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SCP-7633 upon its initial discovery on ██/██/2000.

Item #: SCP-7633

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Area-419 has been constructed in the space around SCP-7633 in order to uphold secrecy and prevent civilian casualties. Any on-site personnel that hear, see, or feel things out of the norm should report to the Site Director immediately. Any expeditions are to be carried out by D-Class personnel provided with thin helmets composed of SCP-148. As of ██/██/2005, SCP-7633 poses no risk to secrecy or civilian life. Area-419 has been deconstructed to reserve resources.

Description: SCP-7633 is a bunker located in the U.S. state of South Dakota, specifically in the 'Black Hills' region, constructed out of concrete and steel. Subjects approaching the entrance to SCP-7633 report anomalous sensory phenomena, including but not limited to;

  • Smelling and tasting copper.
  • Hearing noises unheard by other individuals nearby, such as distant screams and explosions.
  • Feeling poking and scratching across their body.

When subjects enter SCP-7633 through the vault's door, they will show an increased heart rate and experience a panic attack, often closing the door behind them and moving deeper into the bunker. Subjects removed from SCP-7633 all state that they believed a nuclear warhead had been detonated not far from their location, and that they felt compelled to lock themselves inside SCP-7633 to avoid the blast. Testing has revealed this effect can be negated through use of a thin helmet comprised of SCP-148, which for the sake of simplicity, will here-on be referred to as a 'Telekill Helmet'. Once inside SCP-7633, subjects find themselves in an elaborate vault that cannot be mapped out due to the fact certain parts of the building will move on random intervals, making traversal difficult.


The following are three transcripts of expeditions conducted by D-Class personnel following the discovery that SCP-7633's properties could be negated via SCP-148.



DATE: ██/██/2001

Subject: D-10202

Preperation: Subject provided with a radio, a short supply of rations, 2 bottles of water, a head-mounted camera, and a Telekill Helmet.



Control: D-10202, is the radio working properly?

D-10202: Yeah, I can hear you.

Control: Alright, proceed into the bunker.


D-10202 enters the bunker and walks forward until he comes to a four-way intersection of hallways. At this point the camera feed is overlayed with a light static, despite the fact D-10202 should not be far away enough away from the entrance to cause this. The change is reported to Dr. Banker, Head Researcher of SCP-7633 and Director of Area-419.

D-10202: Uh, wh-which way do I go?

Control: Keep going forward.


D-10202 continues walking until he reaches two doors, at this point he begins gagging

D-10202: Agh, 'fuck is that smell?

Control: Try to track the source of the odor.

D-10202 It…[pause] it seems like its coming from this door.

Control: Open th-

D-10202: Yeah, open the door, I got it-

D-10202 goes silent. The camera feed is at such an angle to where the source of the smell cannot be seen by Control, only the wall of the small room it is in.

Control: D-10202, what do you see?

D-10202: Its, um… I-Its a corpse. Looks like its been rotting for a while, you can see… [exhale] see the bone… in some parts… oh god.

D-10202 can be heard vomiting

D-10202: Its so tall… this body, man, its like… fuckin' eight feet tall? Nine? But it still looks human…

Control: Move the camera down, D-10202.

The body can now be seen on the feed, though the body itself is decomposed beyond recognition.

D-10202: Can…[sniffle] can I go now? This-This is seriously fucked up, man.

Control: Open the other door.

D-10202: I…yeah, alright.

D-10202 opens the other door, and inside is a small room not unlike the other, however, the room is empty.

Control: Alright, start making your way back to the entrance.


D-10202 does not respond, but obeys the orders, retracing his steps


D-10202: What… no… oh, no. No, no, fuuuuckk!

Control: What is it?

D-10202: The hallway, its different, th-the intersection thing is gone, its just… it goes right, I… Get me out of here!

Control: D-10202, you arent giving us much to work on. What do you mean its gone?1


D-10202 continues to panic, begging Control to "make it go back to the way it was." This culminated in D-10202 throwing the radio, camera, and Telekill Helmet to the ground in a fit of hysteria and running deeper into SCP-7633. D-10202 is currently presumed dead.


Notes: It is unknown if D-10202's outburst was due to memetic effects leaking through the Telekill Helmet, or simply caused by panic induced by the lack of a means of escape.



DATE: ██/██/2001

Subject: D-08577

Preperation: Subject provided with a harness connected to the waist, radio, a short supply of rations, 2 bottles of water, a head-mounted camera, and a Telekill Helmet.



Control: D-08577, is the harness wrapped tightly around your waist?

D-08577: Yeah, don't worry, this thing isn't budging.

Control: Good. Enter the vault.


D-08577 enters the vault.

After 6 minutes, D-08577 comes across a fork.

D-08577: There's a two-way hallway, do I go left or right?

Control: Proceed through the hall on the left.

D-08577 silently proceeds and enters a storeroom.

D-08577: Huh… there's a stack of papers here… it… hey, that's the logo!

Control: The logo?

D-08577: Yeah, the logo you bigwigs use around the facility, its at the top of the paper. 'SCP-████.' What is this thing?

Control alerts Director Banker of the breach of security caused by access to a restricted file.

Control: D-08577, you must-

D-08577: What… What the hell is this? It's a picture of a mushroom cloud… there's some Russian shit at the bottom. You said we were in South Dakota.

Control: D-08577, it is imperative that you-

While Control was speaking, a masculine voice in Russian interrupted him. Later, when the tape was given to Dr. A. █████, a Russian translator, he was able to determine the content of the speech, which was as follows:

Voice: "Ah, look, a convict! Come, we have food and beds to spare— what's it like out there? Any mutants? Hah!, I joke, of course, everything is dead, yes?"


The camera feed cuts to static for 2 hours.


The camera feed cuts back to reveal D-08577 sitting in a crude building inside the vault built from scrap metal.

Control: D-08577, can you hear me?

D-08577: Oh, thank god, you're back. Y-You need to get me out of here, these people are fucking insane.

Control: Could you describe what has happened in the time contact was lost?

D-08577: Alright, uhh… fuck, let's see. Well, when those guys in the weird masks first came up to me, they led me to this weird shantytown in one of the larger rooms of the vault. I didn't understand any of the shit they said, but they gave me some food, and I didn't know what they were gonna' do if I declined, so I went with them. After a bit, they said it was feeding time and I followed them to a huge campfire in the middle of the town, but… I went to see what they were cooking, and… it was a person. The worst part is, they were wearing the same jumpsuit I was. I realized what I ate and threw up behind one of the houses, but suddenly all of these freaks decided to go to bed at the exact same time, and I don't wanna sneak out or else they'll probably fuckin' eat me. Weirdest part is, they just… ignored the harness, acted like it wasn't there.

Control: Begin following the harness back to the entrance, if anything goes wrong we'll yank you back on our own. Ready?

D-08577: Alright, and… running!

D-08577 begins running towards the entrance of SCP-7633, however almost exactly after reaching the half-way point, the rope snaps.


The camera feed cuts to static for 3 hours.


The feed shows D-08577 laying on the floor, bleeding out and brething heavily. Although very little of her body is visible, multiple claw marks can be partially seen. Many are human in nature, though some are scythe-like. Control decides against speaking to her, despite the requests of Dr. Banker. Shortly after, D-08577 ceases all functions, presumed dead, and the feed is cut.




DATE: ██/██/2002

Subject: D-3435

Preperation: Subject provided with a harness connected to the waist, a radio, a short supply of rations, 2 bottles of water, a head-mounted camera, an H&K USP Sidearm, and a Telekill Helmet.



Control: Is the harness connected properly?

D-3435: Yeah, the things on tight, 'brah.'

Control: D-3435, please maintain a professional demeaner. Now, please enter the vault.

D-3435: Yeah, ok, 'Control.' This helmet is fuckin' sweet.

Security Agent ██████ "Dweller" raises his gun.

Control: D-3534, cooperate immediately or-

D-3435: Right, sorry.

D-3435 swiftly enters the vault.


D-3435 enters the vault and proceeds into the corridors, walking in a straight line for 13 minutes before coming across a three-way fork.

D-3435: Hey, mic dude, which way do I go?

Control:[sigh] Please proceed through the corridor on your right.

D-3435: You got it.


D-3435 enters the hallway and immediately freezes.

Control: D-3435, please continue through the do-

D-3435: Shh! You-you fuckin' see that, right?

Control claims to have not seen anything on the initial watching, though upon later viewings, two men in Soviet ShM-62 Gas Masks are visible. These entities will further be referred to as SCP-7633-1. The SCP-7633-1 instances appear to be gently stroking an invisible entity. They do not show any movement apart from this, staring directly at D-3435.

Control: D-3435, nothing is visible on your camera feed. What do you see?2

D-3435: It's two guys, and… oh, what the fuck is that thing… its so tall. Fuck this, man, fuck this!

D-3435 begins fleeing the corridor, although the two instances do not attempt to follow D-3435. D-3435 escapes into the left corridor, and accidently runs directly into another SCP-7633-1 instance. D-3435 fires two shots at the instance, though the first shot misses and the second one does not seem to effect it. The instance strikes D-3435 with it's fist.


The camera feed cuts to static for 1 hour.


The camera feed resumes, although the camera and microphone have been removed from D-3435's person and are lying on a table inside a pale green tent. Two instances of SCP-7633-1 speak to each other on the far side of the room, however the speech is incomprehensible. After 2 minutes, one of the SCP-7633-1 instances glances at the camera and says something to the other instance, before leaving the room for four minutes.


The instance returns to the room, this time carrying D-3435, who has been bound with rope and gagged with a piece of concrete tied to his mouth. One of the SCP-7633-1 instances yells the following at the camera in Russian:

SCP-7633-1: "To whoever keeps sending in these feasts, we thank you for your generosity. Behold, the fruits of your labor!"

The SCP-7633-1 instances proceed to disembowel D-3435, removing his intestines and setting them aside, before dragging the body off camera. The camera is moved to reveal a tall, disfigured creature, SCP-7633-2. It has a similar appearence to the corpse seen in Expedition 01, although it appears far more inhuman in nature, and in place of arms it has large, mantis-like appendages. It stares intently at the camera, and when the SCP-7633-1 instance provides the intestines to the creature, it swiftly consumes them.


SCP-7633-2 leaves the room, leaving the camera facing the wall of the tent, although breathing can still be heard the entire time. After around 20 minutes, the feed cuts.



4 years after testing with SCP-7633 ceased, a Chaos Insurgency raid was conducted on Area-419. Due to decreased security post-testing, the Insurgency was able to succsesfully capture Area-419.

Upon Area-419's capture, questions were raised as to why the Chaos Insurgency saw it as valuable enough to assault. These suspicions motivated the Foundation to deploy a group of members of Mobile Task Force unit Nu-7 "Hammer Down" to investigate the facility. After Nu-7 was tasked to retake Area-419, Foundation Field Agents sent to scout out the area reported it devoid of Insurgency interference. To avoid a possible ambush, the Foundation still sent the group to investigate; however, no Chaos Insurgents were seen on the premises. Instead, the majority of the inside of the Area was coated in a thick red mucus which, after testing, was revealed to be similar to human blood. Multiple dead Chaos Insurgents were stuck to the walls and ceiling, many disemboweled. Two were still alive, crying out in pain. When questioned by members of Nu-7, the Insurgents reportedly spoke back to them in Russian, which nobody in the squad spoke. In the center of the Area's courtyard, a dead instance of SCP-7633-1 lay, covered in the thick red mucus. Dissection of the SCP-7633-1 instance revealed it to be very similar to a human, although in place of blood, their veins were filled with the mucus. The tunnel leading to SCP-7633's inside had been completely collapsed in, and due to the discontinuation of the "Millennium Two" campaign and subsequent decrease in funding regarding Safe/Euclid-class anomalies, all attempts to dig back into SCP-7633 have not proven cost-effective. SCP-7633 is now considered neutralized.


beta122: This is Zampolit unit 2, Beta clearance, send reinforcements to SCP Foundation Area-419 immediately! We dont have enough firepower to take this thing down, its-

[incomprehensible, obscured by monstrous screaming.]

gamma323: What's happening? I can't hear you!

[extended silence]

beta122: Send reinforcements immediately, its spraying out some sort of… oh god, what is-

[loud, piercing beep]

gamma323: Unit 2, can you hear me?


gamma323: Unit 2?
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