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Depiction of SCP-7663-A, generated by Foundation illustrator Laverne Kennedy at the time of detainment

Item #: SCP-7663

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7663-A is to be contained in a low-security humanoid housing facility, with video surveillance disabled. To keep account of SCP-7663-A's precise location and behaviour, it is required to wear an electronic ankle monitor and to participate in hourly check-ins with Foundation personnel while not occupied by testing, interviews, or any other supervised activities.

Provisional with good behaviour, SCP-7663-A is permitted to keep personal belongings in its containment cell, to participate in supervised volunteer work on the premises, and to keep in contact with family members1 through monitored channels of communication.

One copy of any known instance of SCP-7663-B, including those generated during testing, is to be saved within the Foundation's infohazard archives. All other copies are to be destroyed and/or removed from any public access. Pending further investigation, refrain from quoting any instance of SCP-7663-B or discussing the specific contents of any instance in detail.

View the SCP-7663-B Ranking Scale table below for specific procedures on the treatment of individuals affected by SCP-7663-B. Rank 0 instance of SCP-7663-B are permitted for use in assessing Foundation staff for suitability in projects related to SCP-7663.


Isolated frame from Rank 6 SCP-7663-B Instance #A301 ("Kitchen")

Description: SCP-7663-A is a 57-year-old human male, legally known as Ferdinand Bruno. Any photograph or video recording featuring SCP-7663-A2 instantly become an instance of SCP-7663-B. Copies of the same photograph or video generate identical instances of SCP-7663-B. This anomalous property first manifested on October 12th, 2019, and immediately affected all previously-existing photographic images and videos of SCP-7663-A, generating a total of 11714 known unique instances of SCP-7663-B.

SCP-7663-B collectively designates media, in the form of comic strips and animated short films, featuring the character Bumbles. Each instance of SCP-7663-B is labeled in some visible location with a single word, identifying the topic of that piece of media. The topics appear to be completely unpredictable, with no detectable relationship to the original image of SCP-7663-A, to the context of its creation, or to SCP-7663-A's own experiences or opinions.


Isolated panel from Rank 2 SCP-7663-B Instance #C2535 ("Gelatin")

Bumbles is a clownlike figure, visibly resembling SCP-7663-A, who takes on a wide range of different jobs, activities or social roles depending on the topic of the specific instance. Bumbles will typically cause some form of destruction or disorder through curiosity, recklessness, incompetence or bad luck, and will then comment on that event with some sort of wordplay. Other characters may interact with Bumbles, but they rarely reappear in more than one instance of SCP-7663-B, and may appear inconsistently even within the same instance.

Although the comedic structure is largely consistent, instances of SCP-7663-B may vary widely in visual style, as well as physical format, size and length depending on the medium the instance originated from.


Isolated frame from Rank 4 SCP-7663-B Instance #A099 ("Dark"), demonstrating the topic word

SCP-7663-B instances, once generated, have no unusual physical properties, and only demonstrate any anomalous characteristics in the presence of susceptible human individuals. Individuals are affected if they experience a significant, genuine comedic reaction to the contents of any instance of SCP-7663-B3, and instantly and irreversibly undergo changes in behavioural patterns. Because of the consistency of comedic techniques used in SCP-7663-B, the susceptibility of a given individual is typically constant across different instances. 29% of English-speaking minors and 7% of English-speaking adults are estimated to be reliably susceptible to SCP-7663-B. SCP-7663-A has demonstrated a total immunity to the anomalous effects of SCP-7663-B.


Isolated frame from Rank 5 SCP-7663-B Instance #A189 ("Angling")

Once an individual has been affected, they permanently develop a humour response to the topic of the instance of SCP-7663-B they observed, regardless of their previous opinion or view of that topic. This frequently results in the individual acting in a distracted, reckless or deliberately-disruptive manner in contexts relating to that specific topic.

SCP-7663-B instances are ranked on a scale of increasing severity, in terms of danger presented to and/or from those affected:

Individuals affected by SCP-7663-B typically are not aware of the fact that their personality or views have changed or that their responses are unusual, and will resist efforts to convince them of either fact. The same individual can be simultaneously affected by multiple instances of SCP-7663-B. Amnestic treatment, or any other method of removing the memory of experiencing SCP-7663-B, does not remove or reduce its effects.

Recovery Report: Instances of of SCP-7663-B reached the attention of the Foundation on the same day as their first manifestation, and the phenomenon was quickly traced back to SCP-7663-A. Due to the consistent visual recognizability of the character of Bumbles, the Foundation was able to use an automated system to identify and contain almost all online instances of SCP-7663-B within five hours of discovery, limiting the known affected population during that period of time to 96 individuals5.

SCP-7663-A could not be found at its residence in Ruston Louisiana, but was eventually located and contained by the Foundation while attempting to voluntarily enter detention at the Eros Louisiana Police Department on October 15th, generating 17 new instances of SCP-7663-B in the process6.

The following interview was performed immediately after containment:

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