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A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end - and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral. There must be a positive and negative in everything in the universe in order to complete a circuit or circle, without which there would be no activity, no motion.

Item#: SCP-7650
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Artistic depiction of SCP-7650.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-7650 falls under the Archon class1, and thus need not be contained. It is to be closely monitored and tested, in a procedure known as PROJECT: π.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7650 is an ideatic construct that resides within the human Noosphere2, conceptually encompassing all circle-sphere objects, whether they be a two-dimensional circle, a three-dimensional sphere, a fourth-dimensional hypersphere and any and all hyper-dimensional sphere-like objects.

Changes to SCP-7650 are forbidden due to subsequent effects on baseline reality, such as affecting humanity's perception of circles and circular objects, such as wheels, coins, soccer balls, major celestial bodies, and other objects that can be described as 'circular' or 'sphere-like'. This can cause catastrophic damage to not only reality but also human sanity, as theorized by Dr. Scarlet Jones3, due to the perception of spheres theoretically being warped to the point of incomprehensibility, causing an AK-CLASS END OF THE WORLD SCENARIO.4

The Noosphere, in which SCP-7650 exists is an ideatic construct, following Carl Jung's predictions of an archetypal world. The Noosphere is nestled in and eclipsed completely by an infinite sea of chaotic hyper-concepts5, colloquially known as the Infoosphere.

The Infoosphere is home to many pests, all of which exist on a higher level of logic and comprehension. Its volatile and toxic ecological environment causes a direct and imminent threat to reality and the Noosphere, due to these pests' extremely hostile nature.

In the event that an Infoospheric anomaly attempts to become conceptually integrated into our reality, a global amnestic must be administered, and necessary anti-memetic defense must be put in place to prevent it from accessing the greater Noosphere.



I am Dr. Scarlet Jones, head researcher on SCP-7650. I have discovered a multitude of things about this entity that amazes and astounds even an experienced ontologist such as myself. I have done this via constructing a mini-Noospheric sub-space that I have exposed several D-Class personnel to, within which I have recreated a smaller, less potent mini-concept, asimilar to SCP-7650.6 I have done this to tamper and play around with it, to see what it does. I believe my research will enhance our understanding of the greater Noosphere and its undiscovered and underlying machinations.

The process of PROJECT: π is detailed below:

  • D-Class' unconscious is to be exposed to the Noospheric sub-space, and affiliated closely with SCP-7650-M.
  • A metaphysical link is to be established using an anti-ontological bridge in which to interact and affect SCP-7650-M.
  • D-Class personnel are to be asked to draw a circle on a blank sheet of paper, the goal of which is to understand how to deal with and be cautious around concepts of this nature by testing the limits of the human mind when subjected to significantly altered versions of these concepts.

Careful precautions must be taken to make sure that SCP-7650-M does not leak into the greater Noosphere, thus not affecting the main SCP-7650 concept. We do not know the damage that could be caused if such an event happened. Think about it; oval shaped wheels on cars? Pennies that only fit into a cash register when placed upon its side? The inconveniences would be atrocious. So, to avoid this, we need to be hesitant and calculating in how we deal with this concept. No unnecessary prodding, no overly extra experiments, etc.


The following details the events that have been studied in PROJECT: π.

SCP-7650-M is stabilized, and D-Class personnel are administered Class B Amnestics,7 to create a clear mindscape for further tests.

The following is an interview with D-7650-A, one of the subjects that has been exposed the the Noospheric sub-space and SCP-7650-M.

SCP-7650-M is stabilized, and D-Class personnel are administered Class B Amnestics, to create a clear mindscape for the subsequent test, as detailed below.

Below are details of the aftermath.


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