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Item#: 7667
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Multiple SCP-7667 instances resting

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation efforts are focused on introducing new political ideologies to SCP-7667 cells as a preventative measure to hold back or stop potential conflicts and containment breaches from occurring. All SCP-7667 instances are contained in a large-sized containment biodome at Site-132. SCP-7667's containment biodome is to be given 30 grams of dead organic matter every week.1 Should a conflict initiate between SCP-7667 instances, then all efforts are to be focused on stopping it due to the aggressive behaviour of SCP-7667 cells and the large chance for a possible containment breach.

Description: SCP-7667 refers to an anomalous species of slime mould cells, similar to the fuligo septica. Recent population estimates place the number of living instances at around 12 million. SCP-7667 cells are sapient, have the ability to vocalize, despite having neither vocal cords nor a mouth, and are capable of moving freely, despite the lack of legs or similar appendages. This is done by the organisms changing shapes at very fast speeds not possible to achieve by normal slime mould cells.

SCP-7667 instances have the capability of creating structures out of dead mould cells by using deceased organisms to create structures. Dead cells are easily moldable and can be subjugated with other cells to create larger structures.

When an SCP-7667 instance makes contact with any non-anomalous slime mould cell, that cell will undergo a heavy transmutation that causes them to get anomalous traits similar to SCP-7667, with the only unchanged trait being their outward appearance.

SCP-7667 cells have created a society mirroring 1940s Italy, including culture, social life, language, politics, economy, and technology. SCP-7667 cells live under a fascist regime, led by one SCP-7667 cell, henceforth referred to as SCP-7667-A. As such, SCP-7667 cells have a positive view of violence and will see various life forms as ¨enemies¨, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transmutated slime mould cells that are not of the fuligo septica species.
  • Dead leaves
  • All species of mushrooms.
  • Small bugs like ants or aphids.

SCP-7667 instances engage in frequent conflicts with these enemies, and sometimes themselves. Although not posing a threat by themselves, large amounts of SCP-7667 instances can easily overwhelm anyone they deem an enemy.

Addendum 7667.1

Observation log Micro-scout AS-69338

On 12/06/2019, after discovery and initial containment, an effort was made to observe SCP-7667 society. Due to the small size of SCP-7667 instances and their structures, the remote-controlled Micro-scout robot AS-69338 was used. The following document is a transcript of AS-69338´s observation of a major settlement of SCP-7667 instances.

Time Noticeable event
16:43: Micro-scout is placed near a small settlement of SCP-7667 instances residing near the foot of a Betula pendula.2
16:44: Micro-scout's camera goes online, and the remote control is activated. SCP-7667 instances around the settlement notice the Micro-scout, but do not react to its presence.
16:47: Micro-scout moves through the main road of the settlement. After two minutes on the road, several SCP-7667 instances appear and try to attempt to stick a poster to the Micro-scout's camera. This poster depicts several crudely-drawn anthropomorphized SCP-7667 cells in military uniforms, saluting SCP-7667-A.
16:53: Micro-scout moves along the main road from the small settlement, and goes further to a larger road leading to the main settlement of SCP-7667 instances. As the Micro-scout moves from the road it's on to the larger road, the Micro-scout's vision gets partially obstructed by a large amount of smoke that covers the road. The origin point of this smoke comes from a single, small factory-like structure, around 20 centimetres away from the road.
16:58: Micro-scout arrives at the main SCP-7667 settlement. The Micro-scout is surrounded by 4 juvenile SCP-7667 instances, who appear to play and examine the subject. After 12 minutes, the SCP-7667 cells appear to get disinterested and leave the Micro-scout. Micro-scout continues into the main settlement.
17:08: Micro-scout enters an SCP-7667 neighbourhood. Several juvenile SCP-7667 cells are playing outside. One cell of the fuligo septica species starts harassing and stealing toys of a cell of the wolf's milk species, with other fuligo septica cells dropping their activities and joining in on the harassment.
17:16: Micro-scout approaches what appears to be a military parade. Closer inspection reveals that around a thousand cells are marching with what appears to be several large panels carried on 5 carts behind them.
17:35: Micro-scout approaches a large prison-like structure. A yard outside the structure reveals transmutated cells not of the fuligo septica species and non-sentient mushrooms. Several SCP-7667 cells of the fuligo septica species are physically assaulting the trapped entities. When a fuligo septica cell notices the Micro-scout, all trapped species are rushed into the structure, while the remaining fuligo specticas try in vain to move the mushrooms into the structure.
17:45: Micro-scout approaches a large, stadium-like structure. Micro-scout enters the structure, which turns out to be a manifestation site. Inside the site, around 2,000 SCP-7667 instances are listening to SCP-7667-A, who is holding a speech about the SCP-7667 nation. In an attempt to communicate with SCP-7667-A, Micro-scout moves closer to SCP-7667-A.
17:46: Micro-scout comes to a stop due to several SCP-7667 instances resembling military guards blocking its path. Micro-scout tries to push the guards to the side to approach SCP-7667-A. To help with tracking SCP-7667-A's location, Micro-scout fires a miniature tracking device onto SCP-7667-A, who is then startled and stops his speech. Audience members stop watching SCP-7667-A and are now starting to confront the Micro-scout.
17:47: SCP-7667 instances assault the Micro-scout. SCP-7667-A is rushed away by two SCP-7667 guards.
18:00: Micro-scout gets irreparably damaged and connection gets terminated.

Addendum 7667.2

interview log 7667.3739

On 01/02/2020, to gain further insight into SCP-7667 society and aid its containment efforts, an attempt was made to conduct an interview with SCP-7667-A. The tracking device planted by AS-69338 was used to trace SCP-7667-A's location.

Date: 01/02/2020
Time: 10:43 PM
Interviewer: Dr. Stefano Conti
Interviewee: SCP-7667-A


Dr. Conti: Greetings, SCP-7667-A.

SCP-7667-A is murmuring something to itself.

SCP-7667-A: Behold, the magnificent Mouldssolini, duce of Mouldova! Moulds like me know no weaknesses, we shine brighter than any god ever could be! As for you, a man of science, perhaps? A crusader of the freedom of thought, a scholar of the unknown! I greatly admire such smart minds like those of yours!

Dr. Conti: I'd say, I feel quite flattered, my biggest thanks to you. Now I do have some burning questions for you, would you be so kind to answer these?

SCP-7667-A: My greatest pleasure. Let it be known to me and you that we have achieved great things already!

Dr. Conti: Of course. SCP-7667-A, can you tell me about your country?

SCP-7667-A My country, my country. The great Mouldova! Our nation knows no limits, our enemies tremble in fear when only hearing our glorious name! I've whipped it up into the perfect shape!

Dr. Conti: Then tell me, how is life for citizens of ''Mouldova''?

SCP-7667-A: Not to brag, but I've greatly increased the quality of life, much better than what Fulcta could ever achieve. I paved the streets, made the trains run on time, got all sheepherders back to work and o so much more. Of course, there are still impunities here and there, but we will-

Dr. Conti: Impunities? SCP-7667-A, can you specify who or what these impunities are?

SCP-7667-A: Well, you know, polycephalums, mushrooms, other things that hold back progress. It's a good thing to clean them up before they lay our country to ruin.

Dr. Conti: Why do you hold such resentment against them, SCP-7667-A?

SCP-7667-A: Uhhh…. I- uh, well, of course! I mean…… you know, it's obvious, isn't it? Yeah, of course!

Dr. Conti: Those aren't answers, SCP-7667-A.

SCP-7667-A: Well, it's because… It's because…. Uhhhhh….. It's because they look at me wrong! Those mushrooms! The sheer nerve! They are my enemies, I shall destroy them! You hear me, destroy them! They don't call me a master tactician for no reason! North from the large rock, they proclaimed their new country of ''Fungland''. Well, I'll get them! I need no army, I have those uhhhh, big shooty-thingys, ya know, those green things!

Dr. Conti: You mean tanks?

SCP-7667-A: Tanks! Yes, of course, tanks. Well, I have some tanks of my own. I'll go there and fight them myself! As a matter of fact, I'll have my best factory produce the largest bomb that ever created, that will show them!

Dr. Conti: You're going on a military conquest, SCP-7667-A?

SCP-7667-A: A mili-whatnow?


On 02/02/2020, SCP-7667-A, carrying a small bomb, alongside 5 soldiers pulling carts containing around 50 large panels depicting child-like drawings of tanks, is seen travelling towards a large rock inside of the containment chamber. There it is ambushed by around 20 Transmutated cells, not of the fuligo septica species. SCP-7667-A proclaims that it can ''Easily wipe everyone out in a second with larger-than-life tanks'' and that ''Everyone will tremble in fear when they see the destruction of my bomb'' before throwing the bomb it was holding. The bomb produces a bright light, but leaves no damage otherwise. Due to the ineffectiveness of the panels for combat, SCP-7667-A's lack of military skills and the numerous opposing enemies, SCP-7667-A and his soldiers were quickly overwhelmed and killed. Study on the effect this had on SCP-7667 society is ongoing.

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