log -

Afterward: D-7787 was removed successfully by security officers, 20 seconds after the log was completed. Following their subjection to SCP-7669, D-7787 experience a mild headache and muscle stiffness. As expected, D-7787 could not remember what had occurred during the experiment but made several requests to witness SCP-7669 again. All requests were denied. D-7787's [DATA EXPUNGED] was removed from the SCP-7669 instance by personnel with Class-3 Memetic Resistance training.

Addendum 7669.2: PoI-7669-01

On 06/01/2016, after performing several investigations, the Biology Division discovered a sample of DNA from one of the 12 SCP-7669 instances ascertained. Further analysis also determined that the DNA was from a seminal fluid sample. The DNA was traced to a French fine artist, Etienne Dumont (PoI-7669-01), whom the Foundation traced to Nouvel Hôpital Civil, Strasbourg, France. When investigated, Dumont was found to be in a persistent vegetative state, with signs of cerebral cortical functions. Personnel from the Medical Department confirmed Dumont's condition.

According to police and hospital records, Dumont was found in his apartment on 17/11/2015, in the same vegetative state. When their apartment was investigated by agents, a further 7 instances of SCP-7669 were discovered, all painted by Dumont. Along with the SCP-7669 instances, numerous diary entries, and photographs of the SCP-7669 instances4, paintings, art materials, and sketches were discovered, none of which showed any anomalous properties. Below are some of the legible diary entries written by Dumont:

All of Dumont's entries became illegible following this last entry. According to neighbours and the building's landlord, Dumont created 17 paintings for the individual known as Gisèle. After studying the photographs found at their apartment, it was determined that only 2 of the originally discovered SCP-7669 instances had been created by Dumont. This discovery heavily implies that multiple artists had been commissioned to create instances of SCP-7669. Attempt to identify these individuals are ongoing and SCP-7669 has been reclassified from Safe to Euclid .

On 10/01/2016, Dumont was subjected to psionic investigation and was found to be projecting strong telepathic signals, suggesting a degree of consciousness. As it couldn't be determined if the consciousness was Dumont, he was subjected to a psiophone5. When Dumont's psiophone results were fed through a visualiser, the resulting image depicted a crude humanoid face, not resembling Dumont, appearing to be experiencing intense ecstasy and arousal.

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