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Item#: 7654
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: When it is not held in a secure storage locker within Site-01, SCP-7654 is kept on the person of O5-1. If SCP-7654 becomes lost, retrieval is to be conducted by Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). If SCP-7654 is discovered by another member of The O5 Council, they are to bring it back to Site-01 at their earliest convenience.

If a majority of The O5 Council agrees to resolve a vote via coinflip, usage of SCP-7654 is explicitly forbidden, and Site-01 custodian Hellenistic.aic is to conduct a virtual coinflip.

Description: SCP-7654 is a ceremonial coin created by Foundation Administrator █████ ████████ and given to O5-1 as a gift. SCP-7654's surface resembles 24 karat gold, and has a mass and shape similar to a typical U.S. quarter. One side of SCP-7654 is engraved with the logo of the SCP Foundation, while the other is engraved with the symbol used to represent Thaumiel-class objects.

SCP-7654's anomalous property only manifests when it is used by a current member of The O5 Council. If SCP-7654 is flipped into the air by O5 personnel in order to determine a result, the probabilities of landing on a given side will deviate radically from those of a typical coinflip. Testing has determined that the ratio between landing "Thaumiel up" and "SCiP up" is:

X : Y, where X = the current number of SCP-001 Proposals accessible from the SCP-001 database slot, and where Y = the current number of distinct SCP Objects currently registered in the SCiPnet database.

Because of this property, SCP-7654 has functioned as a near-perfectly-weighted coin ever since it was first given to O5-1 after the formation of the Foundation in 19██. It is not understood how The Administrator gave SCP-7654 its anomalous property, nor is it understood how it was able to precisely function in the decades prior to the establishment of the SCiPnet database. However, O5-1 has confirmed that The Administrator's creation of SCP-7654 was inspired by a particular event in the early history of the Foundation. See Addendum 01 for more details.

Addendum 01: Historical Background

During one of the earliest meetings of the original members of the O5 Council, a vote on an undisclosed matter ended in a 6-6 stalemate. Due to his relevance to the subject matter of the vote, The Administrator was present at the meeting. However, because of their personal relationship, O5-1 recused herself from the vote and The O5 Council agreed it would be inappropriate for The Administrator to assume his usual role as a tie-breaker for this specific vote. Despite intense discussion The O5 Council could not resolve the stalemate, and O5-7 suggested deciding the vote with a coinflip1. Exasperated with the council, O5-1 quickly agreed with O5-7's suggestion and produced a coin2 to flip. Fatigued from long and unproductive debate, the council acquiesced to O5-1. Because O5-7 had voted YEA, O5-1 asked O5-11, the most vocal NAY vote, to call the coinflip result. O5-11 agreed, and called out "Tails" as O5-1 flipped the coin.

The coin landed in the approximate center of the council room's table, however this particular coinflip ended with the coin balanced on its edge. All personnel present were completely silent for a period of approximately 7 seconds. At the end of this period, a sudden movement by O5-53 caused a slight vibration in the table and the coin fell unto its "Tails" side, with the "Heads" side facing up. This caused an uproar followed by furious debate amongst various council members. O5-1 attempted to table the discussion until a later date, but was distracted by The Administrator laughing at a high volume. O5-11 disputed the validity of the coinflip result and demanded that the coin be flipped a second time. In order to "put an end to this farce" O5-8 changed his vote to YEA, and the motion passed 7-5.

In the years following the conclusion of this particular council meeting, testing and research were undertaken in order to determine a plausible satisfactory explanation for the result of the coinflip. No evidence was found to indicate that the coin, O5-1, or the meeting room table were at all anomalous. Many different theories were developed to explain the result, but most were disregarded due to bias or an inability to prove or disprove them:

  • It was suggested by O5-10 that O5-2 had used thaumaturgy to influence the result, but O5-2 vehemently denied this. O5-1 observed that "If two had magic subtle enough to influence the result of a coinflip, why would he make the coin land on its edge instead of just heads up?"
  • Following development of Modern Hume Theory, O5-11 speculated that someone present at the meeting had used reality bending to influence the result. However, there is no evidence suggesting that any of the personnel present at the meeting were Type-Green Anomalous Humanoids.
  • The most plausible explanation, put forward by O5-13, was that an Extranormal Event had occurred during the meeting. Due to the nature of Extranormal Events, it is not possible to definitively prove or disprove this theory.

In 20██, a pair of Level-4 personnel, both statisticians from the Records, Archives, and Information Security Administration (RAISA), were granted special access to SCP-7654's documentation by a 12-1 vote of The O5 Council in order to discover the most plausible explanation for the result of the coinflip. 7 months later, the pair submitted a research paper to the office of O5-1. According to their analysis of all available data regarding the event, it is "quite likely" that no outside manipulation, anomalous or non-anomalous, influenced the result. The "most likely" explanation is that the coin naturally landed on its side, a rare, but not impossible outcome.

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