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Item#: 7634
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Embedded Foundation assets will obfuscate the source and content of the initial SCP-7634 broadcast event when it is detected on Earth in approximately 60 years. All subsequent speculation will be subject to standard disinformation protocols.

Foundation assets in astronomical research will falsify data pertaining to the Beta Pictoris system to support the possibility of an undetected large terrestrial body under the current scientific understanding. Foundation assets in institutions of scientific publishing will deny any independent proposals seeking to conduct further research into stellar anomalies in the Beta Pictoris system.

Description: SCP-7634 is a planetary body of approximately 50 earth masses and approximately 2.3 earth radii that appeared in the Beta Pictoris system. Its apparition was detected by Foundation superluminal sensor arrays on October 4th, 2022.

SCP-7634 has a non-local tachyon signature, suggesting displacement from a future time period.

SCP-7634 is tidally locked to its host star, Beta Pictoris, an A-type star located 63.4 lightyears from Earth, which is known to be orbited by 2 planets and a planet-forming accretion disk. The orbits of these planets have not been gravitationally impacted by the appearance of SCP-7634. It orbits Beta Pictoris in approximately 210 earth days at approximately 0.83 Astronomical Units (AU).

The daytime hemisphere of SCP-7634 is covered in solar panels, while the nighttime hemisphere is composed of an unknown metamaterial that appears to have albedo > 0.99, which is highly efficient at radiating waste heat into space.

Contextual evidence suggests that SCP-7634 is a planetary computing complex, a large-scale artificial structure composed of computronium, a theoretical material in the optimal configuration for high-performance computer modeling and simulation.

For approximately fifty milliseconds after its appearance in local spacetime, SCP-7634 emitted high-amplitude broad spectrum radiation, as well as signals on several superluminal communications channels previously known only to the Foundation. After this period, it reverted to emitting unpowered ambient blackbody radiation.

SCP-7634 is not believed to have been constructed by any known outside party.

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